"All right, Meredith. I'm not sure how to do this. I'm not a psychic. And apparently I'm not much of a banshee either. But I'm trying to help my friends. I don't know if you can hear me. Or, uh, what I'm supposed to ask you. But if I have this thing, it's got to work some of the time. It's gotta help someone. Maybe what I really wanted to say was... I'm sorry. I wish I could have helped you. I'm sorry."
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Lydia Martin is a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the first episode of the first season. She is portrayed by main cast member Holland Roden.


Early Life

Lydia hears her mother telling her: I told you to stay in the car. Lydia, I told you to stay in the car. She doesn't listen and goes in anyway. She's in a concrete facility, and she's wearing bright red shoes. She hears a drill and sees her mother kneeling next to a tub, where her grandmother Lorraine is lying. She's drilled into the side of her head. "They're coming, Lydia. They're coming for all of us," Lorraine says. [1]

High School

Lydia walks into school, passing Stiles on the way, ignoring him when he makes a complement on her. After class, Lydia talks to Allison, opening by complimenting her jacket; Allison tells her that her mum was a buyer at a boutique in San Francisco and Lydia announces that she’s found her new best friend. Jackson arrives and we find out that Lydia and Jackson are dating. They invite Allison to a party on Friday night but she makes an excuse, telling Lydia she can’t make it because she has family night. Then, Allison is dragged with Lydia to watch the lacrosse practice of which Jackson is the team captain. On the field, Lydia is asked who Scott is. She has no idea. When Scott catches every ball that is thrown at him. She is impressed with him and even stands up and cheers with the rest of the crowd on the stands. At the party on Friday night, Lydia and Jackson making out in the corner and Lydia catches Scott's eye and looks at him seductively, he quickly looks away. [2]

In math class, Lydia asks Scott why there's a rumor that he isn't playing tomorrow. Scott tries to tell her that he isn't playing, but she informs him that he is, especially after what he did to Jackson. She says that if he doesn't she will begin to introduce Allison to all of the "hot boys" on the team. She then says that she likes her boyfriend playing at peak performance, but at the game, Jackson wont be. Lydia finishes up her equation at the board, dusts off her hands, and walks back to her chair. After class, Lydia has already begun to introduce Allison to the other players. At the hospital, Lydia is waiting for Jackson. Stiles begins talking to her, even though she can't hear anything he says as she is talking to her friend through an Bluetooth headset. After she realities that he is talking to her, she removes the headset from her ear and asks Stiles if what he says is worth repeating. He just turns around and Lydia goes back to her phone call. Jackson meets Lydia in the waiting area. Jackson says that the doctors have given him a shot for the pain. Lydia advises getting another shot just before the game. Jackson doesn't look thrilled at this, but Lydia demands that he do it because that's what a pro would do. At the game, Lydia approaches Scott and grabs him by the shirt, reminding him that "Nobody likes a loser." During the game, Lydia gets Allison to help her to hold up a poster that she made saying "WE LUV U JACKSON." Later on during the game, Allison's father wonders which one Scott is. She points him out and says that he is the only player on the field that hasn't caught a single ball. Lydia attempts to get Allison to stand up again and hold up another poster. She reluctantly stands and holds it up. When Scott scores a goal, everyone stands and cheers apart from Lydia who is glued to her seat. [3]

