"What’s going on with me? You really wanna know? Well, so would I. Cause I can see, hear, and smell things that I shouldn’t be able to see, hear and smell. I can do things that should be impossible, I’m sleep walking three miles into the middle of the woods, and I’m pretty much convinced that I’m totally out of my freaking mind"
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Scott McCall is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the first episode of the first season. He is portrayed by main cast member Tyler Posey.


Turned into a WerewolfEdit

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Scott is getting a few chin-ups in before he gets ready for an early night. Just as he finishes brushing his teeth and washing his face, he hears a sound and goes out to investigate. He’s on the front porch looking around when Stiles, his best buddy, appears. They scream in each others faces and Scott asks him what he’s even doing at his house so late. Stiles informs Scott that he eavesdropped on his dad’s phone call to find that the cops are searching for a dead body. Stiles tells him, they only found half her body. The duo drive up to Beacon Hills Preserve. They search the woods but Stiles ends up being caught by the police and the sheriff, his father. Scott hides being the tree. After their gone, Scott carries on wandering around the woods before being knocked over by a herd of dear. Scott looses his inhaler and starts to search for it. Instead of finding his inhaler, he finds the top half of the body. He quickly retreats but falls down a hill. He brushes himself off only to be attacked and bitten by a werewolf. Scott manages to get away and finds his way back to the road where he nearly gets run over by a dark red SUV. Scott lifts up his top and we see that he has a nasty looking bite on his right side. The next morning, Scott travels to school on his bike, only to be hit by Jackson's car door. Walking to class, Scott shows Stiles his bite mark on his side. Stiles dismisses the fact that it was a werewolf as that haven't been in California for over 60 years. Scott also states that he found part of the body the previous night. In class, Scott begins to hear things. He then discovers that he is hearing a girl outside talking to her mother and saying that she forgot a pen. The girl walks into class and Scott gives her a pen. At of class in the hall, Scott eavesdrops on Allison's convocation. At lacrosse practice, Allison and Lydia watches from the stands. Scott is asked to go in goal. In goal, Scott catches every single ball that they throw at him. Allison and everyone in the stands cheer. After school, Scott and Stiles search the wood for Scott's inhaler. They run into Derek, where he says that their trespassing on private property. They say that they're looking for something. Derek throws them Scott's inhaler and tells them to go. Later, at night, Scott is closing the animal clinic and Allison knocks at the door saying that she had hit a dog and that its in trunk of her car. They bring it inside where he sorts the dog out. He offers a spare top that is in his bag to her. She goes to change and Scott can see her. He looks away, and acts like he didn't see anything. That night, Scott goes to sleep in his bed but wakes up in the woods. He looks around and sees a figure in the distance. He starts to run and ends up jumping into someones pool. At school, Scott is by his locker when he is cornered by Jackson and is questioned about what he did yesterday at practice. He accuses him of using drugs. Scott is on the fiend when he is approached by Stiles. He tells Stiles that they found animal hears on the body. On the field, Scott catches the ball and makes a run for it to the goal. He is tacked to the floor by Jackson. The second time he gets the ball, he acrobatically moves around the other players. Coach makes a comment about that it isn't a bally class. Later, Scott knocks on Stiles' door, Stiles opens it to reveal that he has been up all night researching what is happening to Scott. Stiles says that he is cursed. Scott starts to loose it and knocks Stiles to the wall and is about to bunch him when he resists. Scott the leaves. Scott gets out of the shower only to be surprised when his mother, who is standing around the corner. She gives him the car keys and says that she doesn't have to have the talk. Scott thinks that she is talking about the sex talk. Scott picks up Allison in the car. At the party, Scott sees Derek in the distance for a moment but disappears the second time he looks. The party pics up and Scott dances with Allison. He starts to feel unwell and leaves Allison at the party. He goes home and sits in the slower with it on. He keeps resisting the change. He notices nails starting to grow in his fingernails. He gets out of the bath to look at the mirror only to see fangs in his mouth. Stiles bangs on his door and says that Allison was taken home by Derek. Scott jumps out of his window and heads to find Derek. In the woods, Scott sees Alison jacket hanging on a branch. Scott shouts, as he knows that Derek is there. Derek pounces on him and they both roll around on the floor. Scott demands to know where Allison is. Derek responds with that he is safe, and that some people would kill for what he has The two of them are attacked by hunters. The next morning, Scott has been walking all night and is found on walking by Stiles in his truck. After school had ended, Scott waits for Allison who forgives Scott for leaving her at the party. She goes to her fathers car and it is revealed that her father is one of the hunters that attacked him and Derek. [1]


Scott talks with Isaac and Stiles’s father, who is still worried about his son. Scott has a touching moment with his coach, who simply wants Scott to get his grades up so he can compete next year on the team. Everyone leaves the locker room and Derek and his uncle show up. They say that they all need to have a little conversation. Scott wonders what the hell is going on. Derek says that Peter knows how to stop Jackson. Scott and Isaac tells him that Jackson’s dead. Peter says that that’s not good news because if that happened then he thinks Gerard wanted it to happen. Scott’s mom calls Scott and she, still in the morgue examining Jackson, says that he might want to come to the hospital quickly... Jackson is encased in a transparent goo. It appears to be some type of cocoon. Scott and Isaac arrive the morgue. Nobody knows what’s happening with Jackson. and Scott carry the body out of the hospital when they run into Allison’s father. He offers them his help as he has, for the time being, changed sides as he doesn't agree with his father's motives. So he offers them a lift as his car is faster. Scott, Isaac, and Allison’s father pull up to a dark alleyway. Derek and Peter arrive. Derek tells them to get Jackson inside. Derek is about to kill him. Derek says that the Kanima is being controlled by Gerard and that he wanted this to happen, wanted him to get stronger. Gerard then enters, and then Jackson awakes and, with extended claws, thrusts his hand into Derek’s stomach. Gerard wants Scott to kill Derek to save Allison. Scott makes Derek bite Gerard, who wants to change into a werewolf. He holds up his arm. It’s bleeding blackness. Scott says that, "Everyone always said that Gerard always has a plan, so I had one too." Turns out he filled Gerard’s medicine with mountain ash, so that the bite wouldn’t take. Gerard spits up a lot of black nasty goo. Derek says, "why didn’t you tell me" about your plan. Scott says, "You might be an alpha, but you’re not my alpha." Gerard, in his final breaths yells "KILL THEM ALL!" Just then, Lydia and Stiles "crash" the scene. Lydia gets out of the car and holds up the key to Jackson, as that was what he wanted until recently. He grabs the key and turns back into a human before Derek and Peter impale him, causing him to fall to the ground. Allison then grabs Scott's hand. Jackson then slowly raised up from the ground, now reborn, as a Werewolf. Everyone looks around for Garard but only find traces of his black blood in his trail. The next day, Allison apologizes to Scott. She says that she’s trying to break up with him. He says that that’s okay because he will wait for her; because they’re meant to be together. She says there’s no such thing as fate. He says, there’s no such thing as werewolves. They kiss. After that, Scott and Stiles go to the school to practice for lacrosse. [2]

