Ethan is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the first episode of the third season. He is portrayed by guest cast member Charlie Carver.


Early Life

Both Ethan and Aiden were bitten by this unnamed alpha. They became part of his pack. However, they weren't like other members of the pack, they were omegas. The "bitches". The last to eat after every meal. Eventually, an alpha called Deucalion shows up and offers them a way out. They listen to him and kill their alpha, claiming his alpha status for each other. Then they kill of the rest of the pack. Wile with Deucalion, he taught them how to control sifting together. They eventually mastered it and became part of the Alpha Pack. [1]

Beacon Hills

Braeden's motorcycle speeds through the night in a urban area with Isaac on the back. Isaac is still barely conscious before he begins to hear something, which alerts him. Someone’s following them, on foot. It’s another Werewolf with claws and teeth bared. A second Werewolf appears and the girl speeds up the bike. The Werewolf are twins. They claw at the bike, causing it to swerve dangerously. Red eyes are seen, revealing that the werewolves are alphas. The girl stops the bike in front of a wall. She drives the bike toward the alphas before jerking away from them sharply. The bike crashes through a window into a warehouse, and Isaac passes out. He falls off the bike, causing them to crash. The twin alphas enter the warehouse through the gaping hole in the window and mold themselves into one much larger werewolf as Isaac watches. Isaac attempts to army crawl (must be a Hale pack thing), and the girl tells him to get down before shooting with some type of stun gun. The electric shock forces the alphas to separate, but by the time the lights of the stun gun stops flashing the alphas are gone. The next day, Ethan and Aiden walk into school, after being checked out by Lydia. [2]

While Scott is on the way to school, he notices Aiden and Ethan but doesn't say anything to Stiles. Ethan is in the library with his brother. Ethan goes straight for Danny and starts to flirt with him while Aiden flirts with Lydia. [3]

Aiden and Ethan approach Isaac during practice and Scott tries to reason with him, but Isaac refuses to listen. Isaac seems to lose them on the trail before he’s suddenly attacked and shoved down a shallow hill. Scott intervenes before they can actually hurt him, and all four wolves have partially shifted before they hear a scream and find the guy from the vet, killed like the others. The Sheriff appears at the scene with other deputies and tries to get the kids off the crime scene. A girl comes, screaming and crying for the boy, who was apparently named Kyle. The twins seemed confused by the murder, and Stiles tries to point this out, but Isaac isn’t convinced. Both try to get Scott on their side, and Isaac vows to kill them. Later, Ethan and Aiden wait for Isaac outside of his class. Aiden punches Ethan and Isaac stops in confusion. Isaac watches Aiden completely beats the crap out of the other before swinging him at Isaac’s feet and walking away. Isaac, essentially framed, receives detention. In Ms. Blake’s class, Scott begins to take parts from Aiden's bike that they have removed out of his backpack and puts them on the desk. They hear an engine rev, and Aiden runs out of the classroom. Ethan tries to stop him. Later, Isaac and Scott are walking through the hall after school when the twins appear. They strip off their shirts, leaving Scott and Isaac confused, before combining into the larger alpha. Isaac’s ready to fight, but Scott pulls him away. They don’t make it far before getting caught, but Deucalion appears and the twins separate, knowing that they've been caught. Deucalion slices them both on the cheek with the blade in his cane before leaving. The twins follow him. [4]

The twins go with the rest of the alpha pack to an abandoned mall where they fight against Derek's pack. Derek makes the first move by running at Deucalion before being intercepted by Kali. Boyd takes on Ennis while Isaac goes for the twins in their combined form, and with resignation, Scott shifts and joins the fight. Derek and Ennis are fighting when Scott slashed Ennis' legs, causing him to fall off of the mall floor, dragging Derek with him, landing on some stairs. The next day, The cross country team is on a bus. Danny asks Ethan if he’s okay since he keeps checking his phone obsessively. Coach Finstock is sassing a kid named Jared, who apparently gets carsick every time they’re on a bus. Scott’s wound starts bleeding again, and Stiles points out that bleeding means that it’s not healing at all. Scott notices that Ethan is listening, but doesn’t think Ethan will try anything with that many people around. Danny keeps getting texts and Ethan starts to get curious who it is. Danny asks if everything is okay and tells him that someone close to him is very sick and might not make it through the night. Jared is sick and everyone gets off of the bus. Isaac is beating the crap out of Ethan while Boyd watches with a smile on his face. Scott yells at Isaac, and he realizes what he’s doing, pulling away a little guiltily as Danny rushes toward Ethan. They all get back on the bus and head to the meet. [5]

