"I don't mean I'm not strong or I'm never gonna learn how to be in control. I mean everything else. You and your friends try to protect everyone. Have you been whole this the whole time? I mean, how are you all still alive?"
Liam to Scott[src]

Liam Dunbar is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the third episode of the fourth season. He is portrayed by main cast member Dylan Sprayberry.


Early Life

Liam attended Devonfort Prep and played on the school lacrosse team with Brett. The coach benches him for the entire season. For this, Liam takes a crowbar to his car and destroys it. For that, Liam got a couple of red cards and got kicked out of school and sent to an for a mental evaluation and got diagnosed with I. E. D. After this, he transferred to Beacon Hills High. [2]


At the school, There's a new kid playing goalie, and he's good. Garrett tells Liam that he might be their first ever freshman captain. Scott and Stiles corner Liam in the locker room and ask him to explain his incredible skill. "That little display, your little circus act." Liam doesn't know what they're talking about. Stiles adds that he caught every shot. Liam points out that he was playing goalie. It's his job as goalie to catch every shot. They switch tactics and ask him about moving to the area. He says he transferred from Devonfort Prep. Scott listens to his heartbeat and hears a lie. He guesses that Liam didn't so much transfer as was kicked out. Liam gets defensive and says that he just came to play lacrosse. Stiles then starts asking Liam whether he's always been this good or whether it just happened all at once overnight. He starts to ask about being in the woods on the night of a full moon, but Scott stops him. Liam explains that he learned lacrosse from his stepfather, who made team captain when he was a sophomore. Liam gets in Stiles's face and tells him that yes, he's just that good. Scott smiles. "He wasn't lying that time." Later, Liam overhears Scott asking if he's still captain and finding out the answer is no. At practice, Liam shows off when he does press ups. Liam is up after Stiles and scores a goal easily. Stiles and Scott go in defense and Liam attempts to get past them and succeeds the first time but when Malia calls a rematch, Scott throws him over his shoulder and Liam lands badly on his foot. Stiles and Scott then take Liam to he hospital where they bump into Scott's mum. She puts him in a wheelchair and takes him away. Liam's stepfather checks out his ankle. Liam thinks it's broken and that it's his fault for trying to show off against juniors. He asks his stepfather if he's mad at him. His stepfather says no but they both might be in trouble with Liam's mom. Liam hobbles out of his room because he heard either Scott roaring or Melissa screaming. Sean shows up and takes Liam up to the roof. Scott attacks, and Sean throws Liam aside, sending him over the edge of the roof. Scott grabs for Liam and has both his arms at first, but Sean pulls Scott's arms behind his back. Liam starts to slip, so Scott bites him on the arm to keep him from falling. While Scott has his teeth in Liam's arm, the Mute kills Sean with his tomahawk. Scott hauls Liam up easily and sees the Mute as he's walking away. He holds a finger to where his mouth should be in a shushing motion. Liam groans and cries out in pain from the Bite, and Scott slowly realizes what he's done. [1]