The Dead PoolEdit

Stiles and Scott trying to figure out a way to get the key so that they can decode the rest of the list. Lydia, Kira and Malia are at the lake house as Lydia is trying her best to find the key to decoding the rest of the list. The Sheriff is baffled as to how many supernatural beings there actually are in Beacon Hills and Stiles and Scott tell him that the money that was stolen from the vault. Derek has Liam by the throat, Scott enters just in time to stop him. Scott receives some encouraging words from Derek but he is too worried about everything else that is going on and it seems to be taking a toll on him. Later, Stiles, Kira and Scott begin tearing part the locker room trying to figure out a way to find the assassin, but then they realize that they need to either find them or stop the game. On the field, Scott and Stiles save Liam just in time as he was about to turn. Liam tells Scott and Stiles that he was on an anti-psychotic because he was diagnosed with I.E.D. They tell Liam that he should stay out of the game but instead he gives them information of who paid for the keg. Scott and Kira chat about the game and what is going on as Stiles tries to locate his dad who is supposed to be on hand incase something goes awry. Scott tries to convince coach not to let Liam into the game but that is a losing battle. The game begins and it already looks to be competitive, Kira, Scott, Stiles and Liam try to devise a plan to make it through the game. Scott tries to talk the other team down but they have no intention of letting up on torturing Liam for destroying the coaches car. Liam loses his cool at one point but Scott manages to keep him in check. Scott has a funny encounter with Garrett and it then dawns upon him that Garrett is the assassin. Liam takes a hit and his bone is broken but his alpha, Scott, sets the bone then tells Liam that he is the one that Garrett is after. Scott rushes to find Liam's nemesis who was only the bait for Scott who manages to take care of Violet as she attemps to take Scott out, Stiles comes in. [3]

Taken to MexicoEdit

While Kira is wandering around, she is attacked by berserker who is revealed as Scott but he does not kill her. Kate walks in and reveals that she is La Loba, The Bone Woman. Scott in his state of being a berserker stabs Kira with his bone weapon. Later, once his friends get there to save him, Malia, Liam and Peter are battling Scott and it seems like Peters words to Malia stem from his plan to kill Scott. If Malia doesn't know that Scott is a berserker he is easier to kill. Malia, Liam and Peter get the upper hand on the berserker but just when they are about to kill him Stiles reveals that it is Scott behind the bones. Scott then goes after Liam and Kira is pleading with Scott to not hurt him. Scott is holding Liam near death and Liam begins to talk him down telling him that he isn't a monster, he is a werewolf. At this point Scott strips himself of the bones and rejoins his pack, breaking through the skull and showing his alpha power. He then turns his attention to Peter and reveals that he was the one behind everything. Malia tries to help but she is pushed back. As Kira steps up Scott quickly calls her back. Scott and Peter are fighting as Malia, Kira, Liam and Stiles watch on. Scott gains the upper hand at times but Peter fights. Scott begins to find himself in a zone and handles Peter with ease. As he towers above him in triumph he tells Peter that he was never an alpha but always a monster and delivers one last blow. After, Chris instructs Scott to join his friends. Outside the church, Scott and his friends bid farewell to Derek and the hunters that helped them. Chris says that he is going after Kate. Back in Beacon Hills, at the high school, Liam, Scott and Stiles try to explain to the coach why they missed the game. Of course, he doesn't believe them and gives them a speech about having each others backs. [4]

The Dread DoctorsEdit

Scott and Stiles are discussing housing for college. They are all trying to get into colleges and universities close by so that no one gets left behind. Scott is thinking about the upcoming senior year and he uses the quote regression to the mean which means at some point the scale has to tip one way or the other. The storm in the show seems to be foreshadowing a bigger storm to come. Liam is chained to the tree because he apparently lost control during the last full moon. He tells Scott to let him go because he's in total and complete control and he won't run naked through the streets again. Scott, Liam and Stiles take a ride and it looks like they begin to have some technical difficulties with their cellphones and Stiles' truck. While Scott and Stiles tends to the engine Liam is alerted by some very close lighting strikes. Liam really wants to go with Scott and Stiles but Scott knows that Liam is still having a hard time and gives him words of encouragement. Meanwhile, Scott has only received one text from Kira in a week. Stiles says he shouldn't have told her to have fun because it could be a mixed signal. Scott sees the storm is getting worst and says he's going to head out to get Kira and meet Stiles and Malia at the school. He also says that Lydia will be there which seems a little crazy considering the intro of the show. Scott returned home to pick up his helmet but notices that something isn't right. Scott takes of nevertheless. Kira hears something and it happens to be Scott riding through on his dirt bike. They run up to each other and he asks her if she had fun in New York. She says not really and they kiss passionately in the rain. Scott and Kira escape for a bit so they can be alone. The make-out session continues until it's interrupted by the creature. Kira and Scott are trying to battle the new creature who claims to be a devoted fan. He's trying to take Scott out and appears to be strong enough to. He doesn't just want to be a Alpha he wants more. Another wolf comes in to rescue Scott momentarily before he is tossed aside. Scott is almost choked out by the creature but flexes his true power and takes him out with ease. He gives the creature an opportunity to run or be broken and he takes off. Scott recognizes the new wolf asTheo, an old friend of his. Scott asks him what he's doing here and Theo says he's moving back to Beacon Hills to be with his family and to become a member of Scott's pack. Stiles, Scott, Kira and Malia find out that she is a senior and they all attend the "Senior Scribe." Lydia, then greets them. The pack takes turns signing their names on the shelves of the library, etching their senior status at Beacon Hills High. Scott etches his along with the initials AA, which stands for Allison Argent. [5]

