"But I don't know how much space or how much time I'm supposed to give them. I know I'm still just the new girl at school."
Kira to Lydia about being the "new girl" at school[src]

Kira Yukimura is a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the thirteenth episode of the third season. She is portrayed by main cast member Arden Cho.


Moving to Beacon Hills

There's a new history teacher, Mr. Ken Yukimura. He says his family moved to town three weeks ago and mentions his daughter Kira. He says she's never mentioned anyone from school or brought home a friend. Kira sighs and slams her head down on the desk. When her father points her out, she looks around at everyone with an embarrassed smile. Scott gives her a lingering look and a small grin. The are learning American History at the turn of the 20th century. After class, Scott overhears Kira and her father arguing. He thought she wanted him to point her out in class so she'd be noticed. She says she could set herself on fire and be noticed, too. Kira catches Scott look at her, and he quickly turns away. Kira notices them make an escape. At the free period, Kira appears at Scott's table and says that she overheard them talking about their symptoms. She says that it sounds like they're talking about bardo, the in between state between life and death. They all sort of stare at her. Lydia asks her what she's called. Scott supplies that her name is Kira, and they grin at each other. Lydia asks if this is bardo in Tibetan Buddhism or Indian. Kira replies that it's both. All the things they described happen in bardo. There are states where there are hallucinations, some you can see, some you just hear. "And you can be visited by peaceful and wrathful deities." Isaac asks what the wrathful deities are, and Kira says they're demons. "Demons! Why not..." Stiles replies. Allison asks what the final state is if bardo has progressive states. Kira tells her you die. None of them look very happy.[1]

Before class, Kira comes up to Scott and introduces herself, even though he already knows who she is. He smiles at her rambling, and she says that she printed out more information on bardo for him, and that it only took her a couple of hours. She searches in her bag but can't find it. Her father calls her name and then hands her the research that she did "for that boy you like." Kira stares at her dad, mortified, and Scott isn't sure how to react. He grins when she turns around and hands him the printout. Mr. Yukimura starts history class. They're talking about internment camps and prisoners of war. Mr. Yukimura calls Stiles up to the front of the class to read. Scott looks up and notices that Stiles is starting to freak out. He goes up to get him and tells Mr. Ken Yukimura that he's going to take him to the nurse's office. Kira looks concerned. The bell rings, and Mr. Ken Yukimura tells his students to do the reading on President Carter and the Commission on Wartime Relocation. Kira notices that Scott and Stiles haven't come back and have left their bags. She goes to bring them to them but runs into Malia in the hallway. Malia growls and attacks her. Kira drops the bags and runs into the boys lockers room to hide. Malia jumps through the glass on the door and finds where Kira is hiding. Scott shows up and pushes over all the lockers, making Malia run. Scott notices the doll from the Tate's car crash in Stiles's bag. In the locker room, Kira's dad asks her why she wasn't headed to lunch like everyone else. She explains that Scott and Stiles left the bookbags and she was just trying to be nice so she'd make friends. Scott overhears that Kira has trouble making friends.[2]

Kira is at her locker, she notises Scott from across the hall. At lunch, Kira sits in her dad's classroom with him eating lunch instead of going to the cafeteria. She takes a photo of him with her phone and then one of the quote on the board, "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. -Winston Churchill." He tells her that she should be embarrassed to be seen with him not keeping him company. He asks how she's doing with making friends. She says she doesn't know what her problem is, but every time she opens her mouth she just starts rambling. "Try again. Fail again. Fail better," Ken says. She asks if he's quoting Samuel Beckett, and he claims to think he was quoting Yoda. He assures her that someone will show an interest in her because she's beautiful. Scott approaches the classroom and listens from outside as Kira says she doesn't need a boyfriend, just friends. Scott looks a little sad at this. The fire alarm goes off. Coach Finstock finds Kira in the library, reading and listening to loud music. She didn't hear the alarm. He tells her to get the hell out of there. Barrow was in the library just a stack away. After school, Ken arrives home and tells Kira to change into something nice for dinner because they're having a guest. He invited Scott over to thank him for saving Kira's life and to maybe get his daughter a boyfriend. At dinner, Mrs. Yukimura assumes that Scott's eaten sushi before at some pretty impressive restaurants but assures him that her husband is an excellent cook. Ken sets down a sushi plate. It has hamachi (yellowtail), uni (sea urchin roe), ikura (salmon roe), hirame (sole). It quickly becomes apparent that Scott's never had sushi before. Kira is embarrassed and complains that they were supposed to have lasagna. Ken wanted to impress Scott, and Scott is willing to try it. Kira shows him how to hold chopsticks. Scott tries to eat a piece but drops it. Kira catches it with her chopsticks and feeds it to him. Scott asks the Yukimuras about their family. They moved in from New York, although Mrs. Yukimura has several generations of family ties to Beacon Hills. Mrs. Yukimura is Japanese, but Ken is Korean. He took his wife's name when they got married because she was the only surviving member of her family. In Japan, a married couple must have the same name so they can belong to the same koseki. Ken says his wife's ancestry is pretty unique and he was going to discuss it in class, but Kira asks him not to. While they talk about Mrs. Yukimura's heritage, Scott looks like he's choking. Kira asks him what happened to his wasabi, and he says he thought it was guacamole. After, Kira comes in with some soda and a pizza. Scott is thrilled. They sit down on her bed and eat. Scott gives Kira a warm look. As Scott leaves Kira's house, he thanks her for dinner. "The pizza was good." Kira tells Scott that he seems like a nice guy and not just because he kept her from being eaten by a coyote. He also remembered her name. They smile at each other. And then Barrow runs up behind Scott and knocks him out with a tire iron. At the substation, Barrow disconnects and electrical line with an ax. He has Kira tied up on the floor. She asks him what he's doing, and he says that right now he's going to take her picture. He grabs her phone from her pocket and snaps a few photos. He says he's making sure he has proof for all the people who never believed. Once he has his photos, Kira asks him to let her go. He just shakes his head and asks her if she's ever seen Village of the Damned (iTunes), the original. " Not the remake. Nobody cares about crappy remakes." He explains that the movie is about a group of blond-haired beautiful children who can make their eyes glow. "And they do terrible, terrible things." Barrow rants that when he told everyone he saw children with glowing eyes no one believed him and wouldn't do anything. It was like they were paralyzed, but he's going to shake everyone out of their paralysis. "I am going to galvanize them." Scott runs in and finds Kira. She calls his name, and then Barrow hits him with an electrical line. The shock sends Scott flying. Barrow approaches Kira with the sparking power line. Scott tries telling Barrow that Kira isn't the one he wants. Barrow touches the line to Kira, and her body glows. The substation explodes. Barrow appears to be dead. Kira absorbs all the electricity into her hands as Scott watches.[3]

Down at the sheriff's station, Rafael McCall tries to get the story out of Stiles, Scott, Kira, and Lydia. Agent McCall reads back the series of events: Barrow was hiding in the chemistry closet at the school. Someone left him a coded message on the blackboard telling him to kill Kira. Then Barrow took Kira to the power substation and tied her up with the intent of electrocuting her, which blacked out the whole town. Stiles agrees that that sounds right. Agent McCall then asks Scott and Kira what they were doing. They alternately answer "eating sushi" and "eating pizza" until they both answer together "Eating sushi and pizza." Agent McCall asks Sheriff Stilinski if he believes any of this, and the Sheriff replies that he hasn't believed anything Stiles has said since he started talking. This is not the first time the Sheriff has said something like about his son. He adds that he thinks the kids found themselves at the right place at the right time and Kira is very lucky for it. McCall asks Kira if that's how she remembers it. Everyone looks at her expectantly, and she says yes. Kira then asks for her phone back. Unfortunately, because Barrow used it, it's evidence. He has an officer take her away and sign some paperwork. At home, Kira lights some candles in front of her mirror. She takes a photo of herself with the flash on. The resulting image shows an orange, glowing aura swirling around her. She looks distraught but not surprised. The next day, Scott comes into the school and immediately goes to talk to Kira. She turns away and goes to her locker instead. Kira sits in the hallway by herself eating lunch. Scott sits down next to her. She tells him that she doesn't want to walk about it. He offers to talk about the Pre-Calc test on Friday instead. Kira decides to show him her secret. She tells him to take a picture of her with the flash on. He sees the same orange aura. She does know what it is, just that it showed up a few months ago. It only shows up when the flash is on, and she doesn't know how Barrow knew about it. "He used my own phone to take pictures of me," she says. Scott realizes that this is why she wanted to get her phone back, so no one would see the photos. Scott and Kira meet Stiles at the sheriff's station. Stiles hands them a stack of keycards, one for the perimeter doors, one to the evidence room, and one to the Sheriff's office. They ask Stiles if he stole them all, and he replies that he cloned them with an RFID emulator. "Is that worse than stealing?" Scott asks. "Smarter," Stiles replies. Kira pulls Scott aside to ask him something, and Stiles is slightly offended that he's not being included. She asks what Scott told Stiles about the pictures, and Scott says that he told Stiles the phone had naked photos on it. Kira doesn't seem sure if that's better or worse than the truth. Scott and Kira hurry inside. They hide behind desks to escape the one officer who walks through, then go into the evidence room. Kira finds her phone, but the battery is dead. Kira wants to take the phone, but Scott says they'll notice that too easily. She asks how they can charge it with the power out, and Scott spots his dad's laptop on the desk nearby. When he opens the laptop, Scott is momentarily thrown to see that his dad's wallpaper is a picture of Scott as a baby. They plug the phone into the laptop and let it charge. Kira's phone gets enough power to turn on. Scott and Kira escape the evidence room before Agent McCall enters. Stiles walks away and meets them outside. Kira is thrilled with what they've just done. She asks them if they've ever done anything like that before. "Yeah, once or twice," Stiles admits. Scott offers to take Kira home, then asks her if she wants to go to a party instead. Stiles, Scott, and Kira arrive at the party. Scott notices Kira being uncomfortable in the crowd and takes her hand so they don't get separated. She thanks him and smiles a lot. Scott smiles too, until he sees Allison. He can't stop staring at her, and Kira lets go of his hand. Scott loses Kira in the crowd, so he uses his alpha vision to look for her. He learns that he can see her aura this way, and it looks like a golden fox. Scott and Kira escape to the roof. She tells him that he has paint on his face, and when he can't get it off, she licks her thumb and wipes it away. Scott starts to laugh because she "mom'ed" him. She asks him how he's okay with her freakish photo. She thinks her photo looks like a demon, but Scott tells her it looks like fox armor protecting her. Back in the party, Derek tells everyone to get out and everyone leaves. Then Scott and Kira. The Oni are standing in the room waiting. They all turn to face Aiden. "Guys. They're all looking at me. Why are they all looking at me?" Scott and Derek both decide to attack. Scott gets up and places himself between the Oni leader and Kira. She can see his fangs and glowing eyes. The sun comes up and shines through the loft windows, wiping the Oni away. "What the hell were those things?" Scott asks. Isaac tells Allison that her dad's 24 hours are up.[4]