Scott ties Liam up with duck tape and takes him to his house where he puts him in his bath tub. Stiles arrives and they move him to a chair. Stiles starts to explain that Liam's seen a lot of confusing things. Liam doesn't understand, so Stiles prompts Scott to tell him. "Liam, what happened to you, what I did to you, which I had to do in order to save you, it's gonna change you." Stiles adds, "Unless it kills you," and then immediately regrets it. Liam starts to cry. Scott tells him he's not going to die. Stiles is less firm on that point. Scott decides to untie him. Liam gets up and shuffles around while they apologize long enough to grab hold of the chair he was sitting on. He hits Scott with it, breaking it, and when Stiles starts to ask him what the hell his problem is, he punches Stiles in the face and runs. As he's running, he realizes that his ankle is healed. Scott and Stiles fly out into the hallway and barrel after him. There's a lot of screaming, and they tackle him down the stairs. Scott and Stiles wrestle trying to grab him, but Stiles only ends up grabbing Scott's leg while Liam escapes out the front door. At the school, Liam comes running up as Garrett and Violet leave. Mason asks him why he wasn't on the bus, and he says he ran to school from home, all 3 miles. Mason points out that this must mean his leg is okay. When he glances up, he sees Scott watching him. Liam tells Mason that he has to get to class and hurries away from Scott. In the hallway, Stiles and Scott corner him, Scott says, "Liam... we're brothers now." Liam gives him a "What?" And Stiles rolls his eyes. "What are you talking about. We just met and you bit me," Liam says. Scott then tries, "The bite is a gift." Stiles tells Liam that they're trying to help him. "By kidnapping me?" "Just to clarify, Scott kidnapped you," Stiles says. Scott tells Liam that something happening to him, something big. Liam insists that nothing is happening to him and rips the bandage off his arm. The wound is healed. After class, Liam sees Kira walking down the stairs, attempting to seduce him. Halfway down the steps, she falters and falls on her face. Liam rushes over to see if she's okay, and she smiles and asks him to a party. That night, Kira drives Liam up to Lydia's lake house. Liam is having difficulty with the loud music. He asks her to turn it down, but she mistakes him, so Kira turns it up a little. Liam gets a text from Mason asking where he is and Liam tells him about the party. They get to the lake house and Liam immediately notices that no one is there. Kira tells him that everyone is there but it's a small party. Kira lies again claiming that everyone else is late and they're early. She takes Liam's arm and brings him inside. As soon as he walks in the door and sees Stiles and Scott he knows he's been tricked. Kira closes the door and won't let him out. The gang has given Liam the rundown of what they are. Werewolf. Werecoyote. Banshee. Fox? "Kitsune," Kira says. Liam then asks Stiles what he is. "For a little while I was possessed by an evil spirit." Liam sees the restraints and asks if those are for him. Malia admits that they're for her. She flashes her eyes, and Liam asks how she did that. Scott assures him that he'll learn but he needs to get through the full moon first. Scott asks if he's starting to feel something. "I feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of psychotic nutjobs." Liam starts shouting and getting angrier and collapses from a loud sound. Outside, cars pull up to the house. Lydia asks who they told. Liam admits that he told Mason because Kira said there was a party. Mason invited everyone. Liam starts to shift, and his nails scratch the hardwood floors. Lydia orders them to get Liam off the floors before he ruins them. Scott and Kira hurry Liam to the boathouse. Scott and Kira struggle to chain Liam down. Before Kira can chain Liam's hands, Liam breaks free and knocks Scott back. Liam is about to claw Scott when Kira hits him with a paddle and knocks him out. After a wile, Liam awakes and shifts. Kira asks if the chains will hold him. Scott says they will, but Liam breaks out easily. He runs at them, then leaps through the window and heads out into the woods. Liam runs through the woods with Scott on his trail. Liam tackles him and shoves Scott up against a tree. He demands to know what Scott did to him. Liam is about to slash Scott when Chris Argent shoots a flash bomb arrow into the tree above them. Liam runs. Scott finds Liam trapped between four sonic emitters. Scott turns them off as he approaches. Liam looks up at him. "What's happening to me?" Liam cries that his mom and step-dad can't know what's going on with him. "I got kicked out of school and I deserved it." He's embarrassed by the way they looked at him when they saw what he did to the car. He doesn't want them to see him like this. Scott stands and proclaims that Liam is a werewolf like Scott. [3]