Scott is learning how to administer shots to dogs from animals. "He's little but his teeth are still sharp," will probably come back later. Scott gives the dog back to his owner and goes back to find Deaton examining the nail. It's a talon from a harpy and shouldn't be able to steal Scott's power. Only a beta of his making should be able to but Deaton believes someone is trying to change the rules of the supernatural world. Scott arrives at school. Kira meets him at the entrance and they share a kiss. In biology, Lydia and Kira share a silent conversation in between Scott. They are confused as to why Scott is in their AP class. Apparently, it wasn't a mistake. Turns out Theo is in the class. There's going to be a huge test in the class the next day, to weed out those who don't belong. Scott wants to be in the class because he wants to get into the best college biology program in Cali. Theo starts telling Scott and Stiles the story of how he became a wolf. He says he was skating in a neighbors empty pool. It got late and he fell but the board didn't fall with him. From their the wolf charged at him. Stiles wants to know why he didn't become part of that wolf's pack. Apparently, the wolf was Aiden's alpha, the one he and his brother, Ethan, killed. Theo guilt trips Scott about lone wolves not making it and being the same kid from before. Scott tells Stiles that they're giving Theo the benefit of the doubt. Stiles swears he's right, and so far the track record is 100 percent when Stiles thinks someone is evil, they usually are. Back in the woods, Scott catches up with Stiles and Liam. Embarrassed, Stiles tries to leave but his jeep won't turn on. Him and Scott start to talk about why Stiles doesn't trust anyone, he responds that Scott trusts everyone.. Stiles gets mad and punches his car. Scott heals his hand. Kira and Scott are making out but she stops to ask him why he didn't tell her about UC Davis. Scott tells her that it's because he doesn't believe he's smart enough. [6]

The Sheriff is getting ready to go on a date and while Scott is very supportive Stiles is reluctant until he finds out who the mystery woman is. Later, Stiles continues to have car troubles and tells Scott that he's sensing anxiety. Scott asks him if he's okay and Stiles shows him a photo of what the Desert Wolf is capable of. After Lydia finds a body, Scott is called where he is asked to assist them in finding Donovan but Stiles might already have a clue. Scott is attacked by Donovan but throws him off of him. The pack gets together and it looks like Liam's friend is in on the plan to find Tracy too. Stiles asks what they do when they catch her and Malia immediately says put her down. However, Scott urges them to concentrate on finding Tracy first. In class, Scott does well on his AP Biology exam and is asked to lead a discussion on the lesson. He's distracted by Liam who is trying to get his attention to tell him that Tracy is at school in his History class. Scott, Kira's Dad and Liam walk over to her but she sees the three doctors. Tracy grabs a girls arm to the side of her and makes her bleed. and when Scott approaches her, she says, "they're coming for all of us," then collapses as a strange fluid rolls out of her mouth. Scott and the pack take her away and Liam offers to help his old friend but she says she is okay. They take her to the animal clinic where they are surrounded by Mountain Ash. Dr. Deaton examines Tracy and finds that her back isn't normal. Tracy's back opens up and out pops a tail. They are all paralyzed by the fact that they've all been hit by the tail of the Kanima. Deaton tells Scott an Malia that if they focus on healing they will be able to heal faster that him and Stiles. They lay helplessly while Tracy the Kanima is on the loose. Malia heals and goes after Tracy. Scott tells her to save her, rather than kill her, he still hasn't healed. Later, they are found by Theo and he offers to help Scott without being a member of the pack. Scott is still a bit reluctant but doesn't have a choice. [7]