Kira sneaks into her room, trying not to make a sound. She lays down and remembers Scott bringing her home. He asks her if she's okay. "So... all of your friends are...?" "Yeah." "And you're a..." "Yeah." She touches his shoulder as she gets off the bike and then asks him if she can see him wolf out. He checks that the street is empty, then closes the visor on his helmet and shifts before taking the helmet off. Kira touches his face with wonder. It's the end of the school day, Scott picks up Kira, who has the spark plugs from the motorcycles. They drop the plugs on the ground and speed away. Scott and Kira enter Scott's house, and he starts locking all the windows and doors. Kira voices concern that they're running out of time. Scott tells her that Allison, Chris, and Isaac are working on something that can help. Kira is doubtful that closing the windows is really going to keep them out, but Scott explains that they've installed a security system because a lot of things happened a few weeks ago. Scott's boss helped make some changes. "Your boss. Do you work for a security company or something?" "No, he's a veterinarian." Scott explains that he can't arm the system, only his mom can. They set up mountain ash all through the house, and only a human can close the seal. Scott goes up to his room to close his window, and when he backs up, he bumps into Kira. He apologizes and holds her upper arms for a little longer than necessary. Kira doesn't seem to mind. Scott assures her that they're going to be okay. She's certain that the Oni are really after her, not Scott. She assumes that he didn't bring the twins to the house because he didn't want them to get hurt. "I don't want anyone to get hurt," he replies. Kira asks why he brought her then. She quite reasonably asks if she shouldn't be somewhere else rather than between Scott and the Oni. He insists that he's not going to let her get hurt. "But I don't want you getting hurt, especially because of me," Kira says. Scott replies that it could be either of them that the Oni are after. Kira is still determined that they're after her. She takes out a children's book of Japanese mythology and shows him the story of the kitsune. Kira sits on Scott's bed and shows him the kitsune myth. She says that when a kitsune rubs its tails together it can create fire or lightning. This is called fox fire. Kira quickly tells Scott that she doesn't have any tails, and he asks how she knew what he was thinking. "Because kitsune are also psychic. I can hear all of your thoughts." Scott looks concerned for a second until Kira tells him that she's kidding. She notices that the sun is setting. Scott asks if she's scared. "Not right now." She says that she has to head home for dinner, and Scott suggests telling her parents that she can't make it. "Say you're going on a date." Kira smiles at him. "Are you sure that's a good idea. You know foxes and wolves don't really get along." She turns the page in her book to show him, but Scott closes the book completely and almost kisses her. They stop because Scott hears a car pull up. An Oni appears behind Kira. The twins burst through a window to take it on. They all concentrate on throwing the Oni outside the house. Derek throws the last Oni out, and Melissa runs to the front door and smashes a bottle of mountain ash on the threshold. It forms a perfect line and closes the seal. Kira and Aiden stand by the door, watching the Oni. She attempts to reach out beyond the door but is repelled by the seal. Aiden asks Kira what she is, and she pretends that she doesn't understand. Aiden takes her hand over Ethan's objection and brings it to the barrier so his brother can see that she can't pass through. "So what are you?" "She's a kitsune, idiot," Derek says. "Use your eyes. You can see it all around her. The younger ones give off an aura. She just hasn't learned how to conceal it yet. She probably doesn't know what kind she is, either." Scott insists to Kira that she can't be what the Oni are after because her aura doesn't look evil. She argues that that's what a shapeshifter and trickster would do: not appear evil. "How do you know I'm not the bad guy?" Kira asks him. "I've seen the bad guys. And you're not one of them." Aiden tells Derek that he wasn't going to hurt Kira. "Not yet," Derek replies, not looking at either twin. The twins explain to him that they're there to protect Scott and fight for him. "I'm sure you are. I'm sure you'd kill for him. But are you willing to die for him?" The twins look at each other and don't answer. Kira asks Scott if the Oni are looking for her. "They're looking for a dark spirit and I know it's not you." Derek warns Scott that they're about to break through. The Oni step inside, and Scott tells everyone not to do anything. Aiden can't believe what he's hearing. Scott takes Kira's hand, and they submit themselves to the Oni's test. Derek holds Aiden back from intervening. The Oni toss Scott and Kira aside, giving them both the mark. Derek and the twins rush to help them.[5]

Kira is at home studying. Her lightbulb goes out, and she calls for her mom to come replace it. When Kira touches the bulb, it briefly lights again. She does it more deliberately the second time, energy flowing out of her fingertips and into the bulb. When she touches the glass, it explodes. Her mom comes in and asks Kira what she did. Kira tries to cover for herself, and her mother tells her she should be asleep because it's after midnight. She replaces the bulb, and a little electricity bleeds off of her into the bulb. They both pretend they didn't notice it. At school, as Scott leaves the locker room, Kira calls after Scott. He ignores her, though. Derek appears and tells Kira that Scott's a little preoccupied. Derek offers to help Kira if she'll show him everything that happened at the power station with Barrow. At the power station, Kira shows Derek where Barrow had her. He sees a divot carved in the concrete and follow it up to Stiles's metal bat, stuck to some machinery. Somehow, Derek knows that the bat belongs to Stiles, even though he's never seen him with it. It takes a bit of force for Derek to rip the bat down. The bat's magnetized. (Note: You cannot actually magnetize an aluminum bat.) He places the bat at the beginning of the divot a moves it along, mimicking what must have happened when the electricity struck. "Kira, I'm gonna need you to tell me everything you know about foxfire," Derek says. Derek pulls up to the hospital with Kira. She isn't sure she should go in. "You're gonna tell Scott that Barrow might have used foxfire created by me to jump start the nogitsune's power inside Stiles." Which means she basically helped a dark spirit take control of his best friend. Derek agrees that maybe she should wait outside. Later, Kira watches as the live wire from the roof whips down toward her.[6]

Kira watches in the Beacon Hills Hospital parking lot as a live wire whips down toward her. It seems to come straight for her and try to touch her. She backs away, and an ambulance drives into the wire instead. The truck goes wild and busts open a fire hydrant. The wire lands in the water, electrifying it. Allison and Isaac drive up. The ambulance driver gets out of his vehicle and steps in the water. He dies instantly. Kira screams at everyone to get back. Allison starts running toward the water, but Isaac throws her back. The water rushes over his feet, and he falls. Another woman gets out of her car right into the water and also dies. One guy drives right through the water, and Kira uses his car as a bridge. She runs up the hood and does a flip off the roof that puts her right near the live wire. Derek and Scott make it down to the scene from the roof of the hospital and watch as Kira grabs the wire and smothers it with her hand. Her eyes glow yellow. Scott stares at her. People flood out of the hospital, and Noshiko sees what her daughter has done. As soon as the electricity stops, Derek runs for Isaac while Scott just keep staring at Kira. Derek checks Isaac's pulse and yells to Scott that Isaac isn't breathing. At school, Kira explains to Scott that kitsune are tricksters who are mischievous and unconcerned with things like right or wrong. Scott asks if that means the nogitsune is just causing problems for the hell of it. "No, there was something else I found. If you somehow offend a nogitsune, it can react pretty badly." Scott reasonably asks how you would offend a nogitsune, but Kira doesn't know. She just sure that it's very highly offended to be acting out this way. On the cross country track, Coach blows his whistle and tells everyone in gym class to start running. Danny and Kira quickly get to the head of the pack. Kira grins at Danny and takes off at supernatural speed. Scott runs at Kira and catches her, swinging her high into the air. Stiles runs up and tells everyone to stop. He looks in the leaves and finds a length of metal chain. Stiles pulls the chain up, but when he gets to the end, there's no trap. Stiles frowns. Coach asks if somebody could tell him what the hell is going on. He takes a step into a trip wire and gets shot in the gut with an arrow. "Oh, crap," he says as he falls. Coach screams in pain and orders them to get the arrow out of him. He keeps shouting and squirming in pain and panic. Stiles gives Scott a nod, and Scott starts taking some of Coach's pain. Coach passes out. At the school, the Yukimuras meet in the history classroom. Kira watches her parents through the window in the door. Mr. Ken Yukimura takes a very large book of the shelf, and his wife is incredulous. "Couldn't you find something more secure?" "How many high school students do you know who would willingly open a book," her husband replies. They open the book revealing nine small knives. They are Noshiko's tails. She has already sacrificed five of them and three of the Oni are gone. Her husband worries about how many of them she's willing to sacrifice. "If I have to, all of them." Noshiko pulls one of the blades out of the book and snaps it. Then another. "These Oni will be stronger. Much stronger." Kira runs into the station and reports that the Oni are coming. "Stiles, we gotta get you out of here," Scott says. Kira, Scott, and Stiles are in the Jeep. They're going to the Animal Clinic because it's lined with mountain ash just like Scott's house, which will buy them time. Stiles points out that they can get through it, but no one has any better ideas. Stiles pulls up to the Animal Clinic in the pouring rain. Three Oni appear right behind them. Scott tosses Stiles the keys and orders him to get inside. Scott wolfs out and fights the Oni. Kira tries to help and discovers that she can somehow fight. She flips an Oni on its back, then starts beating on the with a pipe. Scott gets distracted watching her, and an Oni runs him through with its sword. Kira screams and kicks the Oni once, knocking it on its ass. Stiles runs out to grab Scott and hauls him into the clinic. They bring Scott into the exam room. Kira goes to pull the sword out, but Stiles grabs her arm to stop her, then slams her head into the table.[7]

Scott is just on his way out of his house when Kira arrives. She says she wants to help, but Scott isn't sure. Kira thinks it's because her mother controls the Oni, but Scott knows that isn't her fault. She still feels like it is. "People who help us usually end up getting hurt. Badly," Scott says. Kira tells him that she's been practicing her sword fighting and she's been picking it up really fast. She then proceeds to demonstrate, and Scott agrees that she can come. Allison observes the armored car outside the sheriff station through the scope on her crossbow. She tells Kira that she's up, and Kira takes the GPS. She runs for the car and plants the tracker. Parrish comes out of the building, and Kira hides on the far side of the car. Parrish opens the door and discovers the driver dead. Parrish draws his gun and starts looking around. When he gets to the back of the car, Scott declares that they have to do something. Kincaid bursts out of the armored car, grabs Parrish, and slams his head into the truck, knocking him out. Kincaid gets Katashi's silver finger from the evidence. "We need that finger," Scott says. Kincaid turns to look at him. Allison is standing with her crossbow ready. Kincaid smiles at them and asks why he should give it to them. Allison offers him the $150k from the briefcase. Kincaid informs them that the scroll inside the finger is worth $3 million. "Give me the finger," Scott says. Kincaid makes a face, and Scott rolls his eyes. "You know what I mean." Kira leaps down on Kincaid from the top of the truck. He throws her on the ground and then looks at Scott with his fangs bared and eyes glowing blue. "I guess negotiations are over." Kincaid pulls an arrow out and turns just as Kira attacks him. He grabs her by the throat and throws her into the wall, then smacks Allison across the face, sending her into the brick wall as well. Scott attacks Kincaid, who doesn't even attempt to fight back. None of Scott's punches do anything. Kincaid then grabs Scott's arms and head-butts him. He takes Scott down with a few simple strikes. The twins appear and take him out. That take the finger off of him and take it to Deaton.[8]

