"There's a part I didn't tell you about. Right before we got in the car, my mother... My adoptive mother, I guess... We got into a huge fight. I don't even remember what it was about, but... I remember what I said. I said, "I wish you were all dead.""
Malia to Stiles about her family[src]

Malia Tate is a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the thirteenth episode of the third season. She is portrayed by main cast member Shelley Hennig.


Early Life

During a full moon, Malia, her mother and her sisters were in the car. The Desert Wolf blocks the road with her truck and holds up two guns and fires at the car. Bullets go through the windshield and the car swerves and goes off of the road. Malia shifts in to a coyote. Her family was found three days after their deaths still trapped in the car and seemingly mauled by coyotes.[1][2]


Malia is in coyote form and is roaming the woods. Scott sees her and she runs. Scott eventually catches up with her and he glows his eyes at her, she glows her eyes at him. Scott realizes that shes not just a coyote, shes Malia.[1]

Malia goes after her doll that Stiles took from her den. She tracks the doll to the school. Kira runs into Malia in the school hallway. Malia growls and attacks her. Kira drops the bags and runs into the boys lockers room to hide. Malia jumps through the glass on the door and finds where Kira is hiding. Scott shows up and pushes over all the lockers, making Malia run. She then runs back in to the woods. The next day, Malia goes to get the doll back from her father. She breaks into the house and is seen by Mr. Tate. He grabs his gun and goes after her. He has a lock on her and is about to shoot her when he is hit by an tranquilizer. She then runs again. Scott chases Malia on foot. Scott pours on the effort, letting himself shift the faster he tries to run. He leaps over the ravine and in front of the car, getting in Malia's path. Scott roars. Malia's eyes glow, and she lies down. Then she shifts back into a human. She looks at herself and the woods in confusion. The Sheriff then brings Malia back to her father.[3]

Malia is at Eichen House and she sees Stiles walking in. She steps back into her room. The next day, Stiles says hi and introduces himself, because he's not sure if she remembers him. Malia punches him in the face. The orderlies quickly restrain Malia, and another one tackles Stiles. Stiles complains that she hit him and yells at the orderly to stop manhandling him. His face is pressed against a grate. Later, Malia is in a group therapy session. Morrell says they're going to talk about guilt. She says that guilt is a good thing and a mature emotion. "Malia, you said something about guilt the other day. You said it came with a visceral reaction." "I said it made me feel sick to my stomach," Malia replies. Morrell explains that you can feel guilt in your gut and it isn't just psychological. Later, Malia is in the boys bathroom taking a shower when Stiles comes in to get some water to take his pills. He looks at himself in the mirror, telling himself he needs to stay awake, and then realizes that Malia is behind him taking a shower. He looks shocked, and she assures him that he didn't just accidentally walk into the girls room. Malia finishes her shower and walks over to him. Stiles tries to resist looking at her naked but fails a little. She wraps a towel around herself and asks him what he's doing. He asks her why she punched him. "Did you think I was gonna thank you?" "Well, maybe. We did kinda save your life." "You're right Stiles. Thank you. Thanks for invading my home. For putting me on the run. For turning me back to human so that I could look at my father every day and try to figure out how to explain to him that the reason my sister and mother are dead is because I almost ate them on a full moon. Thank you so very much." Stiles doesn't know quite what to say to that, so he tells her they were just trying to help. She says if he wants to help her he'll find a way to change her back. Stiles knows someone who might be able to teach her how. They make a deal. Stiles needs to get into the basement, so he needs the keys off the orderly. Later, Oliver and Malia fight. He accuses her of lying. "She said that they drill holes in your head. She said--" The orderlies take Oliver away. When Stiles helps Malia up, she slips him the keys. Oliver begs them not to put a hole in his head. Sometime after this, Malia breaks Stiles out of his locked room. She can be pretty strong when she concentrates. She tells him that they can get into the basement through the closed unit, where the violent people are. Malia and Stiles walk into the basement. She asks him what he's looking for, and he points to the onore symbol carved on the wall. Malia traces the symbol and asks Stiles what it means. "Self," he says. She asks him to tell her more. He shakes his head. "You might not like me if you know any more." "Try to remember that I'm werecoyote who murdered her own family. I won't judge, I promise." Malia and Stiles go through files in the basement. She finds files that indicate that patients used to go through electroshock, ice baths, and trepanation. Stiles remembers that Oliver was yelling about people having holes drilled in their heads. They don't find anything useful. Stiles asks Malia to check the lines on his back and tell him if they're fading. She looks and says they're almost gone. Based on his reaction, she guesses that's bad. He makes a small scared sound, and then when she pulls his shirt down jumps a little at her cold fingers. She apologizes. "I told you I'm always cold." He takes her hands in his and tries to warm them up. She stares at him, and Stiles realizes that she's giving him a wanting look. Malia kisses him. Stiles looks a little confused but goes with it. When they pull back, he asks her if it was her first kiss. She smiles, and he asks her if it was okay. She nods, and he asks if she wants to try it again. They start to make out. Malia stops him and says she wants to try something else. She takes her shirt off, and Stiles lays her back onto the couch in the basement. Stiles and Malia cuddle on the couch. She has her shirt back on. It's unclear whether they had sex or just engaged in a heavy make-out session. Malia suddenly has an idea and gets up to examine the wall with the kanji on it. She knocks on the wall, and it sounds hollow. Stiles grabs a pipe and breaks the wall open. Inside, they find the mummified body of a Japanese soldier. He has a katana on him. Malia reaches into his pocket and pulls out a photo. "Recognize them?" she says as she hands the photo to Stiles. "One of them," Stiles replies. He has to get the photo to Scott. Oliver appears and uses a taser on Stiles. He stuns Malia, too. "I also got his Haldol," Oliver says. He uses it to knock Malia out. Oliver makes preparations to drill into Malia's skull but the Nogitsune comes out in Stiles and stops him. Malia wakes up and calls Stiles's name. The nogitsune just smirks. Later, Morrell follows Malia down the hallway at Eichen House. "Do you know where you're going?" she asks. Malia replies that she knows who she's looking for. She is surprised that Morrell knows who Scott is and how to find him. Malia has the sword from the body in the basement. Malia leaves Eichen House. Her eyes flash blue and she smiles as she goes. [4]

Coach and Malia come down the stairs at school. Coach asks her about running track and she tells him she ran from cougars. "I've had the same problem," Coach replies. He says they're going to start off slow, since she hasn't been in school since she was 9. Lydia watches Malia walk by and gives her a sad smile. In Scott's room, Stiles watches as Scott attempts to show Malia how to take our her claws. She tries once, but nothing happens. Scott advises her to just try to let it happen. She tries again, and her claws come out. She's so happy she turns towards Stiles, but he ducks back to keep from getting clawed in the face. [5]

