Deputy Jordan Parrish is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the eighteenth episode of the third season. He is portrayed by recurring cast member Ryan Kelley.


Early Life

Lydia and Parrish are at the sheriff station, and Lydia is playing with a lighter. "You gonna do a magic trick?" Parrish asks her. She gives him a critical look and replies that she isn't but he is. Parrish comments that the only trick he knows is with a playing card. "Well, this one involves a lighter and your hand." Parrish tells her that that sounds like assault, and Lydia admits that it's a little dangerous but not nearly as dangerous as that time he was set on fire in the police car. He was unscathed, except for having to buy a new uniform. Lydia looks at him seriously. "Give me your hand." Parrish continues to make jokes. "Remind me what the trick was." "Not minding." He holds out his hand, and Lydia holds the flame under it. After a few seconds, Parrish jerks his hand back, and Lydia laughs. "You can last longer than that." The innuendo is clear and prompts him to try again. Lydia tells him that she wants him to do something different as she takes his hand in hers. She tells him not to think about the flame or the heat or it hurting. She instructs him to not even look at his hand. They try again. This time Parrish stares at Lydia, and the smoke starts to rise from his hand. He zones out, until Lydia yelps in pain because her thumb was too close to the flame for too long. Parrish turns over his hand and swipes through the soot on it. There's not a mark on him. Lydia tells him that when he was looking at her, his eyes drifted. He was thinking about a dream he's been having off and on for six months. Parrish is naked and covered in soot, walking in a forest on fire. He's carrying the burned body of a woman. He takes the body to the nemeton. Lydia recognizes it by his description. The nemeton was a sacred meeting place for Celtic druids. Parrish replies that he's never seen the place, so how could he be dreaming about it. But Lydia informs him that that's why he's in Beacon Hills, because it called him there. The nemeton is a beacon for supernatural creatures and might make them more powerful. Lydia asks how the dream ends, but Parrish says it ends when he puts the body down on the stump. In the dream, Parrish sets the woman on the nemeton and sits down next to her. [1]

Moving to Beacon Hills

At the station, the Sheriff tries to hold himself together. He tells Scott that they should start with Stiles's Jeep. The Sheriff orders Deputy Parrish to put out an APB on a blue 1980 CJ-5. Stiles could already be hypothermic if he's outside barefoot in a t-shirt. Deputy Parrish finds Stiles' truck and informs the Sheriff. Rafael McCall goes into the sheriff station and asks Parrish where everyone is. He asks if they have any leads on the guy that stabbed him with a sword. "Nope, but we've got posters up all over town for your guy," Parrish says, glancing at a wanted poster for Zorro over his shoulder. Agent McCall complains, and Parrish says he isn't a high priority. McCall asks him what is. Agent McCall asks Parrish if the transcript is exactly what Stiles told Scott. He wants to know if the quote "Something smells terrible, my eyes are watering" is accurate. Parrish can't really help him but assumes it's accurate. Melissa shows up at the station because her shift was over. She wants to help. [2]

At the sheriff's station, Parrish interrupts the Sheriff's brooding to have him sign for some packages. Parrish says it's just printer cartridges and batteries for the next blackout. "Not a bad idea considering the number of electrical problems in this town." The Sheriff signs, and Parrish leaves as Agent McCall comes in. He asks if the Sheriff has had any issues with yakuza, specifically Katashi. Sheriff Stilinski arrives at the school and continues getting students away from the bus. He tells Parrish that they're going to wait for the bomb squad, but Parrish was certified HDT (Hazardous Device Technician) in the Army. Parrish says he can at least find out if the bomb is real. He puts on a vest and heads for the bus. Parrish kneels next to Jared and tells him that it would be very helpful if he could resist throwing up on the potential explosive device. Parrish goes to cut the ribbon on the box when Jared says, "You... you look really..." "Handsome? Thank you. For a second there I thought you were going to say I look really young, and I was going to have to launch into my explanation about how I'm actually 24 and that anyone can look young if they eat right and exercise, although it's probably just good genes anyway, right?" Parrish cuts the ribbon and slowly lifts the lid off the box. He reports to Sheriff Stilinski that it's not a bomb but there is something int he box. It's his name plate from the station. [3]