Its lunch time at school and Lydia and her friends all sit down on the table that Scott and Stiles are sat at. They talk about the attack that happened at the school the previous night. Jackson thinks that its a Mountain Lion. Just then, Stiles finds a video on his phone which states that the victim survived the attack and is now recovering in the hospital. Lydia asks if they can change the subject and brings up the double date that her and Allison planned for the following night. Jackson would rather stab himself in the face with a fork, but Lydia insists. "How about bowling? You love to bowl." Jackson says he needs actual competition, and Allison takes that as a challenge. Scott says that he is an great bowler, when in reality, he sucks. On the night of the date, Lydia is at Allison's house picking out outfits to wear for the date. Lydia makes a comment on how hideous her clothes are. Allison's dad comes into the room and says that she will be staying in tonight as there is a curfew. Lydia says that Allison is a daddy's girl. Allison responds with sometimes, but not tonight and does a somersault out of her window. Lydia says that she would take the stairs. At the bowling ally, Lydia attempts to bowl with the help of Jackson but fails miserably and the second time, she only manages to hit a pin or two. Scott bowls and we discover that he is even worse than Lydia. After Allison gives Scott some motivation and causes Scott to get six strikes in a row, Lydia asks Scott if he can help her out with her bowling. After he refuses by saying that shes good, she angrily picks up a bowling ball and gets a strike, revealing that she was faking being ill all of the time. After she sits down, Allison makes a comment on how she was sucking for his benefit. Lydia responds that she does plenty of sucking for his benefit. [4]

When Derek focuses his hearing, he finds Lydia talking to Allison. Lydia is asking what she is doing with Scott after school. She says their just going to study. Lydia, like Stiles, says that studying is not just studying and advises that Allison make sure Scott uses a condom. Allison is a bit scandalized. Lydia thinks it's adorable and says she should just give him a little taste. [5]

Jackson and Lydia pull up outside Video 2C and they both argue about what movie to watch. After loosing, Jackson goes inside to buy The Notebook. A bit passes, and Lydia starts to take selfie's and The Alpha Werewolf smashes out of the store's window, frighting Lydia to death. After the police show up, Lydia and Jackson are being checked out by the ambulance crew. The following day, Lydia decides to stay home and dose up on some prescribed drugs that the ambulance gave her. Stiles shows up at her door and her mother lets him in. She is a bit delirious. Stiles is about to leave when Lydia requests him to stay. He quickly closes the door and sits back down on the bed. She seductively touches Stiles' face and says Jackson's name. Stiles, hurt backs down as she falls to sleep on him. Her phone goes off and Stiles picks it up to reveal that she took a photo of the wolf when it jumped out of the window. At the parent teacher conference, her parents make assumptions about Lydia. They seem to be shocked when the teacher says that she is a really good and bright student. [6]

In the lunchroom, Allison reads the legend of La bête du Gévaudan to Lydia, who is supremely bored by it all. Allison announces that the hunter who finally killed le bete was named Argent. Lydia still isn't impressed that her ancestors killed a big wolf, but Allison isn't sure it was just a wolf. She turns the book around and shows Lydia a drawing of a large creature with red eyes. Lydia stares at it, clearly recalling something she doesn't want to, but she covers herself and announces that it still looks like a big wolf. [7]

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Dread Doctors

Parrish and Lydia are hanging out at the station in a pretty flirty conversation. You can feel the tension as they argue over a trick. Lydia holds a flame to his palm and it burns Parrish, but she tells him he can last longer. She does it again urging him not to think about the flame or anything to do with it on his hand. This time it lasts but Lydia burned her thumb a bit. She looks at Parrish's palm that is charred without scars. She asks him what he was thinking about and he replies, a dream. He is walking through the woods carrying a burnt body but he doesn't know who it is. Lydia recognizes the tree in his dream as the area where the Celtic settlers met. It's suppose to be a beacon for supernatural beings. Parrish says he puts the body down, he lays it on the trees and thats it. There are multiple bodies in Parrish's dream. [8]

Lydia greats Scott and his friends at the high school. The gang all line up at the library to sign their initials onto a bookcase. After they all sign, Scott signs AA for Allison.[9]

In biology, Lydia and Kira share a silent conversation. They are confused as to why Scott is in their AP class. Apparently, it wasn't a mistake. Turns out Theo is in the class. There's going to be a huge test in the class the next day, to weed out those who don't belong. While Tracy is dreaming, Lydia comes up to her and pulls her out. Might not be just a dream as there are claw marks in Tracy's locker now. Lydia questions her mother about Tracy and Parrish examines Tracy's room. He finds that the skylight is in fact open. He looks through it. Lydia asks if he sees anything. He lies and says no, even though there are a ton of dead crows on Tracy's roof. Lydia and Parrish are hitting it off. They're going to work together on figuring out what's going on with Tracy. Lydia and Parrish enjoy a coffee and a pat on the back that Tracy's all safe. Even though she's not, she's in the doctor's place. [10]