Part of the McCall Pack

The gang travel to Mexico to question the Calaveras on the wereabouts of Derek Hale. At the club, somehow, Malia, Scott and Kira get inside and blend in. Kira runs up to Malia, concerned because she can tell something is happening. Malia advises her to blend in, so Kira starts dancing poorly. It's so painfully bad that even Malia looks distressed, so she puts her hand on Kira's back and draws her into dancing with her. They quickly start grinding against one another, drawing approving looks from the crowd. The hunters in the bar make their move toward Malia and Kira. Kira has somehow been hiding a pair of glowing nunchucks this whole time. Malia takes out one guard while Kira takes out the other. Severo floods the hallway of the club with wolfsbane smoke. A hunter comes in and knocks Kira out. She otherwise seemed unaffected by the wolfsbane, unlike Malia, who collapses just like Scott. In their holding cell, Malia says that whenever the door next opens, they kill whoever is there and run for it. "What about Lydia?" "What about her?" Scott tells Malia that they're not leaving without Lydia. "Why not?" Stiles steps in. "Cause we don't leave without people, remember? We talked about this. Rules of the wild kingdom don't apply to friends." Kira asks if that's what Malia would do as a coyote, leave her for dead? Malia says yes. "If hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her." Stiles scratches his chin and tells everyone that this is actually progress. The hunters come in the room and they prepare to escape but fail and Scott gets taken out. Stiles asks her if she can hear them. Malia can't concentrate. He tells her to focus on something, on his eyes or the sound of his voice, anything she has to do. She decides to kiss him. He seems surprised and then marvels as her eyes glow blue. Scott screams, and Malia hears him. She tells Stiles that they're killing him. She then mutters the name Kate. Stiles claims that's impossible. Malia asks why and who Kate is. "She's a hunter. An Argent." They then are released. Outside, Braeden then pulls up on a motorcycle. Malia asks who she is, and Lydia replies that she's a mercenary. "Right now, I'm the only person who's going to take you to la iglesia." They head out into the desert. Malia leans forward and asks who Kate Argent is. Kira volunteers that she would like to know, too. Stiles says that they were at her funeral, so he'd like to know how she got out of a casket six feet under. Scott replies that she was never in it. "She's was Allison's aunt. And a total sociopath." Kira tries to let Scott off the hook from talking about it, but Malia won't. Stiles tells them that Kate set the fire that killed Derek's family, all except for Cora and Peter. Lydia explains that Peter finally caught up to Kate and killed her. Suddenly the Jeep lurches like it hit something, and the car comes to a stop. Braeden comes back for them and warns that they have to get to la iglesia by night. Scott goes. Malia checks out the Jeep and finds some kind of antler or tooth in the wheel well. "I think something hit us," she says. Stiles begins to work on the jeep. Malia tells Stiles to work faster because they're not alone out there. Kira asks Malia if she's been able to tell what's threatening them. Malia complains that she can't see and they need another flashlight. Kira then uses her sword to bounce light from the Jeep's headlights onto the surrounding landscape. Malia sees something move and roars. She takes off. Stiles goes to follow her, but Lydia orders him to let Kira handle it while he fixes the Jeep. He's not happy about it, but he keeps working. Kira loses Malia and almost attacks her when Malia comes up behind her. Malia fought with whatever it was. She says it's big and fast. She has a deep cut in her side. Stiles gets the Jeep working, and they run back to it. Stiles tells Malia to never do that again. "Do what?" "I... I thought you just took off. I thought you were running." "I was running." "No, I mean, I thought you were leaving." Malia states plainly that she wouldn't leave without him. "I would never leave without you. Them, I would leave." Lydia does not look impressed at their moment. She then notices the cut in Malia's side and comments that it doesn't look good. Malia can feel it healing, though, and isn't worried. She couldn't see what attacked her, but it had a strong scent of death to it. Stiles, Malia, Lydia, and Kira arrive at la iglesia just as Scott and Braeden are bringing Derek out. Stiles rushes forward, and the others ask him if that's Derek. Stiles is stunned. "Uh, sort of." Young Derek looks up at them. [6]

Scott, Stiles, Malia, Lydia, and Kira drove all night from Mexico to bring Young Derek directly to Deaton at the Animal Clinic. Scott carries him inside, and they lay him out on an exam table. At the school in history class, Mr. Yukimura asks a question and calls on Malia. She has a highlighter in her mouth and another pen in her hand, highlighting something. She stares at the teacher when he calls on her, not knowing the answer. Just then Scott's phone rings. Mr. Ken Yukimura orders him to turn it off and keeps prompting Malia. Kira waves her hand anxiously, trying to be called on. Stiles's phone chimes next, and Mr. Ken Yukimura again orders everyone to turn their phones off. When Malia can't answer, he asks if anyone else knows, and everyone raises their hands. Malia waits outside of Derek's loft. Scott arives and he asks what she's doing there. "I heard you were coming to talk to Peter. And since Lydia tells me he's basically Satan in a V-neck, I figured you shouldn't be alone." Scott claims he can handle Peter, but Malia isn't taking no for an answer. Scott and Malia head into the loft. She asks him what's wrong with him and if he's nervous because his heart is pounding. "He's just bad at introductions," Peter says from the couch. Scott introduces them, and Peter sets aside the book he was reading with new interest. He asks Malia if she got her eyes from her father. She says her mother. He takes a few steps closer, looking at her, and then changes the subject. Malia admits that the killing spree came up in conversation. Scott asks him about someone being turned by a scratch, prompting Peter to ask if he scratched someone, but Scott gives him a look that says the question isn't about him. "But it's possible. Like if you clawed out someone's throat?" Scott asks. Peter puts the pieces together and does not look amused. Peter growls, "Can't someone in this town stay dead?" Malia answers with, "I think they were hoping you would." He then explains that Scott isnt the first werewolf that has hopped in a hunters bed. Peter and Malia start running for the door, but Scott calls for them to wait. Peter asks, "For what? Kate's out there twisting her way into Derek's head yet again. We need to find her." Malia says all they need is a scent. Scott thinks that could take hours. They are on the phone to Lydia when she sends them pictures of a crime scene that Kate did. Peter says that was done in a frenzy and that she doesnt know control. Malia asks if that means Kate wants Derek to teach her, but Peter realizes that Kate wants the Triskelion. At the school, Malia stops and claims that she caught a scent, the same one that attacked them in Mexico. Scott thinks they could have been brought by Kate. One of them growls, and Peter looks unamused. "Oh, I've heard that sound before." Peter tells them that the creatures are Berserkers. One of the Berserkers steps toward them, and Malia gets ready to fight. Peter stops her. "Are you crazy?" She says there's just one. "That means we have a chance." "To beat him?" "To survive." Then Peter takes off running. Scott and Malia wait a few seconds before they start running too. Scott and Malia run from one Berserker only to find a second blocking their path. They chase them up the stairs and have them surrounded. Scott roars and fights the Berserkers. Malia joins him. The Berserker throws Scott against a pillar and grips his head in its hand. The other one cuts Malia's legs and tosses her against the fence. Malia scrambles away from the Berserker, and the second Berserker throws Scott over to join her. The two of them lay on the ground, not fighting. Kira runs in with her katana out and starts fighting them. Derek comes in and begins to turn back into his adult self and the berserkers flee when they hear Kate's roar. [7]