Scott and Kira are in her room, looking at the photo that Malia brought them. The girl in the photo looks just like Kira, and she assumes it must be her grandmother. Scott then shows Kira the katana and explains it was buried in the wall with a body, and the wall had the onore kanji on it. Scott concludes that the whole nogitsune problem sounds like it goes back to Kira's family. Kira's phone buzzes, and she gives Scott a worried look. Something is wrong with her dad. They quickly arrive at the school and find Noshiko kneeling over her husband. Kira gives her mother a small container of reishi. "You are not seriously giving Dad magic mushrooms," she says. But the mushrooms help him expel the nogitsune's fly. Scott asks if Stiles did this, and Noshiko tells him that the nogitsune wanted the last Tails, or tail. She has the dagger on her and has kept it close ever since Stiles disappeared from Eichen House. Kira insists that her mother needs to tell them what's really going on. Scott silently holds up the photo from 1943. Kira asks if it's her grandmother, and Noshiko admits that she's the one in the photo. Scott is incredulous that it could be Noshiko in the picture. "You'd have to be like 90 years old." "Closer to 900," she says. Kira takes the news rather well, then asks her father how old he is. He's 43. Kira hands her mother the katana. Noshiko pulls the sword from the scabbard, but there's only a handle and a collection of shards. She explains that the sword shattered when she last used it to stop the nogitsune. Scott realizes that everything has happened before. "Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," Ken says. Kira asks where the nogitsune came from, and Noshiko tells her about the Oak Creek interment camp. Scott points out that Mr. Ken Yukimura told Allison and Isaac that there was no Oak Creek. Ken admits that he lied because he didn't know if he could trust Allison. There was a camp, but all records of it were erased. Noshiko's voice shakes when she says that they covered it up. Ken pulls out a book explaining that as a grad student it was his obsession to find the truth about Oak Creek. That was how he met Noshiko. Kira asks again where the nogitsune came from. "Isn't it obvious yet? It came from me," Noshiko says. Noshiko starts to sift through the pieces of the broken blade and asks Kira for her help. The sword needs to be fixed in the daylight. Kira refuses until her mother tells them everything. "Wolves and foxes tend not to get along," Noshiko says pointedly. Ken counters that allies should be welcomed in times of war. Outnumbered, Noshiko slams a piece of the blade down on the table. Kira tells her mom to stop. "We don't want to hear your Casablanca story. We want to know how to save Stiles." Noshiko claims she's trying to tell them, but Scott thinks she's trying to stall because when the sun goes down the Oni will go after Stiles again. Mr. Ken Yukimura tells him that Stiles is gone, but Scott doesn't believe they know that for sure. Noshiko insists that Stiles is nogitsune now. "He is void." Scott asks Noshiko if she can call the Oni off. She says that when they hear the rest of her story they won't want her to. Ken sees blood running from Noshiko's hand. She squeezed down on a piece of the blade so hard that she cut herself. She wipes her palm clean and shows Kira her healed hand. She explains that healing if one of their talents, which Kira will learn. Kira must have noticed that she never gets sick, not even a cold. Noshiko and Kira arrange the broken pieces of the katana. Noshiko places another piece of the blade down. She explains that while the literal translation is bolt of lightning, in French it means "love at first sight." She tells Kira that they need a real bolt of lightning right now to reforge the blade. Noshiko can't do it because she's not a thunder kitsune. "Do you trust me?" "I just found out you're 900 years old. I don't think I'm ever gonna trust you again." Noshiko holds her daughter's hand over the blade anyway, and Kira's power comes out. Noshiko hands Kira the reforged katana, telling her that she has her power now. If the Oni can't stop the nogitsune, then Kira will have to, with the help of a wolf. Scott argues that she didn't tell them anything useful. "You want to save Stiles? Kill him," Noshiko replies. Before they leave, Noshiko hands Kira the sword's scabbard.[9]

Scott and Kira race toward Derek's loft. Scott and Kira are still driving across town. Scott and Kira arrive at the loft in time to see muzzle flashes out the window. They race up and find Derek and Chris kneeling on the floor and the Sheriff and Allison still standing looking dazed. "What happened?" Scott asks. "They disappeared," Allison says. "They literally just vanished." The nogitsune did as well. Scott and Kira go into Scott's room. She thanks him for letting her stay, because she doesn't want to face her parents. He offers her a t-shirt to sleep in, then lets her take the bed while he takes the chair. He asks if she's okay, and she nods. After a second she tells him that she doesn't want him to sleep in the chair. He assures her that it's okay, so she asks him a second time. "Please don't sleep in the chair." Scott gets the not very subtle hint and moves to the bed. "We're going to save him. We'll figure it out," Kira says. They share a sweet kiss, and then Kira rolls over and spoons. A fly lands on the outside of Scott's window. At the school, Isaac rifles through Coach's desk looking for a lighter. He has a bottle of liquor with a rag in it and says that he's going to kill the twins for Erica and for Boyd. "I'm gonna burn it. I'm gonna burn it." He lights the rag, but Kira appears and slices the burning rag from the bottle. Isaac drops the bottle and starts to go after her, but Allison attacks him from behind. When Isaac gets up, he's shifted. The twins recover as well, and all three growl at Kira and Allison as they lock themselves in Coach's office. The Werewolf then start fighting each other. Kira asks if they're going to kill each other, and Allison confirms that they're going to try. Kira and Allison decide they need to stop Isaac and the twins. Allison reminds Kira not to kill. "I was just going to try to stay alive," Kira replies. They head out. Kira fights Ethan and slices him across the chest. Allison shoots Isaac, but he just pulls the bolt from his chest and keeps coming. She kicks him out of the way. She can't reload fast enough to fight off Aiden, so Kira tosses her the katana. Kira picks up the crossbow, and they back up until they're both standing next to one another.[10]

"Hold still," Deaton says, as he shoves his hand down Ethan's throat to extract the nogitsune fly. He drops the fly down the drain, then grabs Isaac and hauls him under the shower next. He orders Isaac not to fight it as he shoves his hand into his mouth. Isaac gags and scrabbles at Deaton's arms until the fly is extracted. Isaac stumbles away and clutches at his throat. Allison asks if the Werewolf are okay now. Deaton thinks so, but the bigger worry is that all this was just a distraction for what was happening to Stiles. Kira and Allison ask how there could be two Stileses and how one could just kidnap Lydia. Aiden is upset that no one actually noticed the nogitsune kidnapping her right out of the house. "Most of us were concentrated on the bizarre sight of a creature materializing from out of the floor," Deaton snarks at him. Kira asks how they're so sure which Stiles is which, and Deaton admits that they're trying to figure that out now. At Scott's house, Scott helps Stiles down to the living where Noshiko is waiting. She asks if Stiles recognizes her, and he nods a little and pulls away from Scott. Kira rushes in and tells her mom to stop, but Stiles assures her that he wants Noshiko there. Kira doesn't think Stiles should want to get stabbed with swords. "Mom, don't do this to him." "It's already done," she replies. The Oni appear in the living room. One grabs Stiles just behind the ear and performs the test on him. He drops to the floor as soon as it is over, and the Oni disappear. Noshiko orders Kira to look behind Stiles's ear for the kanji. They look, and he has the mark. Noshiko says this means he's more himself than the nogitsune. Kira and her mother go home. Kira demands to know how the Oni are going to find the nogitsune and what they're supposed to do until then. "Sit and learn," Noshiko replies. She holds up a Go gameboard. Kira is incredulous that her mother wants her to learn a board game, but Noshiko insists that is a very important detail that Scott saw the nogitsune and Stiles playing it in his head. She explains that play starts with an empty board. Black is always placed first. The stones are placed to create territories and capture your opponents stones by completely surrounding them. Kira can't stand it. "This is life and death, mom. It isn't a game!" But Noshiko tells her that it is to the nogitsune. If Kira wants to help her friends survive, she needs to learn to play. The next day at school, Scott gets a call from Kira, which ends the conversation. Kira reports that Meredith is in Coach's class and they need to get there immediately. Brunski and two orderlies arrive at the school to pick up Meredith. Kira sees them and realizes that she has to do something. She approaches Finstock and tells him that they can't let Brunski take Meredith. "Who are you?" he asks her. "I'm Kira. I'm new." In the music room, Brunski is going to taser Meredith when Finstock intervenes. "This school has a very strict no bullying policy," he says, then shocks Brunski with his own taser. Scott, Stiles, and Kira are with him. Coach tells them to get Meredith out of there, then tasers Brunski again. Kira talks to her father. He doesn't know where Noshiko is, although he does say that she's trying to keep Kira out of the fight as long as possible. Kira tells him that her mom should have thought of that before she had her forge a samurai sword. Mr. Ken Yukimura says that she's going to have to learn a lot very quickly, and Kira references the Go board. They have the same game in Korea, and Mr. Ken Yukimura explains that there are different styles of play: aggressive, passive, orthodox. Kira asks him if he can tell who is who based on the board. He knows that she's black because the novice player always goes first. Kira assumes this means that white is the nogitsune, but Mr. Ken Yukimura says that the stones are placed in her mother's style. "Yeah, but she put them down to represent the nogitsune." "Are you sure about that?" Everyone arrives at Oak Creek. Scott tries to give them a pep talk about how they've done something like this before. They saved Malia, who was a total stranger. "I'm here to save my best friend," Allison says. "I'm here to save mine," Scott says with a glance to Stiles. Isaac shrugs. "I just didn't feel like doing any homework." They head in. Noshiko tells her daughter to go home and take her friends with her. "I can't. When I looked at the game, I realized who I was actually playing. You." llison aims an arrow at Noshiko and orders her to call the Oni off. Noshiko asks if they think they can save the nogitsune. She tried that 70 years ago and it didn't work. Kira thinks her mother is afraid to learn that maybe it is possible to save Stiles, which means it would have been possible to save Rhys. "I see I am no longer the fox now, Kira. You are. But the nogitsune is still my demon to bury." The Oni disappear. Noshiko opens her hand, and the firefly she was gripping disappears. The nogitsune appears and announces that there's been a change in ownership. Fighting ensues. Kira fights two Oni at once. Isaac keeps slashing at whoever comes closest. Allison fires her arrows, but the Oni chop them out of the air. Oni continue to slice up Isaac as Allison pulls her last arrow. It goes to chop off Isaac's head, and Allison shoots it in the chest. The Oni drops its sword, and the firefly light explodes out of its chest. The Oni disappears, much to the nogitsune's consternation. Allison smiles, and then another Oni stabs her through the stomach with its sword. Scott arrives at the fight just in time to see the Oni withdraw its sword. The nogitsune grins and leaves, as Scott catches Allison while she falls. Kira run to her mother. Isaac leans against a barrel. Allison dies.[11]

