Lucas was a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fourth episode of the fifth season. He is portrayed by supporting cast member Eddie Ramos.



After being experimented on by the Dread Doctor, Lucas was kissing his boyfriend, Corey, taking it slow, when he started to turn. He stung him on the arm, causing Corey great pain. At the club Sinema, Lucas gives Mason a sly smile, and spines come out of the back of his arms. Mason goes into a back corner with Lucas. Night of the Living Dead is being projected onto Mason's shirt. He comments about it. Lucas asks how it ends, and Mason tells him that the zombies pretty much win and the good guys die. "So I guess it's better to be one of the bad guys," Lucas replies. He moves in on Mason and starts kissing him. Spikes grow out of Lucas's spine. Lucas kisses Mason some more, right up until Brett grabs him and flings him across the room. Lucas slices Brett across the stomach, and then Liam comes flying in to tackle him. Scott attacks and manages to get Lucas off Liam, but Lucas quickly tosses him aside. Kira uses her belt sword and joins the fight. Kira continues to fight Lucas. Liam catches Lucas off-guard and slams him to the ground. Lucas seems to come back to himself, but in the moment of calm, Kira's kitsune spirit comes out. "Watashi wa shi no shisha da!" she shouts. And she makes to kill Lucas. Scott grabs her arm to stop her. Scott asks Liam to help him get Lucas out of there. They start to pick him up, but he's shot in the chest with a dart. The Dread Doctors are up in the rafters. They bring Lucas to the hospital morgue. Later, Parrish opens the fridge and removes Lucas's body. Later that night, he's walking through the forest toward the nemeton carrying Lucas's corpse. Parrish sets him down on the nemeton and engulfs them both in flames. [1]


Season Five