"God, you've got it all backwards, McCall. When I was with Lydia you should have seen the scratch marks she left on me. What do you think she's gonna do with a set of real claws?"
Jackson to Scott about Lydia[src]

Jackson Whittemore is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the first episode of the first season. He is portrayed by former main cast member Colton Haynes.


Early Life

Jackson's birth parents crshed their car. Jackson's mother was pregnant with Jackson. They was DOA but the doctors managed to preform a c-section to save Jackson's life. He was then adopted by the Whittemore family. When his parents finally told him that he was adopted, Jackson never told them that he loved them.[2][3]

High School

Sometime during when Jackson and Lydia first started to go out, Jackson gave Lydia a key to his house after they had finished having sex. He says after that its not like hes giving her a wedding ring or anything permanent, its just to make her more accessible. This moment was the point when Jackson and Lydia fell in love.[4]

Scott arrives at school on a bicycle. As he's taking off his helmet, Jackson Whittemore pulls up in his Porsche and parks next to him. Jackson opens his door into Scott and then admonishes him to "watch the paint job." Jackson's friends call to him, and he walks away, shooting Scott threatening looks. Scott doesn't reply. After class, Jackson comes over to give Lydia a kiss. Lydia and Jackson invite Allison to a party on Friday night, but she demurs saying it's family night on Friday. Jackson asks if she's sure she doesn't want to come, because everyone on the team is going after the scrimmage. Allison asks if he means football, and Jackson tries not to laugh at her as he tells her that the sport at Beacon Hills is lacrosse. Jackson brags that they've won the state championship for the last three years. Lydia implies that this is all Jackson's doing, since he is team captain. Lydia and Jackson bring Allison with them to lacrosse practice. At practice, Jackson cuts in line, clearly done with this upstart of a nobody. He runs and shoots, and Scott catches that one as well. Stiles leaps to his feet, cheering. Even Lydia gets up and cheers, much to Jackson's annoyance. Later, at school, Jackson confronts Scott at his locker. "How about you tell me where you're gettin' your juice?" Scott gives him a dumb look and doesn't know what he's talking about. "My mom does all the grocery shopping," he says, and Jackson looks at him like he's a moron. Jackson demands to know who Scott's dealer is, and Scott finally realizes that he think he's taking steroids. Jackson wants to know what's going on with him, and Scott enthusiastically agrees that he'd like to know what the hell is going on too and lists out all the weird things that have been happening lately. Jackson smirks at him and vows to find out what Scott is hiding. At the game, The players all gather around Coach Finstock, who tells them that if they don't make the cut they're sitting on the bench for the rest of the season. If they make the cut, "You play. Your parents are proud. Your girlfriend loves you! Everything else is cream cheese." As they start to play, Jackson makes it a point to knock Scott down and get in his way. Scott gets angry, and his anger seems to sharpen his abilities. He's faster than the other players and weaves around them like he's dancing. He does a backflip over a line of players to make a scoring shot, and everyone but Jackson and Stiles cheer. Nearly all of Jackson's self-worth is tied up in being the Cyclones team captain, and Scott is suddenly a serious threat. It's friday night and Lydia and Jackson are dancing. [5]

Coach Bobby Finstock has Jackson take a long stick, and practice begins in earnest. Greenberg is notably sent to take a lap. Scott's turn quickly comes up, but his head is obviously not in the game. Jackson takes the opportunity to slam into him for all he's worth, lifting Scott off the ground. Scott lands hard, and Jackson taunts him. Coach Finstock taunts him as well. "My grandmother can move faster than that, and she's dead. You think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother?" Scott glares at Jackson as he replies, "Yes, Coach," and his eyes turn yellow. Scott goes back for a second try. This time, fueled by anger, he runs straight for Jackson. His doesn't appear to be moving any more swiftly, but he hits with much greater force, and this time Jackson is the one thrown to the ground. Scott staggers off to the side as his werewolf transformations come to the surface. Jackson rolls on the ground in pain with a dislocated shoulder. At the hospital, Jackson meets Lydia in the waiting area. He reports that the doctor gave him a cortisone shot but told him not to make a habit of it. Lydia advises getting another shot just before the game. Jackson doesn't look thrilled at this, but Lydia demands that he do it because that's what a pro would do. She seals her demand with a kiss. At the game, Coach Finstock sits next to Jackson and asks him about his arm. Jackson tells him that he's not really feeling any pain, so Coach asks whether he would if he gave him a big old punch. Jackson looks disturbed and says maybe. The Coach tells him that if he feels any pain to just keep playing. The game starts, and it's clear that what Jackson was telling the other players was to not pass to Scott. Scott sees his own opening to get the ball, but Jackson checks him and knocks him down before he can reach it. Jackson scores the point instead. Scott's mom begrudgingly cheers, and Lydia makes Allison hold up a We Luv U Jackson sign. Scott notices, and Stiles sees both the sign and Scott's reaction. "Oh, this is not gonna be good." On the field, Danny argues with Jackson about not passing to Scott, but Jackson flexes his power as captain to keep him in line. Scott overhears, and his eyes glow. Scott's anger starts making him shift. A ref asks him if he's okay, but Scott just nods without looking at him so he can keep his eyes hidden. He's growling, though, and a player from the other team takes a step back. Chris asks which number Scott is, and Lydia points him out as the only player who hasn't caught a single ball all game. Allison is worried, but Lydia is more concerned about winning the game. Lydia stands up and makes Allison help her hold up a Jackson is #1 sign. Allison is clearly distressed at cheering for someone else, but she does it anyway. Scott sees her and loses his cool. When the ball is tossed up in the air, Scott leaps up and jumps off the shoulders of another player to catch it. He weaves through an entire field of players to score a point. Everyone but Lydia and Jackson cheers. Coach Finstock orders the team to start passing to Scott. The MFH captain asks Jackson what Scott is on, and Jackson tells him that he doesn't know yet. After the game is won, Jackson picks up the glove that Scott had tossed away. The fingertips all have puncture holes, and he has no idea what that means. When Jackson turns around, Derek is again being a creeper, standing silhouetted against the lights from the field. He turns without saying anything and stalks off. [6]

