"Quite the elaborate scheme you have here, Kate. Two countries, Aztec temples, Derek returned to a teenager. One that trusted you. One that loved you. All this complication just to gain access to our vault. Just to get your hands on that little piece of junk. Turn it over. Go ahead. There's a scrape on the back where it used to say "Made in China.""
Peter to Kate[src]

Peter Hale, also known as the Alpha Werewolf, is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the fourth episode of the first season. He is portrayed by guest cast member Ian Bohen and Michael Fjordbak.


Early Life

When most of the Hale family was in the Hale house, the hunters, led by Kate sets fire to it, killing everyone inside but Peter. Peter suffered server burns on one side of his face. He is then in a comatose state. His body is slowly healing but he is trapped inside of his head. Eventually, during a full moon, he generates enough strength to lure his niece back to Beacon Hills and kill her for her alpha status, for both power and in order to heal faster.[1][2][3]

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The Alpha Werewolf

When Scott McCall was out in the woods one night, Peter, in the form of the Alpha Werewolf bit Scott on the hip. [4]

The Alpha Werewolf calls for Scott. The Werewolf kills the bus driver in front of Scott. Scott tries to save him but fails. Scott didn't remember exactly what happened. He thought he hurt the bus driver. He thought it was a dream. [5]

The alpha starts chasing Kate Argent in her car and looks at her through the driver's side window. She doesn't notice anything wrong immediately but gets a strange feeling and starts checking in her mirrors and over her shoulder. She's so distracted she nearly hits a car at an intersection and slams on the brakes. While sitting at the intersection, she hears something up on the roof. As she's reaching toward the back seat, the alpha smashes in her window and grabs her. It tries to pull her out of the car, but she shoots through the roof with a sawed-off shotgun and then escapes through the passenger side. She taunts him, but the alpha is gone. The alpha is crawling on the rooftop when he notices Derek looking at him. He snarls. Derek goes after the alpha but gets shot in the arm by Kate in the process. Peter then goes back to his room where he continues his comatose state. His nephew. Derek and Scott come as Derek wants to show Scott what the hunters are capable of. He turns Peter around so that we view that part of his face is covered in burn scars. [1]

The alpha goes to the Video 2C store where he attacks the worker while he was changing a light bulb. Jackson and Lydia pull up. Jackson goes inside and looks for a movie. Jackson hears something in the darkness and turns around to see the red glow of the alpha's eyes. He attempts to hide between some rows of shelves, but the alpha knocks them over like dominoes, and Jackson is caught under one of the displays. He lies perfectly still, gasping, as the alpha draws back the collar of his coat to examine the claw marks that Derek left on him. The marks glow with a purple light, and the alpha quickly leaves him, bursting through the store window and past Lydia's car. He then transforms back into human form. [6]

The alpha stalks Scott and after Scott promised that he would stay away from Allison, he goes straight back to her. Once he gets back into his car, the alpha draws a spiral on the window, but flees as soon as he draws it. Later, Derek visits Peter in Beacons Crossing. He says that he needs his help and asks Peter to give him a sign if he can hear him. "Someone killed Laura, your niece. Laura. Whoever he is, he's an alpha now, but he's one without a pack, which means he's not as strong." Derek thinks he can kill him, if only he can find him. He asks Peter if it's another Hale, if someone else might have made it out. He begs him to give him any information. Derek yells at him in frustration, and a nurse comes in yelling at him to calm down. She says that Peter will respond if given more time. Derek storms out, and after he's gone, Peter raises a finger. Later, the alpha follows Scott to the school. Derek arrives with Deaton. When Derek was distracted, the alpha stabs his claws through Derek's back and lifts him off the ground. Derek coughs up blood, and Scott and Stiles run back toward the school. The alpha throws Derek against the school building and leaves him for dead. Scott and Stiles pull the school doors shut with no way to lock them. [7]