At the sheriff's station, Deputy Parrish is explaining that Sheriff Stilinski is out for the day. The Katashi murder is a federal investigation, so all the evidence that wasn't destroyed needs to be put into lock-up. Derek is listening in. Later at night, Parrish comes out of the building, and Kira hides on the far side of the car. Parrish opens the door and discovers the driver dead. Parrish draws his gun and starts looking around. When he gets to the back of the car, Kincaid bursts out of the armored car, grabs Parrish, and slams his head into the truck, knocking him out. [4]

Deputy Parrish is in charge of releasing Chris and he refuses to give Chris his electrified baton back because it's way above the legal voltage limit. "I only use it for hunting," Chris says, and Derek gives him a look that calls bullshit. Parrish still refuses, and Chris points out that it's his property and the charges against him were dropped. Sheriff Stilinski walks in and claims responsibility for the charges being dropped. He tells Parrish that he'll handle this. [5]

At the sheriff station, Sheriff Stilinski sits in his darkened office. Parrish comes in and tells him to go home. He'll call him if there's any message about Stiles. The Sheriff won't leave, and Parrish can't because his shift doesn't end until dawn. He offers the Sheriff a coffee. "You're a good guy, Parrish, that's what they all said at your previous station. But no one could tell me exactly why you left." Parrish responds that he felt drawn to Beacon Hills, which hints at some supernatural element within him. Parrish says he knew there were openings, and the Sheriff asks if he knows why there were openings. Parrish isn't concerned by the statistics, even if the Sheriff is. He tells the Sheriff again to go home, and this time the Sheriff listens. [6]

At the sheriff station, Scott, Isaac and Lydia are being questioned by the police about what happened to Allison. Deputy Jordan Parrish asks the three of them if they can remember anything else. Isaac whispers that he's sorry, and the Sheriff puts his hand on his shoulder. "It just happened so fast," Isaac says. Outside, The Sheriff tells Deputy Jordan Parrish that they need to keep this quiet because once the press finds out they're going to be all over Scott, Lydia, Isaac, Kira, and Stiles. Parrish asks if he'd like a squad car outside his house, and the Sheriff agrees to it. As he's looking out into the station, Parrish sees an Oni appear behind another deputy. He draws his gun, much to the Sheriff's surprise, and starts shooting at the Oni. Parrish, the Sheriff, and a redshirt deputy take cover. The Sheriff edges toward the door and peers around at the Oni that Parrish shot, which is lying on the ground. Parrish moves to go with him, but the Sheriff signals for him to stay down. The Oni jumps to its feet, and another appears behind the Sheriff. The Sheriff turns and manages to get away without getting hit. They continue to unload bullets into them with no effect. Deputy Jordan Parrish falls back, but keeps firing. He runs out of bullets, and while he's switching clips, the Sheriff comes out. "You're gonna need a bigger gun." He fires at the Oni with a shotgun, knocking it flat. The redshirt deputy gets himself sliced up by the second Oni, which closes in on Parrish. The Sheriff shoves Parrish out of the way and gets cut on the arm. Parrish then shoves him out of the way and keep shooting while the Oni moves in. Deputy Jordan Parrish and the Sheriff lean against the desks, each with a sword wound. The Oni just left the station. "Why did they let us live?" Parrish asks. The Sheriff looks at the wound on his arm with black smoke coming out. "I'm not so sure they did." The Sheriff yells at Parrish to keep his eyes open. Parrish asks if they've been poisoned, but the Sheriff isn't sure. He just knows that it's working fast. Agent McCall holds Melissa's hand. She makes him promise not to leave Scott again. He replies that she told him to leave. "I told a drunk to get out of the house. I didn't tell his father to get out of his life." After the Nogitsune is defeated, The Sheriff and Parrish help each other stand up as their wound has healed. [7]