The bus makes a stop at a motel as the meet has been moved to the following day. Ethan gets a room with Danny. Ethan and Danny are making out on the bed. Ethan notices scars on Danny's torso, and Danny tells him that he had to have a bar through his torso when he was fourteen. Ethan asks about a way to make them disappear, referring to the Bite although Danny doesn’t know that, but Danny says that he likes them because they make him feel like a survivor. Ethan tells Danny that he hopes that he is a survivor and continues to kiss him before pulling way hastily feeling his back shift. He goes to the bathroom and sees what looks like someone trying to claw out of his stomach. He rushes out of the room. He goes to the room next to Lydia's. Stiles and Lydia hear a chainsaw turn on and rush into the room to see that Ethan has it and is bringing it to his stomach to chop himself in half. Stiles fights him while Lydia unplugs it. Ethan simply unsheathes his claws and Stiles dives at him again. They both stumble into the heater, and suddenly Ethan snaps out of it. Stiles, Lydia, and Allison chase after Ethan, who’s refusing to tell them anything. Ethan and the other werewolves stay overnight on the bus as they dont want anything else bad to happen. Coach Finstock gets on the bus in the morning. Apparently the meet has been canceled. Ethan sits next to Scott and tells him that Derek’s probably alive, but he killed a member of the alpha pack. This means that he either needs to join the pack or Kali’s going to kill him. [6]

At the hospital, Ethan carries Danny Mahealani in yelling for help. Danny is visibly sick. Melissa moves Danny over to a chair where Scott questions Ethan on what he did to Danny. Ethan claims he did nothing, but Danny was complaining about not being able to breathe and then it got worse. Danny then throws up a mysterious substance: mistletoe. Melissa tells the boys that she thinks Danny is suffering from Tension Pneumothorax, which is when the lung is punctured and air escapes into the chest cavity causing a pressure build up against the heart and difficulty breathing. She also explains that his “Larynx has shifted to the side.” Scott and Ethan both seem close to panic as Danny is wheeled into an exam room. Melissa further explains that Danny’s heart is being pushed up against his chest cavity. Fearing he might die due to the lack of a doctor, Melissa takes out a large syringe. Danny stops breathing, and she jabs the syringe into his left pectoral in what appears to be a procedure called a “needle thoracostomy.” Once inserted, needle has a valve that is opened to allow the air to escape and relieve the pressure in his chest. Danny begins to breathe normally. Danny gasps out “Thank you.” Scott says the whole thing was “awesome,” but Melissa counters that it was no big deal. Scott and Ethan walk outside. Ethan says he didn't do it and tells Scott that the twins were tying to find the person most important to Scott. It wasn't Danny but Lydia. A car rolls into the parking lot. It's Dr. Hilyard's car, and it's empty. A dead and dried moth sits on the seat. Later, the twins capture Ms. Blake and take her with other mambers of the alpha pact to Derek's loft. They use her as leverage. Kali and Derek fight until the twins rush to Kali, Isaac rushes to Ms. Blake. The alpha's get electrocuted. But standing strong, the twins grab Derek's claws and hold them up in the air while Kali raises Boyd in the air and drops him on the claws killing him. They leave and Ethan looks back and has a sympathetic look oh his face. [7]