At school, Jackson is at his locker trying to figure out what to do about the busted door. At lunch, Lydia sets her tray down next to Scott, momentarily rendering Stiles speechless. The rest of Jackson and Lydia's friends all take seats at Scott's table. Stiles grins awkwardly at the girl next to him on one side and Danny on the other. Jackson orders one of his friends to get up because there isn't any room. Danny starts talking about the attack in the bus. "Probably a cougar?" Jackson replies, "I heard mountain lion." Lydia can't help but say that a cougar is a mountain lion, but she covers the fact that she knows this by adding "Isn't it?" like she's asking Jackson. Jackson couldn't care less and is sure the victim is trash anyway. Stiles says that he just found out who the man is. He plays a news video on his phone which states that the man, Garrison Meyers, survived. Scott says that he knows Garrison from back when he used to take the bus when he lived with his dad. Garrison was the bus driver. Lydia asks if they can talk about something more fun. She then asks Allison what they're all going to do on their date tomorrow night. The double date is apparently news to Scott and devastating news to Stiles. Jackson would rather stab himself in the face with a fork, but Lydia insists. "How about bowling? You love to bowl." Jackson says he needs actual competition, and Allison takes that as a challenge. Stiles aggressively eats his fries. Scott then brags to Jackson that he's a great bowler, which is a complete lie. At the bowling alley, Scott watches as Lydia attempts to bowl first. Jackson leads her through the motions, but she misses the first time and only gets a few pins the second. Allison gets a strike the first time. Jackson similarly gets a strike and can't wait to see how poorly Scott does. Scott throws a gutterball immediately, much to Jackson's delight. Allison tells Jackson to stop laughing, but he quotes Scott's "I'm a great bowler." Jackson keeps sniping at Scott while Allison keeps defending him. Scott prays for just one pin, but the ball still goes into the gutter just before reaching the pins. Scott begins to get strikes every turn. Allison makes a point to ask Jackson how many Scott has gotten. It's 6 in a row. Lydia asks Scott for help with her bowling, but he just tells her that she's fine on her own. Jackson offers to help, but Lydia tells him she'll do it herself. She bowls a perfect strike, much to Jackson's surprise, and claims to be getting the hang of it. Allison suggests she stop sucking just for Jackson's benefit. "Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit," Lydia replies. Jackson takes a break to play pinball, and Scott tries to be nice to him. Jackson tells him that he knows something is off about Scott even if he doesn't know what. "You cheated tonight." "How do you cheat in bowling?" "I don't know, but you did. And I don't know if it's steroids or something weirder." Jackson vows to figure out what Scott's secret is. He knows that whatever it is, Scott doesn't want Allison to know. [7]

At that moment, Derek is wandering through the halls of Beacon Hills High School, he's pale and sweating, and people knock into him because he's moving so slowly. He asks him where Scott is. Jackson wants to know why he should tell Derek anything. "Because I asked you politely, and I only do that once." Derek looks like death warmed over. Jackson makes a deal. He'll tell Derek where to find him if Derek will reveal what drugs he's selling him. Derek looks at him like he has no idea what he's talking about, but Jackson names a few steroids so Derek can follow this conversation. Derek tries to leave, but Jackson steps in front of him and suggests that he stop sampling the merchandise because he looks terrible. Blood seeps down Derek's arm and drops onto the floor. He clenches his fist inside in jacket sleeve to hide it. He tries to leave for a second time, but Jackson grabs him to stop him. Derek grabs Jackson by the neck and slams him into a locker. His claws come out without meaning to, and he leaves deep wounds in Jackson's neck. For the first time, Jackson looks a little terrified by something. After school, Jackson is in his car. There is a jam in the parking lot. The cars aren't moving. Jackson gets out of his car to see what is going on. He gives Scott an evil eye. Stiles quickly drives off and the jam is cleared. [8]

Lydia and Jackson pull up outside a video store. Jackson is explaining the Hoosiers is the best sports movie ever, although Lydia couldn't possibly care less. She refuses to watch it, and Jackson angrily tells her that he's not watching The Notebook again. She just looks at him, and the next thing we see is Jackson in the video store asking for help finding The Notebook. The store is deserted, and a phone continues to ring in the background. As Jackson walks further into the store, he sees feet sticking out the end of one of the aisles. He approaches slowly and falls back in horror when he finds the store clerk with his throat slashed open. Jackson knocks over the ladder holding up the light fixture, which causes the electricity throughout the store to start flickering. Jackson hears something in the darkness and turns around to see the red glow of the alpha's eyes. He attempts to hide between some rows of shelves, but the alpha knocks them over like dominoes, and Jackson is caught under one of the displays. He lies perfectly still, gasping, as the alpha draws back the collar of his coat to examine the claw marks that Derek left on him. The marks glow with a purple light, and the alpha quickly leaves him, bursting through the store window and past Lydia's car. The police arrive at the video store. Jackson demands to know why he can't go home. Jackson gets in the Sheriff's face and yells about his right to leave, trying his best to belittle this public servant who doesn't appear to be serving. He calls the Sheriff a minimum wage Rent-a-Cop. The next day, Jackson walks into class, Mr. Harris goes over to him and tells Jackson that if he needs to leave he's allowed. In the boys' locker room, Jackson checks on the claw wounds on his neck, which are still red and raw. He starts getting ready but then sees two glowing red eyes in the cloud of steam in the shower. He starts to panic and falls back in fear, only to discover that the dots were from a set of headphones. He lets out a breath and then turns to see Derek. Jackson stumbles back against a locker and stutters out that he doesn't know where Scott is. "I'm not here for Scott, I'm here for you." Jackson is terrified and continues to stutter. Derek asks him what he saw, and Jackson insists that he didn't see anything. "I swear, I'm not lying." "Then calm down and say it again," Derek says as he closes in on him. Jackson repeats that he didn't see anything while Derek listens closely to his heartbeat. Then Derek checks the back of his neck and advises that he have a doctor look at the wounds. Jackson is too afraid of him to do or say anything about being manhandled. That night, Jackson is out in a field trying to throw a lacrosse ball into a can. He gets more and more frustrated and eventually throws his beer bottle at the tree in tears. [9]

At school, Jackson is at his locker, he looks at Scott. Jackson wanders by the field and stops to watch as Stiles pummels Scott. Eventually, Scott gets hurt enough that he's knocked to one knee. The closer Scott gets to changing, the worse Jackson looks. As Scott and Stiles leave the locker room, Scott says it smells like something is rotting or dying in the locker room. Jackson comes around the corner, sweaty and pale and looking generally ill. He takes his shirt off, then the bandage on his neck. The claw wounds are still bleeding. Jackson hallucinates retching up wolf claws. Jackson finds Allison sitting in the hallway reading her mythology book. He sits down next to her, and she tries to pretend like this is normal. She asks him if he wanted something, and he says he wants to talk. He apologizes for being a jerk to her and to Scott, much to Allison's surprise. She replies that she doesn't think he's being sincere. He tries to explain to her what it felt like to be the star of the team and then suddenly have some kid come along and take that away from him. He says it feels like something's been stolen, and he'd do anything to get it back. Allison tries to make a joke, "Haven't you learned there's no I in team?" "Yeah, but there is a me," Jackson replies. The joke falls flat, and Jackson realizes that she must really hate him. She claims she doesn't. Jackson says he really likes her, which she suspects is a come on, but he adds Scott's name in there, too. He wants them both to like him. Jackson leans in to ask Allison what she's reading, and she recoils from him. [10]