The Dead Pool

In the weight room at school, Liam is with Mason. Liam is obviously distracted as he keeps adding weight to a bench press machine. Liam adds more weight as Mason starts describing him as acting strange, running to school, disappearing at parties, and apparently on steroids. The line about steroids gets Liam’s attention, and Mason asks if he’s seriously going to lift the ridiculous amount of weight that he has on the machine now. Mason asks him if he’s okay, even though they’re going to play his old school, Devenford Prep that night. Liam enters the locker room pissed off and notices that his lacrosse stick is gone. He hears a strange noise on the other side of the room, and walks over to see Derek holding his stick. Derek ask if it’s his before snapping it in half and tossing it at his feet. Liam shifts and charges at Derek, but Derek easily pins him to the lockers as Scott walks in, calling Liam’s name until he shifts back to human. Derek comments on his anger before letting go of him, and Scott gives him back his actual stick before the bell rings and Scott makes him go to class. Liam glares a Derek one more time before he goes. Later, Mason chases after Liam who has walked outside to where the players from Devenford Prep are getting off of the bus. Liam immediately approaches Brett and tries to smooth things over, wishing him a good game, but Brett and his friends laugh. Brett swears that the team is going to “break [him] in half out there”. Scott notices that there is blood dripping for Liam’s clenched fist, implying that claws have made an appearance, and rushes forward, pulling Stiles with him. Stiles attempts to mediate carefully before helping Scott drag Liam away. In the locker room, Stiles and Scott hold Liam under a shower until he finds his control. Liam explains that he was benched for the entire season and that’s why he attacked the coach’s car. He hesitantly explains that after he was kicked out of school he was forced to go see a psychologist and he was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Stiles remarks that Scott has given superpowers to a ticking time bomb. Scott asks if he was given medicine for it, and he replies yes but he doesn’t take it because it makes him too sleepy for lacrosse. Scott then suggests that he stays out of the game which Liam doesn’t want to do, asserting that he can do it if Scott’s there. Scott explains that regardless of his control during the game, Scott and Stiles also think that the killer is on the team, and Liam reveals that Garrett paid for the keg. At the game, Liam tells Mason that he thinks he can take Brett. Liam catches Mason checking Brett out as he changes shirts. On the field Brett yells “Think fast!” and throws a ball at Liam who is standing on the sidelines and catches it. This confirms to Coach that Liam will definitely be playing. The game starts and Brett plows into Liam and scores a goal. Liam tries to charge at the players and Scott and Stiles hold him back. There is a bad hit before Liam, Brett, and one other player go down. Liam says that he was hit, not the other way around, and Scott resets his broken arm. Brett is still on the ground wailing in pain, and Garrett retracts the blade in his crosse. Liam finds Kira and Scott, telling him that Coach has decided to keep him out for the rest of the game. Stiles tells them that another third of the list has been broken, and Liam still isn’t on it. [2]

At the school, Finstock keeps the lacrosse team from going into the locker room, which is now a crime scene. He tells them to notify the police if they see Garrett. Liam finds Scott talking to Rafael McCall. Liam reports to Scott that Kira took off home after they heard from Lydia that she cracked the second part of the deadpool and her mom was on the list. Liam says that everyone is on the list, but Scott points out that he isn't. "Not yet," Liam replies. "There's still another third, right?" At night, Scott breaks into Garrett's locker while Liam plays lookout. He finds a bag at the bottom of the locker filled with cash. "You find anything?" Liam asks. "No, nothing," Scott replies. The next day, Mason and Liam are running down a street in a wooded area. Mason is weirded out by the fact that they were friends with these killers. "They were using us for their cover. I mean professional killers were using us. How are you not freaking out about that?" Liam replies that he's freaking out about a lot and then starts running faster. He runs away from Mason, who has no chance at keeping up. After a while, Liam realizes what he's been doing and stops to look back. When his back is turned, Garrett runs into him with his car. Garrett approaches Liam with his lacrosse stick knife and apologizes for missing movie night. "But don't worry, I got something else planned," he says. He attacks and takes him away. Liam is at the bottom of a well with a cut in his chest from Garrett's knife dipped in wolfsbane. Liam calls for help, shouting Scott's name, but the well is deep in the woods. Back in the well, Liam is trying to climb his way out. He gets fairly high, but his grip slips and he falls back into the water. He looks at the cut on his hand and it triggers a flashback to Scott bringing him back to the boathouse and showing him the window he jumped through. Scott explained that his cuts healed while he was changed and insists they need to get a grip on Liam's anger. Liam replies that his dad says when kids get angry they deal with it in one of two ways: hurt themselves or hurt someone else. In the present, Liam rubs the wound on his hand and comes to some sort of revelation. The cut on his hand appears to be oozing yellow goo. He goes at the wall again. Liam continues climbing the wall, even though the wolfsbane is starting to make him sick. He's near the top of the well, and in desperation he shouts for all he's worth. His eyes glow, and the shout becomes a howl that Scott can hear. Liam tries to hold onto the side of the well, but he loses his grip. Just as he starts to fall, Scott reaches down and catches him. He pulls him out and hugs Liam to his chest. Scott takes Liam to Deaton, who cuts the incision in his chest to let the wolfsbane out. [4]

