"I heard an interesting rumour, Doctor. I heard that my daughter is still alive."
Corrine to Alan Deaton[src]

Corrine, also known as the Desert Wolf, is a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the fifth episode of the fifth season. She is portrayed by guest star Marisol Nichols.


Loosing Her Power

After Corrine gives birth to her daughter Malia Tate, Corrine looses the majority of her powers and has to resort to guns to survive.[2]

In hope of getting her powers back, The Desert Wolf shows up on a full moon. Malia's adoptive parents are on their way home. Corrine was on the road, with her truck blocking the road, holding up two guns pointing towards the Tate family's car. She shoots multiple shots, causing the car to swerve and go off of the road and into the woods where she presumed they all perished.[3]

Finding Her Daughter

The Desert wolf goes on a rampage and kills some dangerous men. Braeden takes a picture and sends it to Stiles. Stiles shows the picture to Malia who says that at least she's good at her job. [4]

At the Dread Doctors previous lab, Dr. Deaton looks around and is confronted by the Desert Wolf. Later, the Desert Wolf is holding Deacon captive and he is lying about Malia being alive to save her because her own mother wants to kill her. [5]

Corinne travels to Beacon Hills with her hostage, Dr. Deaton and takes up residence at a local werehouse. Sometime Later, Malia, Braeden and Theo move gingerly through the building when Malia notices that something is wrong. They find Deaton tied to a chair but all of a sudden, Theo attacks Braeden. He takes the fun from her and shoots Malia. He tells her that she picked up his signal and that he didn't want to turn her in but he didn't have a choice. He receives a bottle filled with an element that reacts to his eyes and tells Malia she should have listened to Braeden. The Desert Wolf smiles in delight as Theo walks away. Deaton is struggling to get loose as Malia's mother tells her that her powers were stolen. She is torturing Malia and before she kills her Deaton says that Malia has to be killed during a full moon. At Eichen House, Lydia screams and the light spark in the warehouse which distracts Corinne momentarily. Malia rises up and prepares to battle her mother. Malia battles it out with her mother. Malia and her mother are interrupted by the beast of Gévaudan who breaks down the walls right behind Deaton. Malia rushes to save Deaton and Braeden and together they make a move to get out of the building. [2]


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