The Alpha Werewolf

Allison is waiting in the driveway for Scott. Jackson calls and tells her they're coming to get her, because Scott is 26 minutes late. They pull up and insist she get in the car. Allison then gets a message, which isn't an apology from Scott. Jackson, Lydia, and Allison show up at the school. Allison notes that one of the doors is open, propped open by the bolt cutters. She heads for it, and Jackson offers to come with her. She turns him down, and he almost says "Be careful," much to her amusement. She likes him looking genuinely concerned. It's a little flirty, and Lydia just watches them, fuming. Lydia and Jackson wait in the car without talking. They're facing Stiles's Jeep, and Jackson notices that the hood looks crappier than usual. He goes to take a look, and Lydia insists on going with him. There are claw marks on the hood. Jackson is more disturbed by this than Lydia and starts backing away toward the school. Jackson and Lydia enter the school, and Lydia announces that she has to use the bathroom. Jackson tells her that he's starting to get tired of her and her annoying habits. As soon as she's gone, Jackson turns to see a form looming in the hallway. He thinks it's Scott at first, then he's afraid that it's Derek. But it's actually the alpha. He starts huffing in panic and touches the wounds on his neck. Lydia returns, and Jackson tells her he hasn't found the others. Jackson and Lydia wander around the school and bump into Allison, Scott and Stiles. The alpha comes crashing down through the ceiling. They all run. They go into the cafeteria, and Scott locks the door at the top and bottom. Scott starts moving things in front of the door, while Stiles tries to tell everyone to stop. They ignore him and keep stacking everything in front of the door in orderly fashion. When he finally yells loudly enough that they listen, he asks them what they should do about the 20-foot wall of windows. They all stare, dumbfounded. Allison asks Scott what's going on and what that thing was. Scott just moves away from her and doesn't say anything. Stiles takes over and tells them that someone killed the janitor. Everyone starts to freak out then. Lydia says that it was supposed to be over because the mountain lion is dead. Jackson says that it was never a mountain lion to begin with, and Allison demands to know what the killer wants. She asks who it is, and in desperation, Scott tells them it's Derek. Scott keeps going with this story, telling everyone that Derek has been killing people around town. If they don't escape, he's going to kill them, too. Jackson suggests calling the cops, but Stiles tells him no, arguing that they don't know what he's armed with. "Your dad is armed with an entire Sheriff's department. Call him!" Jackson argues reasonably. Lydia calls 911, but the operator hangs up on her. They got a tip that there would be prank calls about a break-in at the high school. If she calls again, they'll trace the call and arrest her. Allison tells her to call again, but Stiles explains that they won't trace a cell and will instead go to Lydia's house before coming to the school. Jackson suggests that Stiles call his dad and tell him to send someone with a gun and decent aim. Stiles won't drag his dad into this, and Jackson goes after Stiles to steal his phone. Stiles punches him in the face. Allison goes to see if Jackson is okay, and Stiles gives in. He calls his dad and gets voicemail. He leaves a message just as the alpha starts trying to bust in the door. As they all watch the door rattling to pieces, Stiles says that the door from the kitchen leads to the stairwell. "Which only goes up!" Scott says. "Up is better than here," Stiles replies. They all run, and the alpha busts the door down. On the second floor, they hide in the Chemistry lab. Scott amusingly places a very small stool under the door to keep it closed. For some reason, the alpha passes by the lab, despite all the racing heartbeats inside. Scott asks Jackson how many people his car can hold. Jackson tells him 5, which Allison seriously doubts because she barely fit in the back alone. Scott then suggests they use the stairs from the lab to the roof and climb down the fire escape. The door, however, is deadbolted. The janitor has a key, but it means going back to the basement to find his body. Scott says that he's going to go get the key. Allison tells him that he can't go out there unarmed, and Lydia points out that she can make a self-igniting molotov cocktail from the chemicals in the lab. Everyone gives her a stunned look, and she tries to play innocent. Jackson smashes open the cabinet, and Lydia gets to mixing. She asks Jackson for the sulphuric acid, but he's not sure which bottle it is and just hands her one. Scott takes the flask, but Allison tries to tell him that he can't go. She explains that he has a tell and she knows he's been lying all night. Jackson smirks. Allison begs Scott not to go, but he tells Stiles to lock the door behind him. Allison kisses him goodbye. Allison doesn't understand why Scott went out there. She can't stop her hands from shaking, and Jackson tries to comfort her. He smirks a little when she accepts his kindness, because it means she's coming under his influence. Lydia asks Jackson if he gave her the sulphuric acid, because the cocktail won't ignite without it. He hisses that he gave her what she asked for. But Stiles and Lydia seem to know that he didn't. From the hall, the alpha roars. The sound shakes the building, and Jackson collapses from pain in his claw wounds. The others pull Jackson up from the floor, but he insists that he's okay. He bats Stiles's hand away when he tries to get a look at the wounds. Scott comes back and breaks the key off in the lock. Allison freaks out and Lydia hears sirens. [11]

Jackson takes a seat next to Allison in the lunch room. She has a bit of jelly on her lip, and he takes the opportunity to wipe it off for her and then lick his thumb clean. "Do you want the bite?" he hears her ask, and it startles him. When he asks her to repeat it, she says, "Do you want a bite?" and offers him some of her food. He demurs, touching the wounds on his neck. They ask each other how they're doing after the incident. Allison says she's mostly thinking about Scott and that she hasn't talked to him. Jackson tells her that's for the best and that Scott got exactly what he deserves. At lacrosse practice, Coach Bobby Finstock says that because of a pink-eye epidemic some new people are making first line on a probationary basis. He calls out Rodriquez, Taylor, and Bilinski. Stiles jumps to his feet in triumph, howling and cheering. Finstock tells him to shut up, much to the rest of the team's amusement. "Stiles," Scott says, looking over at him. "It's Biles. Call me Biles or I swear I'll kill you," Stiles says. Finstock also announces that they're switching Co-captains and Scott is in. Jackson is stunned, but Finstock assures him that this is about taking Jackson's unit and Scott's unit and making one big... unit. Jackson glares at everyone. Jackson's nameless friend assures him that this won't last long because they'll put Scott in traction. Danny, however, points out that Scott scores more than anyone else. "Oh, is that the opinion of my best friend?" Jackson asks. "The opinion of your best friend is who the hell cares who's team captain? He's a good player, and you need to seriously get a grip." During practice, Scott knocks Danny over and causes him serious pain. The entire team comes over to see if he is okay. Jackson notices that Lydia's lipstick has smudged. She quickly sorts it out. After school, at the sporting goods store, Allison tours around through the archery section. She picks up a sight and finds herself pointing it at Jackson. They talk. Jackson's picking up a new helmet for Danny. He tells her what Scott did and then offers to be a shoulder for her to cry on. Allison and Jackson are sitting in Jackson's parents' car. She wants to tell him something but only if he promises not to laugh. "I don't think it was Derek in the school." Jackson says he doesn't either. Jackson tells Allison that just because she can't trust Scott doesn't mean she can't trust anybody. She tells him that her family has been lying to her, too. She says she has a weird feeling that her dad knows more about what happened at the school than they do. Jackson is telling her how he saw a shape that looked like a man, but then it got down on all fours and ran away. It moved like an animal. Scott thinks he sees them kissing and gets angrier. He makes a run for the car. Scott lands on the roof, but before he can attack, Derek tackles him and sends him flying. [12]