Scott, Liam, Kira, and Stiles are in Scott's kitchen with three laptops. Liam questions whether their plan is too dangerous. Stiles adds that it's also borderline idiotic. "Have you guys done something like this before?" Liam asks. "Something dangerous or something idiotic?" Stiles asks. "I think it's a yes to both," Kira says. Scott tells Liam that he can duck out, but Liam claims to not be scared. Stiles congratulates him on being borderline idiotic, then. Scott is on his bed. Liam paces around in distress, while Kira and Noshiko stand at the bedside. Kira suggests that they tell Liam everything is going to be all right. Scott says everything will be all right. Liam asks Noshiko if she's done this before, but she says she's seen it done. "Is that just as good?" "No." Kira admonishes her mom for not inspiring confidence, but Noshiko wants them to understand that this is dangerous and stupid. Noshiko gives in and tells Kira to put her hand over Scott's heart. Kira reaches and puts her hand over his heart and electrocutes him. At the hospital, Liam and the others crowd Scott's body as Melissa walks in sobbing. Noshiko puts Melissa's hand over Scott's heart and waits for it to beat. After, Stiles, Liam, and Kira are in a hospital room with three laptops set up to monitor the cameras. Stiles hits a button and all the feeds come up. In Scott's dream, Liam throws a lacrosse ball at Scott who catches it. "That's why you're team captain," Liam says. Liam then runs off. Liam is suddenly next to him. Scott asks why it has to be him, and Liam answers, "Because you're the alpha." Scott turns away, and then behind him the Mute attacks Liam with a tomahawk to the back. Liam begs for Scott to help him, but the Mute just holds a finger to his face in a shushing motion and then kill Liam while Scott does nothing. Back in the present, Stiles, Kira, and Liam are watching the camera feeds when one on the roof goes out. Kira volunteers to go check it out, and Stiles reminds her that it might not be a malfunction. She pulls out her sword, and Liam volunteers to go with her. Back in Scott's dream, Liam, this time when he throws a ball at him, Scott catches it, but his claws are out. "That's why you're the alpha," Liam says. In the bathroom, Scott realises that he has more fangs. Liam suggests that he's becoming more of a werewolf, but Scott thinks he's becoming more of a monster. Liam insists that it means he's growing. There's a thud and then the Mute's mechanical voice says, "Evolving." Scott turns around and catches Liam as he falls forward with an ax in his back. In the present on the roof, Kira and Liam encounter the berserkers. The transformer on the roof explodes, knocking out the power to the building. Liam and Kira face off against the berserker. The berserker throws Liam across the roof and into a chain link fence. Kira then tries but the berserker punches her down. Kira wakes up to Liam calling her name. Liam and Kira are still fighting the berserker on the roof. Liam gets up on high ground and attacks again. Back in the dream, This time when Liam says "Catch," Scott catches a tomahawk covered in blood. Scott looks down at Liam, who is whimpering and also covered in blood. The Mute takes Scott's arm. "Let me help you. Let me show you how." And then directs Scott to strike Liam. Scott attacks and splatters his face in Liam's blood. He roars and seems pleased. Back in the present, Liam runs into the room where Scott is and looks at Kira. "It's your mother. She's hurt." [5]

Liam is in his room unable to sleep when his printer suddenly starts printing. It's spitting out copies of the deadpool, with those who are dead crossed out. Liam tries to get his printer to stop and ends up having to unplug it. At school, Liam is having difficulty. He's nervous and keeps seeing people like they're moving in slow motion. Mason asks him if he's going to the bonfire, which is a Cyclones tradition, but Liam doesn't want to go. Mason insists that they're going to find Liam a nice girl that he can embarrass himself in front of and find him a lacrosse player. Liam thinks he sees a berserker in the hallway and tries to block it out. He eventually agrees to go to the bonfire just to get away. In the locker room, Coach gives the team a speech about the party. Coach continues that while he can't stop them from getting drunk, Scott will be there to keep an eye on them and narc on them. He orders them all back to class. Scott follows Liam and finds Liam sitting on the steps and asks him if he's okay. Liam tells him about his printer acting crazy and then shows Scott what it was printing. Just then they hear Coach shouting and find him staring at his printer as it spits out the deadpool. Scott looks at the list that Liam gave him and notices that Derek isn't on the list anymore. "And I'm not worth 3 million," Liam says. "It's 18 now." At the party, Liam is pouring alcohol into his soda bottle. Mason watches skeptically as Liam puts more alcohol into his drink. Liam eyes him and then asks whether he's going to tell him to slow down. On the contrary, Mason was going to tell him to keep drinking so he'll get drunk enough to tell him the truth about what's really been going on. Liam looks over at Scott and Malia and then declares that he's going to get another drink. He drops his bottle on the ground and stumbles a little and claims he's getting drunk. Later, Liam has to sit down beacuse he wasn't feeling to good. Scott brings over Malia, who is also in the same state as Liam. Mason says that Liam hasn't had enough to drink to make him like this. Scott listens in and realizes that its the music that's making them drunk. Scott leaves Liam and Malia to go ant turn off the music. Liam and Malia get taken away by deputies and put inside of the school where they are covered in gasoline. Scott, Derek and Braeden take out the deputies after Mason takes out the music. [6]