Scott, Stiles, and Theo run into the sheriff station. They see blood on the floor, and Scott rushes in. The Sheriff is already trying to get to his feet when Scott rushes to help him. Stiles finds Kira and Lydia in the office, with Lydia bleeding badly. It takes Scott a few tries to get his attention. There are already ambulance sirens in the background. Stiles helps his dad follow Scott and Deaton down to the basement. They find Malia standing over Tracy's body. "It wasn't me," she says. Scott glowers and asks what happened. Malia explains that there were three people in masks. She insists to Stiles that she didn't kill Tracy, and he tries to calm her down. Deaton points out that Tracy isn't changing back to human. "We're going to need to get her out of here." "Absolutely not," the Sheriff responds. Deaton narrows his eyes. "I think the coroner might be very confused by this girl's severed reptilian tail." The Sheriff seems to have had it. He doesn't care. The Sheriff is clearly unhappy with this, but Stiles agrees with Deaton. Scott tries to play the middle suggesting that at the clinic they might be able to change her back, so they can call the coroner to see something he'll be fit to evaluate. "There is a line that we have to draw," the Sheriff stammers. Stiles points out that they've already crossed that line multiple times. Deaton pleads with the Sheriff to let him help. He caves, and Scott picks Tracy up. Scott and Liam burst into the hospital. Liam is telling Scott about what he found in the woods and confirms that Tracy was buried alive, then crawled out. They found a second hole, but Liam doesn't know who was buried in that one. Melissa comes out to tell Stiles, Scott, Kira, Theo, and Liam that Theo's tourniquet probably saved Lydia's life. Malia comes over and she insists that it wasn't just Tracy, there were guys in masks. Stiles and Scott look torn between being worried and not believing her. Scott and Kira head back to Scott's house. Kira rubs at Lydia's blood on her hands, until Scott takes her hands in his. He kisses her forehead and then kisses her lips. Deaton interrupts them and walks out of hte darkened living room with a bag. He pulls out a bottle. "A werewolf with the talons an eagle. Possibly a shape-shifted known in eastern mythology as a Garuda. Tracy's claws. The unmistakable claws of a werewolf. But a werewolf who also bears the venom and the scales of a kanima." Kira asks what you call that. "Personally, I call it terrifying." But really he's more interested in how Tracy was able to cross the mountain ash. His theory is that Tracy wasn't created through supernatural means, so supernatural rules don't apply. She was created scientifically. Scott adds that Liam found another hole out in the woods. Deaton suggests the burials are part of an incubation. Kira asks how scared they should be. Deaton says that while he works with the supernatural, he's also a man of science, but something like this rattles the foundation of his beliefs. The rules have changed. In AP Bio, Scott is looking at a list of all the things they've encountered so far. Kira asks if there can be more than one species in the same DNA. The answer is no, but there can be multiple sets of DNA in the same individual. This is called a chimera. Scott notes down the term chimera, while Mrs. Finch goes on to talk about mutation. DNA is a fragile molecule. Mrs. Finch asks Scott if he missed the assigned reading. "Kind of." "Kind of or yes?" "Mostly yes." She then offers the class drop forms. Mrs. Finch hands out a few forms to students she thinks should fill them out. Class is dismissed, and Scott takes a form. The teacher doesn't look pleased. Scott and Kira are in the library, and Stiles and Malia join them. Stiles wasn't able to get in to see Lydia because she's in the ICU and only family is allowed. They did, however, come back with the bestiary. Kira asks if there's anything about a half-werewolf, half-kanima. "Chimera," Scott says. Scott and Kira arrive at the hospital, having been called by Melissa. She leads them to the room with the kid who is still screaming from the wound on his arm. Scott listens to his agony for a moment before deciding to try to help. Scott grabs the boy's hand and black veins swarm up his arms. Scott nearly passes out from the pain. Kira and Melissa have to pull him away. It works, though. The boy stops screaming. Scott asks to see the wound, and Melissa shows him. The lab says that the wound was made by scorpion venom. The boy is able to tell them that it was Lucas, his boyfriend. The boy in the hospital, Corey, tells Scott and Kira how he got stung. Kira asks if there's even a myth for a half-scorpion half-werewolf. "Sumerian," Scott supplies. He saw something about it in the bestiary. They arrive at the club and go inside, setting off an alarm. Kira grabs a piece of her belt and uses it to break the alarm. Scott declares his love for her. Kira follows Scott into the club and says that he did it again. He did something that changed everything without even realizing it. Scott hears roaring from Brett and Lucas fighting. Scott and Kira find Lucas wrestling with Liam. "You're a little late!" Liam yells. Scott attacks and manages to get Lucas off Liam, but Lucas quickly tosses him aside. Kira uses her belt sword and joins the fight. Kira's kitsune spirit comes out. "Watashi wa shi no shisha da!" she shouts. And she makes to kill Lucas. Scott grabs her arm to stop her, and they stare at one another. When it's clear that everyone is okay, Scott asks Liam to help him get Lucas out of there. They start to pick him up, but he's shot in the chest with a dart. The Dread Doctors are up in the rafters. Scott demands to know why they killed him. "His condition was terminal." Scott asks what that means. "Failure," the Doctor replies. They bring Lucas to the hospital morgue. Scott is upset because he thinks he should have done better. Melissa tells him that his grandfather used to have a saying about the word should. "You know what you're doing when you say the word should too often? You're should-ing all over yourself." Scott smirks. Melissa can't tell Scott not to do something about it, because he's got the power to do something and cares enough to try. All he needs to do is ask himself what he's going to do. Scott thinks about it. "I'm going to find out who did this. And I'm going to stop them." [8]