Kira and Lydia are teaching Malia how to drive since it didn't go so well for her the last time. She has a flashback of the accident that left her in the woods before starting the engine. She starts moving and the girls begin nervously directing her. She doesn't quite have control of the vehicle and quite frankly it's a disaster. When Kira tells Lydia that they are heading downtown instead of school, Lydia tells them to keep going and it looks as if there is something wrong. They find the wreck and the injured attorney. After Scott finds Donovan, he was muttering Tracy's name the entire time and Lydia who is also listening along knows exactly what Tracy they are talking about. Later, Kira and Lydia find a "Dreamcatcher," and they realize that Tracy is killing people she doesn't really want to kill as well as the fact that she's still in a night terror. Kira and Lydia are still snooping around the room and they realize that Tracy is after Lydia's mother who was trying to help her with her night terrors. At the sheriff's station, her mother is taken out the deputies and just as Lydia and Kira come in they all look up to find Tracy on the ceiling. Kira is does her best to battle the Kanima and when Lydia tries to block Tracy from going after her mom, she is struck by the tail. Kira enters a new phase of being a Kitsune and slices the tail off of the Kanima. Tracy escapes as a brand new Kira emerges surrounds by a amber light. Lydia watches while bleeding out on the floor. Lydia tries to tell Malia that Tracy is in a dream-state and Kira has to stay and tend to her. [11]

Lydia's face graces a queen of diamonds in a deck of cards that Parrish is playing with. Scott, Stiles and Theo walking in on a hurt Lydia who's being treated by Kira. Theo rushes to her side and ties his his belt tightly around the wound. Lydia is being rushed to the hospital room and she is pleading with her mother not to say anything about what they saw. Lydia is counting down from 10 when her doctors suddenly turn into the men in masks. She falls deeper into her state as one of them urges her to keep counting. Lydia wakes up the next morning and Parrish has been keeping watch over her. She asks him what he's doing there and he says he's officially there to record a report. The conversation spins into Lydia asking him to teach her how to fight. [8]