As Scott is getting ready to go out the door to meet with Kira, he throws a helmet to Liam. Liam remains where he’s standing and questions Scott about the assassins whether they’re different than the ones who tried to light them on fire. Scott sees that Liam is uncomfortable with coming to help, so he offers to drive him home instead. Liam declares that he isn’t like Scott, or the rest of his pack, “I don’t mean I’m not strong, or I’ll never learn to be in control. I mean everything else, you and your friends try and protect everyone. Have you been doing this the whole time? I mean, how are you all still alive?” he says. Scott replies, “Not all of us are,” and pushes the offer to take him home. [7]

Liam and Mason are playing video games in Liam's room. Mason demands to know how Liam got so good. Liam quickly says he's been practicing. Mason gets up to leave, but Liam begs him to stay. Mason catches on that something is up, but when he asks if Liam is okay, Liam tells him he should leave. A little later, Liam tries to sleep, but he's still having PTSD from the encounter with the berserker. While he lays there, he becomes hyperaware of the rain outside. He hears footsteps and growling and sees the berserker standing over him. When he can't take it anymore, he turns on the light and looks around to prove it isn't there. The next day, Liam and Mason are in the weight room. Liam puts a lot of weight on the bench press and Mason offers to spot him. Liam refuses his help. He lifts the bar just to prove Mason wrong. Mason has enough of Liam's attitude and leaves. While he lifts the weight, Liam has a flashback to the roof with the berserker. He starts to panic and can't lift the weight anymore. Scott arrives quickly and lifts the bar off him. Liam coughs but claims that he's fine. Scott tells him that if he doesn't want to be a part of the pack, it's fine but he shouldn't push his friends away too. That night, Mason drops a new video game next to Liam. Mason says that the last good friend he made was a professional killer, so he's running low on friend options. He says that Liam should talk when he's ready, but until then he's going to kick his ass in at least one of their video games. Later, Stiles and Liam go into the locker room. Stiles says that Scott is fine, he got a text from him saying that he was going to be late. Liam wants to know how late late is, because they're playing Devenford Prep again. Coach overhears them talking and asks who's going to be late. Liam admits to him that it's Scott and Kira. Coach asks what they're doing that's going to make them slightly late. Stiles just gives Coach a pained expression and looks and Liam. "Oh, Coach." At the game, Liam looks around. "They're still not here," Stiles asks him what's really going on. "Are you nervous about the full moon? It's not for another 24 hours." Liam asks if he's concerned, and Stiles just says that he's mildly concerned. Liam declares that they're going to lose without him, but Stiles insists that they'll be just as good without Scott. Stiles gets knocked over and falls over nothing, and Liam comes over to just give him a look. Stiles agrees to call Scott again. Back on the lacrosse field, Devenford scores again. Stiles tells Liam that neither Scott nor Kira are answering so he has to go see what's going on. Liam asks what he's supposed to tell Coach. Stiles goes to talk to his dad, and they leave Malia at the game in case Scott shows up. Coach yells at Liam to get on the field. Devenford gets the ball and makes a drive across the field. Liam goes to intercept, but he sees a berserker kill another player and freezes. The other team runs right by him and scores. Liam gets the ball and is making a good run, but Brett knocks him down with a brutal and illegal hit. Liam demands to know why he did that. "Because you're afraid. I can smell it on you from across the field." After the game, Brett finds Liam in the locker room and asks him if he's okay. Liam points out that they lost. Brett asks again if he's okay, so Liam asks why he helped him. "Because of Scott. He saved me. He saved all of us." Brett tells Liam that he's lucky to have an alpha like Scott, who earned his power. He says that Liam is strong because he endures. "You're lucky to have him." "Then why isn't he here?" [8]