Stiles and Kira are at Kira's house with her mother. Noshiko offers Stiles some tea to calm him. "What, like magic tea?" "No, chamomile tea. Drink it." Mr. Ken Yukimura walks in declaring that Stiles isn't safe there. Noshiko points out the Stiles isn't safe anywhere. Kira tells them that Allison killed an Oni. "Doesn't that mean something?" Kira's parents aren't sure how it's possible, but Kira insists that she did do it. "Yeah, and then they killed her," Stiles says. "Allison's dead. Now I guess the only good thing is it looks like I'm dying, too." Noshiko sits next to Stiles and says that the nogitsune made a powerful move by splitting the two of them. Kira asks what their move is, and her father replies that they need a divine move. Noshiko explains that, "In the game of Go, it's what we call a truly inspired, or out-of-the-box move." The nogitsune has had the advantage up until now. They need a divine move to turn the game around. "Okay, so is anyone feeling divinely inspired?" Stiles asks. Kira asks her mom about the jar she buried the nogitsune fly in. But it wasn't that jar that kept the nogitsune trapped, it was the fact that she buried it under the nemeton. Stiles realizes that Deaton knows more about the nemeton than anyone. Scott, Stiles, Kira, and Lydia arrive at the school. Lydia helps hold Stiles up while they walk. Stiles stops them just before they enter the school, aware that they're all worried that if their plan works it might kill him too. He wants them to go through with it, even if it kills him. "Stick with the plan, okay?" "The plan is to save you. That's the plan I'm going with," Scott says. They walk into the school and enter the garden at the yakuza compound, covered in snow. The door closes behind them. "Well, this is definitely not part of the plan," Stiles says. The bandaged man walks out to meet them. Kira draws her sword. The nogitsune claims that he's going to kill all of Stiles's friends one by one and then summons two Oni. Scott asks where they are, and the nogitsune tells him they are between life and death. They are in bardo. The nogitsune claims there are no peaceful deities here and that Stiles is dying. He taunts him that everyone he cares about it dying too. "I've captured almost all of the territories on the board, Stiles. The hospital. The sheriff station. And now the animal clinic." The onis begin to fight. Scott wolfs out, and Kira prepares to fight. Lydia and Stiles huddle together as Scott and Kira fight. Scott and Kira back up to one another and Scott asks her how it's even possible that they're in bardo. "You're asking me? A month ago I never even touched a sword." Kira loses her sword during the fight. Stiles grabs the katana and holds it against his stomach. Scott yells at him to stop. "What if it saves you? What if it saves all of you?" Stiles asks. "What if it's just a trick!" Lydia replies. The nogitsune claims there will be no more tricks. Stiles gets ready to do it, but as he looks at the sword, he sees a reflection of items in the school. This makes him realize that it's all an illusion. The nogitsune tells him that he has no moves left, but he thinks he does. He tosses Kira's sword back to her. Stiles tells everyone to stop fighting. "It looks real and it feels real, but Scott, you gotta trust me, it's an illusion." Scott turns toward the nogitsune and the door out. The Oni line up in a gauntlet, and as Scott walks between them, they cut him. It's a mirror of Christ going through the gauntlet on his way to Calvary. Kira takes a beating as well, but the both of them press on until they reach the door. They emerge into the school without a mark on them. Scott is amazed. "We're okay," he says. "We're--" But the nogitsune smacks him into the lockers and quickly does the same to Kira. "This was my game. Think you can beat me at my game?" The nogitsune stalks forward toward Lydia and Stiles, angry. "Divine move. Divine move. You think you have any moves at all? You can kill the Oni, but me? I'm a thousand years old. You can't kill me!" Lydia stops running. "But we can change you." The nogitsune just stares at her. "What?" They remind him about the Shugendo scroll. "You can't be a fox and a wolf," Stiles says. Scott then leaps up and bites the nogitsune on the arm. While he's reeling from that, Kira runs him through with the katana for good measure. The nogitsune fly escapes the dying host, and Isaac captures it in the triskele urn. The host jerks around, cracks, and dissolves into smoke. Lydia runs out of the school and sees them, then turns and rushes into Stiles's arms. Scott, Isaac, and Kira look on. The next day, Kira confides in Lydia that she doesn't know what to say to any of them or how much time or space she's supposed to give them.[12]

In Mexico, somehow, Malia, Kira, and Scott all got into the party before Lydia and Stiles. Araya accuses Stiles of bringing a wolf into her home. "We brought an alpha," Stiles replies. Hunters start looking through the crowd for anyone suspicious. Kira runs up to Malia, concerned because she can tell something is happening. Malia advises her to blend in, so Kira starts dancing poorly. It's so painfully bad that even Malia looks distressed, so she puts her hand on Kira's back and draws her into dancing with her. They quickly start grinding against one another, drawing approving looks from the crowd. The hunters in the bar make their move toward Malia and Kira. Kira has somehow been hiding a pair of glowing nunchucks this whole time. Malia takes out one guard while Kira takes out the other. Scott grabs a third and throws him into a wall. The three of them head up torward Araya's office. Severo floods the hallway of the club with wolfsbane smoke. Scott shouts and shoves Kira away, trying to get her to run. A hunter comes in and knocks Kira out. She otherwise seemed unaffected by the wolfsbane, unlike Malia, who collapses just like Scott. Scott starts to wake up. He sits up and tells them that the Calaveras don't have Derek. "We know. But right now, they've got Lydia," Kira says. Scott starts looking for a way out. He tries pulling on the door, but not even his alpha strength can budge it. Malia says that whenever the door next opens, they kill whoever is there and run for it. "What about Lydia?" "What about her?" Scott tells Malia that they're not leaving without Lydia. "Why not?" Stiles steps in. "Cause we don't leave without people, remember? We talked about this. Rules of the wild kingdom don't apply to friends." Kira asks if that's what Malia would do as a coyote, leave her for dead? Malia says yes. "If hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her." Stiles scratches his chin and tells everyone that this is actually progress. Scott points out that if they're all still alive it's because the Calaveras want something. Also, that if they don't have him then they didn't take him from the loft. Stiles wonders if he left on his own. Scott wonders if someone else got to him. Araya and Lydia walk into Araya's office to find Scott chained to a chair and wired up for electrocution. Scott pleads with the hunters to let the others go. Instead, they chain Lydia into a chair next to Scott and bring Kira to the elecricity control panel. Severo explains that Kira is going to turn the dial on Scott and if she doesn't, Severo will electrocute Lydia. Kira refuses, but the reality is that Scott can heal and Lydia can't. Scott asks them if this is game, but Araya says it's a test. Scott tells Kira to do whatever the hunters say. Araya then tells Scott that he knows who took Derek. Scott thinks they're crazy, because that doesn't even make sense. Araya tells Kira to turn the dial. She refuses, but Scott convinces her to do it so they don't hurt Lydia. Araya asks Scott who had a reason, a vendetta particular to the Hales. Scott repeats that he doesn't know. "You don't know because you haven't figured it out yet. So think!" Severo tells Kira to turn the dial up to 3. "Who had the power? The power of a shapeshifter?" Araya asks. "Someone who could have turned without you knowing. Turned, but not by a bite!" Scott struggles with the pain and says he still doesn't know. Araya orders Kira to put the power up to 10. Scott finally says Kate's name. Araya walks Scott and the rest of the pack out. Stiles asks Scott what they do now, and Scott reveals that Araya is giving them a guide. Braeden then pulls up on a motorcycle. Malia asks who she is, and Lydia replies that she's a mercenary. "Right now, I'm the only person who's going to take you to la iglesia." They head out into the desert. Malia leans forward and asks who Kate Argent is. Kira volunteers that she would like to know, too. Stiles says that they were at her funeral, so he'd like to know how she got out of a casket six feet under. Scott replies that she was never in it. "She's was Allison's aunt. And a total sociopath." Kira tries to let Scott off the hook from talking about it, but Malia won't. Stiles tells them that Kate set the fire that killed Derek's family, all except for Cora and Peter. Lydia explains that Peter finally caught up to Kate and killed her. Kira asks if that means Kate's a Werewolf. Scott replies that he isn't sure. "Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person you are." "What kind of shape is sociopathic bitch?" Lydia asks. Suddenly the Jeep lurches like it hit something, and the car comes to a stop. Braeden comes back for them and warns that they have to get to la iglesia by night. Scott looks indecisive, so Stiles tells him to go. "Not without you." "Dude, someone needs to find Derek. We'll think of something. We always do. Just go." Scott turns to leave, but Kira stops him to say be careful. She's clearly worried and stumbles over her words, but he smiles at her. They hug for a long time, until Braeden urges Scott to hurry up. He joins Braeden on her bike, and they ride away. Malia checks out the Jeep and finds some kind of antler or tooth in the wheel well. "I think something hit us," she says. Kira draws her sword. Stiles asks Lydia to hold the flashlight still because it's really hard to see when she keeps waving it around. "I'm shaking it like this because we're in the middle of nowhere with your broken down Jeep and we're being attacked by yet another razor-clawed monster. And I'm terrified." "Well, just be slightly less terrified." Stiles pulls a piece from the Jeep and tells her to hold it. She asks what it is. "I don't know. I'm hoping it's not important." Kira asks Malia if she's been able to tell what's threatening them. Malia complains that she can't see and they need another flashlight. Kira then uses her sword to bounce light from the Jeep's headlights onto the surrounding landscape. Malia sees something move and roars. She takes off. Stiles goes to follow her, but Lydia orders him to let Kira handle it while he fixes the Jeep. He's not happy about it, but he keeps working. Kira loses Malia and almost attacks her when Malia comes up behind her. Malia fought with whatever it was. She says it's big and fast. She has a deep cut in her side. Stiles gets the Jeep working, and they run back to it. Stiles, Malia, Lydia, and Kira arrive at la iglesia just as Scott and Braeden are bringing Derek out. Stiles rushes forward, and the others ask him if that's Derek. Stiles is stunned. "Uh, sort of." Young Derek looks up at them.[13]

Scott, Stiles, Malia, Lydia, and Kira drove all night from Mexico to bring Young Derek directly to Deaton at the Animal Clinic. Scott carries him inside, and they lay him out on an exam table. "Wow," Deaton says. "Wow. Wow as in 'I've seen this before and I know exactly what to do,' kind of wow? Cause that's the kind of wow we were hoping for," Stiles says. Deaton has no idea what to do. Lydia takes Young Derek's hand and notes that he's really cold. Deaton starts trying to check his vitals. Scott asks if this is permanent, and Deaton replies that he's not sure a medical diagnosis is even adequate. In history class, Mr. Ken Yukimura tells them that some of history's greatest leaders have had to endure some pretty great failures. He describes how Abraham Lincoln failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, was defeated for both houses of Congress, and lost as vice president. Mr. Ken Yukimura asks who this president was, and Stiles raises his hand. He winks at Scott, but Mr. Ken Yukimura calls on Malia instead. She has a highlighter in her mouth and another pen in her hand, highlighting something, or perhaps coloring. She stares at the teacher when he calls on her, not knowing the answer. Just then Scott's phone rings. Mr. Ken Yukimura orders him to turn it off and keeps prompting Malia. Kira waves her hand anxiously, trying to be called on. Stiles's phone chimes next, and Mr. Ken Yukimura again orders everyone to turn their phones off. When Malia can't answer, he asks if anyone else knows, and everyone raises their hands. Another phone chimes, prompting an angry reply from Mr. Ken Yukimura, but Kira points out to him that it's his phone. He checks the message. "Scott, call Lydia." Scott and Stiles head over to the Animal Clinic, where Lydia is patching up Deaton's arm. "I don't think he's just younger in body. I think he's younger in mind too," Deaton tells them. Stiles asks where a scared teenage Werewolf would go. Scott says that a wolf goes back to its den, but Derek lives in a loft. "Not when he was a teenager," Stiles points out. They realize that he'll go to the Hale House. He wouldn't remember the fire because it wouldn't have happened yet. Lydia and Kira pull into the gas station to fill up. Kira reports from the text she just got that they're supposed to go meet Stiles at Scott's house. Lydia thinks going to Peter is a horrible plan but at least they've had worse. Kira asks Lydia about yesterday, when she and Scott were tied up to electrical cables. She wants to know if Lydia would blame her if she'd had to shock her at the Calaveras' command. Lydia assures her that Scott knows it wasn't her fault and that he's totally into her. Lydia gets out and tells Kira to grab a credit card from the visor so they can fill up. While Kira is looking at the cards, she realizes that the tank is full. She gets out and finds Lydia standing next to the bathroom, staring. Lydia has found another body. She warns Kira not to look, but she looks anyway. There's blood and entrails everywhere. Lydia and Kira have apparently been standing at the gas station for hours. Lydia reports that they called the Sheriff and he's on his way. Scott asks her to describe the scene and send pictures. She and Kira are understandably squeamish. Peter declares that from the level of violence, it was a frenzy, not a murder. Kate can't control the shift. Malia asks if that means Kate wants Derek to teach her, but Peter realizes that Kate wants the Triskelion. Later, she somehow hears about the berserkers at the school. Kira runs in with her katana out and starts fighting them. She stops to look back at Scott, and he shouts her name in warning. She doesn't turn back in time and gets knocked down by the Berserker. She ends up on the ground next to Scott. Young Derek runs up behind the Berserkers and starts fighting them. He's got more advanced moves than Scott had and holds his own against two of them.[14]