Malia heads into class and stops dead when she realizes that it's math. She tries to walk out, but Stiles stops her and ushers her in. She complains that math is pointless. Stiles tells her that school is important and math is essential. "To what?" "Knowing how much to tip at restaurants," Stiles tells her with a wink. Lydia is sitting right next to them and gives Stiles a look. "And less important things like medicine, economics, engineering..." Stiles still thinks tipping is the most important. Ms. Fleming, the math teacher, asks for volunteers and then calls Malia up to the board. Stiles gives her two thumbs up in encouragement, but Malia growls at him. Stiles hunches down in response and looks cowed. Up at the board, Malia freezes and doesn't know what to do. Lydia asks her if she went over the notes she gave her, and Malia admits to not understanding them. Lydia glances around to see Ms. Fleming occupied an then tells Malia that the answer is 25. "And sweetheart, put away the claws," Lydia adds. Malia glances at her hand in shock. After class, Kira and Malia go to watch tryouts. Malia has her pre-calc book with her. Malia sniffs the air, presumably scenting out Kira's emotions, and asks her what's wrong with her. Kira claims it's nothing, but Malia tells her she reeks of anxiety. It's distracting her, so she asks Kira to talk about it. Kira admits that she and Scott sort of had a thing happening, even though it wasn't much of a thing, and now she thinks maybe it was nothing. "What do you want it to be?" Malia asks. "More," Kira replies. Kira has a lacrosse stick in her hand for some reason and leans on it. Kira asks Malia if the captain is supposed to be one of the best players on the team. Scott begins to score and Kira smiles. Malia smiles at Kira's smile. Finally, they're up against Liam. He manages to get past both of them and score. Malia stands up and calls out for a do-over. She bets Coach $10 that Liam won't score again. Scott rushes and tosses Liam into the air. Liam lands hard and breaks or sprains his ankle. Coach yells at everyone to start running around the field. He's so angry he picks up a lacrosse ball and throws it. It goes straight for Malia, but Kira catches it with her kitsune reflexes. Coach tells her to throw the ball back and she nails him in the chest, knocking him down. "Some ask her if she's ever played lacrosse!" Coach yells. Later, Stiles and Malia are in his room studying. She slams her book closed and crawls on top of him to kiss him. He stops her and says that he promised he'd help her study. They can go back to the kissing afterward. She opens her book again, and he asks her what she's doing with all the highlighters. "Green is for the things I understand. Yellow is for 'I'm working on it.' And red means I have no clue. I'm mostly using red." Stiles thinks about this a second and then looks over at his case board, which he's started again since the heist. She's using the same system he does to organize information. Stiles smiles, moved that she's learned from him, and kisses her. She pulls back. "Study first, remember?" Malia asks why math is impossible for her and easy for the rest of them. Stiles tells her that they usually use notes. "Then somebody needs to give me notes on Lydia's notes because I don't understand any of this." She shows him Lydia's notebook. Stiles looks through the pages and realizes that whatever Lydia wrote they aren't math. [8]

Stiles drops a bag of restraints on his bed and holds them up for Malia to inspect. She declares that she hates full moons, and Stiles promises that they will get easier. Malia takes one of the damaged restraints and points out that it isn't going to last much longer. Stiles suggests they make tonight the last night she needs them. He fits it over her wrist like he needs to size it and says they might need them for Liam next. Malia asks if they're sure Liam is going to turn. "We're not even sure he's going to live," Stiles replies. The Sheriff walks in and sees them adjusting the restraints. Stiles takes one look at him and declares that it isn't what he thinks at all. His dad just says he doesn't want to know and walks away. Malia claims to not get the joke. During a break at school, the pack meets out by the buses. Malia says that she's not sharing her basement with Liam. Lydia clarifies that it's her basement and her mom noticed how she tore it up last time. Their plan is to use the boathouse for Liam because they can chain him to a support beam. Kira asks how they plan to get Liam to the boathouse if he doesn't trust them. Stiles suggests chloroforming Liam and throwing him in the lake if it keeps him from murdering anyone. Malia, of course, supports this plan. Scott says they're not killing or kidnapping him, so Lydia suggests they lie to him and tell him there's a party and invite him up. Scott pulls up to the lake house to find Lydia, Malia, and Stiles waiting. Stiles looks concerned, so Scott immediately says that Kira reported the plan was going fine. That isn't what Stiles wants to talk about. He asked around and found out why Liam was kicked out of his last school. He has anger issues. Kira and Liam arrive once hes inside, Kira blocks the door. They all explain that their supernatural except from Stiles. People start to pull up outside of the lake house. Malia begins to change and starts to claw the floor. Lydia quickly tells Stiles to move her to the basement. Stiles chains her to the wall and Malia keeps prompting him to make the chains tighter. Malia begs Stiles to leave. He insists that he's not going to leave her. "What if I hurt you?" "You're not going to." She says that she wants to. "I look at your face and I want to slash it. I want to tear at it. I want to feel your bones crack between my hands." Stiles isn't particularly shaken by this and says she's not the first person to tell him something like that. He tells her that he's not leaving her and isn't going to let her hurt anyone. She starts to break through the restraints and says that he's not going to have a choice. Malia breaks one of her restraints, and Stiles jumps back out of her reach. He tells her to listen to his voice. "Listen to mine. Run!" Stiles tells Malia that he's not going to run because he doesn't think she's going to hurt him. "And I think that maybe you're so afraid of hurting me because of what you did to your family." He tells her that he knows what it's like. He remembers being the nogitsune. "And the worst part is I remember liking it. Because I felt powerful. I felt fearless. And most of all, in control. But when I came through it, I learned something else... control is overrated." Stiles unlocks the remaining restraint on her wrist. She lunges at him but quickly backs down. She's shifted back into a human. Stiles brushes the hair from her face. "You did it." They hug in relief. [9]

Lydia is at the lake house trying to find the other two keys the way she did the first, with the record player. She’s not getting anything. Malia and Kira, in the room with her, decide that she needs to take a break and turn the player off. Later at the school, Lydia is with a pencil and sketchbook, Malia hovering over her shoulder. Lydia has yet to touch the pencil to the paper, and Malia is anxious about it because she knows that she could be on another part of the list. Lydia tells Malia to sit down and she does, opening a book as Lydia tries again. Lydia makes one mark on the paper before Malia has the idea that they should maybe get help from another banshee; Meredith Walker. Lydia has looked into how they could get in touch with Meredith, and apparently Eichen House doesn’t allow visitors without permission from a family member. Malia remarks on how her whole family is dead before suggesting that they go back to the art or music rooms. Lydia refuses, and remarks that she has very little control over her abilities before walking away. Malia follows. They get a call from the sheriff saying that Meredith is at the station. The Sheriff tells Lydia and Malia that he knows Meredith’s appearance is related to the deadpool, but he has a responsibility to call Eichen House. They agree on fifteen minutes before he calls. Lydia questions Meredith to no avail, and Parrish tries to talk to her instead, explaining that it would help them if she could give them a number that they could call to help them. Meredith agrees that there is a number and tells them 2436. Lydia and Malia, expecting a phone number, ask for more digits, but Meredith tells them that there isn’t any more; it’s just four. Lydia gets angry and the Sheriff tries to pull her away, but she refuses, yelling at Meredith until she gets upset. After Meredith leaves, Malia notices the office phone and realizes that the numbers might actually be representative of letters. Lydia writes out the letters that are available with those numbers and finds the name “AIDEN” in them. She boots up her computer and finds that this is the second cipher key. [10]