Out in the hallway in the school, Aiden tells Ethan that he needs to stop seeing Danny. "He's harmless," Ethan replies. He points out that Lydia is the one they're supposed to worry about. Aiden demands to know why Ethan is still talking to Danny, and Ethan evades the question. "What do you think we're doing here? You know we're not actual high school students, right? We're here to eliminate a threat." Ethan defends himself by saying that since Danny is harmless, the threat is eliminated. Aiden smiles because he realizes that Ethan's starting to actually like Danny. He asks if Ethan would kill Danny if Deucalion ordered him to. "If Deucalion asks you, would you kill me?" Ethan replies. Aiden repeats his order for Ethan to stop seeing Danny or he'll rip the flesh off his face and eat it. Stiles and Scott catch Ethan alone in the hallway. "Why are you even talking to me? I helped kill your friend, how do you know I'm not gonna help kill another one?" Ethan asks. Stiles takes it as a threat. "You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna break off an extra large branch of mountain ash, wrap it in wolfsbane, roll it in mistletoe, and shove it up you freaking--" Scott calls Stiles off and explains that they're talking to him because he doesn't think Ethan wanted to kill Boyd and if he had to do it over again, wouldn't do it. "You know what we owe them. Especially Deucalion. We weren't like Kali and Ennis when we met him. We weren't alphas." Ethan admits that they were omegas at the time. The lore about omegas as explained by Ethan differs from what has previously been described. He explains that they were part of a wolf pack, not loners, but were on the bottom rung and treated poorly. Ethan explains to Scott that the pack they were a part of were killers who gave Werewolf the reputation for being monsters. Their alpha was the worst. "Why didn't you guys just fight back. Form Voltron Wolf, you know? Kick everyone's asses." They couldn't because they didn't know how. Deucalion taught them how to meld together, and they killed their old pack. Their alpha begged for his life, but they tore him apart. Scott asks about their emissary, and the look on Ethan's face tells him that they killed him too. He confirms that all the emissaries are dead except for Deucalion's. Ethan suddenly gasps and touches his chest in pain. He says that it isn't him but Aiden who's in trouble. They rush to find Aiden. He's about to hit Cora again, but Scott and Ethan stop him. "Aiden! You can't do this!" "She came at me!" "It doesn't matter! Kali gave Derek until the next full moon. You can't touch him or her." Aiden looks at Lydia, and he stops resisting. Ethan nods at Scott and takes his brother away. Another teacher is taken and Ethan asks Scott what a deputy and a teacher have in common, but Scott doesn't know what the pattern is. Later, At the school, everyone gets ready for the concert. "I know how to tie my own tie," Danny says to Ethan. "You know how to do it badly," Ethan replies. He straightens the tie for him. He also fusses over Danny's hair and puts a mint in his mouth. Ethan asks if Danny's still nervous, and Danny says that he's all good. Ethan's about to let him go but turns back. "Listen, if anything happens, find me. Okay? Find me first." Danny frowns at him a little but nods. When Ethan turns, Aiden is watching him. Aiden searches around looking for his phone. He can't find it. The music at the concert gets more sinister, and the people in the audience start to notice. Ethan and Aiden look concerned. The pianist's throat gets slashed by a piano string and dies in front of everyone. Everyone screams and runs around. [1]

At the hospital, the alpha twins have formed Voltron and roar. Derek wolfs out, and he and the Melded Wolf run at each other. Derek tries to tackle him, but the big guy slams his elbow into Derek's back and then starts punching him in the face. Scott hurries to help and jumps off a wall to slash at the twins. "Ethan, Aiden, stop! You don't know what you're doing!" Scott says. "All we want is her," they reply. Derek and the alpha twins turn to see Jennifer escaping down the elevator. They all escape leaving the twins. When the Melded Wolf bursts through the doors, Stiles hits him over the head with the bat, shattering it to splinters. The Werewolf roars at him, and Stiles edges away. Scott jumps up and claws free one of the lighting fixtures so it swings down and hits the twins. They escape from the twins so they separate. Aiden accuses Ethan of hesitating, but Ethan says that he pulled back, which is different. Aiden says they're protecting Jennifer. "They don't have a choice!" Ethan argues. "Neither do we!" If all the sacrifices she's been making are going to give her the power to get rid of the alpha pack, then they need to get rid of her first. The backup generators click on. They form back and Peter bursts through the doors like a zombie with the needle stuck out of his chest. He pulls out the needle and drops it. He and Scott face off against the twins. "All right, boys. Let's rumble." While Peter and Scott fight the twins, everyone else makes a run for it. Later, Scott is in the hallway by himself, listening carefully. He hears something drop, and then the twins attack. They pin Scott up against the wall and demand to know where Ms. Blake is. "We're trying not to hurt you!" "Try harder," Scott grunts. Melissa shouts at them to get their attention, and they drop Scott. "I'd like to try something," she says, then hits them with a pulse from the defibrillator. The shock knocks the twins apart, and Scott looks up at his mom in awe. Together, they run for it. The twins are still stalking the hallways. Scott texts Derek that they have a plan. Derek opens the elevator doors, making a noise that catches the twins' attention. The twins check around but think they're on the wrong floor. They hear footsteps of a woman running and race to find her. As soon as Isaac sees the twins, he guns the car. Kali leaps out of a window and lands just as the twins follow Allison out of the hospital. Allison turns and fires some arrows. Chris opens fire with his pistols as well. They all scatter. They find Isaac and the others in his car but they drive off before they can catch them. [8]