At the doctor's office, Jackson is getting his claw wounds examined. The doctor asks him what scratched him. Then he asks Jackson if he's been having trouble sleeping lately and whether he's had nightmares. Jackson tells him he's been having nightmares about a house on fire, and he can hear screaming. Apparently, Derek inadvertently shared his memories through his claws when he impaled Jackson's neck. Either that or the alpha is somehow projecting them. Jackson asks the doctor what dreams have to do with the wounds, and the doctor grabs a pair of foreceps, saying he needs to take a closer look. He comes at Jackson with a clawlike device, cutting into the wounds, and then starts extracting a long, gnarled strand of wolfsbane. Jackson screams and turns to see the doctor transformed into Derek. Jackson blinks out of the hallucination to the doctor telling him he can put his shirt back on. His scabs are nothing to worry about. The doctor wants to give him antibiotics and tells him he has aconite poisoning. Aconite is another name for wolfsbane. On his way out of the hospital, Jackson stops by Melissa McCall's nurse station and asks her if he can use her computer. She replies that a handsome face like his probably doesn't hear no very often. He takes it as a compliment and smiles to himself. When she asks if he's one of Scott's friends, he tells her yes, and she lets him use her computer. Jackson hops on Inquiry-It and looks up wolfsbane, but we don't see what he finds. At school, Jackson walks straight up to Scott and tells him he knows what he is. Scott tries to play dumb, but Jackson isn't buying it. He tells Scott that he wants to be a Werewolf, too. Scott will get him the Bite, or he's going to tell Allison. At lunch, Jackson stares at Scott from across the room. Jackson then bites into an apple and watches curiously as Scott reacts to the sound. Then he tries talking to him without raising his voice. Jackson has disappeared from the lunchroom, but he keeps asking Scott what else he can do. Jackson taunts Scott about being a cheater at lacrosse, and Scott starts to get angry. Jackson again threatens to ruin any chance Scott has with Allison if he doesn't get the Bite. Then he tells him he's going to have sex with her. Scott gets so angry he breaks his lunch tray in half trying to hold it in. Jackson smirks at him from the corner of the lunchroom and crunches into his apple. After, Jackson and Allison race in the swimming pool. He wins and tells her that he has an unfair advantage with his aerodynamically perfect cheekbones. Jackson asks Allison if she's coming to the game and insists that she does when she says no. He tells her that Scott wants her to be there and hoped that she wouldn't feel weird about it. Jackson flirts with her more and splashes her. After the pool, Lydia approaches Jackson in the hallway and tells him that his text isn't funny. He agrees. He's breaking up with her. He asks for his spare house key back and tells her that he's decided to drop some of the dead weight in his life. She can't believe that she's been dumped. At the game, Jackson sits down next to Scott and asks him if it's the Bite that does it. Scott confirms but tells Jackson that he can't do it. He tries to explain that being a Werewolf is a whole lot more trouble than Jackson thinks it is. Scott tells him about the hunters and looks at the Argents in the stand. Jackson makes the connection between "argent" and silver, which explains the myths about Werewolf being killed by silver. Coach Finstock claps Jackson and Scott on the shoulder and gives them a pep talk. "No A in Econ if no win on field!" After he leaves, Jackson tells Scott that he's got 72 hours to get him turned into a Werewolf. [13]

Jackson comes up to Scott and tells him he sympathizes. Not only that, if Scott can get him turned into a Werewolf, Jackson will help him get Allison back. The next day, Jackson speeds through the warehouse district. He swings the car around, just doing doughnuts, when it comes to a sudden stop and the check engine light comes on. He gets out of the car, annoyed, and out of nowhere Chris Argent pulls up close by. Chris puts on some gloves and offers to help Jackson with his car. Jackson demurs, but Chris is insistent. He leads Jackson around the back of the car to the engine compartment and has him lean in. This gives him a chance to pull down Jackson's collar and look at the claw wounds. When he mentions them, Jackson gets anxious and jumpy. Just then Stiles and Scott pull up in the Jeep. They offer Jackson a ride to the shop up the street. "Hey, c'mon Jackson, you're way too pretty to be out here all by yourself," Stiles says. When Jackson leaves the car, Chris pulls a device off the engine and pockets it. The car starts up fine, then. When Chris is gone, Jackson asks them if they're following him. Scott yells at him for almost giving away everything. "He thinks you're the second beta! He thinks you're me!" Scott punches Stiles's Jeep in anger, much to Stiles's dismay. He then explains to Jackson that now he has to keep an eye on him so Chris doesn't kill him. Jackson turns the tables and claims that it's all Scott's fault. Stiles stops the fight from escalating. Scott tells Jackson that he won't be able to protect him because he can't protect anyone, and he gives Stiles a meaningful look. Scott insists that Jackson doesn't want this gift, but Jackson fails to see how running really fast and being able to hear everything is bad thing. Scott tells him that half the time he's running really fast it's away from people trying to kill him. He says it ruined his life. Jackson thinks that it ruined Scott's life because he didn't know what to do with the powers that he got. Jackson gets in his car and drives away. Later, Jackson is working out in the boys locker room, when suddenly Derek turns his music off. He picks a different song, puts it on, and then stands up where Jackson can see him. Jackson grabs his lacrosse stick and challenges Derek to a fight, claiming he isn't afraid of him. Derek sort of grins at him and says that not only is he afraid, he's been afraid every day of his life. Derek offers Jackson the opportunity to become a Werewolf. Derek leads Jackson out of the school. Kate is there watching them, confirming her suspicions about Jackson. Derek brings Jackson to the Hale House. He tells him to go in. Jackson asks him what's inside the house. "Everything you want." When Jackson opens the door, Derek claps him on the shoulder and tells him everything is going to be all right. "This house... it's the same house," Jackson says, and Derek's demeanor changes. "What'd you say?" "I've dreamt about this place. I remember the staircase, I remember these walls, I remember everything." Derek asks him if he's been there, and Jackson tells him it was just a dream. As he turns around, Jackson realizes that there's no one else there and no one else coming. He backs away and pleads for his life. Derek tells him that if he deserved to live someone would be there trying to save him. Then Scott announces himself and leaps down the staircase to come between them. Derek threatens to kill him, too. And then a flash bomb arrow explodes nearby. Jackson scurries away. [14]

