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Noah Patrick is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the tenth episode of the fifth season. He is portrayed by guest star Jordan Fisher.



Noah is drinking blood from a blood bag when Malia accidentally stumbles upon him. They fight and Noah has the upper hand when Braeden enters saves her life. [1]

Noah is running away from the Dread Doctors. He runs into an underground loading dock. Malia growls and slams Noah into the ground. Noah begs to be let go. "They're coming," he says. And then they hear the chittering of the Dread Doctors. Malia lets Noah go, and he starts to run but Stiles grabs him. Noah tells him that he doesn't remember what happens when he changes. "You clawed my dad half to death and now it's poisoning him. You're gonna start remembering every detail right now." Scott tells Stiles to take Noah to the hospital. Malia thinks Scott is crazy. "We're not gonna be able to stop them." "But we can slow them down." Stiles takes Noah and runs. Scott and Malia stand ready to face the Doctors. Scott's wound bleeds through another shirt. Scott tells Malia that they're going to be okay. "Scott, we're gonna die down here," she replies. "No, we're not." "How can you be so sure?" "Because you're not the only one that I called." Chris Argent appears behind them and tells them to get down. He fires shots at the Doctors, but they use their magnetism powers to put up a shield to stop the bullets. Chris yells at the kids to run, and they do. Stiles and Noah encounter a locked gate. Noah tells Stiles to step back so he can break it down. Most of the time he loses control, though, so Stiles should stand clear. Noah grows a bone spike out of his arm and bursts open he lock. Stiles spots a bloody, broken portion at the end of one of the spikes and knows what's poisoning his dad. Soon after, they leave and Noah begins to leak Mercury. The dread doctors find him and kill him. [2]


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