Stiles goes outside to get something. The alpha comes around the back of the Jeep. Scott yells in warning, and Stiles runs back inside, jamming the bolt cutters into the door mechanism. The alpha is suddenly gone, and the boys back away. They hear the alpha howl and take off into the school. He goes inside of the school quietly. Scott and Stiles hide inside lockers but are found by the janitor. Just as he's throwing them out of the locker room, he's grabbed by the alpha. Scott tries to go back in to help him, but Stiles grabs him and forces him to run instead. It then crawls onto the roof and is seen by both Scott and Stiles, they run and the alpha goes after them. Scott and Stiles run into a basement full of old lockers, with the alpha close on their tails. It doesn't quite seem to know where they are, and Scott motions for Stiles to run. Stiles decides that they need to do more than just run. They spot a lockable room, and he decides that they're going to try to trap it. He pulls out his keys and tosses them into the room. When the alpha goes for it, he slams the door shut, and they try to block it with a desk. It seems to have worked. Now that the alpha is trapped, Stiles decides he wants to get a better look at it. Scott's pretty sure this is the worst idea Stiles has ever had, but he doesn't stop him. Stiles tries to get a look and tells the alpha that he's not scared of him. He doesn't have to be scared because it's trapped. But as he's talking, the alpha rips through the ceiling and escapes. The boys take off running again. Jackson, Lydia and Allison arrive at the school looking for Scott and Stiles, while Lydia is at the toilet, the alpha transforms right before Jackson's eyes. After Jackson and Lydia find the others, the alpha comes crashing down through the ceiling, causing them all to run. They all hide in a room and block off the door, the alpha manages to break down the door but they have escaped again. On the second floor, they hide in the Chemistry lab. Scott amusingly places a very small stool under the door to keep it closed. For some reason, the alpha passes by the lab, despite all the racing heartbeats inside. Not long after, Scott goes down to the gym, where the alpha has dragged the dead janitor into the bleachers. Scott sees the body and goes to get his keys. The alpha starts to close the bleachers with Scott still inside. Scott manages to get out of there before they crush him to death. The alpha approaches Scott. He throws the molotov, but it doesn't ignite. Instead, the alpha grabs Scott and slides him across the floor. It pins him down and roars. The sound shakes the building, and Jackson collapses from pain in his claw wounds. Both Jackson and Scott writhe on the floor, as the alpha forces Scott to shift. [8]

Scott and Stiles are drinking in the woods, they get interrupted by two thugs. Scott and Stiles leave. The two intruders are still out there, and as one complains about how cold it is, the other vanishes. The bloody claw of the alpha wraps around the remaining one's ankle and drags him off, screaming. It returns him to the camp site and drops him into a barrel of fire. [9]

Mr. Harris is in the Chemistry lab at night, with the lights off, erasing the blackboard. He notices a scrap of paper on his desk, which has a number of Harris' on it, the last one being his name: Adrian R. Harris. He hears growling behind him and seems to know what's lurking. "Please don't kill me," he says. The alpha asks him who wrote the list of names, and he replies that it was Laura Hale. The alpha tells him that he knows why Laura wrote the list and orders Mr. Harris to turn around. He wants him to look at what he's done. The alpha throws a chair when Adrian won't turn, and then Derek rushes into the lab and pushes him down to cover him. The alpha makes a run for it just as the police pull up to the school. Later, he is back at the hospital when Stiles comes looking for him. Stiles is surprised when he discovers that he isn't there. He phones Derek who realizes that Peter is the alpha. Stiles turns to run, but Nurse Jenny gets in his way. Stiles puts all the pieces together. "Oh my God, I'm gonna die," he says. Then Derek arrives and elbows Jenny in the face, knocking her out. "That's not nice," Peter drawls. Derek tells Stiles to get out of the way, and Stiles just drops to the floor. Peter asks Derek if he thinks he killed Laura on purpose. Derek replies by attacking him. They throw each other against the walls while Stiles scrambles on the floor. Peter grabs Derek by the throat and drags him. "My mind, my personality, were literally burned out of me." He claims he killed Laura purely on instinct. Peter tells him that it was excruciating healing so slowly and slowly coming back to consciousness. Killing Laura and becoming an alpha boosted his healing. Peter tells Derek that he tried to warn him what was happening. He throws Derek through a glass wall, and Derek crawls along the ground to get away from him. Peter paces after Derek as he crawls into a surgical room. Derek props himself against a wall, panting. Peter looks at himself in a mirror and then heals the still-burned half of his face. He tells Derek that he needs to give him a chance to explain himself. [2]