In the locker room, Scott asks Jackson to take Allison to the dance. Jackson tells him to go screw himself. Scott points out that he got shot saving Jackson's life, but when Jackson asks for proof, Scott can't give him any because the wound healed. Scott begs, but Jackson suggests having Allison's dad watch over her if the danger is so great. Scott obviously can't, though, without giving himself away. Jackson says it isn't his problem, but Scott doesn't believe that Jackson could have spent so much time getting to know her without coming to like her. "You can't tell me that you don't care if she gets hurt." But, in fact, that's basically what Jackson says. After he leaves, Stiles tells Scott that "I told you so" isn't nearly strong enough for this situation. Scott tries a different tactic. He wolfs out and scares the crap out of Jackson. Next we see, Jackson is sweating and plastering on a fake smile and asking Allison when he should pick her up for the dance tomorrow. She asks him if he's okay, and he insists that not only is he great, he's just excited for the dance! As friends! Later, Jackson pulls into a parking lot at the school and takes a shot of vodka before getting out of the car. He offers Allison some, but she doesn't take it. She asks Jackson if he knows if Scott's coming, and he tells her that he knows he's not allowed to because of academic probation. Allison fixes her makeup and tries to steel herself for the evening. Lydia tells Jackson that he looks handsome, and he replies, "Obviously. It's Hugo Boss." And then saunters off. Inside the dance, Jackson shares his vodka with Danny and his friends. Not long after, he goes back to Allison. She asks Jackson if he wants to dance, and he answers by asking if he has to. He gives in and offers her his arm. Drunk, Jackson wanders outside alone. As he approaches some trees, sees a red glow in the darkness that looks like eyes. Jackson is looking for Peter. He falls to the ground and tells him that he wants to be like him, be one of them. But it turns out that there are hunters in the woods instead and the red dots were from their laser scopes. "Unfortunately, Jackson, I don't think I can give you what you want," Chris says, "but I have a feeling you might be able to help me." Jackson leads Chris back toward the formal and asks him to promise that he won't hurt Scott. "Of course not, he's just a kid." Jackson heads inside as Lydia heads out a different door looking for him. Jackson runs into Stiles, and Stiles asks him if Lydia found him. Jackson can barely speak as he tries to tell Stiles what he did. [15]

Jackson gets a call from Stiles saying that Lydia is on the field, bleeding out. Jackson carries Lydia back to the school, crying. He shouts for help, and someone calls an ambulance. At some point, Jackson tries to ring Allison but she doesn't answer. Jackson heads into the hospital looking for Lydia. Sheriff Stilinski is there and demands to know what happened to her. The Sheriff gets angry and slams Jackson up against the wall, telling him that Lydia is his girlfriend and therefore his responsibility. Jackson tells him that she went to the dance with Stiles. The Sheriff lets him go, stunned. Stiles heads off to find Scott. Jackson offers to drive, but Stiles shoves him away, having no use for his guilt. Jackson still offers his car, and Stiles takes his keys. They try to leave, but Chris Argent and two red shirt hunters get in their way. Chris demands to know where Scott is, and Stiles tells him he hasn't seen him since the dance. They ask Jackson, but Jackson's such a bad liar that he can't say anything. The hunters throw the boys into an empty room. Stiles and Jackson pull up to the Hale House in the Porsche. Stiles hits the horn on the car and then throws one of the Lydia's molotov cocktails at Peter. He catches it. Scott then throws Allison her bow and tells her to shoot. She hits the beaker, and Peter's arm ignites. Stiles looks at Jackson, and Jackson hurls the second molotov at the alpha. Peter's whole body burns, and he tries to go after Allison, but Scott leaps and punches him in the face. It sends him staggering away, and he collapses, shifting back partially into human form. After, Jackson goes back and into the Hale House looking for Derek. He tells him that he helped Derek get what he was after and now he wants what's his. Derek leaps down the staircase and gives Jackson an evil smile. [16]


Jackson Whittemore rising out of a lake at night with his wolf bite showing on an almost full moon. At school, Jackson pulls up in his Porsche and makes a rude comment toward a homeless man digging through a trash can. In the lacrosse locker room, Coach Finstock is giving a questionable speech about Lydia’s disappearance, promising an automatic A to anyone who finds the “naked girl”. Stiles and Scott try to talk to Jackson, but he doesn’t seem to be all that concerned. During a pop quiz in Chemistry, black liquid begins dripping from Jackson’s nose, freaking out his friend Danny Mahealani. He rushes to the bathroom as the liquid continues to pour out of his nose and mouth. Someone is knocking on the door to the stall, and Jackson assumes that it is Danny and tells him to go back to class. The knocking continues until the door is forced open, and it’s Derek. The liquid is no longer coming from his nose and mouth when Derek sees him, but Derek knows that something’s up and tries to get Jackson to tell him. Jackson launches into a rant about how he’s not part of Derek’s pack and never will be when Derek points out the black liquid running out of his ears. Derek explains that his body is rejecting the bite, although he doesn’t know why, and leaves, visibly disturbed. Later, at his house, Jackson is in bed, coughing up black liquid with hundreds of tissues littered on the floor by his bed. [1]

Isaac runs out of his house, taking his bike. Mr. Lahey follows him in his car, and Jackson, who lives down the street, comments that they are freaks. At lacrosse practice, Scott plays goalie in hopes of getting the players one on one. He decides to tackle them all and then sniff them in hopes of finding the Werewolf. This happens four times before Jackson decides that he’s hurt so he won’t participate. Later, Jackson is being questioned by the cops. Jackson knew about the abuse and insists that it wasn’t his problem. Sheriff Stilinski gives him a disgusted look before saying “…it’s funny that the kids getting beaten up are always the ones that least deserve it.” Jackson doesn’t get it. Lydia tries to talk to Jackson at his locker, but he obviously isn't very interested in her right now. Jackson rejects her even though she didn't really ask for anything—only thanked him for saving her—before telling her that she shouldn't go to the game that night because of the full moon. In class, Jackson asks Matt if he can borrow his camera that can film overnight and in low light. Matt is cureus. Jackson demands that he just bring it. Matt brings the video camera to Jackson’s house and Jackson pays him. Matt thinks Jackson is planning to record a sex tape with Allison since he asked for something that’s good and low light and could stay recording all night long, but he insists that he’s just “documenting history”. Jackson sets up the video camera in his bedroom to record him while he’s sleeping. Jackson wakes up suddenly the next morning and goes straight to the camera. He doesn't find what he's looking for, and he throws it to the ground. The episode ends with him trying to convince himself that nothing happened. [17]

Jackson and Matt are in a bio lecture and Matt is yelling about the cracked lens in his camera. Jackson is distracted by a video on immunities. After the video he approaches Lydia yelling at her about immunity. He’s talking about the bite, but she doesn’t know that, and she’s frightened. Jackson thinks that he’s made her immune and is angry. Later, Jackson is at the old Hale House looking for Derek to talk to him about why his body rejected the Bite. He breaks into the house and there are hunters with guns and no Derek. Instead he has to have an awkward conversation with Chris Argent. Jackson is in the field at BHHS doing lacrosse exercises. He gets frustrated and gets in his truck to go home, but it has gotten stuck in the mud. After getting frustrated he manages to lift the rear of the truck a good two feet with minimal difficulty, suggesting that there may be something supernatural going on with Jackson. [18]