Saving Scott

Liam appears to Malia and Stiles and he wants to go with them to Mexico and save Scott but Stiles and Malia are scared that he will lose control under the full moon. Braeden, Derek, Peter, Stiles, Liam and Malia are all at a rendezvous point and brainstorm on how to stop Kate. Liam suggest that he check in with his friend to locate Lydia while the pack goes on the mission of their lifetime. Peter cautions that they should not fight the berserkers to survive but to kill them. Derek gives Liam the triskelion to help him control himself when the full moon comes. In the back of the van, the full moon starts to take effect on Liam. Derek helps Liam control himself under the full moon and tells him to say alpha, beta, omega but Liam loses control. Stiles remembers another mantra which seems to work as he has Liam recite "The Sun, The Moon, The Earth." Liam is now happy with his control and strength and as Derek opens the door of the van he is attacked by a berserker but saved by Braeden. Liam and the gang, go inside of the church to find and save Scott. Inside the cave, Malia, Liam and Peter start battling a berserker (who is really Scott). Malia, Liam and Peter get the upper hand on the berserker but just when they are about to kill him Stiles reveals that it is Scott behind the bones. Scott then goes after Liam and Kira is pleading with Scott to not hurt him. Scott is holding Liam near death and Liam begins to talk him down telling him that he isn't a monster, he is a werewolf. At this point Scott strips himself of the bones, breaking through the skull and showing his alpha power. He then turns his attention to Peter and reveals that he was the one behind everything. Scott starts fighting Peter and after getting beaten, Scott gets the upper hand after using his alpha strength for the first time after Liam's life is threatened by Peter. After the battle, nearly everyone ventured back to Beacon Hills, where Liam, Scott and Stiles try and come up with an excuse to coach for why they have missed practices. [9]

Liam is chained to the tree because he apparently lost control during the last full moon. He tells Scott to let him go because he's in total and complete control and he won't run naked through the streets again. Scott, Liam and Stiles take a ride and it looks like they begin to have some technical difficulties with their cellphones and Stiles' truck. While Scott and Stiles tends to the engine Liam is alerted by some very close lighting strikes. Liam really wants to go with Scott and Stiles but Scott knows that Liam is still having a hard time and gives him words of encouragement. Liam finds Malia and Stiles but Malia tackles him to the floor as she didn't know that it was him. He tells her that Scott is in trouble. They find Scott being beaten up by this unnamed werewolf. Scott then takes control of the sutuation and breaks the werewolf's arm. One of Scott and Stiles' old friends, Theo shows up. [10]


At school, Mason is looking into what attacked him at the end of last season. Liam isn't giving anything away though. When they get to class, there's a girl that Liam remembers from sixth grade. He gets nervous and refuses to sit down. Mr. Yukimura tell him to sit down. He does, straight into a wade of chewed gum. After class, Liam distracts Mason from the endless barrage of questions by sending him after his soccer team crush. Only to find out, the girl with a grudge on him has the locker next to his. She warns him she's vengeful. Later, Liam willingly helps Stiles help follow Theo. In the woods, Liam relies that he was meant to meet Mason, Stiles tries to persuade him to tell Mason. Liam worried, misses the trap set and falls in, his phone falls out. When he picks it up he notices a leaf earring in the mud. Liam and Stiles find out that Theo is really sad and throwing flowers in the river in order to honor his sister who died. Stiles realizes they have to leave but Theo's already noticed them and confronts them. Stiles gives him the little evidence he has and definitely let's Theo know he doesn't trust him. Theo tells them he knows he was meant to be in this pack. At Stiles' car, Scott finds them, where Scott tries to calm Stiles down. Liam finally makes it back to the school. He's about to Mason but a black wolf appears in the parking lot behind them. It starts to chase them into the school until Liam growls at it. Mason finally knows and he doesn't seem a bit scared at all. In fact he seems to think it's pretty cool. Turns out the wolf is not Derek but Theo. [11]