The bell rings but Malia is the only one in math class. Ms. Fleming asks her where Stiles, Lydia, and Kira are, and Malia offers to try catching their scent. The teacher marks them down as absent, and then Malia hears a male voice whispering her name. Just as class starts, Malia grabs her bag and leaves to find the source of the voice. Ms. Fleming asks her if she needs to be dismissed, and Malia simply say "Yeah" on her way out like this was obvious. She finds Derek waiting for her in the hallway. He says that since Brett's still unconscious he needs her help in finding his pack to warn them about the deadpool. He's asking for Malia's help because Satomi Ito's pack has a secret meeting place in the woods and she knows the woods better than anyone. Derek does not say that he needs her help because he's lost his sense of smell. Derek brought Brett's shirt so Malia can use it to follow his scent, but she claims not to be very good at that yet. "Try it. I'll teach you," Derek says. He has her focus on the different scents, some of which are tied to identity and others to emotion. Derek and Malia arrive at the preserve, and Derek explains that Satomi Ito is one of the oldest Werewolf alive. She's a bitten wolf, so she had a difficult time learning to control herself. "She did something a long time ago that changed her," Derek says. We are shown Satomi Ito throwing the molotov cocktail at Rhys. He explains that the quote her Werewolf repeat is a mantra that helps them with control. Malia stops suddenly and says that she smells gunpowder. She takes a few steps forward and finds spent shell casings on the ground. Derek picks up the casing and declares that if Brett's pack is out there, they're hiding. Derek and Malia get back in Derek's truck, having failed to find Satomi's pack. Malia apologizes, but Derek tells her that if the pack doesn't want to be found then they're not going to find them. He explains that some Werewolf have such complete mastery of their bodies that they can hide their scent. This is why no one knew about Brett or Demarco. Malia then suggests they think like Stiles. "Like a hyperactive spazz?" "Like a detective." Malia suggests that instead of asking where Werewolf hide they should ask where Buddhists would hide. Derek considers this and spies the compass on his dashboard. "When Buddha sat under the bodhi tree, he looked to the east for enlightenment," Derek says. Malia asks if there's an eastern point in Beacon Hills, and Derek says the Lookout Point. Derek and Malia arrive at Lookout Point. She grabs his wrist to stop him. "You don't smell that?" Derek tells her to wait and goes to investigate. Not far away, he finds Satomi's pack all dead, seemingly poisoned. There are at least 11 bodies. Malia joins Derek as he looks at the field of his dead people and asks him what happened. He thinks they were poisoned. She thinks they need to get as far away from Beacon Hills as possible. As he's about to leave, Derek hears someone move. He sees a bloody hand and runs over. It turns out to be Braeden. [11]

Sometime after Malia and Stiles get together, Malia is in bed next to Stiles. He can't get comfortable and tells her that he always sleeps in the middle of the bed. "Not anymore," she tells him. He says he's trying to adjust. She cuddles close and puts her head on his chest, but that doesn't last long. "Yeah. I can't sleep unless I'm in the middle." "Then we spoon." Stiles tries spooning against her back, but his arm falls asleep. He rolls the other way so their back are together, but he doesn't like that either. Malia then spoons him, and Stiles declares it good.[12]

Finding out about her Father

Malia runs up the stairs to Scott's room. Malia reports that she and Derek found Satomi's pack but they're all dead. She's wet. Apparently it started to rain. The following morning, Stiles, Scott, Malia and Kira are in line to take the PSATs. Kira asks where Lydia is, and Stiles explains that she took the PSATs freshman year. Malia asks if this means she can take the test some other time. Scott tries to reassure her because she studied harder than any of them. "That doesn't mean I'm going to do good," she says. "Well," Stiles corrects. "It's do well, not good." Malia takes this as further proof that she's going to fail. Scott says that she's doing this because while they're trying not to die they still need to live. Scott wants to go to a good college. Kira thinks they can all survive three hours. The test begins, and everyone starts filling in answers. Stiles sees one in particular that makes him drop the pencil from his mouth and scratch his head in distress. Malia is so upset she takes her jacket off. Just then, another student falls out of her seat. The CDC arrives at the school. Stiles tells Malia and Kira that he bets the CDC thinks it's smallpox. Simon explains that smallpox was eradicated in 1979. It was one of two viruses ever eradicated. The other was rinderpest, which killed cows. Stiles asks if they should be comforted, and Simon replies, "Unless it's something worse." Malia listens to the chatter outside and reports that there's a lot of activity, plus the Sheriff is there. Everyone else is waiting in line to have the CDC take blood samples. Malia takes this opportunity to ask Kira if she knows what Scott and Stiles are hiding. Kira thinks it's about Malia being Peter's daughter and acts cagey. Malia is clearly attempting to have a normal conversation like this is something she knows how to do. Kira says that she thinks if they hide stuff they have a pretty good reason. Malia gives up the pretense and asks if she knows what they're hiding in the bag under Scott's bed. "What? No, I've never been under Scott's bed. Or in it. Just on it... wearing clothes." She stops herself from talking and turns to Dr. Wentz calling her name. In the locker room, Mr. Ken Yukimura checks on Scott and Malia. Malia can't get her claws to go back in. Stiles suggests they use the Hales' vault. They figure that since the Hales built escape routes into their house, they may have built one into the vault. They get some blueprints, and Stiles pinpoints a likely spot for a second entrance in the hallway in the basement. They all head down to the basement. Stiles finds a lock like the one outside behind a shelf surrounded by a large triskele. He and Scott agree without speaking that Malia should open the door with her claws in case it requires a Hale. Scott claims he can't make his come out. She agrees but asks what the secret is they've been hiding. She asks how much she's worth on the list, and they tell her $4m. She doesn't think that's a problem because Scott and Kira are worth more so they will be taken out first. Malia opens the door to the vault and they all head in. The door closes behind them. Stiles is cradling Malia and petting her face as she is laid down on his legs. Stiles wakes Malia up and brushes her hair from her face. He tells her that he has to leave for a few minutes. He explains that whatever the illness is, it's worse for the supernaturals, which means it's another assassin. She grabs his knee, and he gives her his jacket to curl up in. "You're coming back, right?" she asks. He pets her cheek. "Yeah. Yeah, I'd never leave you behind," he replies, then kisses her on the forehead. She smiles and holds his hand, but he gets up and pulls away. Malia rolls onto her side and hugs herself. She reaches into the pocket of Stiles's coat and finds the deadpool list. Scott sees what she's doing and tries to stop her, but he can't get there fast enough. It doesn't end up mattering because she can't see. Malia has seen the deadpool list. Stiles kneels next to her to ask her if she's all right, but she doesn't look at him. He touches her shoulder, but she grabs his wrist and pushes him away. She leaves without saying anything. [13]