At school, as soon as everyone is out of the locker room, the lights go off. Scott tries the switch, but the power seems to be out. A lacrosse ball rolls across the floor, and he goes to pick it up. It leads him toward the showers, where he finds Derek looming. Scott is happy to see him, but Derek just stares over his shoulder as Peter steps out into view holding a lacrosse stick. Peter waxes about the history of lacrosse and then tells Scott that he needs his help. Scott replies that he's not helping him kill people. "Well, I don't want to kill all of them," Peter replies. He even adds that it doesn't have to include Allison. Scott realizes then that Derek is on Peter's side and is incredulous because Peter killed Laura. Derek answers that it was a mistake. Peter then tries to make a pitch about how Scott killing his friends could be a good thing because they're holding him back, but Scott's okay with being kept back in that way. Peter then uses his claws to transfer memories to Scott. Scott falls to the ground as Derek watches and sees a series of flashbacks of the fire and Peter's 6-year recovery. As Peter healed, his nurse would find him standing in the woods during a full moon. They then clear off before Stiles enters. He then goes alone to the hospital where he meets Melissa McCall and asks her out on a date. When night falls, he goes to her house and rings the doorbell. As Scott is about to answer the door, he can hear a heartbeat on the other side that makes him pause. He backs away from the door as his mom yells at him to answer it. The door opens on its own, and there's none there. When Scott looks away and looks back, Peter Hale appears in the doorway. Scott goes to slam the door in his face, but Peter stops him. "Really? Slam the door in my face? Come on, Scott." Scott threatens to tell his mom who Peter really is, and Peter wishes him luck with that. Then he threatens to turn Melissa into a Werewolf as well. Peter tells Scott that he needs to understand how much more powerful they are as a pack. He gives Scott a short history lesson, and then Melissa is ready to go. Peter offers her his arm, and Scott tells her to have a good time. On the road to the restaurant, Melissa tells Peter that she thinks they missed the turn for the restaurant. He pulls the car over so she can pull up a map and then tells her she has flawless skin. He touches her cheek, making her drop her phone, and his eyes start to glow red. While she's picking up her phone, they're hit from behind by another car. It's Stiles. Peter gets out of the car and whispers, "Nicely done, Scott." Scott is hiding a few cars down. Stiles gets yelled at by Scott's mom, while Peter has a long distance conversation with Scott. He tells him that they're going to kill Jackson, and Scott takes off to find him. [10]

Peter enters the clinic, Deaton goes out to tell Peter that they're closed. Peter tells him he's there to pick up. "I'm not sure I remember you dropping off," Deaton replies. They speak to each other as though they're really talking about a pet, but Deaton doesn't give any ground. Peter tries to walk into the back room, but the gate between him and Deaton is made of mountain ash, and he is unable to cross the barrier. He throws a chair in anger, but Deaton doesn't flinch. "Let me be as clear as possible. We. Are. Closed." Peter takes his leave, but he tells Scott that there are other, more vulnerable people who can help him get what he wants. He then trails Allison which leads him to a shopping store. Peter appears behind Allison while she's shopping. He tells her that the dress she's holding doesn't suit her skin tone. "Because I'm pale," she says. He corrects her to, "Fair. You can't call skin like yours pale. Not skin that perfect." She laughs and tries to act like it's not totally weird, but then he grabs her hand and compares it to one of the dresses on the rack. She's clearly uncomfortable, but he keeps talking to her, and she doesn't try to stop him. Then an announcement comes over the loudspeaker that Allison's car is being towed and she runs off. Scott was in the Macy's keeping an eye on her. Peter doesn't know where he's hiding, but he tells him that he continues to be impressed with Scott's ingenuity. Later, he appears at the dance, he allows himself to be breifly seen by scott but quickly vanishes. Lydia goes out onto the lacrosse field looking for Jackson. The field lights start turning on, and she turns around, confused. She can't tell who the person is walking toward her, but it turns out to be Peter. Stiles comes running for her at top speed, telling her to run, but Peter is already too close. Lydia drops to the ground, bloody, and Stiles slides to a stop next to her. He begs Peter not to kill her, and Peter grants him his wish. "Just tell me how to find Derek." "I don't know that. How would I know that?" Stiles asks, terrified. "Because you're the clever one, aren't you? And because deception has a particularly acrid scent, Stiles." Stiles tells him that he thinks Derek knew he was going to be caught and stole Scott's phone while they were fighting, so he could be found via GPS. [11]