Ms. Morrell is running through the dark woods with the twins on her tail. She runs into a clearing and then throws up a mountain ash circle around herself. The twins throw themselves against it and bounce off. Kali joins the fight. Deucalion walks into the clearing and wants to know how Ms. Morrell knew they'd come for her. She says that she and Jennifer are the same and that she knew Deucalion had always been suspicious of emissaries. Kali adds that it's with good reason, because she sent Braeden to get Isaac. Ms. Morrell maintains that she did that to maintain balance. She then turns to Scott and tells him that this isn't him. Ms. Morrell tells Scott to go back to his friends. Duke replies that Scott can make decisions for himself. She asks Duke if he's told Scott everything he's done. "How you've piled up bodies in a narcissistically psychotic effort to form your perfect pack? Bodies that include Ennis, by the way." Morrell looks at the pack as she says this and explains that Ennis was alive when Deucalion went in to see him. Duke takes his cane and throws the blade into Ms. Morrell's chest. As she falls, she breaks the mountain ash circle. Scott rushes to her side. The rest of the wolves move to attack, but Scott tells them to back off. He pulls the cane out and tosses it aside, assuring Morrell that he's not going to let the pack kill her. [9]

The Animal Clinic door opens. Deaton goes out and finds Ethan in the lobby. "I'm looking for Lydia." He says that he needs her help. Stiles comes into the doorway. "With what?" "Stopping my brother and Kali from killing Derek." At Derek's loft, Ethan tells Derek that they know about the lunar eclipse and that Kali isn't going to wait around for it to level the playing field. She's coming and bringing Aiden with her. Peter is convinced that they should go. "You want me to run?" Derek asks Peter. "No. I want you to stay and get slaughtered by an alpha with a psychotic foot fetish. OF course I want you to run." Cora adds that if Derek wants to fight and die for something, he should do it for something meaningful. Derek asks them how they know he's going to lose. "We don't. But I bet she has an idea," Peter replies, and gives a meaningful look at Lydia. Peter asks her what she feels. "I feel like I'm standing in a graveyard." he alarm in Derek's loft goes off, and Kali knocks it off the wall. "Where is he?" she demands. Lydia snaps her fingers and glances at Ethan. "I think he said he was heading out to do some shopping, run a few errands, the usual Werewolf afternoon." Kali is not impressed and threatens Lydia. Lydia tells her that she needs a pedicure and offers to give her a referral. Aiden growls as Kali closes in on Lydia, and Kali turns to face him. "Oh, really?" Kali circles around Aiden and asks him if he took his assignment too seriously. Aiden tells her that Lydia is not the problem. "Maybe the problem is where your loyalties lie." Lydia asks Ethan if this is about to get really violent. "Probably." Then Jennifer drops in from the roof, breaking through the glass ceiling. She glares at Kali. "So, who wants to go first?" Ethan holds Lydia protectively while Kali and Jennifer fight. Jennifer easily dodges Kali's kicks and punches, then lands a hit on her that sends her flying. Aiden does even less well. Ethan then tears his shirt off and goes to join his brother. They try to meld, but Jennifer grabs them by their throats and forces them apart. Jennifer levitates shards of glass ans shoots them all at Kali, killing her. Ethan and Aiden meld together to form Voltron, and Jennifer turns to face them. They take a single swing, and she ducks and spins around, then grabs them by the neck and breaks it over her shoulder. Lydia is terrified. As Cora and Lydia are leaving, they hear a sound behind them and the twins separate. Cora realizes that they're alive. Cora and Lydia bring the twins to the Animal Clinic. They put each one on a table, and Lydia takes Aiden's hand. Cora asks Deaton if he can save them, but he has they have to start healing on their own. Deaton gives Ethan and Aiden oxygen and some shots. Later, Cora helps Ethan to his feet, and Aiden tells Lydia that he knew that she cared about him. At the school sometime later, Danny and Ethan come out of a classroom holding hands while Scott overlooks them. [10]

Omega Werewolf

Scott, Stiles, and Lydia meet the twins at Derek's loft. They attack Scott from behind and start throwing him around the place, pummelling him. Bleeding, Scott says he thought they were going to teach him to roar. They reply that in order to roar he has to give in to his animal nature. Stiles points out that he tried to teach Scott control once by using a heart monitor and lacrosse balls, but hey, maybe beating the crap out of Scott is better. Scott's incredulous that this is actually their plan. Their plan is make Scott so angry that he turns and kicks their asses. They taunt him and punch him some more, telling him to give in and be the monster. They tell him that giving in doesn't make him the bad guy as long as he can control it. Aiden thinks control is a little overrated. Scott does start to get a little angry, and he rushes at Aiden, but Aiden slams him on the table and starts punching him in the face. Ethan stops him. Scott spits blood but does not roar. [11]