Malia goes to the Hale vault and looks around. Her phone vibrates with a call from Stiles, but she ignores it. Instead she goes to the safe and breaks the handle off. Inside she finds her adoption records. Peter appears behind her. "I gotta buy a better safe." Peter approaches Malia and tells her that he can't let her leave with the file. She postures, and they start to circle one another. "I think I could take you," Malia says. "You've heard rumors that I'm not as strong as I used to be," Peter replies. She did. Peter punches the stone pillar behind him to prove how strong he is now. Malia reconsiders and holds out the file. "I said you can't leave with it. I didn't say you couldn't read it," Peter tells her. Malia looks at her adoption records. Her birth certificate lists her as Baby Malia, implying that she was abandoned, and born on November 28, 1993. The year is wrong, because the props people forgot that the show occurs in 2012. Peter asks her if she wants to talk about it or see a family counselor. Malia claims there's nothing in the file. Peter frowns because it cost him a lot of money to get it. He then says that she's only heard one side of the story. Malia accuses Peter of murdering people. Not killing, but murdering. He claims there were extenuating circumstances, but she doesn't think the fire is enough reason. He explain to her what it was like to be trapped in his own body with only his thoughts to drive him mad. He says that horrible, terrible things have happened and are going to keep happening, especially when there's a deadpool with her name on it. "But not yours," Malia points out. Peter says that he's not the Benefactor, he's just a guy who's out millions of dollars, a few thousand of which he used trying to help her. Stiles returns home to find Malia in his room looking at the deadpool list. He asks where she's been and she admits she was talking to Peter. "Okay. You think that's a good idea?" "If he can help me find my mother, I don't think I care." Stiles insists that just because she's related to him doesn't mean she's like him. Malia says that she killed her family, so maybe killing runs in the blood. She explains that before the car crash, she got in a fight with her mother and told her she wished they were all dead. "Killing doesn't run in a family," Stiles says. "Maybe it does in mine," she replies. [12]

At the party at the school, Malia is drinking from her flask and Scott comes over to talk to her. He asks what she's doing. "Getting drunk." She asks what he's doing. "Trying to make sure no one gets hurt." "That sounds fun, too." Scott then tells Malia that they can't get drunk because their metabolisms are too high or their healing gets in the way. Malia suggests Scott tell Liam that. Scott tries to talk to Malia. She's not particularly interested. He says they didn't tell her about Peter to protect her, but she gets that. "That's what Peter said you would say. And guess what he said next? That you were right." Scott looks confused and admits that it makes him wonder what Peter wants. "Malia, we need to stay together. You, me, Stiles..." "I don't want to talk about Stiles." She tells him again that she just wants to dance and get drunk. She stumbles, and Scott catches her, looking concerned because she does seem to be acting drunk. Malia is having a hard time standing up, so Scott asks her what's in the flask. It's just vodka. Scott notices a deputy watching them and tells Malia to stay on her feet and keep moving. He slings her arm over his shoulder and brings her over to Liam and Mason. Scott brings Malia a bottle of water, thinking she is really drunk somehow. The deputies come over and take Malia, Liam and Scott away. They take them to the school and dose them in gasoline. Malia and Liam are passed out. Mason turns the music off and Scott takes care of the deputies. [14]

Stiles is in the hospital. Melissa knocks on the door, and Malia walks in, and Melissa shuts the door and leaves the two alone with some privacy. She asks if he is okay, and Stiles says that Brunski punched him in the face, and that he’s the serial killer. “What about you?” he asks Malia. She informs him that they were almost set on fire, but that everyone is basically okay. Malia insists that she should go, but when she tries to leave, the door is locked. Stiles tries to get someone's attention. “I can break it,” Malia says, and Stiles suggests that she doesn’t, seeing how he already owes the hospital enough money. Both of them are confused as to why Melissa would lock the door, and Stiles defends her by saying, “Maybe she didn’t mean to...” Malia says that she’s stupid. Stiles continues, speaking more about himself, “No, even smart people can do stupid things because they think that it’s the right thing, and I don’t think that we should hold it against her for the rest of her life. Especially because she tried apologizing, hundreds of times, through texts and voicemails.” Malia catches onto what he's trying to say and asks if she's going to keep begging. Malia tells him that she doesn't have much practice with forgiveness and that she’s picking up some things fast but others, not so much. Stiles says, “Like math.” And she replies, “I hate math.” Stiles asks if she hates him, and Malia says, “I like you, Stiles. I like you a lot.” Stiles says he can work with that and they kiss, and suddenly the door opens. Stiles and Malia are listening to the tape that Scott found. It’s a recording of Brunski talking to Lorraine Martin. Malia asks Stiles to turn up the tape and listen again. They figure that Lorraine went back to the lake house to listen to the record player. Lorraine is a banshee, but only once. Stiles says that they are going to the lake house and grabs his keys. Stiles and Malia are sitting in the lake house listening to the record player, but when they stop it, Malia can still hear it. They realize it’s not the record player that is still spinning. Stiles looks around and sees a wire coming out from the wall. He pulls it, tearing at the wall. He and Malia start ripping out pieces of the wall to reveal an old computer that is running the deadpool. Malia goes to smash the deadpool, but Stiles stops her and explains how it’s working and says they need a prompt or command. Malia says, “What about a key?” Stiles video calls Lydia and explains to her the situation. Lydia asks to see the floor again, and when Stiles shows her, she notices that the wine stain is gone, but wine doesn’t just come out. Lydia thinks out loud and says that the wine isn’t wine. Stiles goes downstairs to find the bottle. He shakes it and discovers there is something inside. He asks for a wine opener, but Malia just smashes it on the ground, and they find a key hidden inside. They put it in the key slot in the dead pool, and turn it, turning it off. [15]

The next morning, Malia tries to wake Stiles up. She reminds him that he has an early morning practice for their big game tomorrow. Malia informs him that if she's going to watch an entire lacrosse game he better not suck. She goes on to say that he's supposed to drive her to school early so she can study for her math test, which will determine if she can move on to be a senior with the rest of them. Annoyed, Malia looks around the room and sees Stiles's crime board. She suddenly smiles and rolls him over to kiss him. This brings Stiles awake. "What are you doing? I haven't even brushed my teeth yet." "I don't care." They kiss more. At school, Malia shows off her test grade to Lydia. "I passed!" Lydia isn't impressed with the C- Malia got, even though Malia is thrilled. Coach then slaps down another test on Malia's desk where she failed. Coach tells her that he's disappointed, and Malia looks deflated. Lydia agrees to send her more notes. Sheriff Stilinski comes into Stiles's room where Stiles and Malia are studying. He tells them to drop what they're doing because he's taking them out to dinner. "Dad, I don't think a man of your debts should be treating anyone to anything," Stiles says. The Sheriff tells him that there's one debt they no longer have to worry about and produces a letter from Eichen House stating that they're dropping the bill on account of Stiles almost being killed by Brunski. "I have never been so happy to have almost been murdered!" Stiles says. Their debts aren't totally gone but, "At least for the moment I can afford to take my son and his girlfriend out to dinner. Malia, what's your favorite food?" Malia looks thrilled to tell him, "Deer." The Sheriff doesn't know how to react, and Stiles quickly interjects that she likes pizza. Malia smiles at them both. Later, the light go on over the lacrosse field. Malia and the Sheriff take a seat. Half way through the game, Peter sits down next to Malia and asks who's winning. Malia tells Peter that she told him not to come there. "If you want to have a clandestine meeting, you need to choose a clandestine location." Malia says that she doesn't want any one-on-one father-daughter time. "How about mother-daughter time?" Malia gives him a sharp look, and Peter says he found the Desert Wolf. He'll tell her if she agrees to help him. He wants her to kill Kate Argent. [16]