Scott and Kira are asleep in Scott's room. Kira is whispering the same Japanese phrase she shouted when she was going to kill Lucas. Scott wakes up, staring at her, and then gets a message on his phone that the alarm in Animal Clinic has been tripped. "Hey, Scott," he says. "Stiles. Someone's taking the bodies." Stiles is stunned silent. Scott tells him that they're at the Animal Clinic and Tracy's body is gone. In the library, Scott tells Kira that he doesn't think the Dread Doctors are taking the bodies. Scott also points out that the chimeras are all failures. "If the chimeras are all failures, what's a success going to be?" Kira asks. "Bad. Probably really bad." As they're leaving the library, Scott stops and turns. He smelled blood from Donovan. In the boys locker room, Scott shows Theo the copy of the book. He asks if Scott wants him to read it. "Not yet. I'm only on chapter one." Theo asks him about the author. As he flips through the pages, Scott tells him that they tried but it's a dead end. Then Theo shows Scott something on the last page. Scott tells Theo that he knows where to find him. At Scott's house, he and Kira are searching his room for her belt. "You don't remember saying a lot of things." Scott turns to her. "What's that supposed to mean?" "It means... nothing. Forget it." Scott crouches in front of her and asks her if she's okay. Kira asks him to look at her with his alpha vision. Scott agrees and steps back. He looks at her and sees her kitsune aura flaming. The aura points to her belt on the floor, indicating that it has knowledge that Kira herself does not. "What, did you see something?" she asks. Scott avoids telling her and instead points out the belt. "Everything else is fine," he says. That night they all go to Eichen House. Lydia keeps buzzing to try to get in. Scott goes to talk to Stiles. "Are you gonna be okay in there?" "Yeah, why?" "You seem a little off." Scott says and turns to look at Kira. Stiles asks what happened. "Well when the other chimera, Lucas, when he came after us, I heard Kira say something in Japanese." "She doesn't know any Japanese." "Still not terrible." "I also think I might have stopped her from killing Lucas." Stiles takes that into consideration. "Wasn't he trying to kill you, though? I mean that just sounds like self-defense." Scott says it was more than that. She nearly took off his head. "Maybe she had no choice," Stiles responds, clearly now thinking about his own situation. "There's gotta be a point where self-defense is justified. Tracy killed her own father. And Lucas would've killed you." Scott tells him, "They're not the bad guys. They're the victims. We shouldn't be killing the people we're trying to save." Eichen House finally opens up, and they all head inside. Schrader tells them all to empty their pockets. They comply. He asks Kira to remove her belt. Kira removes her belt while Schrader leers at Lydia. In the hallway in Eichen, Scott and Kira come to a stop while Lydia and Stiles continue on. There's a mountain ash barrier that they can't cross. Fenris opens the door and tells Lydia and Stiles that Valack's cell is the last one at the end of the hall. Scott offers reassurances while they head off. Later, Scott reports that he can't hear anything. He thinks the mountain ash is disrupting his abilities. Kira says she's feeling weak. The lights in the hallway suddenly flicker, and Scott looks around. While he's not looking, Kira begins to generate electricity. Kira shorts out all the lights. Scott tries to touch her and gets shocked back. Fenris shows up and asks Scott if he's okay. He realizes that Kira is causing whatever is happening. The Doctors are right by the door. Scott doesn't know hwo to move Kira if he can't even touch her. Fenris advises Scott to run. He says he can't leave her. "I can," the doctor says, and takes off. Scott grabs Kira even though her electricity is electrocuting him. He gets out of the way of the doctors and keeps going. Scott carries Kira out of the building. Scott emerges from Eichen House with Kira and collapses on the ground, smoking and covered in burns. "At the club... at the club, you said..." Kira mutters. "I remember," Scott tells her. "And I meant it." She takes his hand. [9]

At school, Scott tells Theo to keep an eye out for people acting a little off. Theo reminds him that Tracy went on a killing spree after reading the book. "You think it's a bad idea?" "I think Malia almost getting run down by a car could've been bad." He figures that's why they haven't finished reading it yet. They're all at Scott's house with copies. They've asked Malia to watch over them while they read so there will be someone to stop them from running into traffic like she did. Lydia then explains that she saw the Doctors during the surgery and when she looks at the cover of the book it feels like a memory wants to surface. They all start reading. Scott has difficulty concentrating. Scott finally asks if anyone is feeling anything. "Tired," says Kira. "Hungry," Lydia replies. Theo chastises them all with, "I think he meant the book." Not long after, everyone had fallen asleep. The next morning at school, they think maybe they have to trigger the memories somehow. But since they don't know which memories, they can't tell what the triggers would be. Stiles, Scott, and Kira warn each other to be on the lookout. The lights in the school flicker, but Kira claims it isn't her. In AP Biology, Sydney leaves and Lydia follows. Scott looks at his drop form. Scott and Theo then go and find Lydia who has just come out of a trance. Back in AP Biology, at the end of class, he hands his drop form in reluctantly. Scott starts having an asthma attack. He has a memory of a dog leash covered in blood. Then dropping a leash. There's a dog attack. Scott sees himself as a child being wheeled into the hospital. "Mom, where's Roxy?" he asks. He's having trouble breathing. As the memory goes on, Scott's breathing gets worse. Mrs. Finch asks him where his inhaler is. When he can't answer, she orders the other students to find someone with an inhaler. Liam comes rushing in and puts the inhaler in Scott's hand, but Scott is too out of it to use it himself. Liam lets his eyes glow and growls at Scott, which pulls him out of it enough to use the inhaler. Hayden saw Liam help and smiles to herself a bit. Scott is sitting in the boys locker room, looking at his inhaler. Theo asks him if he'll be okay. Scott says yes. It was a psychosomatic thing because of the memory that came back to him. Theo then tells Scott he recorded Kira's Japanese mutterings. Theo translated it to "I am the messenger of death." By Scott's look, Theo asks if it gets worse than just her saying this. Scott admits that Kira's aura looks like it's taking over. "Something's happening. And to be honest, I doni't know if I can trust her anymore." The lights flicker again, and they both hear sounds in the basement. Malia meets up with Scott and Theo and reports on everyone's whereabouts. Scott, Malia, and Theo arrive at the hospital. Scott tells them to go find Stiles and Lydia. Scott runs into The Pathologist while looking for his mom. He slams Scott against the wall and zaps him in the chest. Scott tries to get his inhaler. Scott is on the floor of the hospital, gasping, and reaching for his inhaler. The Pathologist crsuesh it beneath his boot and picks Scott up, holding him against the wall. The elevator dings open, and Malia emerges, shifted. She attacks, as the Pathologist tosses Scott away. Melissa rushes to get Scott and hauls him into the elevator while the fight goes on. She gives him a shot of a bronchodialator to help with his asthma symptoms. Melissa shouts for Malia, who runs for the elevator. She barely makes it in time, and the doors close just behind her. Scott looks up at Malia from the floor. "We never should've read that book." [10]