The next day at school, Malia shows Lydia the Dread Doctors book she found. Malia says that she's read it but she didn't understand any of it. Lydia tells her that they should probably all read it, and Malia says that Kira is working on that. Kira is in the library making photocopies. Malia also reports that Stiles can't find anything on the author and thinks it's a pen name. Lydia asks Malia how it ends. "IT doesn't. This is supposed to be volume one." "Let me guess, there is no volume two." "I think we're living volume two." Lydia thinks the real question is whether the book is a novel or someone's prediction. She's thinking it could have been written by a banshee. In math class, Malia turns around to give Lydia an annoyed look. "Why is your heart beating so fast?" Lydia shows her the About the Author page. "For providing scientific research and valuable insight, this book is dedicated to Dr. Gabriel Valack." Scott tells Theo that he knows where to find him. In Stiles's room, Stiles informs Lydia that he's going with them to Eichen House. She thought he was sick, which is why he stayed home from school. He admits to being slightly under the weather, and she says he dosen't have to come. "Malia's not going either." "Malia's not going because she knows that place is nightmare asylum of insanity and death. Okay? Let's go." As Stiles puts his hoodie on, he winces. Lydia notices and asks about it. Stiles tries to lie to her, but she knows something is wrong and blocks his path. Stiles insists that she is not going without him. "Scott and Kira are going to be there." "Okay. I'm not letting you go to a place where one of the orderlies almost killed you." "He almost killed you too!" "And we're both still alive! See? Teamwork." Stiles rushes out of the room before she can come up with another argument. at night they all go to Eichen House. Lydia keeps buzzing to try to get in. Scott goes to talk to Stiles. "Are you gonna be okay in there?" "Yeah, why?" "You seem a little off." "I think we're all a little off." "Maybe some of us more than others," Scott says and turns to look at Kira. Stiles asks what happened. "Well when the other chimera, Lucas, when he came after us, I heard Kira say something in Japanese." "That doesn't sound too bad." "She doesn't know any Japanese." "Still not terrible." "I also think I might have stopped her from killing Lucas." Stiles takes that into consideration. "Wasn't he trying to kill you, though? I mean that just sounds like self-defense." Stiles rubs at the wound Donovan gave him on his shoulder. Scott says it was more than that. She nearly took off his head. "Maybe she had no choice," Stiles responds, clearly now thinking about his own situation. "There's gotta be a point where self-defense is justified. Tracy killed her own father. And Lucas would've killed you." Scott tells him, "They're not hte bad guys. They're the victims. We shouldn't be killing the people we're trying to save." Eichen House finally opens up, and they all head inside. Schrader tells them all to empty their pockets. They comply. He asks Kira to remove her belt. "I kind of need the belt. I mena, it's crucial to the outfit." "Please remove belt, which patients will attempt to take from you and use to strangle either themselves or others." Kira removes her belt while Schrader leers at Lydia. Stiles notices that among the things he put in the box is the pin from the scaffolding that he pulled. Dr. Fenris takes them downstairs and says he's only doing this as a favor to Deaton. Stiles asks about the etiquette for talking to Valack. Fenris suggests not making eye contact with anyone or anything while they're in the basement. In the hallway in Eichen, Scott and Kira come to a stop while Lydia and Stiles continue on. There's a mountain ash barrier that they can't cross. Fenris opens the door and tells Lydia and Stiles that Valack's cell is the last one at the end of the hall. Scott offers reassurances while they head off. Stiles and Lydia peer at the captives. A woman without a mouth. A slaugh. And then Valack. Valack asks them what they just saw in the previous cell. "The slaugh. The myth is that they can take on the appearance of the lost souls that have become inextricably bound to it. Happened to see any lost souls, Mr. Stilinski?" "Yeah, everyone down here," Stiles responds. Valack tells him not to give up on them yet. "We're all works in progress." It's something Peter says. Lydia recognizes it and asks him where he heard it. "Wise words from a former cell mate." Valack asks if they brought the book, and Stiles shows him the copy. Lydia realizes there is no T.R. McCammon. Valack wrote the book. It's a tool designed to open their eyes. Lydia asks VAlack why he used a psuedonym. He claims he had a professional reputation once and didn't want to ruin it by putting his name on a second rate piece of trash. "Then why write the book in the first place?" Stiles asks. Valack explains taht he wrote it because no one believed him, no one listened. He knows the Doctors are in Beacon Hills. "What are they?" Lydia asks. "Not entirely human. At least not anymore. They were scientists once. Scientists who worshipped the supernatural. Teska said, 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.' They found their secrets in electromagnetic forces. Ways to prolong their lives. Give them power. And most importantly, making you forget you ever saw them." Lydia asks what they want. Valack tells her it's a good question, because everyone wants something. Stiles realizes it's the start of his request and asks Valack what his price is. He wants a recording of Lydia's scream. Stiles takes the recorder away from Lydia and declares that Valack is not getting his recording. Lydia doesn't agree and wants to do the trade. While they're talking, Valack asks them how many have died so far. He asks if they want to know how many died the first time the Doctors came to Beacon Hills, or how many will die if they succeed. "This did happen before," Lydia says. "And now they're back. All because a few teenagers who never even considered the consequences decided to reignite a supernatural force they barely understand." Lydia realizes he's talking about the nemeton and the sacrifices they performed in Season 3A. Stiles asks how he even knows about that, and Valack replies that he knows because he saw it. He removes the band from his head, and Lydia looks into his third eye. Valack orders them to hit record and give him a scream, because it costs them nothing. Stiles replies that it's important to him so he's not getting it for free. Lydia asks what the book does. He explains that reading the book opens their minds to the memories that the Doctors repressed. The book was meant to trigger peoples' memories. And then those people would find their way to him. Lydia recalls having flashes of the doctors while she was on the operating table. "If you've seen them, if they've done something to you, then the book will help you remember. Now give me what I want!" Lydia holds out her hand for the recorder. In the hallway, the Doctors are right by the door. Lydia asks Valack what the Doctors are trying to do. He just tells them all to read the book, anyone who has come in contact with them should read it. Stiles rushes to get out of there. tiles and Lydia are hiding in the basement. "I think we're okay," Lydia says. "No, it's not okay. All this, it's on us. Everything that's happened. Everything that's gonna happen. It's our fault." Lydia corrects him. "It's our responsibility." [12]