Monday morning, Scott arrives at school and sees Ethan and Aiden waiting for him. The twins say they're not back at school, they just want to talk. Stiles comes up and says that must be a change of pace for them, since usually they're just hurting, maiming, and killing. Ethan says that Scott needs a pack and they need an alpha. Stiles isn't having any of that. Ethan argues that they helped when Scott couldn't roar. Stiles points out that all they did was beat the crap out of Scott, which really doesn't qualify as helping. Scott asks why he would say yes to them. "We'd make you more powerful. There's no reason to say no." Stiles almost rolls his eyes out of his head. Isaac joins the conversation and points out, "I could think of one. Like the two of you holding Derek's claws while Kali impaled Boyd." Isaac is totally up for fighting the twins right now, but Scott stops him. Scott refuses to let them into the pack because none of them trust them. Scott, Isaac, and Stiles walk away. Ethan asks what they're going to do now, and Aiden just looks at the Beacon Hills High School sign. Ethan's incredulous that Aiden actually wants to finish high school. He asks if it's about Lydia. Aiden replies that it's about proving to Scott that they should be in his pack. Aiden doesn't want to be an omega. He's worried about what will happen to them when all the people they've hurt find out that they don't have a pack to protect them. "We're dead on our own." "Dead's still better than being back in high school." Ethan says he's not going back, but then he sees Aiden staring at something over his shoulder. He turns to see Danny talking to another boy. Jealousy changes Ethan's mind, but only if Aiden will take math class for him. After the word gets out that a serial killer is in the school, Scott brings Ethan and his brother something to smell to help track him. Ethan and Aiden head down another hallway in the basement. Ethan thinks he hears something, and when they round the corner, they find Danny kissing the boy he was talking to earlier. Ethan is distressed. Aiden thinks it's funny. Danny acts a little ashamed. They head back to Scott and the others. They catch up with them and say they that didn't even catch a scent. It's 3 o'clock, so school is over. Stiles figures that if Barrow was going to set off a bomb, he would have already. Ethan asks if that means everyone's safe. Lydia replies that she doesn't know. [12]

In the boys locker room, Danny is on the phone with a party venue. He asks them if they have generators or something. He's trying to throw a blacklight party, so it's not like they need a ton of power to pull it off. The venue says no, and Danny hangs up, frustrated. Ethan overhears the conversation and offers to help Danny find a new place. "What's the point? Nothing in town's going to have power." Danny walks away, and Aiden comes up to his brother. "You want to throw a Halloween party? What's next, we gonna join the Yearbook Club?" Ethan explains to his brother that he just wants to do something nice. "You don't get it, do you? Scott doesn't care about power. He cares about people. You wanna be a wolf in his pack? Try being a human in high school." Aiden finds a place for the party. Up in the loft, Danny checks the place out. He asks Ethan where the guy who lives there is. "He's out of town." Aiden is outside starting the generator. Ethan flips on the blacklights, and Danny smiles. Everyone arrives and the rave starts. Ethan asks Danny if he's happy with how it turned out. Ethan has glowing claw slashes painted on his chest. He tells the artist that Danny needs to get painted. She asks face or body, and Ethan rips Danny's shirt off. Someone calls out for more ice, and Ethan goes to handle it. Ethan goes into a back room to get some bags of ice. The light bulb does out, so he fiddles with it to turn it back on. It goes out again, and then the Oni appear. When the light goes out a third time, they attack. He is found by Allison and Isaac on the floor, shaking like Isaac had been when the Oni attacked him. Isaac breaks Ethan's arm to trigger his healing. They find the same reversed 5 symbol on Ethan and Lydia. Derek arrives back at the rave and breaks it up shouting everyone to get out. The Oni are standing in the room waiting. They all turn to face Aiden. "Guys. They're all looking at me. Why are they all looking at me?" Scott and Derek both decide to attack. Derek manages to break one's neck, but it is unaffected and responds by throwing him into a pillar. Another one knocks Scott down. Isaac runs forward to try his luck, whipping out his claws, but the Oni draws a sword out of its chest, and he backs down. The Oni take Aiden and give him the mark. The sun comes up and shines through the loft windows, wiping the Oni away. "What the hell were those things?" Scott asks. Isaac tells Allison that her dad's 24 hours are up. [13]