At the Hale House, Deputies Parrish and Haigh pull up because somehow they knew Derek broke into the site. Parrish tells Derek that he can't be there. Derek replies that this is his house, but Haigh tells him that no one's been there for years. Parrish plays nice cop and asks Derek if they can help him. Haigh grabs Derek and pulls him up, and Derek responds by grabbing Haigh's arm hard. Parrish tries to stop the confrontation before it gets too bad, but Haigh takes the distraction opportunity to taser Derek. They take him back to the station. Parrish comes over and tells Derek that he thinks if they take his cuffs off he'll be okay and help them figure out what happened to his family. Derek calls Deputy Haigh an idiot. "Can't argue with that," Parrish says, smiling brightly. Haigh calls Parrish over because he's run Derek's prints 8 times and all that comes up is the record for Derek looking a whole lot more adult. [8]

At the sheriff station, Sheriff Stilinski tells Parrish that he doesn't want anyone else at the site of the murders. If he wants he can review the crime scene photos and give himself nightmares. Parrish insists that they're missing something. "Yeah, and that's why Rafael McCall is bringing in an expert from Quantico who deals with exactly this kind of thing." "You mean the US Marshal?" The Sheriff doesn't know about any US Marshal. It turns out to be Braeden. Parrish is sitting outside the Walcotts' home looking through the crime scene photos. He sees someone move inside the house and goes to investigate. He finds Lydia wandering around. Lydia leads Parrish through the house. She says she'd try to explain it but she's never gotten a good explanation herself. "Just an unusual habit of showing up at places where people have been brutally murdered?" he asks. He suggests that maybe she's psychic. She asks him if he really believes that. "I keep an open mind. But if you're looking for dead bodies, I think you're a little late." Lydia focuses on a wood panel and sees screaming faces in the wood grain. She presses on the panel, and it opens with a gust of cloudy air. They open the door the rest of the way, and Parrish goes in first. They end up in a meat locker. Parrish thinks it's for game, like venison. He goes up to one of the covered bodies and opens the zipper. There are people inside, not venison. [9]

On the rood of the hospital, Sheriff Stilinski asks Parrish to get everyone off the roof and stall the ME for five minutes because he has an expert he wants to bring in. "You have an expert on teenage cannibals?" Parrish asks. The Sheriff doesn't really answer and just asks for five minutes. Parrish isn't happy about it, but he rounds everyone up. Later, back at the sheriff's station, Parrish overhears Derek and the sheriff's conversation and answers his question. He says that he carried a tomahawk for IED removal in Afghanistan. "It's military. And so is that," Parrish adds, pointing to the glove. Derek asks Parrish what the glove is used for, and Parrish says that it's been modified. Derek and the Sheriff exchange a look, and the Sheriff closes his door. Parrish gets an IP address from the glove. While he's typing, the glove moves on its own. Parrish says the glove got a message and asks if anyone recognizes the name Benefactor. The message says: Money Transferred. Derek asks what that means. "That means this guy's not just a killer. He's an assassin," the Sheriff says. [10]

There is a flashback to where he disarmed the explosive that the mute set up at the school. At the sheriff's station, Parrish stops the sheriff on his way out telling him that he found someone walking from the coast to the high school, which is “at least fifteen miles”. It’s Meredith, looking for Lydia. Parrish notices that the Sheriff called the girls, Lydia and Malia and asks if it’s because Lydia is psychic. The Sheriff says that she’s not psychic, just intuitive, and Deputy Parrish points out that psychics were once called “intuitionists”. The Sheriff’s reply is “Yeah, and I used to call myself a rational human being; get in here and shut the door.” Lydia hands Meredith a phone and tells her to answer it. She stands to whisper in Lydia’s ear that it’s not ringing. Lydia questions Meredith to no avail, and Parrish tries to talk to her instead, explaining that it would help them if she could give them a number that they could call to help them. Meredith agrees that there is a number and tells them 2436. Lydia and Malia, expecting a phone number, ask for more digits, but Meredith tells them that there isn’t any more; it’s just four. Lydia gets angry and the Sheriff tries to pull her away, but she refuses, yelling at Meredith until she gets upset. The Sheriff and Deputy Parrish talk with Meredith while Lydia and Malia sit in the Sheriff’s office. Parrish makes Lydia jump as he enters the room. He offers a ride home that she declines. It is revealed that Jordan is actually on the dead pool. [11]