At Scott's house, Stiles rifles through Scott's closet and tosses Malia a shirt. She sniffs it. "Fabric softener." Stiles realizes that they can't use clean clothes to get Scott's scent, so he rushes to the bathroom and opens the hamper. He pulls out a pair of boxers, but Malia just makes a face at him. Instead she turns and grabs a pillow from Scott's bed. "Yeah, that works, too," Stiles says. They head downstairs to find Liam waiting for them. Liam was hoping they could chain him up in the back seat, but Malia reminds him that he tore through the last set of chains. "We'd have to freeze you in carbonite to get you down there," Stiles says. Stiles, Malia, and Liam meet Derek and Braeden in a warehouse. Braeden got a prison transport van. Stiles asks her how and she says she's a US Marhsal. Stiles thought that was just a cover, but it's apparently true. Stiles calls Lydia again while Peter paces. Derek asks what she's doing at the school. Malia explains that while they got Kira's sword they need something with a stronger scent. Stiles then tells Malia that he's going to ride with Derek and Liam because he's got some experience dealing with out of control teen wolves. He asks if she'll be okay riding with Peter. "He is my father. Maybe we can do some bonding," she replies. Stiles tells her to play the radio loud so no bonding happens. Night falls, Peter asks Malia if he can turn the radio down. He asks her if she's worried about Stiles. "I'm worried about everyone," she replies. "Do I need to be worried about you?" Peter asks. Malia informs him that Scott says they don't kill people. Peter asks her if Scott would kill to save Kira. "Would you kill to save Stiles?" She doesn't have an answer for him and looks at the full moon instead. It's still affecting her, but Peter says that's good because she'll need that power. Malia takes deep breaths, and Peter asks her if she's trying to stay in control. "Trying to stay human," Malia replies. "That's exactly your problem. When they get there, Derek promps them to go inside and find Scott. Malia glances over and then says, "Duck!" A berserker attacks and they run further into the ruins. Peter, Stiles, Malia, and Liam run into the main room of the temple. Malia tosses Stiles Kira's sword and tells him to go find Kira and Scott. Stiles goes, and the three of them turn to face the berserker. Peter, Liam, and Malia take their turns attacking Scott. Malia, Liam, and Peter continue to fight Scott. They manage to knock him down, and then Peter tosses Malia one of the antler daggers from the altar. "Take him!" he says. "Aim for the skull! Kill it! Kill it now!" Peter and Liam grab Scott and haul him up against the wall. Malia raises the dagger, ready to stab, when Stiles runs in and yells for her to wait. Kira rushes in and cuts the dagger apart. Malia stares at her. "It's Scott," Stiles says. Scott throws both Peter and Liam off and then punches Malia. He goes after Liam. They can only watch as Scott picks Liam up and holds him against a column. Scott breaks his berserker bones and is back to normal again. Malia looks stunned. "You," Scott says, staring right at Peter. "The only one that knew as much as Argent about berserkers. About the nagual. You taught Kate. You helped her. All for power." "For my family's power. You don't deserve your power. Not power like this." Peter's eyes glow blue, and he shifts. He roars at Scott, and Malia attacks him, but he knocks her down with one punch. "I'm sorry sweetheart. We'll talk about this later." Scott and Peter fight and Scott comes out on top. The next morning, Scott hugs Kira to his side, and then Stiles, Liam, and Malia step up to join him. Back in Beacon Hills, the Sheriff is waiting in his office for Stiles and Malia. Stiles hugs his father and says, "Dad, you smell terrible." Malia stands by awkwardly until they offer to bring her into the hug. The Sheriff tells them that he's glad they're both safe and then offers to Malia that they get out of there and get something to eat. "Great, I'm starving," Stiles says. They all start to walk off, but Stiles finds himself handcuffed to the desk. "Yo, daddy," Stiles calls after his father. The Sheriff ignores him and asks Malia what her favorite food is. She replies pizza. Stiles calls after them, and then asks that they bring him back a slice. [17]

Hunt for her Mother

Malia is helping her father clear a tree off of the road with her superhuman strength. Stiles arrives to pick up Malia who greets him with a huge kiss. Stiles asks Malia if she found out whether she has to go to summer school or not and Liam lets the cat out of the bag that Stiles told everyone. Malia and Stiles are worried about Scott and Kira as well as her fate as to whether or not she's a senior. Scott is anxious about going off to college and losing touch of his friends. Malia asks him if that's not what happens but Stiles said it only happens because you let it happen. Stiles doesn't want to lose all his friends and Malia knows it. She senses someone coming and it happens to be Liam who tells them that Scott's in trouble. Stiles, Scott, Kira and Malia find out that she is a senior and they all attend the "Senior Scribe." Lydia, then greets them. Malia and her friends then sign their initials on a bookcase in the school library. [18]

Stiles brings Malia some insite on Theo. He found a speeding ticket. Malia points out that Stiles has many more tickets than that and his father got him out of it. She asks him why he's so suspicious and he responds that he remembers Theo but that the person that came back is not Theo. taking her driving test with Mr. Yukimura, where she starts to has flashbacks of when she killed her parents. It causes her to go too fast and fail. [19]

Kira and Lydia are teaching Malia how to drive since it didn't go so well for her the last time. She has a flashback of the accident that left her in the woods before starting the engine. She starts moving and the girls begin nervously directing her. She doesn't quite have control of the vehicle and quite frankly it's a disaster. When Kira tells Lydia that they are heading downtown instead of school, Lydia tells them to keep going and it looks as if there is something wrong. They find the wreck and the injured attorney. The next day at the school, The pack gets together and it looks like Liam's friend is in on the plan to find Tracy too. Stiles asks what they do when they catch her and Malia immediately says put her down. However, Scott urges them to concentrate on finding Tracy first. After school, Stiles shows Malia the photo of what her mother did and she finds out that he mother is a killer. After Tracy is brought to the animal clinic, Dr. Deaton takes a look at Tracy and Malia is adamant on them killing her. Deaton suggests extra security instead and cloaks the room. So they create a circle around the room, trapping Scott, Malia and Tracy from escaping. When Deaton tries to make an incision, the blade proves to be too small. . Deaton finds something interesting moving around under Tracy's skin. Tracy's back opens up and out pops a tail. She isn't a werewolf, she's a Kanima. They are all paralyzed by the fact that they've all been hit by the tail of the Kanima. Deaton tells Scott an Malia that if they focus on healing they will be able to heal faster that him and Stiles. tries to joke about moving while Malia makes progress and is the first one to move. Even when Scott tells her to wait Malia says she can find her and Scott tells her to save her, rather than kill her. Lydia tries to tell Malia that Tracy is in a dream-state and Kira has to stay and tend to Lydia who doesn't look so good. The Sheriff directs Malia to the basement where Tracy is keeping Lydia's mother. A battle ensues between the two and Malia seems to be in complete control. She subdues Tracy and pulls her knee away from her neck before she kills her. Malia talks her down and tells her that she's not dreaming. Tracy asks what's happening to her and before Malia can get to her the masked villains kill Tracy right in front of Malia. The strange thing is Malia is unharmed as the killers leave. [20]