In the lacrosse field, Stiles tells Peter that they're not just leaving Lydia bleeding on the ground. Peter tips Stiles under the chin with his claws and forces him to stand. Stiles can call Jackson and tell him where Lydia is, but that's all the allowance Peter is giving him. Stiles makes the call. Stiles and Peter are in the Jeep heading off to find Derek. Peter tells him not to feel bad, because if Lydia lives she'll become a werewolf. "Yeah, and once a month she'll go out of her freaking mind and try to tear me apart." "Well, actually, considering that she's a woman, twice a month," Peter rejoins. Stiles just gives him a look. Stiles pulls into a parking garage. As he gets out, Peter grabs him and hauls him to a different car. It belonged to Nurse Jennifer, who is now dead in the trunk. He grabs a laptop bag from her dead hands and gives it to Stiles. Peter opens up his laptop, a Mac, and hands Stiles a Mifi device. He tells Stiles to get connected. Stiles claims that he doesn't know Scott's username and password, but Peter knows he's lying because of his heartbeat. Stiles still tries to lie, and Peter slams his face into the laptop. Stiles asks Peter what he's going to do once he finds Derek. "You're gonna kill people, aren't you?" "Only the responsible ones." Stiles tries to make a deal with him to leave Scott out of it, but Peter tells him he needs both of them. Stiles tells him that Scott won't help him. "Oh, he will, because it will save Allison. And you will, because it will save Scott." Even Peter is incredulous that Scott's username and password is Allison. Stiles locates the GPS coordinates 35.233009, -84.153297. Peter frowns for a second and then realizes that Derek isn't at the house but under it. Then they hear Derek's howl and Peter knows that Scott has located him, too. Peter orders Stiles to give him his keys. Stiles sighs and hands them over, telling him that she grinds in second. Peter crunches the keys in his fist and hands them back. "So you're not gonna kill me?" Stiles asks, and then realizes he probably should have let that go as Peter approaches him. "Don't you understand yet? I'm not the bad guy here." "You turn into a giant monster with red eyes and fangs and you're not the bad guy here?" Peter tells Stiles he likes him and offers him the Bite. He tries to convince Stiles into it by running through all the things that Scott now has and he doesn't. Peter takes Stiles's wrist and brings it to his mouth. Stiles seems to consider it, but at the last moment he pulls his arm away. Peter tells him that he's lying about not wanting it, even if he thinks he isn't. When Peter gets in his car to leave, Stiles wants to answer, but he has nothing to say. Later, at the Hale House, Kate, Allison, Scott and Derek are there, the door to the Hale House opens, and everyone backs away from it. Scott's eyes glow as he tells them it's the alpha. The alpha darts around faster than they can see. It knocks Chris over first, then Allison, sending her bow flying, then Scott. It starts to rain, and Kate taunts him. She turns, and Peter catches her arm. He breaks her wrist and then grabs her by the throat, throwing her at the house. Peter drags her inside, and Allison runs after them. Peter tells Kate that Allison is beautiful and probably not as damaged. "So I'm going to give you a chance to save her. Apologize. Say that you're sorry for decimating my family. For leaving me burned and broken for six years." He has his claws at her throat. Kate looks at Allison, and it's her she apologizes to. Peter gives a little shrug and then rips Kate's throat out. Peter advances on Allison, telling her that the apology didn't sound very sincere, but Scott and Derek step in to defend her. The betas get thrown around a lot, while Allison tries to wake her father up. Scott gets in a few good hits that make Peter start to shift. Eventually, Peter shifts into full beast form, ruining his leather jacket. Scott comes flying out through a window, followed quickly by Peter. Stiles hits the horn on the car and then throws one of the Lydia's molotov cocktails at Peter. He catches it. Scott then throws Allison her bow and tells her to shoot. She hits the beaker, and Peter's arm ignites. Stiles looks at Jackson, and Jackson hurls the second molotov at the alpha. Peter's whole body burns, and he tries to go after Allison, but Scott leaps and punches him in the face. It sends him staggering away, and he collapses, shifting back partially into human form. Everyone turns at the sound of Derek walking through the leaves toward Peter. Scott suddenly realizes that Derek's going to kill him, and if he does, then Scott can't be cured. "Derek, if you do this, I'm dead. Her father, her family. What am I supposed to do!" Derek seems to consider this, but Peter says he can smell that Derek's already decided. Derek slashes Peter's throat, and then stands to show everyone his red eyes. "I'm the alpha now." [3]