At the school, Parrish leads Violet out of the school in handcuffs. She notices his name tag and asks him his name with a knowing smile. He scowls, "Deputy Parrish." They stop when they approach Agent McCall. After Violet and Agent McCall had finished talking, Parrish leads Violet away. Later, Stiles and Lydia follow Parrish into the sheriff station. Parrish tells them that the Sheriff should be back within the hour if they want to wait, but they're not there for him. Stiles admits that they want to talk to Parrish privately. The three of them go back into Stilinski's office, and they show Parrish the deadpool list. Stiles asks him if he recognizes any of the names. Parrish says the Sheriff had him runs the names last night. Then they flip the page over and show Parrish his own name. He says it's a little terrifying and asks what the number means. "That's how much you're worth," Lydia says. "I'm worth five dollars?!" "Five million," Stiles corrects. Parrish points out that he only makes $40k, so maybe he should kill himself. Parrish asks why he's on this list, but Stiles dodges the question in lieu of the reason they're actually there, which is to get the third cipher key. They want Parrish to take them to Eichen House to talk to Meredith. Lydia, and Stiles are at Eichen House waiting for the orderly to open Meredith's room. Brunski catches them and takes the keys away. Parrish says they need to talk to Meredith about a murder investigation. Brunski says Parrish can talk to her by Lydia and Stiles, especially Stiles. Brunski gets in Parrish's face and tells him to come back with a court order. He then turns on Stiles and tells him to come back with payment in full. Parrish cuts in, "But they do help when you need a favor. Like how a month ago Canaan PD helped you get home after blowing a .1 on a breathalyser." Which means he apparently researched Brunski sometime recently. Stiles is thrilled by this revelation, and Brunski backs off. He hands Stiles the keys, and as he walks away, Lydia gives him the middle finger. Stiles paws at Parrish. "You. You? I like you. I'm gonna keep you." Inside the room, Lydia asks Meredith many different questions. After Meredith says that she can't say who the benefactor is. Parrish warns them to go easy on her. Lydia pushes her over the edge and Meredith screams and makes Lydia's ears bleed. Later, Parrish explains that Meredith hung herself. [12]