Malia is standing over Tracy's body when Scott and Stiles come in. "It wasn't me," she says. Scott glowers and asks what happened. Malia explains that there were three people in masks. She insists to Stiles that she didn't kill Tracy, and he tries to calm her down. At the hospital, Melissa tells Malia and her friends that Lydia will be fine. Malia insists that it wasn't just Tracy, there were guys in masks. Stiles and Scott look torn between being worried and not believing her. tiles and Malia go back to Stiles's room, where he adds notes to his crime board: Masked Killers and Tracy Stewart. Malia looks at the other question Stiles has written there: Who is the Desert Wolf? She gets up and erases it. She and Stiles exchange a meaningful look. Scott and Kira are in the library, and Stiles and Malia join them. Stiles wasn't able to get in to see Lydia because she's in the ICU and only family is allowed. They did, however, come back with the bestiary. Kira asks if there's anything about a half-werewolf, half-kanima. "Chimera," Scott says. He explains the term and tells them that Liam found two burial sites, so there's more than one. Kira opens the book to the page on wendigos. In the library, Stiles is asleep on a pile of books. Malia is still awake, clicking her pen as she looks thoughtfully at their research. The motion of her pen reminds her of the motion of the needle that The Surgeon used to kill Tracy. Malia sets the pen down and informs Stiles that she's leaving. He mumbles something back. She tells him to wake up and go home and that she'll meet him there in a bit. Again, he mumbles. Malia is at Tracy's house, looking through her room. She checks out the drawings on her wall. Then she spots Tracy's wallet with a novel underneath. The novel is by T.R. McCammon. The note on it reads "Here's the book you asked for. Cheesy stuff, but still a fun, scary read." The title of the book is The Dread Doctors, with drawings of each of them just as Malia has seen them. [21]

At school, Malia shows Lydia The Dread Doctors book she found. Malia says that she's read it but she didn't understand any of it. Lydia tells her that they should probably all read it, and Malia says that Kira is working on that. Kira is in the library making photocopies. Malia also reports that Stiles can't find anything on the author and thinks it's a pen name. Lydia asks Malia how it ends. "It doesn't. This is supposed to be volume one." "Let me guess, there is no volume two." "I think we're living volume two." Lydia thinks the real question is whether the book is a novel or someone's prediction. In math class, Malia turns around to give Lydia an annoyed look. "Why is your heart beating so fast?" Lydia shows her the About the Author page. "For providing scientific research and valuable insight, this book is dedicated to Dr. Gabriel Valack." Scott tells Theo that he knows where to find him. Still at school, Malia is studying in the library. Theo comes to sit with her, claiming that he has to study too. She doesn't stop him from sitting with her and keeps giving him looks and trying not to smile. Malia gets up to leave, and Theo offers to give her a ride. She says she'll take the bus, but the last one left an hour ago. Then she says she'll walk. Theo tempts her with driving lessons. He tosses her his keys, and she catches them and smiles. Malia and Theo are in Theo's truck. Malia is driving just as Lydia instructed. "We can go a little faster. If you want," Theo says. Malia replies that she's doing the speed limit. He informs her that no one does the speed limit. He then touches her hand and moves it down on the wheel to a more natural grip. His touch lingers. As she's driving, Malia gets flashes of the day of her crash. She starts to speed. It freaks Theo out. Eventually she slams on the brakes with both feet and then gets out of the car. Malia recalls being in her mother's car. Theo pulls Malia out of the way of an oncoming car. "It was her. She was there," Malia says. "The Desert Wolf." [2]

The following morning, Malia and Stiles are with the Sheriff in his office updating the case board. The Sheriff crosses out Tracy's photo. "Chimeras." "And eight new ones," Malia adds. That's ten in all, but the Sheriff thinks it's probably 11, and he adds Donovan's photo to the wall. The Sheriff confirmed with his tech guys that the camera and the lock on the cell could have malfunctioned because of something electromagnetic; which he now knows the Doctors can manipulate because that's how they got into Eichen House. Stiles can't look at the photo of Donovan. Malia agrees that Donovan must a chimera too. Malia goes to put a red cross on Donovan, but the Sheriff stops her. "Not until I've seen a body." He then turns and sees Stiles, rubbing his hands together. "You're uncharacteristicaly quiet." Stiles covers for his guilt quickly by bringing up the fact that all the victims are teenagers. They're all at Scott's house with copies of the book. "Well, they also probably didn't read books that cause violent hallucinations," Stiles says. They've asked Malia to watch over them while they read so there will be someone to stop them from running into traffic like she did. In the kitchen, Malia pours Stiles some coffee and notices him rubbing at the wound on his shoulder. She can smell the blood. Stiles claims that the hood of the Jeep fell on him while he was fixing it. To change the subject, he asks her about her recovered memory. "Did it play like a movie in your head or what it like being completely in it again?" "In it." "Was it just the crash? Nothing else?" Malia lies and doesn't tell Stiles about seeing the Desert Wolf. She sees Theo listening, and he now knows that he carries one of her secrets. Later, Theo is in the gym at school working out. He hears Malia coming and smiles to himself as he takes his shirt off. She tries not to notice. Malia asks him why he hasn't said anything about her Desert Wolf memory. "I didn't think you wanted me to." He sits down on the butterfly machine and starts doing lifts. Malia grabs the bars to stop him. "You think you're doing me a favor? Like I'm going to owe you now?" "I don't need any favors." "Then what do you want?" "I want in the pack." Malia points out that that isn't up to her. Theo tells her that he's okay with whatever she's planning. Malia lets go of the bars and leaves. Later, Malia meets up with Scott and Theo and reports on everyone's whereabouts. Scott is fighting one of the dread doctors when the elevator door opens and a shifted Malia roars. She attacks, as the Pathologist tosses Scott away. Melissa rushes to get Scott and hauls him into the elevator while the fight goes on. Melissa shouts for Malia, who breaks out of the Pathologist's grip and runs for the elevator. She barely makes it in time, and the doors close just behind her. Scott looks up at Malia from the floor. "We never should've read that book." [22]

At night at the school, Parrish, Lydia, and Malia unload the cell jammers from Parrish's car. "We're betting our lives on these?" Malia asks. "I think we're betting Hayden's life on them," Lydia replies. They the jammers up around the school and gather in the boys lockers room. Scott has a heavy bag with him. Malia stations herself out in the hallway. Parrish stands outside with his gun ready. Malia is still watching over the hallway. She hears Parrish's car start and drive away. As she goes to take a look, a leg trap suddenly emerges from the floor and grabs her leg. She screams and falls. Another tra pgrabs her arm, and as she's screaming a spike pierces her throat. The Doctors walk in, and we see Malia on the floor, struggling, but not actually harmed. The attack is a psychic one. After waking up from the hallusination, she goes to the locker room to find that Hayden and Liam are gone. [23]

Scott is running through the woods in search of his beta Liam and Malia is close behind as they try to find both Liam and Hayden. Malia asks if Liam can hold back and Scott says only if he heard him. Later, Scott finds a possible location and gets Malia to come with him. Scott and Malia have another tag along and his name is Mason. They search the underground tunnels but there are too many chemicals to catch a scent. Scott and Malia are calling out for Liam and Hayden but they can't seem to find them. Just then Scott hears a strange frequency and tells Malia and Mason to follow him. Scott suffers from another asthma attack while in the tunnels and Malia tells him he needs to use the inhaler. For someone who has so much power it's strange that he is being affected by asthma. He says it's all their fault and they're never going to find them. Mason holds his hands out, helps Scott up and urges him to keep looking. Sometime after, they get a call from Theo saying that he's got Liam and Hayden and is taking them home.[24]