Lydia’s next seen crying in the bathroom when she notices a man’s bare feet under the stall and is creeped out. Once they’re gone she leaves the bathroom, and follows a barefoot figure. The figure stops in front of the athletic trophy case and reaches out toward one of the trophies before leaving. Lydia sees that it was Peter Hale’s, and suddenly remembers him from the night of the winter formal. Later, Lydia starts to see petals on the ice rink. Lydia’s petals are getting bigger and eventually lead to a plant coming out of the ice that looks like wolfsbane. Lydia thinks she see’s Peter Hale’s face in the ice and starts screaming. [12]

Peter appears to Lydia through his younger self. Lydia is sitting outside the counselor’s office with an unfamiliar boy who asks here about why she’s there. She gives him a snarky response, which he responds to by calling her cute. When she goes in, Peter watches. [13]

As Lydia's watching a student at the board, Lydia sees him change into Peter Hale. The writing on the board is in a revenge spiral. Everyone is staring at her. Then suddenly all the students are gone, and Peter turns around to face her. He throws desks across the room as he comes at her, and she jumps up with a cry and backs against the wall. Peter walks up to her, crushing something in his hand, and then blows a white powder in her face. Lydia comes out of her vision crying, with Coach Finstock calling her name. She's up at the front of the room, and she's written ɘmqlɘʜɘnoɘmoƨ (Someone Help Me) all over the board. Peter is seen sitting in the class just a few desks away from Stiles. [14]

Lydia takes her dog outside. When the dog doesn't come back when called, Lydia walks through the pool area to look for her. Peter appears carrying the dog. Lydia asks Peter if there's a non-rapist explanation for him being in her yard in the middle of the night. He tells her that he heard Prada barking and that he lives in the house out back. She thanks him for bringing Prada back, and he asks her if everything is okay. She wants to know what damage he's implying and asks if he's referencing the other day in class. He shrugs like yes. She claims that she's not crazy. "At least I'm not one of those Vicodin-popping wristcutters at school." He asks her if that's what the other girls are like and steps closer. She backs up. He asks her why she moved away. "You stepped forward." "Maybe I wanted to kiss you." "Maybe I don't want you to." "Does that mean maybe I could?" She threatens him, so he asks if he can hold her hand. She scoffs at him, so he picks a flower off the trellis behind her and asks if he can give her a flower. He makes her promise to keep it. She tells him that if she doesn't have it tomorrow, she'll lie. [15]