Stiles and Theo deliver Josh's body to the Animal Clinic, where Scott is waiting. Scott identifies the body and says he was a junior. Scott asks them which one killed Josh. "The one with the cane?" Theo lies and says yes. Stiles changes the subject to ask what they're going to do with the body. If they just set the alarm and leave, he'll disappear just like Tracy. He thinks someone has to stay with the body. Theo volunteers. "It's not like I had a big Saturday night planned." While they're talking, Scott gets a text message. It's Liam telling him that Hayden is another chimera. Liam took Hayden to Scott's house, and she's now shut herself in the bathroom. "Hayden, it's Scott. I know that you're scared, but we want to help," Scott says through the door. Scott turns to Liam and asks him what happened. Hayden's heart is beating really fast. Liam isn't sure. In the time it took him to send Scott a text, Hayden locked herself inside. They're sure she's a chimera because the Doctors told her her condition improves. "Okay, that's unsettling," Stiles says. He gives it a try. "Hayden. This is Stiles. Your sister works for my dad down at the station. Look, just open the door okay? You can trust us." Scott goes back to trying. He tells her that they want to explain the truth face to face. But either she unlocks the door or they're going to break it open. "It's okay if you don't want to talk or you're not ready to believe us. But I just... I gotta know that you're okay in there." Hayden opens the door. When it swings open fully, her eyes are glowing, and she has fangs and claws. "I believe you," she says. Stiles spreads Danny's telluric currents map on the table in the library. Scott figures that the Dread Doctors didn't go into Eichen House because of the telluric currents, so maybe they can use them to protect Hayden. The strongest convergence besides Eichen House is the school. "You want to hide her in the high school? For how long?" Stiles asks. "If we have to, all night," Scott replies. Liam convinced Hayden not to say anything to Deputy Clark, who is working a double shift. Notably, Clark is working on Josh Diaz's missing person's case. Stiles points out that the school is just a school, not a fortress. Apparently they have all forgotten that the school is on top of the Hale Vault, which IS a fortress. Scott explains that Lydia has an idea about how they can protect themselves. "Remember how Valack quoted Tesla?" "Frequency and vibration." "She thinks that he wasn't saying that just to sound smart. She thinks maybe it was a clue." "To do what?" "Disrupt their frequency." Now at Scott's house, Kira looks down at the telluric currents map. "What about me?" Scott awkwardly tells her that she'll come to the school with them. He tells her to bring her belt. Kira says that she lost it again. Scott offers to help her find it, but Kira gets to the heart of the matter. The last time she was around telluric currents, it didn't go so well. Scott points out that this time it's the school, and she's there every day. "It's not the same." Except there were several instances while she was at the school of the power disrupting. Kira doesn't want to go. "I think I need to figure out what's going on with me before I try helping anyone else." Scott doesn't know what to say, so they kiss. We see flashes of the previous times they've kissed. She tells him to be careful and then goes to leave. Before she does, she asks Scott what happens tomorrow, if he'll keep trying to find places to hide Hayden. "No. If this works tonight, we're gonna catch one of them." Later at the school, Lydia corners Scott and asks him if Liam is aware of the second part of the plan. Scott admits that he's not sure if there's going to be a second part. "Or if it's going to work," Lydia finishes for him.The Doctors arrive at the school. One of them sends a burst of electromagnetic energy through the school. It affects the PA system and makes Parrish's car stereo emit sound. The frequency is 97.1. Scott watches them growing closer and sighs.Down one of the rows of lockers, he sees a leash being dragged across the floor. Scott gets up to follow it. Lydia interrupts him and points out that since they can't use their phones they can't check in on Stiles and Theo. Apparently no one thought about that when coming up with this plan. They worry about who or what Stiles and Theo are waiting for. Liam, Hayden, Lydia, and Scott are in the boys locker room, waiting. Hayden falls asleep on Liam's shoulder. He finally notices the black bag that Scott brought in earlier and gets up to check it out. He finds chains inside and turns toward Scott, asking what they're for. "I brought them just in case." "In case of what?" "In case we had a chance to catch one of them," Lydia says. Scott tells Liam, "If we can't make the school a fortress, then maybe we can make it a trap." Liam asks him if Hayden is the bait, and Hayden scowls at them. Liam is pissed, and Lydia tries to talk him down. She insists that they brought Hayden to the school to protect her. Scott tells them that no one is bait but they can't be bodyguards to everyone every night. "Then why aren't we talking to Stiles's dad? Why aren't we doing something better than hiding in a school?" Scott says that they don't know what the Doctors are or what they want. They're winning, but the pack doesn't even know what the game is. Liam demands to know what they're going to do if the Doctors come in and jammers don't work, or Scott has an asthma attack again. "This plan sucks!" "You got a better one? Kids are dying, and she's next! So somebody has to do something, somebody has to save everyone. So somebody's got to be the bait!" They all stare at SCott as he admits the truth. Liam steps up to Scott and asks him to promise that he'll do everything he can to save Hayden. "Scott. Promise." Scott does. Hayden interrupts and tells them that she forgot her pills. She has a bottle in her locker, and Scott offers to go get it. He and Lydia head out of the locker room. She tells him to hurry while she keeps watch. Scott goes to Hayden's locker, but before he can open it he hears the leash dragging on the floor. It goes into a classroom, and he follows it. A sword bursts through his chest from behind. It's Kira. She wraps the leash around his throat and strangles him. She announces herself as the Messenger of Death. Scott is still being attacked by Kira. Suddenly a cut opens on his hand. Scott naps out of it and sees Mason standing over him with a scalpel. Mason quickly explains that Liam told him pain makes you human, so he figured it would snap Scott out of it. Mason reports to him that he found another chimera. Scott asks where Liam and Hayden are, and they go to the locker room looking for them. Lydia and Malia are already there and report that Hayden and Liam are gone. [11]