Scott is riding his bike to school, when the twins drive up on either side of him. Scott looks at them both and then pours on the speed. They speed after him. When they arrive at school and take their helmets off, Scott asks them if they're going to following him all day. "All day." "All night." Scott asks if it's about being in his pack, "It's about you being the target of demonic ninjas," Aiden says. Scott tells them that he doesn't need protection, but Ethan counters that they were looking right at him when the sun came up. Chris think the Oni are only able to come out at night, but Ethan says that since this is their first encounter with demonic ninjas they should play it safe. Scott resigns himself to the twins following him around. He tells them that he has to talk to Stiles without them around. Aiden objects, but Scott insists that that's how it's going to be. And the twins aren't going to listen in. "How would you even know?" "I'm a True Alpha, you have no idea what I can do." In class, Ethan and Aiden ask Scott if he told Stiles about the Oni. He didn't because Stiles has enough on his mind right now. Scott then suggests that maybe the Oni aren't actually after him. What if they're after Kira. It's the end of the school day, and Scott is ready to head home. He tells Ethan and Aiden that while he appreciates them wanting to protect him, he has to be alone for a bit. He apologizes to them and drives off, while the twins are unable to start their bikes. Scott picks up Kira, who has the spark plugs from the motorcycles. They drop the plugs on the ground and speed away. At Scott's house, The twins burst through a window to take the oni on. They all concentrate on throwing the Oni outside the house. Derek throws the last Oni out, and Melissa runs to the front door and smashes a bottle of mountain ash on the threshold. It forms a perfect line and closes the seal. Aiden asks Kira what she is, and she pretends that she doesn't understand. Aiden takes her hand over Ethan's objection and brings it to the barrier so his brother can see that she can't pass through. "So what are you?" "She's a kitsune, idiot," Derek says. "Use your eyes. You can see it all around her. The younger ones give off an aura. She just hasn't learned how to conceal it yet. She probably doesn't know what kind she is, either." Aiden tells Derek that he wasn't going to hurt Kira. "Not yet," Derek replies, not looking at either twin. The twins explain to him that they're there to protect Scott and fight for him. "I'm sure you are. I'm sure you'd kill for him. But are you willing to die for him?" The twins look at each other and don't answer. The Oni outside Scott's house start beating on the barrier, shaking the whole place. Dishes start to fall and break as they pound on the barrier. The Oni then start pushing against the barrier continuously. "Guys," Ethan says. "We have a problem." The Oni step inside, and Scott tells everyone not to do anything. Aiden can't believe what he's hearing. Scott takes Kira's hand, and they submit themselves to the Oni's test. Derek holds Aiden back from intervening. The Oni toss Scott and Kira aside, giving them both the mark. Derek and the twins rush to help them. [14]

The Coach tells everyone in the boys locker room to contact the first available teacher if they catch wind of Stiles. Secondly, he got a card for Isaac, which they are all going to sign and include a personal message so profound that it brings a tear to Coach's eye. Danny volunteers to be first, and Coach tells him to keep it PG. The twins tell Scott that they're worried because there's no Stiles and no demonic ninjas for two days. "Things are getting too quiet." Scott admits that it's making him nervous as well. Then he hears the distant sound of one of Argent's sonic emitters. They follow the sound down to the basement and find Stiles standing in the corner holding the emitter. Stiles turns to face them. "Okay, I know what you guys are thinking. But it's me. I swear to God it's me." The twins ignore his pleas, flash their eyes and fangs, and attack him. Scott orders them to stop, but they don't. He throws Ethan off Stiles and grabs Aiden. Scott roars Aiden into submission. Stiles swears that he's himself. He doesn't know where he's been or what he's been doing the last two days, though. Ethan asks him if he knows what happened at the hospital. Stiles shows them his bag full of electrical gear and a blueprint of the hospital's wiring. Ethan picks up a saw from the bag and asks Stiles what he's been up to. "I think something worse. A lot worse." Ethan finds Danny on the cross counrty track. Ethan appears out of nowhere and tackles him. They roll through the leaves. "What the hell are you doing?" Danny asks. "Um. I missed you," Ethan replies, then kisses him. Ethan rummages around in Stiles's bag in the back of the Jeep, while Stiles talks to his father. Ethan calls Scott over and shows him wrapping paper, the same wrapping paper they used on Coach's birthday present. Ethan reminds him that that was Barrow's thing, a bomb wrapped in a birthday present. Scott realizes that there's another bomb and it's going to be on a school bus. [15]