Before school, The pack gets together and it looks like Liam's friend is in on the plan to find Tracy too. Stiles asks what they do when they catch her and Malia immediately says put her down. However, Scott urges them to concentrate on finding Tracy first. Liam distracts Scott, who is in biology, by saying that Tracy is in school and that she is in his class. The gang pulls the fire alarm to try and get everyone out of the classroom. Tracy sees three doctors aproaching her when in reality its Scott, Kira's Dad and Liam. Tracy draws blood on the girl and when Scott approaches her, she says, "they're coming for all of us," then collapses as a strange fluid rolls out of her mouth. Scott and the pack take her away and Liam offers to help his old friend but she says she is okay. Later on the field, Liam seeks information from Brett and while they listen to him, Liam finds out that Tracy is wearing a necklace similar to the one in the hole he fell through. At night, Liam and Brett walk through the woods and Liam's friend finds the hole, but no necklace. Brett tells them that the hole isn't a sinkhole, Tracy was buried in there. Liam is digging in the hole for the necklace but can't seem to find it. He says he doesn't think it's the hole he was in because that one is closer to the bridge. [12]

Liam tells Scott that Tracy crawled out of the hole that he was talking about. The entire pack assembles at the hospital and Malia finally breaks the story about the men in the mask. Later, Liam is accompanying Mason to a rave where he will serve as his wingman. Liam runs into his old friend who almost didn't let them into the club. The club called Sinema is crazy and unlike anything Liam is use to. Liam realizes that Hayden is only working at the bar because she is saving up for something. Then he senses someone else in the club. He looses the sense of who appears to be Lucas. Liam is feeling a bit off and Mason seems to be interested in Lucas who shows off his supernatural strength, sending Liam into a protective mode. Liam is struggling with Hayden and is distracted before he could see Mason meeting up with Lucas. Liam is trying to fight off Lucas, when Scott and Kira show up a bit late to help the battle. The fight continues and ends Liam slamming Lucas to the ground. Kira goes to deliver an deathblow but she is stopped by Scott who looks at her very uncharacteristically. Before they could get Lucas out the Dread Doctors kill him and when Scott asks why, they tell him that Lucas' condition was terminal. [13]

Liam is at Sinema to give Hayden more of the money he owes her. A club goer complains to Hayden that his glow stick broke, but she explains that they just run out of juice. The guy asks for his money back, so she just gives him another glow stick. "God, I had all-ages night." Liam offers her $43, even though she said she doesn't want his money. He insists that he owes her $200, and he already feels bad enough about their past that he wants to make up for it. Just then the power shuts down in the club. Everyone cheers and shakes their glow sticks. Liam follows Hayden into the back. She tells him that if he's trying to be a good guy, she doesn't care. He admits that he's trying to make up for sixth grade. Hayden throws one switch to get the power back on but has trouble with the second. Liam covers her hand with his and helps. "You want to keep hating me, go for it. You said I owe you $200. So here's $43 more." Hayden finally takes the money, and Liam leaves. The next day outside school, Liam and Hayden are practicing their respective sports lacrosse and soccer. They get into a competition. Mostly it's Liam trying to impress her. Liam throws a little too hard and hurts the goalie. A student comes running out onto the field shouting for anyone who has an inhaler. Liam immediately knows it must be Scott. He rushes into the school and puts the inhaler in Scott's hand, but Scott is too out of it to use it himself. Liam lets his eyes glow and growls at Scott, which pulls him out of it enough to use the inhaler. Later, Deputy Clark is Hayden's sister. She catches up with her and hands her a bottle of medication that almost got ruined in the wash. One bottle of Hayden's meds is $200. Liam overhears this. "Is that Liam Dunbar?" Clarke asks. "He got cute." Liam smiles to himself. At Sinema, Liam offers Hayden another $23, but she doesn't want it. Phil, the bartender, takes half her money anyway. Liam insists that she take the money for her medication, but she insists that it wasn't his fault the drinks spilled. She tells him her pills are mycophenalate, for a kidney transplant she had a few years ago. She works at Sinema so her sister doesn't have to pay for all her bills. Liam asks her if Phil really takes half her tips. "And never stops bragging about it. Just listen to him." Liam does, but it requires using his werewolf senses to do so. Liam realizes that Hayden shouldn't be able to hear the conversation Phil is having. He asks her if she'll close her eyes. She thinks it's some kind of trick. Liam begs, and eventually she agrees. He grabs a glow stick and breaks it and holds it up next to her face. When she opens her eyes, they reflect the light. [14]