In the locker room Jackson asks Danny about boosting the quality on his video, and makes him promise to keep it to himself. Danny is confused about about the whole situation, but Jackson leaves before he can ask any real questions. At the game, Danny walks up with Matt, presumably to talk about the video. Jackson is angry that Danny got Matt involved after specifically being told to keep it to himself. Danny and Matt explain that two hours of footage are missing from the tape like they’ve been edited out. During the game Beacon Hills is losing gravely. Stiles sits on the sidelines in a track suit while Scott and Jackson bicker over their performance that night on the field. Scott says hat he can’t use his supernatural abilities on the field with Gerard watching. Gerard gives Allison his coat because she’s cold, and she realizes that the keys are in the pocket. Allison subtly passes the keys to Stiles. [19]

Jackson and Danny are in the boys locker room without the lights on. Jackson tells Danny to add more weight to the benchpress bar and then gets angry at him when Danny spots him. Jackson thinks he should be able to benchpress twice the amount that's on there. "On the moon, maybe," Danny replies. He leaves, annoyed, and tells Jackson that if he finds him dead when he comes back from his shower he's taking the Porsche. As he lays there, Jackson's senses start to sharpen, and he can hear water dropping and the turn of the fan blades better than he should be able to. He's not satisfied with that, though, and tries to lift the bar with too much weight. It goes right down to his chest, and he can't lift it. Erica appears over him and lifts the bar from his chest with one hand. Erica delivers Jackson to Derek in the subway tunnel. She and Isaac hold him, while Derek asks him what happened to him on the night of the full moon. Jackson claims nothing happened, but Derek can tell he's lying. Derek starts to put on a black leather glove, and Jackson freaks out a little. He tells him that he can prove it and says that he taped himself. Derek and Isaac find this amusing. Jackson makes fun of Isaac for having an existential crisis and says the he was preparing for the gift Derek promised. He tells him he'll get the video, even though he knows that the video is missing two hours of footage. Derek picks up the piece of broken mirror that Scott used against the kanima and claims that he has a better idea. "You know, Jackson, you've always been kind of a snake. And everyone knows a snake can't be poisoned by its own venom." Derek then tips the glass toward Jackson's mouth. Erica and Isaac hold his jaw open, so he swallows a drop of the kanima toxin. The effect is immediate, and Derek is clearly disappointed that Jackson passed the test. While Jackson is on the floor, unable to move, Isaac comes over and crouches in front of him. "You're still gonna have to do one more thing for us. Well, actually, for me." Isaac makes Jackson go to Sheriff Stilinski and retract his statement about seeing them argue before Mr. Lahey was killed. The Sheriff asks him if he saw a fight, and Jackson tells him, "Not exactly." The Sheriff explains that in law enforcement there's a very large divide between "not exactly" and "no." "Like if Not Exactly were sitting in this chair, then No would be somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean drowning next to my career." Danny tells Jackson that he found a program that could recover the erased data from his video. He says he'll run it during their free period that afternoon. Jackson then overhears Erica talking to Isaac, confirming that Derek wants something done during Chemistry class. Isaac advocates just killing their target, while Erica says she's going to test her first. In Economics class at 1:45, Jackson sits near Scott and Stiles. "Hey, testicle left and right, what the hell is a kanima?" The boys turn around, but before they can say anything Coach Finstock announces that some of them might want to form study groups for tomorrow's midterm. Jackson tells Scott and Stiles that Derek tested him to see if he was the kanima. Stiles then asks if they think it's Lydia. Jackson isn't sure, he just heard her name and something about Chemistry. Coach Finstock shouts at Jackson and asks if he has something he'd like to share with the rest of the class. Jackson compliments the Coach, and Finstock yells at him to shut it. In the library, Matt comes up to Danny and Jackson and asks Jackson who he knows that could get into his house. Either someone who could break in or has a key. "I could do it," Danny offers. "I write my own software, and I know your mom forgets to lock the kitchen door." Matt claims he could have done it because it's his camera. He then smiles at Danny and suggests they could have done it together, which makes Danny smile. They seem to be flirting a little. Matt leaves and pats Danny on the shoulder. Jackson gives him a look like he knows that was flirting. Danny tells him that it doesn't matter because Matt is completely obsessed with Allison. Danny asks if anyone can get into Jackson's house, and just then Lydia and Stiles walk into the library. Jackson realizes that it could be Lydia because she has a key. Dispite of this, Stiles, Jackson, and Allison head out of the library with Lydia to protect her for a study group. They all get into Stiles's Jeep and drive away. Stiles, Lydia, Jackson, and Allison go to Scott's house. Allison thanks Jackson for helping, but he says he needed to talk to Lydia anyway. When they get inside, Stiles locks every lock on the door and explains that there's been a few break-ins around the neighborhood. Allison motions to Jackson, and Jackson asks Lydia to follow him to he can talk to her. Jackson and Lydia go up to Scott's room, and Jackson starts getting a headache. He asks Lydia for his key back. She yells at him for his insensitivity, but he just asks for the key again. She says she doesn't have it, but he can see her sweat and hear her heart. Jackson accuses Lydia of editing the tape. He says he doesn't know why she would do that. Maybe she wanted to take his moment like she takes everything. She tells him that if he wants the key so badly he can have it, and then removes the chain she keeps it on from around her neck. She cries, and he can't quite stand it, so he kisses her. Lydia and Jackson hear crashing downstairs. Lydia goes to investigate, but Jackson falls to his knees and grabs the back of his neck in pain. He transformes into the kanima and escapes out of the window. Everyone goes outside and sees the kanima crawling around the house before getting away. Then, the kanima crawls up next to a car and puts its hand on the window. The driver puts his hand up to match it. And then the kanima runs away. [20]