Allison lets Scott, Ethan, and Aiden into the apartment. She explains that all the evidence is being moved to federal lock-up by armored car. Ethan is incredulous that they're going to rob an armored car. "Well, we're gonna try," Lydia tells him. Scott announces that their plan is a really bad plan. "It's not that bad," Lydia says. "It's not that good," Ethan counters. Aiden just rubs his forehead. The problem is that they don't know the route the car is going to take. If they can get one of the Argents' GPS trackers on the car, they can stage an accident when it gets to Roosevelt Bridge. When the driver gets out to help, "We attack them!" "No!" Lydia and Allison respond together. The twins will distract the driver while Scott breaks open the back door. Ethan asks why they aren't just going to Sheriff Stilinski for help. "Because if he gets caught then it's the sheriff tampering with federal evidence." Allison rallies them all and insists that they have to do this. The pack find the finger but Kincaid finds it first and attacks them. Kincaid easily overpowers everyone. The twins appear on a balcony overhead. They leap down and attack. The twins have a much easier time fighting Kincaid than Scott did. Scott tells Ethan and Aiden to stop before they kill Kincaid. The twins insist that if they don't kill him, Kincaid will come after them. Scott takes the finger from Kincaid's coat and retrieves the scroll. "We're here to save a life, not end one," Scott says. [16]

Ethan and Danny head into the boys locker room following a stint of lacrosse practice. Ethan has good enough lacrosse skills that Danny thinks he should try out for the team. Ethan agrees to do it, but he doesn't sound enthusiastic. Danny asks him if he's okay. He says yes, but adds, "I mean, I kinda don't know if this is the place for me. For us." He means his brother. He gathers water in his hands and takes a drink, inadvertently swallowing a nogitsune fly. Danny asks him if leaving school again is about Aiden. Ethan looks up, "Yeah, it is, actually. It's always about my brother, isn't it." Danny can tell that something has changed in Ethan's voice and asks again if he's okay. Ethan strips off his shirt and announces that he's going to take a shower. And so is Danny. Danny smiles and follows him. Danny and Ethan have finished their shower. Danny asks if he can tell Coach that Ethan will try out for the team. Ethan tells him he'll think about it. "Sounds like a yes to me!" Danny says happily. After he's gone, Ethan realizes that Aiden is waiting for him in the corner of the hall. Aiden mocks him for trying out for lacrosse and not knowing what's going on with Scott's pack. "Why should I care? Scott's never going to trust us anyway. You see the way he looks at us? Like dogs that bit the neighbor." He thinks that if there's one more incident Scott will either kick them out of Beacon Hills or kill them outright. Aiden gets out his claws to prepare for a fight, and Ethan just sighs. This is precisely what he means. "I'd probably be in his pack right now if it wasn't for my psychotic brother. The one who has to kill everything in sight." They pace around each other. Aiden warns Ethan that he's currently the only thing in his sight. They start to fight one another, but then Isaac shoots them both with a stun gun. "I guess this is the part where I say something witty," Isaac says. He walks over to them and knocks them out with the butt of the gun. "I'm not witty." Isaac rifles through Coach's desk looking for a lighter. He has a bottle of liquor with a rag in it and says that he's going to kill the twins for Erica and for Boyd. "I'm gonna burn it. I'm gonna burn it." He lights the rag, but Kira appears and slices the burning rag from the bottle. Isaac drops the bottle and starts to go after her, but Allison attacks him from behind. When Isaac gets up, he's shifted. The twins recover as well, and all three growl at Kira and Allison as they lock themselves in Coach's office. The Werewolf then start fighting each other. Kira fights Ethan and slices him across the chest. Allison shoots Isaac, but he just pulls the bolt from his chest and keeps coming. She kicks him out of the way. She can't reload fast enough to fight off Aiden, so Kira tosses her the katana. Kira picks up the crossbow, and they back up until they're both standing next to one another. [17]