Scott is running through the woods in search of his beta Liam and Malia is close behind as they try to find both Liam and Hayden. Malia asks if Liam can hold back and Scott says only if he heard him. With an addition to Liam going missing, so does Kira and she if found walking the streets and is taken into custody as she is a suspect in a murder. At the station, Scott is questioning Kira as to what happened and she says she has no idea. Scott doesn't want to leave her but Kira understands he has to save Liam. Before he leaves, Kira asks if he thinks she killed the woman, he looks doubtful and says no. Scott walks in on Corey and Mason, he walks right up to Corey and digs his nails into the back of his neck. Everyone is surrounding Scott and Corey in the room and he's actually seeing visions of the Dread Doctors taking Corey in experiment on him. Scott collapses a bit and is very upset. They now know where to locate Liam and Hayden. Stiles tells Scott that he needs to talk to his dad before he goes after Liam with Scott. Scott decides to go with Malia instead and the rest of the group notice that Scott isn't quite himself. Scott and Malia have another tag along and his name is Mason. They search the underground tunnels but there are too many chemicals to catch a scent. Scott and Malia are calling out for Liam and Hayden but they can't seem to find them. Just then Scott hears a strange frequency and tells Malia and Mason to follow him. Scott suffers from another asthma attack while in the tunnels and Malia tells him he needs to use the inhaler. He says it's all their fault and they're never going to find them. Mason holds his hands out, helps Scott up and urges him to keep looking. They soon after get a call from Theo who says that he's got both Lian and Hayden. Scott and Malia arrive and Theo gets a warm reception from everyone as the entire pack keeps watch over Liam and Hayden. Scott seems to be a little skeptical about it all. He heads over to talk to Kira and she's leaving. She says she doesn't want to hurt anyone and he says she won't. She asks him to tell her what he sees with his real eyes and the Kitsune is burning bright. Scott and Kira share one last kiss in the rain before she and her parents leave town. Once again Scott has to give up someone he loves because of a threat. Scott's mother visits Scott who tells her something has changed but he's not sure. He says something is different with him and all his friends and he thinks it's because of him. He says he doesn't know how to fix it and the hero of the past four seasons is now vulnerable. Stiles reveals that he knows who is taking the bodies and gives Lydia Parrish's badge. She knows where he is taking the bodies.[12]

Scott tells a story about his asthma being back and pretending that nothing's happen. He says it feels like everyone in his school senses that there is something coming, something bad. He reaches for his inhaler when he thinks about doing something about it. The pack is not talking or acknowledging each other. Scott hasn't heard from Kira and he seems more nervous than he's ever been before. Scott asks him if he really wants to be a part of the pack and Theo says he's there for him. Scott just tells him that everything is going to get worse. Later, Scott is struggling with his asthma and takes a puff of his inhaler. He hears Liam in the locker room and approaches him and tries to have small talk. Liam is a bit dismissive and Scott tells Liam to remember that he's here for him. Liam asks him if he's going to chain him to a tree again and Scott says all he's trying to do is protect everyone. However, Liam tells Scott that he can't protect anyone. Later in class, Theo leans over to tell Scott about Stiles when they hear sirens. Corey is being rushed out of school bleeding mercury everywhere. Scott is sacred and Theo is trying to snap him out of it. Theo is driving Scott to the hospital and Scott asks him what he was trying to tell him in class. Scott insists that everyone needs to start talking again and finally gets Theo to open up. Theo tells him to open the glove compartment and finds a wrench that belonged to Stiles. Theo said Stiles dropped it at the school when he killed Donovan and Scott is dumbfounded. Theo says Donovan went after Stiles and when he saw what Stiles was doing he couldn't stop it. He lies about the details saying that Stiles kept hitting Donovan and crushed his skull. Theo is making Stiles out to be the bad guy and something inside of Scott seems to believe what Theo is saying. Theo makes it pretty believable and encourages Scott to talk to Stiles. At the hospital Theo and Scott arrive and notice carnage all over. Corey has been wreaking havoc all over and is killed in the parking lot. Later at Cinima, Liam is being beating up by the Dread Doctors and tells Hayden to run. Scott comes in to save the day and they manage to keep Hayden out of harms way for a bit. The insane part is that nothing they do seems to effect the Dread Doctors. Scott can't even keep up with this dreadful enemy but Theo comes in and tries his luck. Liam calls out for Hayden who is captures and injected with a substance. She doesn't die and both she and Liam are confused. When it's all over, Scott asks where Hayden is. She is with Liam and she says she thinks she's okay. Liam tells Scott what happened and they think something may be going on internally. He instructs them to meet him at the clinic. Stiles meets Scott at the clinic and tells him that he was having trouble with the jeep. Scott doesn't say anything, instead, he holds up the wrench that Theo used to incriminate him with. Scott asks Stiles why he didn't tell him and Stiles says he was going to. Stiles said he couldn't and Scott says "you killed Donovan?" Stiles says that Donovan was going to kill his dad and that everyone can't be like Scott. Stiles says not everyone can be flawless. Stiles says he's human and he didn't have a choice. Stiles asks him if he believes him and Scott says he wants to. Stiles begs him to say he believes him but Scott bypasses it by saying they can't kill people they are trying to save. Stiles asks him one more time to say he believes it and Scott just says the same thing. Stiles begs him to tell him how he can fix it, Scott tells him not to worry about Malia or Lydia they'll find them and that maybe Stiles should talk to the Sheriff. He leaves his best friend out in the rain to tend to Hayden. Liam says Hayden is getting worse and begs Scott to turn Hayden so that she can heal. Scott says no.[13]