The Benefactor

In Kira's house, Noshiko is unpacking something. She tells Kira that her father is waiting for her outside, and Kira goes out to find a For Sale sign on their home. No one told Kira that they were moving. Or apparently they told her the move was temporary after they told her she was a kitsune and was going to have to stab one of her only friends. Noshiko says that since she didn't have to stab her friend, that's a win! Kira doesn't want to go back to New York. Noshiko asks why they'd stay. Kira says her dad is a very important teacher at the high school, but he was a professor at Columbia before. Kira doesn't want new friends, and she can be pretty sure that new people won't be as supernatural. She doesn't mention Scott, but Noshiko does. "He wasn't your first boyfriend, and he won't be your last." Kira sighs that Scott isn't her boyfriend at all. After class, Stiles tells Scott and Kira, but Scott admits that he already knew about it. "My mom called me. She knew we'd see it on the news." "Perfect, let's go," Stiles says and turns to leave. Only Scott doesn't want to leave school to look into it. They have Econ next. "Are you guys kidding me? There's a family-murdering axe murderer, we're not going to do anything about it?" Kira thinks they should let the adults handle it. "So the two of you just wanna stay here, school, go to class. Never heard anything so irresponsible in my life," Stiles says, and walks away. It's unclear where he's going, but Scott reminds him to come to tryouts. Scott asks Kira if they can talk about the thing she wanted to talk about later. She agrees, and Scott gives her a quick kiss. Kira is stunned. Kira and Malia go to watch tryouts. Malia has her pre-calc book with her. Malia sniffs the air, presumably scenting out Kira's emotions, and asks her what's wrong with her. Kira claims it's nothing, but Malia tells her she reeks of anxiety. It's distracting her, so she asks Kira to talk about it. Kira admits that she and Scott sort of had a thing happening, even though it wasn't much of a thing, and now she thinks maybe it was nothing. "What do you want it to be?" Malia asks. "More," Kira replies. Kira has a lacrosse stick in her hand for some reason and leans on it. Scott and Stiles continue to throw and miss the net completely while Liam rocks tryouts. Kira asks Malia if the captain is supposed to be one of the best players on the team. Coach has Scott and Stiles cover the goal for two-on-ones. Stiles suggests to Scott that maybe Liam is Werewolf and therefore a cheater, so they'd just be cheating a cheater, but Scott thinks he'd be able to smell it if Liam were. Scott and Stiles manage to do well at the two-on-ones. Kira gets excited to see them do well, and Malia smiles when Kira gets happy, even though she doesn't know what's going on. Finally, they're up against Liam. He manages to get past both of them and score. Malia stands up and calls out for a do-over, much to Stiles's chagrin. She bets Coach $10 that Liam won't score again. Scott rushes and tosses Liam into the air. Liam lands hard and breaks or sprains his ankle. Scott and Stiles take him to the nurse. Coach yells at everyone to start running around the field. He's so angry he picks up a lacrosse ball and throws it. It goes straight for Malia, but Kira catches it with her kitsune reflexes. Coach tells her to throw the ball back and she nails him in the chest, knocking him down. "Some ask her if she's ever played lacrosse!" Coach yells. Scott runs up to Kira, who has been waiting for him in the hallway. She has a lacrosse helmet in her hands and is smiling at it. Scott apologizes because they have to take Liam to the hospital. She's okay with them talking later. Scott apologizes for kissing her earlier, and it's awkward. Kira was clearly hoping for something else. Scott leaves, but after a minute, he comes back. "You know what? I'm not sorry." They kiss for real, and Kira asks Scott to text her later. Noshiko asks her husband, Ken, to find out from the realtor why no one has come to their open house. They're pricing the place at $659,000. He walks in and shows her the For Sale sign cut into pieces. Kira is in her room practicing with the lacrosse stick and smiles when her mother yells her name.[15]

In Biology class, Kira asks Lydia if she's looking at her math notes on her laptop. "No wonder Malia's failing," she says, as the code streams across the screen. Lydia says that some of it is her notes but the rest might be a code. She, of course, doesn't remember writing it. She thinks she should try to figure out what it means before it tries to kill them. Kira suggests that it could be Enigma Code. Lydia thinks is a variation of the Vigenère Cipher. "Do you know how to crack it?" "With a key." Just then Lydia's mom dangles a set of keys in front of her face. "Remember the rules. No more than six people allowed in the lake house. Stay out of the wine. And if anything gets broken it's getting added to your credit card debt." She also tells her to lock up the basement because there were a lot of scratches on the walls like a pack of wild animals got down there. During a break at school, the pack meets out by the buses. Malia says that she's not sharing her basement with Liam. Lydia clarifies that it's her basement and her mom noticed how she tore it up last time. Their plan is to use the boathouse for Liam because they can chain him to a support beam. Kira asks how they plan to get Liam to the boathouse if he doesn't trust them. Stiles suggests chloroforming Liam and throwing him in the lake if it keeps him from murdering anyone. Malia, of course, supports this plan. Scott says they're not killing or kidnapping him, so Lydia suggests they lie to him and tell him there's a party and invite him up. They get Kira to agree to be a vixen and be the one to invite Liam. Kira agrees and arranges to be walking down the steps as Liam and Mason Hewitt leave class. Her hair flutters in nonexistent wind. Halfway down the steps, she falters and falls on her face. Liam rushes over to see if she's okay, and she smiles and asks him to a party. That night, Kira drives Liam up to Lydia's lake house. It belonged to her grandmother. Liam is having difficulty with the loud music. He asks her to turn it down, but it was already down, so Kira turns it up a little. Liam gets a text from Mason Hewitt asking where he is and Liam tells him about the party. Liam glares at his reflection as the full moon starts to affect him. They get to the lake house and Liam immediately notices that no one is there. Kira tells him that everyone is there but it's a small party. That wasn't Liam's understanding of everyone. Kira lies again claiming that everyone else is late and they're early. She takes Liam's arm and brings him inside. As soon as he walks in the door and sees Stiles and Scott he knows he's been tricked. Kira closes the door and won't let him out. They all explain what each one of them is and what he is. Malia flashes her eyes. Liam is stunned. Cars start pulling up outside. Lydia asks who they told. Liam admits that he told Mason Hewitt because Kira said there was a party. Mason Hewitt invited everyone. Liam starts to shift, and his nails scratch the hardwood floors. Lydia orders them to get Liam off the floors before he ruins them. Scott and Kira hurry Liam to the boathouse. Scott and Kira struggle to chain Liam down. Scott doesn't shift or seem to use an extra strength. Before Kira can chain Liam's hands, Liam breaks free and knocks Scott back. Liam is about to claw Scott when Kira hits him with a paddle and knocks him out. Scott and Kira watch Liam now that they've got him chained to a beam. Kira comments on how young he looks. Scott says he's only 15. She asks what they're going to do with him, and Scott says they'll help him. "What if he doesn't want our help?" "He will." Scott and Kira sit out at the boathouse. Scott turns and says he can hear the music from the house. They're playing electronic. Kira says that she wishes they played slow songs at parties because she's better at slow dancing. Scott smiles and asks her to dance. Kira looks at Liam, still chained. "What about him?" "He can dance with me next time," Scott replies. As they dance Kira asks Scott how he's so good at staying in control on a full moon. He explains that he has to make sure his pulse doesn't get too fast. He claims to be indestructible. Kira plays with fire and kisses him to see if she can make him lose control. She manages to make his eyes glow. She also says she heard him growl, but Scott looks over at Liam. "That wasn't me." Liam is awake and shifted. Kira asks if the chains will hold him. Scott says they will, but Liam breaks out easily. He runs at them, then leaps through the window and heads out into the woods. At the party, Kira looks for Lydia. She finds her staring at the wall in the white room, the record almost completely played through. "What do you hear?" "The key. The key to break the code." In the white room, Lydia brings up her notes on her computer. The keyword to decrypt them is: Allison. The text decrypts into a list of people's names including Scott's, Derek's, Lydia's, Kira's and the Sean Walcott the wendigo and his family. "What is this? Kira asks. "It's a list of supernaturals in Beacon Hills. It's the Deadpool. And we're all on it."[16]

Lydia is still at the lake house trying to find the other two keys the way she did the first, with the record player. She’s not getting anything. Malia and Kira, in the room with her, decide that she needs to take a break and turn the player off. Later, Ken is following Kira in school, attempting to nudge her into telling him something important that she forgot. When he says that it’s exceptionally important, she assumes that he knows about what’s happening with the deadpool and says that she was avoiding it keep her parents from worrying. Ken tells her that he was actually referring to her joining the lacrosse team, pulling out her new jersey (#15). She takes it from him, telling him “never mind” and walks off. Scott, Stiles, and Kira take the ends off of all of the school’s lacrosse sticks hoping to find the stick that’s been converted into a weapon, but Scott states that it’s pointless since most of the team plays with personal gear. Kira suggests trying to get the game canceled, but Scott says that the game is the best way to catch him red handed. Stiles points out how little they really know about the deadpool other than the names on the first sheet, and agrees with Kira on trying to stop the game. Scott shakes his head saying that he’s not afraid. Kira’s not either, but Stiles says that he’s terrified although he’s not on the list, emphasizing that these are assassins that they’re dealing with this time, and they don’t know what they’re really going against. At the lacrosse game Kira suggests that they should do something preemptively, but Scott says that they’re not totally sure it’s Garrett. Stiles arrives on the phone with his dad, asking why he’s not already at the game. It’s implied that they asked the Sheriff to be present since they are expecting a murder attempt. On his way out, Deputy Parrish stops the Sheriff telling him that he found someone walking from the coast to the high school, which is “at least fifteen miles”. It’s Meredith, looking for Lydia. Scott tries one last time to convince Coach that Liam shouldn’t play because of his leg. On the field Brett yells “Think fast!” and throws a ball at Liam who is standing on the sidelines and catches it with supernatural speed. This confirms to Coach that Liam will definitely be playing. Kira and Scott agree that she’ll watch Garrett if Scott watches Liam. Scott asks Brett to hold off on his revenge for one night, and Brett refuses before plowing into Liam and eventually scoring a goal. Liam tries to charge at the players and Scott and Stiles hold him back. At the face-off Stiles gets the ball and passes to Kira, who’s frozen for a moment before she starts running toward the goal. Coach yells for her to pass, but she shoots instead, scoring a goal. Scott smiles, but Coach benches her, telling her that this is a scrimmage and the point is teamwork, not scoring, although the entire team and stands are still cheering for her. Liam finds Kira and Scott, telling him that Coach has decided to keep him out for the rest of the game. Stiles tells them that another third of the list has been broken, and Liam still isn’t on it, but someone else is.[17]