Discovering the Supernatural

Someone splashes gasoline over an sheriff's car. Parrish wakes up and finds himself tied to the steering wheel while Deputy Haigh continues to douse the vehicle. Haigh tells him that he's a good guy but he's worth $5 million. Parrish begs Haigh to stop. "Please, you're just going to stand there? You're just going to listen to a fellow deputy burn to death?" Haigh puts in headphones, and Parrish struggles harder to get free. Haigh lights a lighter and tosses it in Parrish's lap. Parrish screams as the car is quickly engulfed. Parrish then comes walking into the station, naked except for the soot covering his body. Some of his skin looks ravaged or maybe covered in the remnants of burnt clothes, but he's very much alive. Haigh sees him and starts to draw his gun, but Parrish attacks. Haigh shoots a couple of wild shots inside the station and is stunned that Parrish is alive. The Sheriff comes out with his gun drawn. Parrish punches Haigh, which causes him to shoot the Sheriff in the shoulder. He keeps punching him until Haigh is knocked out. Later, Parrish, Scott, and Lydia go to Derek's loft. Derek examines Parrish's hands and asks if Haigh covered him in gasoline. Lydia points out that Parrish's hair and nails should be gone because those parts are essentially dead. "I was set on fire. All of me should be gone," Parrish says. "Not if you're like us," Scott points out. Parrish doesn't know what he means. In fact, he doesn't know what Parrish could be. He suggests they look in the bestiary and asks if they've contacted Chris. Parrish tells them to stop and asks what a bestiary is. "Actually, that's not even my first question. Just, just tell me one thing. Are all of you like Lydia? Are you all psychic?" Derek is amused, and Scott tells Parrish that's not exactly it. "Okay, then what are you?" Parrish asks. Scott and Derek exchange a look, and Scott has to give the werewolf demonstration. After they all explain everything to him, he asks again, what a kanima is. He is still baffled and keeps asking what is he. Parrish doesn't think that Haigh has ever done anything like this before. Parrish and Lydia talk about Lydia's grandmother. After getting the whole story, Parrish leaves Derek's loft and stares at his hands before driving away. Back at the sheriff's station, Lydia comes to Parrish with a new list. He says that this list isnt oart of the dead pool. He does some research and discovers that they are all suicides, and were all covered up by Brunski. He goes to Eichen House and discovers that Brunski has tied Lydia and Stiles up. Brunski had a needle in Lydia's neck and points a gun at him. He tells Brunski to withdraw the needle from her neck. He doesn't and Parrish shoots him and then unties both Lydia and Stiles. [13]

Parrish travels to Mexico with the Calaveras to help stop Kate and save Scott. When they arrive at the church, Parrish starts shooting at Kate and the berserkers. A berserker takes out a few more men. Parrish calls to Chris that the berserkers aren't going down. After Derek rose from the dead as a wolf and changed back to human right in front of their eyes, Parrish stares stunned. After the battle is over, everyone starts getting into their cars and going their separate ways. Parrish discovers that he is going back on his own. Lydia goes into the sheriff station and finds Parrish. She says that this used to be on a hard drive but they decided it might be a good idea to have a hard copy around. She sets down a copy of the bestiary. "Whatever you are, it might be in here. I'd like to help you figure it out." [14]

Finding out What He Is

Deputy Parrish is growing tired of being overlooks by Sheriff Stilinski. So, in order to appease him, the Sheriff sends him to check out a noise complaint he received. When Parrish arrives, he walks into what looks like a house out of a nightmare. He calls out and says "hello" with no answer. That is until he hears something behind a wall. It seems to be struggling and Parrish assures them that he will be back to rescue them. He smashes away at the wall that begins to bleed before being grabbed by a werewolf. Parrish's eyes glowed yellow and the creature notices that Parrish is not a werewolf but some other creature. The creature asks him where Scott is and when Parrish doesn't answer, the creature says he is also unlike any other werewolf and flashes glowing blue claws. Parrish is struggling from an attack by the creature and radio's in. No one can hear him but somehow Lydia appears and touches his wound while urging him to stay with her. It seems to have been a vision because as the Sheriff arrives she disappears. The Sheriff and Melissa attends to Parrish who has healed and they know about the Deputy's powers. Parrish says that they need to find Scott and he sounds determined. Parrish fills the Sheriff and Melissa in on the creature who he says can steal the powers of other supernatural beings. [15]

Parrish examines Tracy's room. He finds that the skylight is in fact open. He looks through it. Lydia asks if he sees anything. He lies and says no, even though there are a ton of dead crows on Tracy's roof. Later, Lydia and Parrish are hitting it off. They're going to work together on figuring out what's going on with Tracy. At night, Parrish is keeping an eye on Tracy's house but it's too late. Tracy is standing in the middle of the street behind his car. Lydia and Parrish enjoy a coffee and a pat on the back that Tracy's all safe. [16]

