"A True Alpha? Where's your power, Scott?"
Belasko to Scott[src]

Belasko was a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the first episode of the fifth season. He is portrayed by supporting cast member Gabriel Hogan.



Belasko emerges from behind a wall, grabbing Deputy Parrish by the neck and raising him into the air. Parrish's eyes glow. Belasko tells him that he is no normal creature. He jabs his enhanced claws into Parrish's stomach, absorbing his power for a breed moment, causing his eyes to change to the same color as Parrish's and leaves Parrish bleeding out on the floor. Later that night, Belasko goes to Scott's house and finds his mother, Melissa talking to herself, before she leaves to go back to work. At the school, he finds Scott with Kira and begins fighting with them. He wants Scott's power. Another werewolf comes to help, revealing himself to be Theo. Belasko stabs Scott and begins to absorb his power. Scott starts to overpower Belasko and breaks his arm. Belasko goes back to the Dread Doctors, demanding for more power and claiming that he could do it with more power. The doctors say that he has no more chances and stabs him through the chest and as he dies, crows emerge from his chest and fly off. [1]


Season Five