Stiles, Scott, Malia, and Kira are in line to take the PSATs. Kira asks where Lydia is, and Stiles explains that she took the PSATs freshman year. Malia asks if this means she can take the test some other time. Scott tries to reassure her because she studied harder than any of them. "That doesn't mean I'm going to do good," she says. "Well," Stiles corrects. "It's do well, not good." Malia takes this as further proof that she's going to fail. Scott says that she's doing this because while they're trying not to die they still need to live. Scott wants to go to a good college. Kira thinks they can all survive three hours. As the students come in to get their tests, they mark their presence by leaving a fingerprint using an ink pad. Mrs. Martin collects all their cell phones. They all sit. The test begins, and everyone starts filling in answers. A student falls out of her seat. Natalie rushes to Sydney's side to see if she's okay. Natalie then slips out of the room with her cell phone and informs Simon that no one can leave the room. The CDC comes into the school and quarantines the entire school. Trapped in the classroom, Stiles tells Malia and Kira that he bets the CDC thinks it's smallpox. Simon explains that smallpox was eradicated in 1979. It was one of two viruses ever eradicated. The other was rinderpest, which killed cows. Stiles asks if they should be comforted, and Simon replies, "Unless it's something worse." Malia listens to the chatter outside and reports that there's a lot of activity, plus the Sheriff is there. Stiles thinks he should call him, but Simon points out that they will have cut off cell service to keep them from being able to spread panic. "Looks like we're all just going to have to wait here and see what happens." Later, Kira is waiting in line to have the CDC take blood samples. Malia takes this opportunity to ask Kira if she knows what Scott and Stiles are hiding. Kira thinks it's about Malia being Peter's daughter and acts cagey. Malia is clearly attempting to have a normal conversation like this is something she knows how to do. Kira says that she thinks if they hide stuff they have a pretty good reason. Malia gives up the pretense and asks if she knows what they're hiding in the bag under Scott's bed. Kira was not expecting that. "What? No, I've never been under Scott's bed. Or in it. Just on it... wearing clothes." She stops herself from talking and turns to Dr. Wentz calling her name. Dr. Wentz tries to get a blood sample but instead she gets a nasty shock from Kira's foxfire. Dr. Wentz rushes out of the school in case her suit was breached. It wasn't. In the locker room, Mr. Ken Yukimura checks on Scott and Malia. Malia can't get her claws to go back in. Stiles says that they have to quarantine them from the quarantine so no one can see them. Kira asks where. "What if they get violent? Like on a full moon?" They can't use the locker room, or a classroom. Apparently the basement now has too many ways out, even though it was the perfect place to lock Boyd and Cora when they were uncontrollably violent. Stiles suggests they use the Hales' vault. They figure that since the Hales built escape routes into their house, they may have built one into the vault. They get some blueprints, and Stiles pinpoints a likely spot for a second entrance in the hallway in the basement. Stiles gets dizzy and pulls up his sleeve to reveal a rash like Sydney had. Mr. Ken Yukimura says they're all getting sick and looks at Kira. She says she doesn't feel sick. "I think it's affecting your differently, neurologically. I found your test answers here in a pile with the others." He shows her the answer key, but half her marks are outside the bubbles. They all head down to the basement. Stiles finds a lock like the one outside behind a shelf surrounded by a large triskele. He and Scott agree without speaking that Malia should open the door with her claws in case it requires a Hale. Scott claims he can't make his come out. She agrees but asks what the secret is they've been hiding. She asks how much she's worth on the list, and they tell her $4m. She doesn't think that's a problem because Scott and Kira are worth more so they will be taken out first. Malia opens the door to the vault and they all head in. The door closes behind them. Kira looks around and picks up a jar of mushrooms. She asks how you change bearer bonds into cash. "At a bank, I guess. They just let it sit here the whole time collecting dust. You know bearer bonds are basically extinct?" "Why does it matter?" Kira asks. "You know how many problems that money could solve?" "For you?" "For me. My dad. The Eichen House and the MRI bills are crushing him." Scott explains that his mom adds up all their bills and all their income and calculates how long they have until they go poor. Stiles leaves and not long after, they start to go blind. Stiles hollers through the vault door to Scott that the cure is in there with him. Stiles beats on the door, shouting Scott's name. "It's in there with you. It's in a jar. On one of the shelves." He shouts until he's hoarse and eventually sags to the floor. Scott is on the floor on the other side of the door, not moving. "Reishi. Scott, I saw it," Kira says. Scott manages to knock the jar off of the shelf, which cures them.[18]

Scott, Liam, Kira, and Stiles are in Scott's kitchen with three laptops. Liam questions whether their plan is too dangerous. Stiles adds that it's also borderline idiotic. "Have you guys done something like this before?" Liam asks. "Something dangerous or something idiotic?" Stiles asks. "I think it's a yes to both," Kira says. Scott tells Liam that he can duck out, but Liam claims to not be scared. Stiles congratulates him on being borderline idiotic, then. Stiles warns them all that if they go through with this plan, they don't know what's coming. Kira asks how they know something is coming at all, and Scott says that the tape said visual confirmation was required. Their idea is that if you kill someone on the deadpool but can't send the proof, the Benefactor will come get the proof himself, especially if it's someone high on the list. Kira talking to Scott on his bed. She asks him if he's worried. Scott replies that he's just thinking that they've never actually been on a real date. She says there hasn't been time, but Scott thinks they could make time. "Even though people are dying all around us?" Scott agrees that maybe they can wait until people stop dying. They agree to see a movie and then kissScott is on his bed. Liam paces around in distress, while Kira and Noshiko stand at the bedside. Kira suggests that they tell Liam everything is going to be all right. Scott says everything will be all right. Liam asks Noshiko if she's done this before, but she says she's seen it done. "Is that just as good?" "No." Kira admonishes her mom for not inspiring confidence, but Noshiko wants them to understand that this is dangerous and stupid. Kira asks if she'd prefer they do it without her. Noshiko gives in and tells Kira to put her hand over Scott's heart. Kira reaches, but Scott grabs her hand to stop her. He asks Noshiko what's going to happen to him while he's out. She says it might feel like he's dreaming. "Good dreams or bad?" "I suppose that depends on you." Not terribly reassured, Scott lies back. Kira puts her hand over his heart and electrocutes him, even though she's never shown that type of control over her powers before. At the hospital, Melissa, still sobbing, walks into the morgue and next to Scott. "I still hate this plan," she says. Stiles, Noshiko, Kira, and Liam are there with her. She complains that this is terrifying because Scott looks dead. Noshiko asks Melissa for her hand and places it on Scott's heart. Eventually, she feels a heartbeat and asks if it's enough to keep a Werewolf alive. "Enough for an alpha." They have forty-five minutes or else Scott will die for real. Stiles, Liam, and Kira are in a hospital room with three laptops set up to monitor the cameras. Stiles hits a button and all the feeds come up. Stiles, Kira, and Liam are watching the camera feeds when one on the roof goes out. Kira volunteers to go check it out, and Stiles reminds her that it might not be a malfunction. She pulls out her sword, and Liam volunteers to go with her. "And you're both coming right back! Immediately!" Stiles calls after them. He shakes his head a little. "Kids." Kira and Liam go onto the roof and encounter berserkers. The transformer on the roof explodes, knocking out the power to the building. Liam and Kira face off against the berserker. The berserker throws Liam across the roof and into a chain link fence. Kira then tries but the berserker punches her down. Kira wakes up to Liam calling her name. Liam and Kira are still fighting the berserker on the roof. Liam gets up on high ground and attacks again. Scott surges back to life with a yell. Kira hugs him, and Stiles looks relieved. Scott asks if it worked and looks at Chris and Stiles, but they look away. Liam runs into the room and looks at Kira. "It's your mother. She's hurt." Scott and Kira are in Kira's room. She says her mom is being taken to Palo Alto. They think she's going to be okay, but she doesn't heal like she used to. Kira says she needs to go be with her mom. Scott is okay with that. He has to go back to the hospital too since they ruled him dead when he clearly wasn't. Kira wishes their plan had worked. Scott says he thinks maybe it did. They might know a lot more about the Benefactor now. "But no one came. No one got visual confirmation, right?" "That's why it might have worked. Think about it. Who has the power to know when someone's dead but doesn't need to see the body to know it happened?" "A banshee."[19]

Satomi’s pack are running from the assassins who are shooting at them with arrows. Kira arrives and helps Satomi’s pack escape by blocking the arrows and taking them all somewhere else where she thinks is safe, so she can meet up with Scott to come up with a better plan. At the animal clinic, Scott and Kira find each other. They make out for a moment before Scott breaks the kiss to ask about Kira’s mother. Kira tells him that she is okay, and healing. When Scott asks if Kira is okay, she replies with, “Right now, very.” They kiss once more before Scott asks if they found a member of Satomi’s pack, and Kira tells him that she found all of them and then shows him. Satomi says that she knows who Scott McCall is. One of the girls asks if they are safe there, and Scott looks around the room and examines how many there are. “We’re going to need help, a lot of help,” he says. They then take the pack to Argent's warehouse. Chris finds out and is angry. One of the Werewolf asks if the assassins can find them, and Argent tells him that they may already know that they are here and are possible waiting for dark. Kira realizes that they aren’t safe, but Satomi says that they aren’t safe anywhere and have been running for days. Everywhere they turn, there is someone new trying to kill them. Argent is setting up sensors throughout the warehouse they are in, while everyone else waits for the assassins to show up. Kira is hoping that it’s just a false alarm. Scott tells everyone that Lydia is still talking to Meredith and Stiles is headed to the lake house. Brett says, “What if it doesn’t end until we’re all dead?” Derek replies that they will send a message. “It doesn’t matter if they’re a professional assassins, hunters, or an amateur who just picked up a gun. Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money is gonna be put on another list. Our list. They get to be put on our dead pool.” The sensor goes off and Argent announces they they are coming. The pack fights the hunters. Stiles and Malia manage to shut the dead pool down and the hunters get a text. They start to leave. Kira asks if it’s really over, and Scott nods.[20]

At school, Malia shows off her test grade to Lydia. "I passed!" Lydia isn't impressed with the C- Malia got, even though Malia is thrilled. Coach then slaps down another test on Malia's desk where she failed. Coach tells her that he's disappointed, and Malia looks deflated. Lydia agrees to send her more notes. Then she looks up at the board, which has rich people's net worth at the times of their deaths adjusted for inflation. It's a little too close to home, talking about rich people dying. Kira sees the effect the words have on Lydia and leans over to assure her that it's all over. The computer is off so there will be no more assassins. "No one's dying." Lydia looks away. "Not yet." Scott opens the door to Derek's loft and leads Kira inside. She comments that it doesn't look like Derek's home, and Scott says he isn't. She asks why they're stopping there, and he assures her that she'll see. Kira asks Scott to turn on the lights, but he smiles and says that she has to do it. He brings her hand to a lightbulb, and it turns on. The electricity spreads to a cloud of lightbulbs hanging around the loft. Scott asks if he did okay. "For our first real date? It's a start," Kira says. Scott asks her if she brought a movie, and she produces Star Wars, saying that Stiles said he's never seen it and will kill him if he doesn't. Kira glances around the loft and then asks where the TV is. They end up using Derek's computer. Scott asks if Star Wars is the fourth one. "No, it's the first one, even though it says fourth." Kira gives up on the explanation and closes the laptop. She starts making out with Scott instead. Scott suddenly stops, confused, and Kate and a berserker break through the window of the loft. Scott comes back to consciousness being held aloft by a berserker. It throws him against the loft door, and Scott falls hard. Kate kicks Kira, sending her flying, which gets Scott to his feet. Scott and Kate fight, while Kira takes on the berserker. She grabs a length of chain, but the berserker just uses it to haul her in close and hit her harder. Kate knocks Scott down and shoves him against a beam. It's clear that he's losing. He watches as the berserker holds up Kira by the hair. Scott tells Kate to take him, but only him. Kate is having none of that. They're all going. "We're all going to church!" Kate says, then roars. In La Iglesia, Kira wakes up on a pile of bones. She's in a cell and calls Scott's name.[21]