In Parrish's house, he and Lydia practice hand-to-hand combat. He instructs her to keep her hands up so she can protect her head while keep her eyes on her enemy. They spar, and Jordan tags her. Lydia recovers and tells him she wants to keep going. He's afraid she's going to rip out her stitches, so she pulls up her shirt and shows him the dressing with no visible blood. Lydia tosses her shirt aside, and Parrish takes off his hoodie. They try again, and this time Parrish is able to grab her and pull her in close. He asks her what she did wrong. "Forgot to keep my arms up." He tells her that it's okay because her muscles have memory and with enough practice they will remember for her. Lydia leans back against him, and they both become conscious of being pressed against one another in an embrace. Lydia suddenly has a flash of a Doctor's hand on her arm and then being surrounded by them during her surgery. She makes a pained sound and pulls away from him. She can see her photocopy of The Dread Doctors sticking out of her bag across the room. "What's wrong? What is it?" Parrish asks. "Muscle memory," Lydia tells him. They're all at Scott's house with copies. Lydia complains that her mom's book club usually has more wine. "Well, they also probably didn't read books that cause violent hallucinations," Stiles replies. They've asked Malia to watch over them while they read so there will be someone to stop them should they do something dangerous like she did when she almost got run over on traffic. Lydia says she should have her mother read it, so she'll remember her encounter with Tracy. "If it works," Stiles warns. "It has to," she replies. Lydia then explains that she thinks she saw the Doctors during her surgery back in Condition Terminal and when she looks at the cover of the book it feels like a memory wanting to resurface. She wants to know what happened to her. They all take a copy and start reading. Scott finally asks if anyone is feeling anything. "Tired," says Kira. "Hungry," Lydia replies. Theo chastises them all with, "I think he meant the book." In AP Biology, Lydia and Theo see Sydney pull out a clump of hair. Lydia wonders if she's a chimera. Mrs. Finch is telling them about how the African Cane Toad was introduced to Australia to get rid of the grey-backed beetle. This worked, but the toad then kept eating other things too. And everything that tried to eat the toad, from crocodiles to household pets, died from the poison they secreted. It's an example of an invasive species. "Once an invasive species is introduced, everything changes." Sydney leaves class, putting her drop form on the desk as she goes. Mrs. Finch tells Sydney "wise choice". Lydia goes to follow her, but Mrs. Finch tells her that it's for the best. Lydia goes anyway. Scott looks at his own drop form. Lydia finds Sydney in the counselor's office, looking for her mom. She asks her if she's okay. Sydney shows her more hair that's falling out, and Lydia asks how long it's been happening. "Three years." "Years?" Sydney explains that it's stress. She's tried everything but she can't get it under control. "Have you tried not taking the hardest classes in school?" Lydia asks, making her laugh. Lydia asks if she can see it. Sydney shows her a bald spot just above her ear, but when she does, it suddenly becomes a bloody hole. Lydia stumbles back and has a vision. Scott and Theo are there when Lydia comes out of the vision. She tells them that she didn't remember anything about the Dread Doctors or her surgery. It was a memory about her grandmother at Eichen House. Natalie comes rushing in then to check if she's okay. Lydia tells her that she just fainted. Lydia and Stiles go to the hospital because Lydia is determined to find the repressed memory she's looking for. The one she had wasn't the right one. Lydia's now thinking that the vision she had during her surgery wasn't because of the Doctors but because of her banshee powers. "It's not my memory, Stiles. It's someone else's." Lydia is able to hear the Doctors talking in the operating room. She can hear them repeating the same word: Hayden. She sees a boy tied down to the table begging them not to hurt him. The Surgeon peels back the skin on the boy's side, revealing blue flesh. "Your condition worsens." [1]