At Sinema, Hayden runs away from Liam. Asking her to close her eyes was weird, sticking a glow stick in her face was even weirder. "But werewolves and dead doctors?" She tells him to get away from her and goes to get in her car. In a panic, Liam says that he can prove it's all true. He shifts and growls at her, and she punches him in the face. She gets in her car and drives away. The electrical system in her car dies, and Hayden can see figures walking toward her from the shadows. The Dread Doctors are coming to get her. She keeps trying to start the car, but it won't cooperate. All the locks seal and won't open. The Surgeon keeps repeating her name, and hte glass in the car breaks. Liam appears and rips the roof off her car. He pulls her up and out, and they run to safety. Liam took Hayden to Scott's house, and she's now shut herself in the bathroom. "Hayden, it's Scott. I know that you're scared, but we want to help," Scott says through the door. Scott turns to Liam and asks him what happened. Hayden's heart is beating really fast. Liam isn't sure. In the time it took him to send Scott a text, Hayden locked herself inside. They're sure she's a chimera because the Doctors told her her condition improves. "Okay, that's unsettling," Stiles says. He gives it a try. "Hayden. This is Stiles. Your sister works for my dad down at the station. Look, just open the door okay? You can trust us." Scott goes back to trying. He tells her that they want to explain the truth face to face. But either she unlocks the door or they're going to break it open. "It's okay if you don't want to talk or you're not ready to believe us. But I just... I gotta know that you're okay in there." Hayden opens the door. When it swings open fully, her eyes are glowing, and she has fangs and claws. "I believe you," she says. They then discuss where to take her and come to a conclusion that the school would probably be the safest. At the school, Hayden stares at herself in the mirror. Liam assures her that she'll learn to control her shift. "I'm not like you. I wasn't bitten by a wolf. I was somebody's science experiment." Liam assures her that she'll be okay. She looks in the mirror at him. "What am I?" He replies simply, "You're Hayden," and she smiles. She tells him that if he gets her out of this she'll forget about sixth grade. Hayden falls asleep on Liam's shoulder. He finally notices the black bag that Scott brought in earlier and gets up to check it out. He finds chains inside and turns toward Scott, asking what they're for. "I brought them just in case." "In case of what?" "In case we had a chance to catch one of them," Lydia says. Scott tells Liam, "If we can't make the school a fortress, then maybe we can make it a trap." Liam asks him if Hayden is the bait, and Hayden scowls at them. Liam is pissed, and Lydia tries to talk him down. She insists that they brought Hayden to the school to protect her. Scott tells them that no one is bait but they can't be bodyguards to everyone every night. "Then why aren't we talking to Stiles's dad? Why aren't we doing something better than hiding in a school?" Scott says that they don't know what the Dcotors are or what they want. They're winning, but the pack doesn't even know what the game is. Liam demands to know what they're going to do if the Doctors come in and jammers don't work, or Scott has an asthma attack again. "This plan sucks!" "You got a better one? Kids are dying, and she's next! So somebody has to do something, somebody has to save everyone. So somebody's got to be the bait!" They all stare at Scott as he admits the truth. Liam steps up to Scott and asks him to promise that he'll do everything he can to save Hayden. "Scott. Promise." Scott does. Hayden interrupts and tells them that she forgot her pills. She has a bottle in her locker, and Scott offers to go get it. He and Lydia head out of the locker room. Liam and Hayden hear the Doctors coming. Liam calls for Scott and Lydia, but they don't answer. The door to the locker room opens. The Pathologist comes in first. The Surgeon breaks the cell jammer. "We are on a frequency you can't possibly imagine," he says. At the Doctors' lab, they have Liam hooked up to a machine to drain his blood. He sees Hayden strapped to an exam table. The Geneticist briefly has her mask off, showing pale skin and sickly remnants of hair. Liam begs them not to hurt her. [15]

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