Kira wakes up once again in the tomb surrounded by bones and now something has caught her eyes. She moves toward the door of the cell which is now open and calls Scott's name gently. She says his name again and continues to feel her way through the caves but a berserker is lurking in the shadows. She is attacked by berserker who is revealed as Scott but he does not kill her. Kate walks in and Kira asks her how she turned Scott. Kate told the story of her survival and how they helped her. Kate reveals that she is Maloba the bone woman. Scott in his state of being a berserker stabs Kira with his bone weapon. Kira appears to be alive despite being stabbed and she hears her mother tell her it's alright to cry. Her mother encourages her to fight through but Kira says she doesn't now know. She tells Kira that she has seen wolves heal before and she now knows she needs to heal with pain. She begins to grip a sharp shard and her eyes begin to glow. Stiles finds Kira and she tells him that Kate turned Scott into a berserker. Scott then finds her and Liam and they both plead him not to hurt them. He grabs Liam and Liam connvinces Scott to back down. Scott then breaks free from his Bone Armour and faces Peter. Kira tries to help out but is told to stay back by Scott. Scott then defeats Peter. Outside, Kira is with Scott and Scott is talking to Chris and Derek. Back at Beacon Hills, Kira looks to her mom for advice again. Her mother presents Kira with her first fox tail.[22]

Dread Doctors

Kira is struggling to get cell reception and is urged to get back in the car when she makes eye contact with a new kid. Her parents are driving her to the "Senior Scribe." The Dread Doctors grab her and put a device in her eye. There is a flash of lightening that hits the device which does something. The doctors wipe everyone, including Kira's memory of the event.[23] Back in the car, Kira decides to walk to the school when it begins to pour and she is forced to stay in the car. Kira's mother tells her a story about phantom hunters and wolves that were hunting souls in storms like the one they're in. Kira hears something and it happens to be Scott riding through on his dirt bike. They run up to each other and he asks her if she had fun in New York. She says not really and they kiss passionately in the rain. Scott and Kira escape for a bit so they can be alone. The make-out session continues until it's interrupted by the creature. Kira and Scott are trying to battle the new creature who claims to be a devoted fan. He's trying to take Scott out and appears to be strong enough to. He doesn't just want to be a Alpha he wants more. Another wolf comes in to rescue Scott momentarily before he is tossed aside. Scott is almost choked out by the creature but flexes his true power and takes him out with ease. He gives the creature an opportunity to run or be broken and he takes off. Scott recognizes the new wolf as Theo, an old friend of his. Scott, Kira and Malia find out that she is a senior and they all attend the "Senior Scribe." Lydia, then greets them. Along with all of her friends, she signs her initials in a bookcase in the school library.[24]

At the school, Kira meets with Scott at the entrance and they share a kiss. In biology, Lydia and Kira share a silent conversation. They are confused as to why Scott is in their AP class. Apparently, it wasn't a mistake. Turns out Theo is in the class. There's going to be a huge test in the class the next day, to weed out those who don't belong. Later, Kira and Scott are making out but she stops to ask him why he didn't tell her about UC Davis. Scott tells her that it's because he doesn't believe he's smart enough.[25]

Kira and Lydia are teaching Malia how to drive since it didn't go so well for her the last time. She has a flashback of the accident that left her in the woods before starting the engine. She starts moving and the girls begin nervously directing her. She doesn't quite have control of the vehicle and quite frankly it's a disaster. When Kira tells Lydia that they are heading downtown instead of school, Lydia tells them to keep going and it looks as if there is something wrong. They find the wreck and the injured attorney. Later, Kira and Lydia explore Tracy's room but have no idea what they are looking for. Kira and Lydia find a "Dreamcatcher," and they realize that Tracy is killing people she doesn't really want to kill as well as the fact that she's still in a night terror. Kira and Lydia are still snooping around the room and they realize that Tracy is after Lydia's mother who was trying to help her with her night terrors. Lydia and Kira go to the sheriff's station to save Lydia's mother where they find Tracy on the ceiling. Kira is does her best to battle the Kanima. Kira enters a new phase of being a Kitsune and slices the tail off of the Kanima. Tracy escapes as a brand new Kira emerges surrounds by a amber light. Kira goes and helps Lydia as she has been hurt by Tracy.[26]

Stiles finds Kira and Lydia in the office, with Lydia bleeding badly. Theo pushes past him and uses his belt as a tourniquet on Lydia. Deaton walks in and covers Tracy's severed tail with his coat. Ms. Martin is safe and comes back up from the basement nearly in tears. She sees Lydia and runs to her side. At the hospital, Melissa comes out to tell Stiles, Scott, Kira, Theo, and Liam that Theo's tourniquet probably saved Lydia's life. Melissa asks if there's any supernatural details they need to know about or do they just treat Lydia like a wounded human. Kira informs her that Lydia was cut with Tracy's tail. Scott and Kira head back to Scott's house. Kira rubs at Lydia's blood on her hands, until Scott takes her hands in his. He kisses her forehead and then kisses her lips. Deaton interrupts them and walks out of the darkened living room with a bag. He pulls out a bottle. "A werewolf with the talons an eagle. Possibly a shape-shifted known in eastern mythology as a Garuda. Tracy's claws. The unmistakable claws of a werewolf. But a werewolf who also bears the venom and the scales of a kanima." Kira asks what you call that. "Personally, I call it terrifying." Mountain ash stops supernatural creatures. His theory is that Tracy wasn't created through supernatural means, so supernatural rules don't apply. She was created scientifically. Scott adds that Liam found another hole out in the woods. Deaton suggests the burials are part of an incubation. Kira asks what they're supposed to do. All Deaton can tell her is, "Protect your friends. Protect each other." Scott wants to know how they protect someone like Tracy, who is being used as an experiment. Deaton informs them that he's going out of town for a few days. Kira asks how scared they should be. Deaton says that while he works with the supernatural, he's also a man of science, but something like this rattles the foundation of his beliefs. The rules have changed. In class, Kira asks if there can be more than one species in the same DNA. The answer is no, but there can be multiple sets of DNA in the same individual. This is called a chimera. Scott and Kira are in the library, and Stiles and Malia join them. Stiles wasn't able to get in to see Lydia because she's in the ICU and only family is allowed. They did, however, come back with the bestiary. Kira asks if there's anything about a half-werewolf, half-kanima. "Chimera," Scott says. He explains the term and tells them that Liam found two burial sites. Kira opens the book to the page on wendigos. Later, Scott and Kira arrive at the hospital, having been called by Melissa. She leads them to the room with the kid who is screaming from the wound on his arm. Scott grabs the boy's hand and black veins swarm up his arms. Scott nearly passes out from the pain. Kira and Melissa have to pull him away. The boy stops screaming. The lab says that the wound was made by scorpion venom. A sting that bad should have killed him hours ago and the scorpion that stung him would have been 10 feet tall. Kira hopes there isn't a giant scorpion running around Beacon Hills. The boy is able to tell them that it was Lucas, his boyfriend. Corey, tells Scott and Kira how he got stung. Kira asks what club, and Corey directs them to Sinema. On the way to the club, Kira asks if there's even a myth for a half-scorpion half-werewolf. "Sumerian," Scott supplies. He saw something about it in the bestiary. They arrive at the club and go inside, setting off an alarm. Scott loosk around, confused, while Kira grabs a piece of her belt and uses it to break the alarm. Scott declares his love for her. Kira follows Scott into the club and says that he did it again. He did something that changed everything without even realizing it. Scott hears roaring from Brett and Lucas fighting. Scott and Kira find Lucas wrestling with Liam. "You're a little late!" Liam yells. Kira uses her belt sword and joins the fight. Kira continues to fight Lucas, while Mason tries to help Brett. Liam catches Lucas off-guard and slams him to the ground. Lucas seems to come back to himself, but in the moment of calm, Kira's kitsune spirit comes out. "Watashi wa shi no shisha da!" she shouts. It means, "I am a messenger of death." And she makes to kill Lucas. Scott grabs her arm to stop her, and they stare at one another. When it's clear that everyone is okay, Scott asks Liam to help him get Lucas out of there. They start to pick him up, but he's shot in the chest with a dart.[27]

It's 5:30am, and Scott and Kira are asleep in Scott's room. Kira is whispering the same Japanese phrase she shouted when she was going to kill Lucas. Scott wakes up, staring at her, and then gets a message on his phone that the alarm in Animal Clinic has been tripped. The next day, Kira is in the library making photocopies. Malia also reports that Stiles can't find anything on the author and thinks it's a pen name. Scott tells Kira that he doesn't think the Dread Doctors are taking the bodies. When they've killed their experiments so far, they've just walked away and left them. Why come back later for them? Scott also points out that the chimeras are all failures. "If the chimeras are all failures, what's a success going to be?" Kira asks. "Bad. Probably really bad." As they're leaving the library, Scott stops and turns. He smelled blood from Donovan. At Scott's house, he and Kira are searching his room for her belt. Kira says that when they got up, he reminded her not to forget it. Scott claims he doesn't remember saying that. "You don't remember saying a lot of things." Scott turns to her. "What's that supposed to mean?" "It means... nothing. Forget it." Scott crouches in front of her and asks her if she's okay. Kira asks him to look at her with his alpha vision. Scott agrees and steps back. He looks at her and sees her kitsune aura flaming. The aura points to her belt on the floor, indicating that it has knowledge that Kira herself does not. "What, did you see something?" she asks. Scott avoids telling her and instead points out the belt. "Everything else is fine," he says. That night they all go to Eichen House. Lydia keeps buzzing to try to get in. Scott goes to talk to Stiles. "Are you gonna be okay in there?" "Yeah, why?" "You seem a little off." "I think we're all a little off." "Maybe some of us more than others," Scott says and turns to look at Kira. Stiles asks what happened. "Well when the other chimera, Lucas, when he came after us, I heard Kira say something in Japanese." "That doesn't sound too bad." "She doesn't know any Japanese." "Still not terrible." "I also think I might have stopped her from killing Lucas." Stiles takes that into consideration. "Wasn't he trying to kill you, though? I mean that just sounds like self-defense." Stiles rubs at the wound Donovan gave him on his shoulder. Scott says it was more than that. She nearly took off his head. "Maybe she had no choice," Stiles responds, clearly now thinking about his own situation. "There's gotta be a point where self-defense is justified. Tracy killed her own father. And Lucas would've killed you." Scott tells him, "They're not hte bad guys. They're the victims. We shouldn't be killing the people we're trying to save." Eichen House finally opens up, and they all head inside. Schrader tells them all to empty their pockets. They comply. He asks Kira to remove her belt. "I kind of need the belt. I mena, it's crucial to the outfit." "Please remove belt, which patients will attempt to take from you and use to strangle either themselves or others." Kira removes her belt while Schrader leers at Lydia. Stiles notices that among the things he put in the box is the pin from the scaffolding that he pulled. Dr. Fenris takes them downstairs and says he's only doing this as a favor to Deaton. Stiles asks about the etiquette for talking to Valack. Fenris suggests not making eye contact with anyone or anything while they're in the basement. In the hallway in Eichen, Scott and Kira come to a stop while Lydia and Stiles continue on. There's a mountain ash barrier that they can't cross. Scott reports that he can't hear anything. He thinks the mountain ash is disrupting his abilities. Kira says she's feeling weak. Kira thinks this was a bad idea and sighs. Scott assures her that Stiles and Lydia will be okay without them. "Those two. They're pretty good together." "Yeah, they are." "No super strength or samurai swords, but they stay alive." "He still likes her, doesn't he?" "Yeah. Yeah, but it's different now. You should have seen the way he used to be around her." "Was it bad?" "It was kinda obsessive. But not all bad. You know Lydia used to pretend not to be smart?" Kira gives him a look. "Our Lydia?" "Yeah, Stiles was the only one who knew." "How?" "He paid attention. He listened to her. He remembered." The lights in the hallway suddenly flicker, and Scott looks around. While he's not looking, Kira begins to generate electricity. Kira's powers start to go haywire. Valack sees the lights flicker and asks who they came with. When they don't answer, he knows they brought a kitsune. A light explodes. Kira is disrupting the building's defenses. "It's not just the mountain ash that keeps this building secure. It's the electromagnetic energy.Eichen is built on the convergence of telluric currents. Ley lines. IT's what allows it to keep certain supernatural creatures in and certain others out. They knew you were coming. They're here. And you unlocked the door for them." The Dread Doctors open the gate to Eichen House and walk inside. Kira shorts out all the lights. Scott tries to touch her and gets shocked back. Fenris shows up and asks scott if he's okay. He realizes that Kira is causing whatever is happening. The Doctors are right by the door. Scott doesn't know hwo to move Kira if he can't even touch her. Fenris advises Scott to run. He says he can't leave her. "I can," the doctor says, and takes off. Scott grabs Kira even though her electricity is electrocuting him. He gets out of the way of the doctors and keeps going. Scott carries Kira out of the building. Scott emerges from Eichen House with Kira and collapses on the ground, smoking and covered in burns. "At the club... at the club, you said..." Kira mutters. "I remember," Scott tells her. "And I meant it." She takes his hand.[28]