Lydia and Parrish are at Parrish house. He took three cell phone jammers from the station, and he's working on broadening their range of frequency. Parrish looks up from his work and smiles at Lydia, who smiles back. That night at the school, Parrish, Lydia, and Malia unload the cell jammers from Parrish's car. "We're betting our lives on these?" Malia asks. "I think we're betting Hayden's life on them," Lydia replies. They the jammers up around the school and gather in the boys lockers room. Scott has a heavy bag with him. Malia stations herself out in the hallway. Parrish stands outside with his gun ready. Lydia corners Scott and asks him if Liam is aware of the second part of the plan. Scott admits that he's not sure if there's going to be a second part. "Or if it's going to work," Lydia finishes for him. The Doctors arrive at the school. One of them sends a burst of electromagnetic energy through the school. It affects the PA system and makes Parrish's car stereo emit sound. The frequency is 97.1. Scott sees a leash being dragged across the floor. Scott gets up to follow it. Lydia interrupts him and points out that since they can't use their phones they can't check in on Stiles and Theo. Apparently no one thought about that when coming up with this plan. They worry about who or what Stiles and Theo are waiting for. Liam, Hayden, Lydia, and Scott are in the boys locker room, waiting. Hayden falls asleep on Liam's shoulder. He finally notices the black bag that Scott brought in earlier and gets up to check it out. He finds chains inside and turns toward Scott, asking what they're for. "I brought them just in case." "In case of what?" "In case we had a chance to catch one of them," Lydia says. Scott tells Liam, "If we can't make the school a fortress, then maybe we can make it a trap." Liam asks him if Hayden is the bait, and Hayden scowls at them. Liam is pissed, and Lydia tries to talk him down. She insists that they brought Hayden to the school to protect her. Scott tells them that no one is bait but they can't be bodyguards to everyone every night. "Then why aren't we talking to Stiles's dad? Why aren't we doing something better than hiding in a school?" Scott says that they don't know what the Dcotors are or what they want. They're winning, but the pack doesn't even know what the game is. Liam demands to know what they're going to do if the Doctors come in and jammers don't work, or Scott has an asthma attack again. "This plan sucks!" "You got a better one? Kids are dying, and she's next! So somebody has to do something, somebody has to save everyone. So somebody's got to be the bait!" They all stare at Scott as he admits the truth. Liam steps up to Scott and asks him to promise that he'll do everything he can to save Hayden. "Scott. Promise." Scott does. Hayden interrupts and tells them that she forgot her pills. She has a bottle in her locker, and Scott offers to go get it. He and Lydia head out of the locker room. She tells him to hurry while she keeps watch. Lydia watches the hallway and whispers Scott's name. When he doesn't answer, she goes looking. Tracy suddenly appears a the top of the stairs. "Lydia! Thank God, I need your help!" Lydia runs to her. Tracy tells her she needs her to scream. Then she grabs Lydia's tongue and rips it out. Lydia tumbles down the stairs and chokes on her own blood. The Doctors walk in a moment later, passed her body, showing again that it's just a vision. Once the doctors are gone, the vison somehow fades and Lydia goes back to the locker room to find that Hayden and Liam are gone. [13]

Corey, Mason and Lydia are in Scott's room talking. Scott walks in, he walks right up to Corey and digs his nails into the back of his neck. Lydia tells everyone not to touch them, otherwise, it could kill them. Everyone is surrounding Scott and Corey in the room and he's actually seeing visions of the Dread Doctors taking Corey in experiment on him. Scott collapses a bit and is very upset. He manages to get a clear description for Lydia who draws the holding area and they now know where to locate Liam and Hayden. Lydia and Theo are trying to keep Corey put and Theo has to lie to him to try to keep him there. Theo asks him to tell them what he saw when Scott was in his brain. Later, Stiles reveals that he knows who is taking the bodies and gives Lydia Parrish's badge. She knows where he is taking the bodies. [14]