Lydia is at her locker talking to Peter again. He asks her if she's busy after school. She says she always is, and he tells her to unbusy herself because he wants to show her something. He tells her to bring the flower he gave her. Lydia walks around the empty house calling for people. Peter walks up behind her. She asks if this is his house, and he says that it was. However, the exterior of the house previously shown does not match the Hale House. He asks her if she brought the flower. She says she couldn't find it. He tells her that it's okay, but since she doesn't have it he wants to collect his kiss. They start making out. When Lydia pulls away, she sees their reflection in a mirrored wardrobe in the middle of the room. She's holding Peter Hale's burned body, and suddenly the background changes to the interior of the Hale House. She backs away from him in fear, and he asks if something is wrong. Lydia screams, and we see the actual exterior of the Hale House. burned Peter sits down next to Lydia. He apologizes for how confusing everything must be. He thinks she'll pull through this ordeal with a minimal amount of PTSD and a few years of profoundly disturbing nightmares. He tells her that he had a plan and starts playing with her hair. "It was a good plan. But if there's one thing I've learned in life it's to always have a back-up." Her immunity means that she wouldn't turn and she wouldn't die, but she'd be able to do a very important thing. He nuzzles her hair and then disappears before he tells her what. It is revealed that Peter is buried under the Hale house. [16]

Lydia is in the shower, and suddenly gets the sense of being watched. She shuts off the water and slowly pulls back the curtain to reveal the lacrosse field and a stand full of fans. She's in the middle of the field in her winter formal dress, and everyone is cheering for her. Then she turns and sees Peter Hale stalking out of the dark. She tries to run, but he grabs her, throws, her to the ground, and crawls on top of her. She wakes up from her nightmare with a shout. Her sheets are covered with dirt that she's carried in from a night of acting without her knowledge. "Leave me alone," she says. Peter is in bed next to her, and he sighs a little, telling her that he can't, not yet. She asks if he's real, and he tells her that the answer is also "not yet." He says that everything will get back to normal once she does everything that he asks. Peter leads her down the stairs and explains to her that everything needs to happen on the next full moon. He explains that the full moon of March is called the Worm Moon because it's the last full moon of winter and the worms start to crawl out of the earth. Lydia points out that the full moon is on Wednesday, which is also her birthday. Peter says that her birthday is always the party of the year. He tells her that they're going to make it a very special party. She asks what will happen if she doesn't go along, and he shows her a vision of her party guests murdered. "Why me?" "Because Lydia Martin is not only beautiful, not only incredibly intelligent, she's immune." She asks what it is that she's immune to, and Peter realizes that no one has told her about Werewolf yet. He says that it's probably best if he just shows her, and then he appears in his alpha form outside her living room window. Lydia screams, and Peter breaks through the window to leap at her. Lydia carries out the plan, and drags Derek from the subway lair into her car and then into the Hale House. She has turn up the floorboards over where Peter is buried. Derek begs her to stop. She puts his arm in Peter's hand. "You don't know what you're doing," he breathes. She then adjusts some mirrors she has setup around the room and bounces moonlight directly down onto Peter. Peter's claws dig into Derek's arm, and his blood brings Peter back to life. Peter bursts from the ground, and Derek tries to get away. "I heard there was a party. Don't worry, I invited myself," Peter says. [17]

Peter is on the bridge, overlooking Gerard murdering Matt by drowning him. He then sees the kanima approach Gerard and they both touch hands. [18]