Parrish leads Donovan and the other deputy out. The deputy tells them to talk in the van and tries to hurry Donovan along, but Donovan resists and turns to talk to Mr. Stewart. Parrish asks Stewart if they're going to have problems. Later, after the sheriff had finished talking to Donovan, Parrish stops him. They know why they couldn't find Tracy last night. She was busy killing her psychiatrist. The Sheriff tells Parrish to inform Scott but tell him that they shouldn't get into it yet. Parrish asks if they should be putting Scott on the payroll. [17]

Parrish is in his living room on the couch, playing with a deck of cards. He keeps flipping one over, revealing the Queen of Diamonds. He is thinking about when he was with Lydia at the sheriff's station. Parrish continues to flip the cards, only this time he goes from a Queen of Diamonds to a burned Queen of Diamonds, and it's revealed that he has two cards. He remembers more of the dream. There are bodies all around the nemeton. And as he sits down, he starts to burn. There are flames all around the nemeton and the dead. Parrish touches his forehead with both hands, like he's stressed, and then his eyes glow, and he looks up calmly. After Lydia is out of surgery, Lydia wakes up the following day to find Parrish sitting in her room. She asks him what he's doing there. "Officially, I'm here to gather eyewitness testimony. Unofficially, I'm trying to find something to watch. But the only thing that comes in is this kung fu movie." Lydia asks Parrish if he knows how to fight. He says he knows a little ju-jitsu because the army taught him close quarters combat. She asks him to teach her. Parrish agrees. Later, after everyone leaves the morgue, Parrish opens the fridge and removes Lucas's body. Later that night, he's walking through the forest toward the nemeton carrying Lucas's corpse. Parrish sets him down on the nemeton and engulfs them both in flames. [1]

After Stiles kills Donovan, Parrish arrives while Stiles goes outside and freaks out and cleans up all of the evidence and takes Donovan's body and puts it in the back of his car. Parrish unloads Donovan's body from his truck and walks into the woods. His eyes start to glow. [18]

In Parrish's house, he and Lydia practice hand-to-hand combat. He instructs her to keep her hands up so she can protect her head while keep her eyes on her enemy. They spar, and Jordan tags her. Lydia recovers and tells him she wants to keep going. He's afraid she's going to rip out her stitches, so she pulls up her shirt and shows him the dressing with no visible blood. Lydia tosses her shirt aside, and Parrish takes off his hoodie. They try again, and this time Parrish is able to grab her and pull her in close. He asks her what she did wrong. "Forgot to keep my arms up." He tells her that it's okay because her muscles have memory and with enough practice they will remember for her. Lydia leans back against him, and they both become conscious of being pressed against one another in an embrace. Lydia suddenly has a flash of a Doctor's hand on her arm and then being surrounded by them during her surgery. She makes a pained sound and pulls away from him. She can see her photocopy of The Dread Doctors sticking out of her bag across the room. "What's wrong? What is it?" Parrish asks. "Muscle memory," Lydia tells him. [19]

Lydia and Parrish are at Parrish house. He took three cell phone jammers from the station, and he's working on broadening their range of frequency. Parrish looks up from his work and smiles at Lydia, who smiles back. That night at the school, Parrish, Lydia, and Malia unload the cell jammers from Parrish's car. "We're betting our lives on these?" Malia asks. "I think we're betting Hayden's life on them," Lydia replies. They the jammers up around the school and gather in the boys lockers room. Scott has a heavy bag with him. Malia stations herself out in the hallway. Parrish stands outside with his gun ready. The Doctors arrive at the school. One of them sends a burst of electromagnetic energy through the school. It affects the PA system and makes Parrish's car stereo emit sound. Parrish is in his car, waiting. He looks down and sees a playing card. It's the Queen of Diamonds. Suddenly, Lydia is next to him. She touches his arm and then pulls him into a kiss. She takes off his shirt, and he rips hers open. She runs her fingers down his chest, and it leaves ashen trails. When he pulls back, she's burned all over. He's terrified, but she grabs his head and kisses him again anyway. He then drives his car away from the school to the animal clinic. Theo, inside of Stiles' Jeap, sniffs the air. He can smell something burning. Suddenly a flaming fist comes through the window, hitting Theo in the face. Stiles gets sprayed with blood. Then the attacker flips the Jeep. Stiles falls partly out of the window as Parrish walks passed him. Fire erupts around the vehicle. Parrish grabs Josh's body and leaves. [20]