Malia can't seem to concentrate in class. Lydia's mom asks a girl named Beth to close her laptop and when she does, she bites her nails and they come right off. There is also some residue on her mouth. Malia is stopped before she goes after Beth and Lydia's mom tells her she thinks they all need to concentrate on school. Malia bypasses her words and leaves. Malia approaches Beth who tells her she knows nothing about her condition. She repeats the words condition and Beth slams Malia to the wall. She runs out the door and when Malia attempts to go after her, a Dread Doctor shows up and breaks her neck. Beth was another failed experiment. The school bell rings and Malia is walking down the hall in an emotional state. Stiles stops her and asks her what's going on. She says she hates this, she can't lose like this and she's not like Scott. Malia doesn't want to see anymore failures.[25]

Stiles' jeep is towed away and Malia is there to pick him up. She asks him if they can fix it and he says there is not enough duct tape in the world to fix it. When she asks how come he let it get so bad, he tells her there have been a few distractions. Malia tells him she noticed all of them and Stiles asks to go to the station to see his dad. Before Malia drops Stiles off she asks him if he is going to tell his dad about Donovan. He is surprised that she knew but she said it never mattered to her that's why she never said anything. Stiles says it matters to him and after a brief pause he leaves Malia who has a terrified look on her face. Malia returns to the woods where she remembers the vision of a woman holding guns at her car. She is interrupted by Theo who was in the form of a hound and turns back into a human in front of her eyes. Malia asks how he did that. Theo stands naked in front of Malia. Theo tells Malia he wants to help her, help all of them because Scott won't. He says Hayden is still a chimera and there are still two more dangerous ones unaccounted for. He tries to convince her that the chimeras need them. Later, Malia is walking through the hospital and stumbles upon another chimera. She prepares herself for battle. Malia is battling a tough chimera who has the upper hand until Braeden saves her life. She looks at her and Braeden asks "what the hell was that?" Braeden informs Malia that her mother, "The Desert Wolf," knows she's alive and is coming back to Beacon Hills.[26]

After finding out that the Sheriff was attacked and is in hospital, Malia offers to help find the chimera who did it. Malia and Scott are at the site where the teen was running from his pursuer. Scott is trying to talk to Malia about what has been going on with her but she tells him not to ask her to talk. She suddenly gets a scent of the teen and the three move onward. Malia grabs the teen and holds him down but he begs her to let him go. He tells her that "they" are coming and by they he means the Dread Doctors. The teen tries to run and Stiles stops him and questions him about the attack on his dad. Scott tells Stiles to take the boy with him and figure out a way to help his dad. Malia and Scott are about to come under attack by the Dread Doctors when Chris Argent returns. He saves them with a few shots towards the Dread Doctors. Stiles and the teen reach a point where they can't go further. However, the teen uses his chimera powers and is able to break through the gate to help them escape. Later, Scott, Malia and Chris walk into the hospital to greet his mom. The sheriff is alive and wakes his son up to tell him it's okay and he still has him.[27]

At her house, Braeden and Malia interrogates a man for information about the desert wolf. Scott knocks on the door and Malia goes outside to see what he wants. She tells him that she can't help him right now. She says that there is something that is going to happen. She is going to do something and he won't like it. He asks if that's why he hears two heartbeats inside and why hers is beating so fast. She tells him to go home and Malia continues inside. After changing tactics, they offer the man some money and the man gives up some information. He says that she is not travelling alone. They find out that Deaton is being held hostage by the Desert Wolf.[28]

Malia is in school when she walks by a classroom when Theo notices her. Later, Malia is looking at the animal clinic for a file when Theo interrupts her. He tells her that Malia probably won't find who she is looking for. He tells her he wonders what Scott is going to do when he finds out it's her fault. Malia opens up a can of whoop ass on Theo and hurts him pretty bad but he isn't phased and she doesn't try to kill him. Theo tells Malia he can help find Deaton and the Desert Wolf through the Dread Doctors. He knows how they found everyone.[29]

Theo is meeting with Malia and tells her that he is going to help but he needs to inject her with wolfsbane so that she can't see where he takes her. Malia trusts Theo and steps forward. He tells her to move closer and closer and when she does, he injects her. Malia wakes up on an operating table in restraints. She asks what Theo is doing and he tells her that it won't be easy to find the Desert Wolf and the restraints are to keep her and him safe. Theo wants to give Malia the vibrations the Dread Doctors used to find the Desert Wolf. Theo tells her to concentrate on exactly who she wants to find and a memory that triggers a possible location. He puts the goggles on her and he tells her to open her eyes as she screams in pain. She sees Dr. Deaton telling the Desert Wolf that it has to be the full moon and reveals that her mother is in Beacon Hills. Malia is racing through the boys locker room and asks Liam to tell Scott something. He tells her that Scott isn't talking to him but she tells him to tell Scott that he was right about the tunnels. She reveals that there is an operating room down there and that he was right. Malia and Braeden are with Theo and Braeden wants nothing more than to kill Theo for what he did to Scott. Braeden tells both Malia and Theo that something happened to the Desert Wolf and her powers aren't all there but she is still a great shot with a gun. Malia, Theo and Braeden are preparing themselves for battle with the Desert Wolf but Braeden isn't sure about the plan. Malia bypasses her words and moves in anyway. Malia, Braeden and Theo move gingerly through the building when Malia notices that something is wrong. They find Deaton tied to a chair but all of a sudden, Theo attacks Braeden. He takes the fun from her and shoots Malia. He tells her that she picked up his signal and that he didn't want to turn her in but he didn't have a choice. He receives a bottle filled with an element that reacts to his eyes and tells Malia she should have listened to Braeden. The Desert Wolf smiles in delight as Theo walks away. Deaton is struggling to get loose as Malia's mother tells her that her powers were stolen. She is torturing Malia and before she kills her Deaton says that Malia has to be killed during a full moon. In Eichen, Lydia screams and in the building, the lights shatter, distracting the desert wolf. Malia rises up and prepares to battle her mother. Malia battles it out with her mother. Malia and her mother are interrupted by the beast of Gévaudan who breaks down the walls right behind Deaton. Malia rushes to save Deaton and Braeden and together they make a move to get out of the building. Scott and Liam return to the vet to find Malia, Braeden and Deaton. Scott hugs Deaton and shows a look of gratification towards Malia. Later that night Scott's full pack assembles around a layout of Eichen House as they plot a way to get their last member, Lydia, back.[30]

The plan requires Kira's power to cause a brown out. Malia asks how a brown out gets them into the closed unit and Stiles tells them they have five minutes of access with the keycards. Stiles is the only one that can get past the barrier and once they grab Lydia, they leave and the power cuts back on. If they don't save Lydia, they could lose her and other innocent people. Malia and Kira are working on Kira's part of the mission at the school which is to create the brown out. Things don't go too well and they take off but Theo's pack member Corey was spying on them. Later, the team enters Eichen House and Parrish joins in with a delivery to the morgue. Malia and Kira get a distraction from a naked inmate and head down to the electrical room. Kira and Malia get in with 12 minutes to spare. Malia rips the box off of the electrical wires and tells Kira she can do it. Malia removes the rubber coating from the wires. Malia counts down from 10 seconds and Kira finally grabs on to the wires. It doesn't appear to have worked and Kira says she doesn't know what she is doing. Malia, who was a big doubter in Kira, has to give her a pep talk in order to get her to concentrate on helping their friend Lydia. Kira manages to let her powers kick in and initiates the brown out. Kira and Malia are trying to figure out a way to get out but they decide to lay low. Kira and Malia are locked down before they can escape.[31]


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  • Malia was listed at $4 million on the Deadpool.