Derek is chasing the kanima through the warehouse district. Derek chases the kanima into a first level parking lot. Stiles and Scott show up quickly, but there's a spike strip that keeps Stiles from driving closer. Scott jumps out of the car to join Derek. Derek and the kanima fight, roaring at each other. The kanima climbs up toward the ceiling and then pulls on some power lines, which throws out sparks and blinds Derek enough to give the kanima an advantage. Just then, Chris Argent shows up and shoots the kanima numerous times. The kanima seems like it's dead, and Chris looks around for Derek. But while he's distracted, the kanima gets up and attacks him from behind. He's empitied his entire clip, so he can't shoot back, and the kanima throws him into a wall. Stunned, he looks back toward the lights of his truck and sees Gerard and the kanima facing each other, but the kanima doesn't attack. Scott shows up and tackles the kanima, and he and Gerard stare at one another before Scott takes off after the kanima again. Jackson goes to the gay club. A fog machine obscures the kanima crawling on the ceiling. The kanima drops into the crowd and starts slashing people to paralyze them. It gets Danny. Derek attacks the kanima and forces it outside. Jackson transforms back to human form in the parking lot. Scott and Stiles find him and take him and put him in the back seat of Stiles' truck. Jackson starts to wake up but Stiles punches him in the face, knocking him out. Jackson wakes up chained inside a sheriff's department transport van. He immediately shouts "Stiles! McCall! I'm gonna kill you!" Stiles goes into the van to give Jackson some clothes. Jackson demands to be released. Stiles informs him that he put the pants he's wearing on him one leg at a time. "Getting up close and personal with your junk wasn't exactly a highlight of my day, so don't think this is fun for me either." Stiles explains to him that he's killing people and they're going to keep him locked up until they can figure out how to stop him. Stiles offers him a choice between ham and cheese and turkey club sandwiches. Jackson tells him that his parents will be looking for him, but Stiles already handled that by sending them a text from Jackson's phone. Stiles, meanwhile, is still in the van with Jackson. He tells him that when he changes he has scales. He describes the kanima in general terms, but Jackson doesn't believe him. Stiles asks him what he did the night of the semi-final game. Jackson claims he went home. Stiles tells him he tries to kill him and Derek. And just last night tried to kill Danny. Jackson wants to know why he'd try to kill his best friend, and Stiles admits that that's what Scott is trying to figure out. Jackson threatens to prosecute them. Stiles asks him what happened on the night of his first full moon, and Jackson tells him that nothing happened. Jackson overhears Scott and Stiles' convocation about killing him. Jackson starts to cry and his ckin starts to change, transforming back into the kanima. He later fully transforms and escapes from the van. At the Sheriff Station, Stiles and Scott go to see Sheriff Stilinski. They walk in to see Mr. Whittemore and Jackson, looking smug. Sheriff Stilinski introduces Jackson's father, David Whittemore, esquire. Scott and Stiles realize they're screwed. [2]

Jackson is seen washing the blood off his hands at his house. The Sheriff pulls Scott and Stiles into an interrogation room and reads out the restrictions of the restraining order Jackson's father has taken out against them. They cannot go within 50 feet of Jackson, speak to him, approach him, or assault him physically or psychologically. Melissa McCall and David Whittemore are in the room witnessing. The Sheriff drops the order to the table, and Stiles asks him what about school. They can attend classes while attempting to maintain a 50 foot distance. Stiles asks what happens if they both have to use the bathroom and there are only two stalls and they're right next to each other, and the Sheriff glares at him while David Whittemore gets incensed at Stiles making a joke. The next day, Jackson comes into the Biology lab and checks out the tarantula and snake. He's particularly interested in the snake and picks it up. It slithers around his arm and neck and into his open mouth. The Biology teacher comes in and asks Jackson if he still wants to discuss his paper. Jackson doesn't reply. Jackson heads to the boys locker room. He hears Allison trailing him but doesn't see her. Allison goes into the locker room and calls Jackson's name. He calls out to her, and she finds him naked under the shower. She turns away and says he could have warned her. "You're the one that walked into the boys locker room," he says. She decides that she can talk to him later, but he stops her from moving and says they can talk now. Allison tries to get away claiming that she has class, but Jackson tells her that she can skip one class. He asks her if she's okay because her heart is beating like crazy. Jackson keeps threatening Allison, and she gets more and more flustered. She says she changed her mind about wanting to talk. He doesn't believe her and asks if she's stressed over her relationship with Scott. "I still can't believe that you think your little Romeo and Juliet story is gonna last. You know he's eventually just gonna run to Derek and join up with him and his little wolf pack, If you don't realize that, then you gotta be the stupidest bitch in this town. Other than Scott, since he's a pretty stupid bitch himself." Allison begs him to stop. Jackson gets angrier and cages her in, demanding to know who she thinks they wolves are going to kill next. He tells her that if she thinks being in love is going to save her then she's already dead. Jackson's claws come out, and he draws them along her face. "I just hope your dad's been teaching you moves to protect yourself." "Actually, he has." She grabs his wrist and tries to throw him. Then end up on the floor with Jackson on top. His demeanor changes suddenly, and he wants to know why she's there and what she's doing in the locker room. Scott comes in, and Allison tells him that she's fine while Jackson hurries to put on some clothes. Scott attacks Jackson and throws him into some lockers. Allison keeps shouting that she's fine. Jackson yells that he has a restraining order. "Trust me, I restrained myself," Scott replies. Jackson attacks Scott back, throwing him into a wall and then hurling him toward the showers. They fight, and Jackson kicks Scott into the wall so hard he breaks the tiles. Jackson throws a 45lb weight at Scott like a Frisbee, and Scott catches it. Jackson kicks him into the wall again and then slams him through a sink. Jackson throws Scott through the locker room door into the corridor. Erica restrains Jackson, while Stiles holds back Scott. Mr. Harris comes down the hall demanding to know what's going on. Matt is there, and he finds Scott's tablet with the kanima translation. He forwards himself the file. Mr. Harris demands explanations from Scott and Stiles. When he doesn't get anything, he hauls Jackson, Stiles, Scott, Allison, Erica, and Matt in for detention. At 3:00, Mr. Harris directs everyone to their seats in the library. Jackson tells him that he can't be in detention with them because he has a restraining order against them. Mr. Harris asks if it's against all of them, and Stiles says it's just him and Scott. Mr. Harris moves Scott and Stiles one desk further away. Jackson starts getting one of his headaches that indicates he's going to change. He gets up to go to the bathroom, much to Mr. Harris's concern. Mr. Harris follows Jackson. Jackson goes into the bathroom and when he looks in the mirror, the snake he ate earlier bursts out of his eye and goes down the drain. Jackson comes back into the library. Mr. Harris leaves but tells everyone else they have to stay and reshelve the carts of books. Jackson picks up a book and the spine has his name on it. He blinks, and the hallucination goes away. The next book says Close Your Eyes Jackson. Close Them Now. Jackson turns into the kanima and paralyses Matt. The kanima leaps from bookshelf to bookshelf, destroying the ceiling and overhead lights. Jackson takes down Erica and then appears behind Scott. He's in a half-transformed state. He throws Scott, and Scott scrambles to shield Allison and Stiles. Jackson stands by a blackboard and starts writing. STAY OUT OF MY WAY OR I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU. He then leaps out a window and escapes. [3]