At the hale house, after Erica and Boyd leave, Derek picks up a shard of broken mirror and throws it like a knife. Peter catches it just as it's about to cut his throat. "I expected a slightly warmer welcome," he says. Peter is impressed with how screwed up things have gotten in the few weeks that he's been dead. Now there are lizard people and geriatric psychopaths. "And you're cooking up Werewolf out of every self-esteem deprived adolescent in town." Derek asks Peter what he wants, and Peter just claims he wants to help his favorite nephew. He asks Derek if they can just talk and puts his hand on Derek's shoulder. Derek throws him across the room into the staircase. Derek continues to toss Peter around the house and beat him up. Peter kind of laughs and assures him that he doesn't want to be the alpha again considering that his last attempt at it ended in his death. Derek grabs him to punch him again, and Peter tells him to bring it on, to get out all the anger and self-loathing that comes with total and complete failure. "I may be the one taking the beating, Derek, but you've already been beaten. So go ahead. Hit me if it will make you feel better." Derek stops hitting him and shoves him away. Peter examines his wounds in the mirror shard and complains that he's not healing as fast. "Coming back from the dead isn't easy, you know." He says that he needs the strength of a pack to help him, which means that Derek needs him as much as he needs Derek. "Why would I want help from a total psycho?" Peter claims that he's not a total psycho and Derek did slash his throat open so they're both works in progress. Peter gives Derek a rundown of his failures. Derek glares at him. "How about you tell me something I don't know." Peter promises to tell him how to stop Jackson. Specifically, how to save him. Peter explains that there's a myth that you can cure a Werewolf by calling out its Christian name. This is stupid of course, but sometimes myths bear a hint of truth. "Our names are a symbol of who we are. The kanima has no identity. That's why it doesn't seek a pack." Orphans also grow up with no pack or identity. Peter says that they need to bring Jackson's identity back to him. "How?" "Through his heart! How else?" Derek says that Jackson doesn't have too much of a heart to begin with, but Peter doesn't believe that. He says there's one person that Jackson shared a real bond with, who can reach him: Lydia. Peter tells Derek that he relies too much on anger and needs more heart, which is why he's always known that he needs Scott. Peter argues that even someone as dead on the inside as himself knows better than to underestimate the simple power of human love. [19]

Scott and Isaac are in the school's locker room, Derek and his uncle show up. They say that they all need to have a little conversation. Scott wonders what the hell is going on. Derek says that Peter knows how to stop Jackson. Scott and Isaac tells him that Jackson’s dead. Peter says that that’s not good news because if that happened then he thinks Gerard wanted it to happen. Meanwhile, Peter grabs a laptop that he hid in his house, and he says that, luckily, the Argent's aren’t the only ones that keep records. Peter says, after checking out his database, that Jackson’s Kanima shape is evolving into something bigger and better. Peter tells Derek that they need Lydia. Peter says that they’re rushing into things and need to take some time to think, to relax, to formulate a gameplan. At an abandoned building, Derek and Peter show up. Peter is, however, hiding so that he can't be seen as he is not up to full strength. Derek gets slashed and Peter flinches. After Gerard was beaten, and Jackson was no longer a Kanima, Derek and Peter impale Jackson, killing him. On the floor, Jackson slowly raises, showing that he has evolved and is now a Werewolf. [20]

The Dead Pool

Peter first walks in on Derek and Braeden and tells them that killing a berserker is almost impossible and Peter says that he, Malia and Liam will need to help. Braeden, Derek, Peter, Stiles, Liam and Malia are all at a rendezvous point and brainstorm on how to stop Kate, but there is one person missing, Lydia. Peter cautions that they should not fight the berserkers to survive but to kill them. Malia is riding with Peter and the ride is a very awkward one as he tries to brainwash her into thinking his way. Once there, they enter the cave but Peter urges them to stop to figure out where they are. They are then attacked by a berserker. Malia, Liam and Peter are battling Scott and it seems like Peters words to Malia stem from his plan to kill Scott. Malia, Liam and Peter get the upper hand on the berserker but just when they are about to kill him Stiles reveals that it is Scott behind the bones. After Scott had overcome his berserker side, He then turns his attention to Peter and reveals that he was the one behind everything. Now that Peter is revealed to be the plot of all evil the real battle ensues. Malia tries to help but she is pushed back. As Kira steps up Scott quickly calls her back. Scott and Peter will have their final showdown in the cave. Scott and Peter are fighting as Malia, Kira, Liam and Stiles watch on. Scott gains the upper hand at times but Peter fights back. After Peter threatens Liam's life, Scott begins to find himself in a zone and handles Peter with ease. As he towers above him in triumph he tells Peter that he was never an alpha but always a monster and delivers one last blow. Peter is then, sent to Eichen House where he is sure to plot his revenge. He begins to go crazy again and yells that the wolfsbane will not hold him back and now he shares a cell with the man Dr. Deaton went to to gather his information. Peter now sees that he is in a very dangerous place and begins to scream in agony. [21]


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