A pissed off Liam doesn't understand why Scott won't bite Hayden to save her. Scott says that it's possible that it will kill her and Liam insists that there has to be something they can do. Scott says there is something else they can do and Theo reminds them that they have to move fast. Scott and Theo are waiting patiently outside and Theo tells him they need to prepare Liam and the rest of his pack for the worst. Theo offers to talk to all of them and get them back on Scott's side, mostly Stiles. Lydia has been staying by Parrish's side while he's in prison and doesn't leave him even when he asks. They realize they are both closely related to death around them. At the clinic, Hayden is asking for her sister as the cure doesn't seem to be working. Scott volunteers to find her since there are cops all over Beacon Hills High School. Scott is looking for Lydia and when he calls her phone he notices it's sitting on a library shelf. He follows a trail of sand and when he turns he sees Theo touching mountain ash. Theo was the first chimera but he wasn't perfect. Scott tries to attack Theo but he steps back behind the ash and Scott hits the deck hard. Theo tells Scott he has no friends to call and that he will have to wait to see what happens next. When Scott asks what's next, Theo replies, "the super moon." Scott is trying to break the barrier of mountain ash but this time he seems too weak. His asthma is also kicking in. Just then he notices an open door leading to a hatch and begins climbing. Scott reaches the rooftop but is still finding it hard to break through and also runs out of asthma medication. He realizes that he has been inhaling wolfsbane since the day Theo tossed him the inhaler. There are bigger problems. Liam is now on the top of the roof. He is angry and growing stronger through the super moon. Scott is trying to reason with him but Liam says that Scott will fulfill his promise even if it kills him. Liam's anger is being enhanced by the super moon. They continue the fight and fall through a window back into the library. Scott is begging Liam not to fight him and says he can't let him kill him. Scott turns full alpha and readies himself for battle. Scott is telling Liam that Theo is the reason he wants to kill him however, Liam says that he wants to kill Scott because he wants to. They continue to battle and Liam is kicking Scott's ass. Liam hacks away at Scott before he is interrupted by Mason. Mason asks him what he's doing then tells Liam that Hayden died a few minutes ago, stopping Liam dead in his tracks. Liam races to be by Hayden's side as Mason picks Scott off the ground. Theo walks in on them before Scott can escape and throws Mason to the side. Theo then attacks Scott who tells him that his pack will never be like Theo. Then it looks as if Scott might have been killed by Theo. Scott's mother races over to his side to check on him and she tries to bring him back. Mason tells her that Scott hasn't had a pulse in 15 minutes. His mother is adamant in bringing him back to life and shuts Mason down every time he tries to tell her it's no use. She is pressing against his chest and with one heavy hit, Scott roars awake. He is alive! Later, Scott tells his mother he lost everyone. She tells him that every hero suffers a loss. She says they will come back to him because he's a leader. Leaders always have hope.[14]

Scott is staring into a mirror in pain and anger with his eyes glowing red. He patches the wound in his chest and grabs his motorcycle helmet to take off but something happens. He begins to stumble in a daze and passes out on the floor. Scott is laying facedown on the floor but Parrish of all people happens to find him. Parrish says that he needs Scott's help with Lydia who looks as if she is in a trance. He tells Scott that Lydia wrote a sheriff's badge in blood and Scott realizes that it is a warning. Parrish and Scott rush Lydia to the hospital and Scott takes the time to go see how the sheriff is doing. Stiles is freaking out over his dad because no one can give him an answer to what is happening. Stiles breaks through the door and attacks Scott. He asks him where he was and has to be pulled off of Scott. Scott tells him that his dad isn't the only one that got hurt. Stiles, Parrish, Scott and his mom are trying to figure out why Theo is targeting Lydia and the sheriff. Stiles tells them he is going to go meet him alone and that he doesn't need to look. Theo meets Stiles with a smirk on his face. Stiles tells Theo that he killed his best friend and wants to know why he poisoned his dad. Scott happens to be listening on. Theo tells him he knows what the Dread Doctors created and he knows what Parrish is. Scott listens on as Theo says that Lydia was collateral damage. Stiles attacks Theo and asks him what is going on with his dad. Theo pushes him back to the step and he passes out. The voice of his dad wakes him up and Scott is there to help him up. The two realize that the sheriff wasn't attacked by Theo, he was attacked by another chimera. Stiles is ready to leave and denies Scott's help. Stiles tells Scott that he doesn't know the whole story but Scott says all that matters is his dad and that together they have survived worst. Stiles says they aren't looking for a missing chimera, they are looking for a missing teenager. Stiles and Scott find an article of clothing that will lead them to the missing teen and Malia joins them in the search. Malia and Scott are at the site where the teen was running from his pursuer. Scott is trying to talk to Malia about what has been going on with her but she tells him not to ask her to talk. She suddenly gets a scent of the teen and the three move onward. Malia grabs the teen and holds him down but he begs her to let him go. He tells her that "they" are coming and by they he means the Dread Doctors. The teen tries to run and Stiles stops him and questions him about the attack on his dad. Scott tells Stiles to take the boy with him and figure out a way to help his dad. Malia and Scott are about to come under attack by the Dread Doctors when Chris Argent returns. He saves them with a few shots towards the Dread Doctors. Stiles and the teen reach a point where they can't go further. However, the teen uses his chimera powers and is able to break through the gate to help them escape. Scott, Malia and Chris walk into the hospital to greet his mom. The sheriff is alive and wakes his son up to tell him it's okay and he still has him.[15]

After an attack at a building, Parrish shows Scott the footage of the beast and he says that it is the last chimera. Scott goes on an investigation with Parrish and they find mercury, which is associated with chimeras. Scott overhears them talking and the sheriff is giving his son advice on how to deal with taking a life. Scott visits Malia and she tells him that she can't help him right now. She says that there is something that is going to happen. She is going to do something and he won't like it. He asks if that's why he hears two heartbeats inside and why hers is beating so fast. She tells him to go home and she and Braeden are torturing a man for information on the Desert Wolf. Later, Scott's wound still won't heal and he is approached by Stiles. Stiles asks him if he heard about the murder over at the communication center and asks if Scott wanted to help him. Scott agrees and Stiles shows him the footage. Stiles says two people and three people come out. Scott realizes there must be two entrances. In the tunnels, Stiles and Scott are back as a team once more investigating the communication center scene. Scott is finding it hard to lift one of the file cabinets without his powers but Stiles lends him a helping hand. The find an underground area with a ladder leading down. They are following a trail of mercury to lead. Damnatio Memoriae is written on the floor but before they can find out more they are attacked by Tracy. Scott and Stiles have to battle Tracy but they are both powerless. However, something happens and Scott gains his powers back. Theo steps with Corey and another member of his chimera pack. Theo tells them that they are now on the same side. He says in the day they will go to school like normal kids but at night they will be fighting for their lives.[16]


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Character NotesEdit

  • Scott's tattoo, which is of two black bands (one thin and one thick) that wrap around his right bicep, has become the symbol of the McCall Pack.[15]
  • Scott is #11 on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team.
  • Scott had asthma before he became a werewolf.[1]