Lydia and Stiles are looking for the dead bodies and the Nemeton which doesn't seem to be where they last found it. Stiles and Lydia think it's almost like the Nemeton doesn't want to be found. Stiles says if the Nemeton is covered in bodies, she is supposed to be able to find them. Stiles almost tells Lydia that he killed Donovan but instead he says one of the bodies could be a clue. Lydia races off to find Parrish to question him about the bodies. Parrish and Lydia are driving to the possible location of the Nemeton. In the woods, Lydia is trying to get Parrish to start thinking by starting a fight with him. It ends with his eyes turning orange as he turns and spots the location of the Nemeton with the bodies around it. Parrish is worried about his unconscious actions and wants to turn himself in. Lydia says he might covering up the supernatural instead of the just the bodies. She thinks he's in charge of keep the supernatural happenings from the regular world. Parrish says every time he takes a body to the Nemeton he adds one to the hundreds that are already there. At the station the Sheriff asks Lydia what Parrish thinks he's doing by locking himself up in the cell and Lydia says protecting them all. [15]

Lydia has been staying by Parrish's side while he's in prison and doesn't leave him even when he asks. They realize they are both closely related to death around them. Parrish tells Lydia that she scared him once. He said he thought he was going to die the night he saw the werewolf because he saw her. Lydia goes over a myth Kira told her and notices something. She leaves Parrish and tells him she has to check on something. At the school library, Lydia reads a passage about the hellhound, a dark creature in disguise. She looks up from her book and Theo appears behind her. She says someone is going to die there and Theo says he can't allow her to tell anyone. He says he wants all of them and when she asks why he tells her he will give her some time to think about it and hits her in the face. When she awakes, she is in the Dread Doctors den where Theo enters her mind angrily in search of Parrish. He sees what he needs to then makes his way over to a tank holding a creature. Theo brings Lydia to the Nemeton and tells her to watch after he injects her and the dead chimeras with a serum hat brings them all back to life. It looks like Theo has his pack but it's in the form of failed chimeras. He tells them he is there alpha and they all belong to him. Lydia watches the whole thing go down helplessly. [16]

Eichen House

Lydia is found by Parrish who takes her to Scott as he doesn't know what to do with her since she seems to be in a trance. They take her to the hospital where her mother sits beside her. Stiles walks through the door. Natalie doesn't want to see him or listen to him when he tells her he may know who hurt Lydia. She pushes Stiles out of the room and slowly walks over to Lydia who is still in a daze. She spots a wound on the back of Lydia's neck. Because of her condition, Lydia's mum has her transferred to Eichen House where she thinks Lydia will get better care and help. [17]

Lydia wakes up in what appears to be a room at the asylum and makes her way towards and open door. She turns back only to see her body laying still in the bed. She continues to walk the hallways hearing banging noises. When she opens a door she finds the shower/bath area. Out of the tub comes a hand with black oil. The body climbs out from the tub and crawls towards her. It's actually Meredith who tells her not to be afraid. Lydia is still in a comatose state and the woman tending to her tells her that she knows when a patient is pretending. She threatens to keep her there for the rest of her life. Meredith tells her she has to wake up or else she won't be there to help her friends and they will all die. Meredith tells her that she learned to fight and it matters. She also tells her that she will teach her how to use her voice as a weapon. [18]

Lydia is walking through Eichen House and over broken glass from a cell. Meredith asks her if she knew how Valack was able to escape. She says that Valack used her voice as a weapon and that Lydia needed to use her voice as one. Lydia is still strolling through Eichen House and begins knocking books down in the library to find that all of the initials have been removed. Meredith tells her that she needs to be fearless. Then, Lydia sees a vision of Theo ripping out Meredith's throat and screams. In reality the doctors overseeing Lydia are alerted by what they thought was a scream. [19]