They're all at Scott's house with copies. Lydia complains that her mom's book club usually has more wine. "Well, they also probably didn't read books that cause violent hallucinations," Stiles replies. They've asked Malia to watch over them while they read so there will be someone to stop them should they do something dangerous like she did when she almost got run over on traffic. Lydia says she should have her mother read it, so she'll remember her encounter with Tracy. "If it works," Stiles warns. "It has to," she replies. Lydia then explains that she thinks she saw the Doctors during her surgery back in Condition Terminal and when she looks at the cover of the book it feels like a memory wanting to resurface. She wants to know what happened to her. They all take a copy and start reading. Scott has difficulty concentrating. Kira's vision keeps blurring, like the words are underwater. Scott finally asks if anyone is feeling anything. "Tired," says Kira. "Hungry," Lydia replies. Theo chastises them all with, "I think he meant the book." Kira "rests her eyes" and ends up falling asleep. She moves to Scott's bed. Theo goes up to Scott's room and looks over Kira speaking in Japanese. "Watashi wa shi no shisha da." He takes out his phone and records her. The next morning at school, Scott thinks maybe they need some sort of trigger for their suppressed memories to surface. But since they don't know which memories, they can't tell what the triggers would be. Stiles, Scott McCall, and Kira Yukimura warn each other to be on the lookout. The lights in the school flicker, but Kira claims it isn't her. Kira is in the library trying to read the book. Mason appears next to her. "Not into sci-fi?" He thought they were supposed to finish reading it last night. Kira admits to him that she can barely read it and she doesn't know why. Mason sits next to her and asks if she speaks Japanese. "No. I'm also half-Korean and I don't speak Korean. And I'm pushing a C-average in English." Mason explains that he's been researching kitsunes. "Do you know why people in Japan answer the phone 'moshi moshi'?" Moshi means hello, but there's a reason why they say it twice. Fox spirits have difficulty with language. So the way they prove they're not a fox on the phone is to say moshi twice. It's a language trick that confuses kitsunes. The book is one long language trick, so it's confusing Kira's kitsune spirit. The light next to them flickers, and Kira swears again that it wasn't her.[29]

At the high school, Kira helps her dad carry in some supplies. It's Saturday morning. Mr. Yukimura goes out to the car to get another box, leaving Kira alone. Noshiko suddenly attacks her from behind. "Kira. Where's your sword?" Kira thinks she left it somewhere. She does a back flip, and Noshiko tosses her a sword so she can defend herself. Kira doesn't want to fight, but Noshiko tells her to defend herself. They fight, and Noshiko sends her daughter flying. Kira gets up and goes on the attack. Noshiko demands in Japanese, "Who are you? Show yourself, kitsune." Kira's eyes change, and her kitsune aura flares to life. She takes a flying leap and slices Noshiko's sword in half. Noshiko falls, and Kira goes in for the kill. Her father rushes in and slams her shuriken tale on the desk. Kira stops and comes out of the kitsune's influence. "I could have killed you!" she shouts at her mother. "Not you. The fox inside you." Now at Scott's house, Kira looks down at the telluric currents map. "What about me?" Scott awkwardly tells her that she'll come to the school with them. He tells her to bring her belt. Kira says that she lost it again. Scott offers to help her find it, but Kira gets to the heart of the matter. The last time she was around telluric currents, it didn't go so well. Scott points out that this time it's the school, and she's there every day. "It's not the same." Except there were several instances while she was at the school of the power disrupting. Kira doesn't want to go. "I think I need to figure out what's going on with me before I try helping anyone else." Scott doesn't know what to say, so they kiss. We see flashes of the previous times they've kissed. She tells him to be careful and then goes to leave. Before she does, she asks Scott what happens tomorrow, if he'll keep trying to find places to hide Hayden. "No. If this works tonight, we're gonna catch one of them." At her house, Noshiko attempts to help Kira through accupuncture. "The balance of power inside you is in conflict." She hopes that the energy work of the accupuncture will help Kira get control back. Kira cries, but it isn't from any pain. Later, her mother goes to check on her daughter and finds the pins on her bed shaped in the bumbers 115. Her katana is later found in a chimera in Melissa McCall's house.[30]

Kira is wandering down a busy road when she's picked up by Hayden's sister. When the deputy asks her if she's okay Kira seems startled and says something bad happened here. She tells the deputy that she thinks she came out here to remember something, however, the deputy still coaxes her into getting into the cruiser and arrests her. She also radios in and says she has the suspect in custody. At the station, the Sheriff asks his deputy to take the cuffs off of Kira. Her parents walk in and her dad admits to killing the woman in self defense. The Sheriff asks if this is the story they want to go with and they just ask him if he there is a better one. Scott is questioning Kira as to what happened and she says she has no idea. Scott doesn't want to leave her but Kira understands he has to save Liam. Before he leaves, Kira asks if he thinks she killed the woman, he looks doubtful and says no. After being released, Kira is frustrated and throws the book. Her mother tells her that the story in the book is confusing the fox within her. She instructs Kira to try reading the story backwards. Kira is reading the book backwards and it's finally starting to make sense to her. She's having a vision of being back in the traffic jam again but this time the Dread Doctors grab her and put a device in her eye. There is a flash of lightening and she snaps out of it with a scared look on her face. Later, Scott heads over to talk to Kira and she's leaving. She says she doesn't want to hurt anyone and he says she won't. She asks him to tell her what he sees with his real eyes and the Kitsune is burning bright. Scott and Kira share one last kiss in the rain before she and her parents leave town.[23]

Kira and her mother are in the desert looking for Skinwalkers. The ground begins to break and the skin-walkers rise up, peering directly at Kira and her mother. Kira is told to take out her sword.[31] Kira faces off against the skinwalkers. She is taking on four of them all on her own and is temporarily blinded, causing the skinwalkers to gain the upper hand. A spear is sent through her shoulders. The skinwalkers tell Kira's mom that she is not afraid of them, she is afraid of herself. Kira's mother asks if they can help her and they said they will try but if they can't, she will stay and become one of them forever. One of the skinwalkers helps heal Kira and tells her that she was afraid to use her sword. She leaves the teepee and Kira's mother walks in. She tells Kira that she will be tested and it won't be easy. It will take days, months or years before Kira can control her dark side. Kira is worried about seeing her friends again but her mom tells her that if she doesn't control her dark side, she will have more to worry about. Her mother says that if she becomes a skinwalker, it's the only thing that can keep her alive. Kira's mother notices that she has healed quickly. Kira asks her if she is really going to leave her with the skinwalkers. Her mom tells her that she would if it could save her life. Kira asks her what happens if she fails and her mother replies, "don't fail." She leaves the teepee with her sword as she begins her test. The skinwalkers are all perched looking down on her. Kira is in the center of the storm and darkness is all around her. She draws her sword and gets ready for battle. Kira is attacked by what looks like the Oni but manages to fight them off each time. Kira continues her test and when she slices the Oni, she is hurt. She was fighting herself but is no longer scared to use the sword. She stands up after a horrible slash to the stomach and faces her dark side. The Kitsune rises out of Kira. Kira emerges from the mountain and the darkness has faded away. She is holding the Oni mask in her hand and tells her mother that she won. She passed the test but the skinwalkers tell her that it wasn't her that passed, it was the fox. They tell her that she wields the sword but the fox wields her. They tell her she has no control and that she has to stay and become one of them. The skinwalkers are trying to draw Kira to them but her mother doesn't allow it. Her mother tells the skinwalkers that if they want her they will have to go through her. Scott and Kira step in to help but they all end up leaving in Stiles' Jeep. Scott and Kira are kissing and she is extremely happy that he came back for her. Back at Beacon Hills, Kira wakes Scott up and Liam and Mason greet him. They tell Scott that Theo is looking for a blind alpha, Deucalion.[32]

Sheriff tells Stiles, Scott and Kira that Chris found the bodies and Scott believes that it all has to do with the Dread Doctors hiding the beast. At school, Kira's father takes Kira's sword from her and she is worried that she won't be able to fight without it. He tells her to remember that she is stronger than the sword and that it's a gateway to the Kitsune which is too dangerous. He tells her to outfox the fox and breaks her sword down. Later that night Scott's full pack assembles around a layout of Eichen House as they plot a way to get their last member, Lydia, back.[33]

The team is still incomplete without Lydia. Scott, Stiles, Kira, Malia, Liam and even Dr. Deaton have all made their way back into the cohesive pack but they aren't leaving anyone behind. Stiles figures out that Lydia is facing a pretty dark danger and devises a way to help he escape Eichen House. For the plan to work, they will need Kira's power to cause a brown out. Malia asks how a brown out gets them into the closed unit and Stiles tells them they have five minutes of access with the keycards. Stiles is the only one that can get past the barrier and once they grab Lydia, they leave and the power cuts back on. If they don't save Lydia, they could lose her and other innocent people. Malia and Kira are working on Kira's part of the mission which is to create the brown out. Things don't go too well and they take off but Theo's pack member Corey was spying on them. Later, Kira doesn't believe in her powers but Scott tells her she believes and everyone else in the pack shares their belief. Kira tells them they are all crazy and that they're all going to die in a joking manner. The team enters Eichen House and Parrish joins in with a delivery to the morgue. Malia and Kira get a distraction from a naked inmate and head down to the electrical room. Kira and Malia get in with 12 minutes to spare. Malia rips the box off of the electrical wires and tells Kira she can do it. Malia removes the rubber coating from the wires. Malia counts down from 10 seconds and Kira finally grabs on to the wires. It doesn't appear to have worked and Kira says she doesn't know what she is doing. Malia, who was a big doubter in Kira, has to give her a pep talk in order to get her to concentrate on helping their friend Lydia. Kira manages to let her powers kick in and initiates the brown out. Kira and Malia are trying to figure out a way to get out but they decide to lay low. They are locked down before they can escape.[34]

Malia and Kira are still locked in the electrical room and Kira is losing control of her powers again. Malia shows her confidence but Kira tells her to leave. Malia sees Kira lying on the ground and kneels down to check her pulse but she is stopped by Josh. She asks why he is helping her and he tells her he needs her help with Corey who is badly burned. Josh is trying to help Corey and Kira and to do so they have to trust each other. Malia draws the pain from Corey to help him heal while Josh draws the electricity from Kira to help her. After they are all healed, Corey, Josh, Kira and Malia have to rely on Mason to find a transformer shed so that they can escape. After the power goes down, Kira and Malia ascapes Eichen House and meets the others at the gate where they get Lydia into Stiles' Jeep and escape.[35]


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Production Notes

  • Kira was only supposed to appear for one season and then leave Beacon Hills. Jeff and the writers decided to keep her on after seeing Arden Cho's chemistry with Tyler Posey.