Parrish is taking a shower and he's in a trance until his phone rings and the other deputy informs him that there has been another murder. Stiles tells Scott that he needs to talk to his dad before he goes after Liam with Scott. Scott decides to go with Malia instead and the rest of the group notice that Scott isn't quite himself. The body is being moved to the hospital and it's under heavy guard by the Sheriff's department. The problem with that is Parrish is right outside. The Sheriff and his team are preparing themselves for a battle incase someone decides to come for the body. The temperature is rising and it's so hot that the sprinkler systems turn to steam. Someone is taking the deputies out and neither Parrish or deputy Clarke are nearby. Later, Parrish tells the Sheriff that he thinks he saw the perpetrator just then Stiles runs in and shows his dad that the body is missing. [21]

Sheriff and Parrish are looking for clues with a UV light and they find traces of mercury. Later, Lydia races off to find Parrish to question him about the bodies. Parrish and Lydia are driving to the possible location of the Nemeton. They enter the woods and Lydia tries to get Parrish to think about the bodies which results in his eyes turning orange. He turns and spots the location of the Nemeton with the bodies around it. Parrish is worried about his unconscious actions and wants to turn himself in. Lydia says he might covering up the supernatural instead of the just the bodies. She thinks he's in charge of keep the supernatural happenings from the regular world. Parrish says every time he takes a body to the Nemeton he adds one to the hundreds that are already there. Parrish then goes and locks himself up. Parrish tells the Sheriff that he's the one taking the body and he doesn't know why and doesn't remember doing it but he can't be let out. Parrish says that he's dangerous and the Sheriff actually listens to him. [22]

Lydia visits Parrish in his cell. Parrish tells Lydia that she scared him once. He said he thought he was going to die the night he saw the werewolf because he saw her. Lydia goes over a myth Kira told her and notices something. She leaves Parrish and tells him she has to check on something. Parrish begins to have dreams about the Nemeton. Parrish has escaped his holding cell and is walking out in a trance. Stiles has to tell the deputies not to shoot and follows him out. Parrish enters a parking lot and Stiles is still following closely. Parrish opens up a cooler where a dead chimera has been placed. Later, Hayden dies and Parrish goes to claim the body and takes her to the Nemeton. [23]

Parrish is taking a shower which is washing off all of the soot and grime from the fire he rescued the last chimera from. The only thing is, Lydia happens to be in the shower with him and the two of them begin kissing passionately. Parrish notices that Lydia's fingernails are off and he asks her what's going on. She tells him he is a harbinger of death and someone is dying. Parrish wakes up and calls Hayden's sister to inform her that Lydia is missing. She tells him that he is missing and people are starting to wonder about his behavior. Parrish is searching for Lydia in the woods and decides to spark up a flare to help him. It triggers his power and his eyes start glowing as he drops the flare. He then goes to find Scott to help him find Lydia. He finds Scott lying face down on the floor in his house and helps him up. He tells Scott that Lydia wrote a sheriff's badge in blood and Scott realizes that it is a warning. Parrish and Scott rush Lydia to the hospital and Scott takes the time to go see how the sheriff is doing. Not long after, at the hospital, Lydia's mom has had her transferred to another facility when Parrish walks up to her. He asks what she did and she tells him she did what she had to as she has transfered Lydia to Eichen House. Parrish tells Lydia's mom that he is going to find a way to get her out the institute if he has to break the walls down. That night, the Chimera Pack awaits for Parrish at Lydia's bedside. Parrish comes in by melting the fence. [24]


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