Jackson gets a text message during class. He leaves school and heads for somewhere in the warehouse district. The rave is selling tickets, and Matt is there. He asks Jackson if he's there to punch him again, but Jackson is acting under the control of his master and doesn't answer. Matt offers to let him go ahead of him in line. Scott peers around a corner, keeping an eye on Jackson. Jackson steps up to the window and holds up one finger to indicate the number of tickets he wants. When she hands him the ticket, he makes sure that their fingers touch. Jackson freaks her out so much with his staring that Kara has her people activate the elevator that they're selling tickets out of. Later at the rave, Jackson starts making his way toward Kara. Erica finds Jackson and distracts him by touching his neck and starting to dance with him. Isaac joins in, and it's the three of them dancing. The boys kiss Erica and eye each other. Isaac gets the needle ready, but before he can strike, Jackson stabs them both with his claws. "He belongs to me," the master says through Jackson. Isaac manages to get the needle and attack Jackson from behind. He knocks him out and hauls him away. Isaac takes him to a room. Isaac gets out his claws and attempts to slash Jackson, but Jackson catches his arm and twists it without seeming to be conscious. Isaac escapes, holding his hurt wrist. He complains that the ketamine was supposed to put Jackson out. Stiles figures this is all they're going to get. Jackson's eyes open and he starts talking. "I'm here. I'm right here with you." Stiles kneels down to talk to Jackson. "Jackson is that you?" "Us. We're all here." Stiles questions the master about the people he's killed. The master claims they've all deserved it. Stiles asks who all these people have murdered, and the master replies, "Me." This freaks even the Werewolf out, who back up. Jackson starts changing, and Stiles says they need to give him more ketamine. Isaac holds up the empty bottle. Jackson stands, and they all run from the room and throw themselves against the door to keep it closed. The kanima just bursts through the wall. [21]

Lydia finds Jackson at the school coming out of the boys locker room. She asks him if he's coming to the party, and at first he's zoned out. When she touches him, he comes to and tells her that she doesn't want him there. She attemps to tell him that she's over the breakup, but Jackson grabs her arm and insists that she doesn't want him there. She doesn't take no for an answer, even though she backs away from him slowly. Jackson arrives at the party late. Lydia turns around and is surprised and pleased to see him. She gives him a glass of wolfsbane punch. This takes effect and makes Jackson and all of the other people who drank the punch halusinate. He suddenly drops his drink. He sees the backs of two people and hears them say that they're looking for him. The people ask Lydia to tell Jackson that his real parents are there to see him. They turn around, and their faces are blank. Then Jackson's face goes blank as well. Later, Matt gets thrown into the pool. As he can't swim, he starts to drown. Jackson pulls him out of the water before Matt walks out of the party. Jackson then changes and goes to see his master, Matt. He surrounds him outside of the party in front of Scott and his friends before disappearing. [22]

Jackson follows Derek into the sheriffs station. He creaps up behind him and paralyses Derek. Not long later, Matt has Jackson paralyze Stiles, and Stiles falls on top of Derek. Scott's mum pulls up and Matt orders Jackson to move Stiles and Derek. He then takes out the deputies. The hunters arrive and smoke bomb the place. Jackson goes after Scott and Stiles. Scott hurries Stiles away and locks a door between him and Jackson, as though that will keep Jackson from following. Chris and Allison look for Derek in the evidence room. The kanima finds them instead and leaps down on Chris. Allison puts a bolt through its head, but it just pulls it out. Allison runs and ditches her crossbow, switching to her knives instead. She hides behind a desk and waits. When it's looking the other way, she leaps over some desks and drives a knife into its chest. The kanima grabs her by the neck, and Allison shoves a dart into its stomach. The kanima paralyzes her and drops her to the floor. Near the holding cells, Derek appears in one doorway, growling and eyes glowing. The kanima appears in another. Derek and the kanima fight, while Melissa watches. Derek tries to keep the kanima away using a chair, but the kanima throws him hard into a wall. Then it crawls on the bars in front of Melissa. While it's paying attention to her, Scott shoves his claws into its back. Melissa asks Scott if he's okay, and he turns to look at her while he's still wolfed out. She starts to cry and backs away from him. Rather than try to explain, Scott leaves to help Derek with the kanima. Later, Matt escapes from the station. Gerard throws him into the river and drowns him. He leaves Matt's body in the water and finds the kanima sitting under the bridge waiting for him. Peter Hale watches Gerard greet the kanima. [23]

Scott steps out of his shower and wipes the fog from the mirror. He hears something behind him and turns to see the kanima up in the corner of his room holding his mother hostage. Gerard villains and says there's been some interesting developments lately and would like to talk. Scott takes out his claws, but Gerard just tells him to be realistic. Scott asks him to let Melissa go. Gerard says he can't but he might be able to let her live depending on what Scott does. Gerard tells him that he wants Derek and his pack. Scott replies that they're all in hiding, so Scott doesn't know where they are. Gerard thinks that with the proper motivation he can devise a plan, and luckily the kanima is pretty good at motivating people. He can control the kanima because he came to Beacon Hills to avenge Kate, not just bury her. The kanima drops Melissa, and it and Gerard leave. Later, at the game, Danny asks Jackson if he's okay. Jackson replies that he's perfect, which is Danny like "Yeah, we all know that" but the important question is whether he's okay. Jackson hasn't answered any of Danny's texts all week. Danny tries to get an answer out of him, and Jackson eventually comes back to himself for a minute. He tells Danny to stay in the goal and not come out. "And if you see me coming toward you, run the other way as fast as you can." Scott overhears this and knows something is going to happen at the game. Isaac takes down his own players, forcing the guys from the bench into the game. Gerard figures out what's going on and has Jackson attack Isaac on the field. He gives Isaac enough of a dose of toxin that Isaac can't move his leg. Gerard counts down and Jackson stabs himself with his claws, killing him. Everyone crowds his body. [24]

Jackson is first seen being loaded into an ambulance inside of a body bag, ready to take him to the morgue. Scott’s mother sneaks into the morgue because she’s curious about what happened to Jackson. The mysterious venom drips off the morgue table and she scoops it up to examine it with a culture stick. Hesitant, she unzips the body bag. It is revealed that Jackson is encased in a transparent goo. It appears to be some type of cacoon. Scott and Stiles take Jackson's body to some abandoned warehouse with help from Chris. Jackson awakes and, with extended claws, thrusts his hand into Derek’s stomach. The Kanima is fully reborn and he attacks Allison’s father. All the werewolves take their shapes and begin fighting Jackson. Peter stands back and watches. The Kanima then, turns on Allison. Stiles and Lydia bust through the wall and hits the Kanima with his jeep. Lydia gets out of the car. She lifts up the key that Jackson desperately wanted back at one time. Jackson then has a flashback to when he gave Lydia the key. Slowly, the scales start to fade away. He comes back to this world and, with uncertain eyes, backs away. Peter lunges for him and stabs him. Derek lunges forward an claws him. Jackson manages to get out the words “Do you still l-l-love me?” Lydia, in an emotional mess, is asked if she still loves him, too. She says yes. She does. Allison grabs Scott’s hand. Jackson begins scratching the ground and slowly gets up. His eyes turn blue; he’s a werewolf now. [4]

Soon after becoming a Werewolf, his parents decide to move to London. Just before he leaves, Derek and Scott teach him how to control himself during a full moon.[25]


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Season Two


Production Notes

  • Jeff Davis said in an interview that there was actually a side plot for season 3 where Jackson would find out that one of the Alpha Pack members was responsible for his biological parents death and would proceed to seek revenge. The plot was cut off due to Colton Haynes leaving the show at the end of season 2 to play the role of Roy Harper, on Arrow