Lydia is continuing her training with Meredith who tells her that her hands can guide her voice, pushing it to the target. Meredith tells Lydia she needs to find her own way and Lydia doesn't believe any of it is real. Meredith uses her banshee power to show Lydia that it is real then asks Lydia to break the glass in her cell. Meredith reveals that when her powers started all she could here was people dying. Meredith shattered all of the windows in the classroom she was in and when she opened her eyes, the other students had glass shards in them. She tells Lydia that her voice is like a bomb going off but Lydia's needs to be a bullet. Just then, Lydia hears a noise and sees Malia who is being approached by the Desert Wolf. Malia is in a ton of fear and Lydia says she is going to die. Back at her body, an orderly is supervising Lydia who is taking a shower. The orderly tells that's enough but she doesn't respond. She tells Lydia that she isn't buying her catatonic act nor is she letting her guard down. She becomes frustrated with Lydia and approaches her in a threatening manner. No matter what the orderly does, Lydia seems to be spaced out in some kind of trance. The female orderly and another male orderly walks Lydia through a hall where more patients are present. When the male orderly questions whether or not Lydia is okay, the female orderly tells him that she's fine, she's just a dedicated performer. Then comes a disturbing scene where Lydia is being injected with some kind of serum but it's being done in a gruesome manner. The orderly keeps piercing her skin and says he's going to try a different vein each time, while Lydia just lays motionless. Back with Meredith, Lydia is failing to break the glass. Meredith says that if she wants to get back to her body, she needs to break the glass. At her body, just when the orderly turns her neck and appears to have his site on injecting her into the neck, Lydia breaks the glass and she raises up in her body and screams in what's expected to be her normal banshee state. It knocks the orderly out and Lydia takes off running through Eichen house. She is surrounded by guards but in a new twist Lydia is kicking some serious ass. She even appears to have a new power as she pushes the guars with two hands emitting some type of energy. The fight carries out into a courtyard area but Aiden appears and stops her by telling her that he is sorry and her treatment is not over. She is then repeatedly tasered by guards. She manages to yell, "please I have to tell them, they're all going to die, my friends, they're all going to die." [9]

Lydia is being treated by a Dr. Valack. The doctor asks what happened to her friends and she faintly remembers a fight between Scott and Liam, strange looks from the Sheriff and Melissa, Kira leaving, Parrish turning into something else, Malia succumbing to the desert wolf and Stiles lying unconscious outside of his overturned truck. When she fails to give the doctor information he prepares to drill into her head for a lobotomy.[9]

Lydia finds herself wading in a river near a bridge. Dr. Valack is asking her to describe what she finds and to tell him what "he" did. She digs deeper in her dream as she is asked why whoever he is let a girl die. A corpse rises up from the water and grabs Lydia. The corpse is missing a heart and it's made clear that Theo let his sister die in order to get her heart transplanted into him by the Dread Doctors. He was the first step in the direction that the Dread Doctors was going in. Theo is the so-called perfect chimera and it looks like all of this started with him. [17]

Stiles rushes in find Lydia but when he gets to her, her head has bee drilled into. Lydia tells him that he and the rest of the pack are going to die if they stay. Lydia begs Stiles to go as Valack makes his way to her cell. He enters and finds Lydia alone with Stiles hiding outside nearby. Valack tells Lydia that he amplified her abilities. She tells Valack that they found the symbol of Scott's pack and that someone is coming. However, it's not Scott, it was Theo and his pack of chimeras. Theo and a couple of his chimeras attack Dr. Valack and he makes his way over to Lydia. He instructs the chimeras to pick her up and get her out. Theo says he is looking for a hellhound and just then Parrish is shown in flames, anger and melting the cage down. Parrish is a hellhound. [17]


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Production Notes

  • The character of Lydia Martin was created by director Russell Mulcahy based on concepts originally developed by Joseph Loeb, III, Matthew Weisman and director Rod Daniel.

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