"Hold still," Deaton says, as he shoves his hand down Ethan's throat to extract the nogitsune fly. He drops the fly down the drain, then grabs Isaac and hauls him under the shower next. Allison asks if the Werewolf are okay now. Deaton thinks so, but the bigger worry is that all this was just a distraction for what was happening to Stiles. Kira and Allison ask how there could be two Stileses and how one could just kidnap Lydia. Aiden is upset that no one actually noticed the nogitsune kidnapping her right out of the house. "Most of us were concentrated on the bizarre sight of a creature materializing from out of the floor," Deaton snarks at him. The next morning, Ethan and Aiden are running through Beacon Hills Preserve looking for some sign of the nogitsune. Ethan hears a gun chambering a round, and then suddenly there's a hail of bullets. The bullets are laced with wolfsbane, so the twins bleed black. Ethan looks over to see Aiden unconscious. Ethan drags Aiden through the woods. He runs out of strength, and they both fall. Ethan hears someone coming and tries to get up, but is suddenly pulled up to standing by Derek. Derek grabs Aiden and orders Ethan to run. Bullets smack into the trees around them. Ethan and Aiden are in a coyote den. Derek comes back in and tells Ethan to stay quiet. Ethan asks if Derek saw the shooter. "No, I was a little busy. Who else did the two of you piss off?" Aiden replies, "We pissed off everyone." Derek informs them that the bullets had wolfsbane (even though Ethan already knew that) and if he doesn't get them out of the woods soon the poison is going to spread. "Stay quiet. I'll be back." Derek and Chris haul Ethan and Aiden into Derek's loft. They drop them on the couch. [18]

Derek uses a lighter to burn the rest of Ethan's wolfsbane wound closed. Presumably he put some wolfsbane in the wound first, like he had to do with his own in Season 1. Derek snaps his lighter shut and tells them that they should be fine in a few hours unless they get themselves shot again. Aiden marches away, ready to go find Lydia. Derek asks if he's going to convince Lydia to go with him. "I'm gonna try and convince her to run and hide. Like any sane person would do." Derek looks at Ethan and asks if he intends the same for Danny. "Allison's dead. Stiles is dying. What do you think?" "I think Danny won't believe you. And Lydia would never run and hide." Aiden asks if he means because she wouldn't leave Stiles. But he means she wouldn't leave Scott. Derek then explains to them why they haven't been able to get into Scott's pack. "You don't fight for a leader. You fight for a leader's cause. Scott's always been about one thing. Saving his friends. He will do anything and everything to save the people he cares about. When there's no chance of winning, he keeps fighting. When all hope is lost, he finds another way. And when he's beaten down, he stands up again. You want to earn a place in his pack? You want redemption? Find another way to stand and fight." Later, Derek walks up to the school, already wolfed out. The nogitsune is there to meet him with two Oni at his sides. "Did you bring us a present?" the nogitsune asks. Derek sets the triskele urn down. Aiden and Ethan join him as he replies, "I brought two." "I've heard of an alpha pack, Derek, but not a pack of former alphas." Derek says that he's not an alpha anymore, but he can still fight like one. This isn't much a threat given that Derek never won a fight when he was an alpha. Derek and the twins fight two Oni outside the school while the nogitsune watches. The twins ask where the others are, and Derek replies that they must be in the school. Derek yells to the twins that one of them needs to make sure they protect the box. Two Oni appear next to it. "I hate ninjas," Aiden says, and goes to protect the box. The twins keep fighting. Aiden yells that they can't do this, they can't beat the Oni. Ethan tells his brother to take the box while he and Derek hold the Oni off. Derek throws an Oni down the steps. It gets up and prepares to attack again but is suddenly struck in the chest with a silver arrow. Derek looks over his shoulder to see Chris wielding a crossbow. "What was that?" Ethan asks. "Silver," Chris replies. Derek yells at Isaac to get the triskele urn to Scott. The nogitsune for the first time looks afraid and runs away. Chris continues to shoot Oni. An Oni slices the last arrow before it hits, and Chris tells Aiden to get it because it's the last silver arrowhead. Aiden slides to grab the arrow, then spins and slams it into the Oni. Simultaneously, the Oni impales him with its sword. Ethan shouts his brother's name, as Aiden pulls the blade out and drops it. Derek has Aiden propped up as Ethan and Chris gather around him. "Does it hurt you as much as it hurts me?" he asks Ethan. Ethan cries and tells him yes. Aiden tells him that it's okay. "Lydia never believed I was one of the good guys anyway." Ethan laughs. Derek tells Aiden, "She'll believe me." Aiden coughs, and Ethan shushes him, trying to soothe his pain. He rocks him lightly, and Aiden dies. Lydia runs out of the school and sees them. The next day, Ethan and Danny sit together on some stairs at school. Ethan apologizes. "I just don't think I can stay." Danny tells him that it's okay, and Ethan is a little surprised that Danny is breaking up with him. Danny smiles. "I like you. A lot. You're incredibly good-looking. And smart and sweet. And... I just don't think I can do it." "Date me?" "Date a Werewolf." Ethan is stunned. "You knew?" "Dude, it's Beacon Hills." Ethan gives Danny a kiss good-bye, and Danny grins to himself as he leaves. [19]


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