M "Stiles" Stilinski is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the first episode of the first season. He is portrayed by main cast member Dylan O'Brien.


Early Life

Stiles is up on the roof of the hospital. He asks his mother what she's doing, and then his dad is there. "Claudia? What are you doing up there?" "I couldn't stand to be in that room anymore. Now with him looking at me like that. He's trying to hurt me." She's talking about Stiles. "He's trying to kill me." Stiles gets tears in his eyes listening to her. The Sheriff gets her to step off the edge of the roof. He tells her to remind herself that it's the disease, that the dementia gives her delusions. She insists that Stiles is trying to kill her. When Stiles looks down, he sees the shadow of himself as a boy when he saw this scene firsthand. Claudia tells him to stop looking at her like that, and she attacks him. She starts slapping him, and Stiles falls down.[1]

Finding out about Werewolves

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Stiles, after being kidnapped, enters a room only to see Erica and Boyle handcuffed to the wall. Gerard comes down the staircase after Stiles tries to free Erica and Boyd. Stiles makes a snotty comment to Gerard, saying that he could probably kick his ass. Gerard, proves him wrong when he smacks Stiles to the floor. Stiles’s dad is on the phone. As his dad hangs up the phone, Stiles walks in with a bruised cheek. His father tells him that he is going to find that "bastard" and make him pay. Stiles lies and says that some guys from the other team did it to him after he mouthed off to them. Stiles is resting on the bed when he hears a knock on the door. He answers it and it’s Lydia. She’s clearly upset and Stiles welcomes her into his bedroom. She starts to cry. She says that no one will let her see Jackson. Lydia, while in Stiles’s bedroom, receives a text. Stiles gets a visit from his father. Stiles says that Lydia is in love with someone else. His father says that he should be happy with one thing: the lacrosse game. He says that he was amazing. He says that he was a hero at the game. Stiles rejects his father’s statement, but the see has been planted. At an abandoned warehouse, Stiles and Lydia bust through the wall and hits the Kanima with his jeep. Lydia gets out of the car. She lifts up the key that Jackson desperately wanted back at one time. Slowly, the scales start to fade away. He comes back to this world and, with uncertain eyes, backs away. Peter lunges for him and stabs him. Derek lunges forward an claws him. Jackson manages to get out the words “Do you still l-l-love me?” Lydia, in an emotional mess, is asked if she still loves him, too. She says yes. She does. Allison grabs Scott’s hand. Jackson begins scratching the ground and slowly gets up. His eyes turn blue; he’s a werewolf now. Stiles is visibly upset. Gerard is nowhere to be found. He got away. The episode ends with Scott and Stiles practicing lacrosse in the schools field.[2]

Alpha Pack

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The Benefactor

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Dread Doctors

Scott and Stiles are discussing housing for college. They are all trying to get into colleges and universities close by so that no one gets left behind. Scott is thinking about the upcoming senior year and he uses the quote regression to the mean which means at some point the scale has to tip one way or the other. The storm in the show seems to be foreshadowing a bigger storm to come. Liam is chained to the tree because he apparently lost control during the last full moon. He tells Scott to let him go because he's in total and complete control and he won't run naked through the streets again. Scott, Liam and Stiles take a ride and it looks like they begin to have some technical difficulties with their cellphones and Stiles' truck. Scott and Stiles tend to the engine. Once the truck is fixed, Stiles arrives to pick up Malia who greets him with a huge kiss. Stiles asks Malia if she found out whether she has to go to summer school or not and Liam lets the cat out of the bag that Stiles told everyone. Later, Scott has only received one text from Kira in a week. Stiles says he shouldn't have told her to have fun because it could be a mixed signal. Scott sees the storm is getting worst and says he's going to head out to get Kira and meet Stiles and Malia at the school. Malia and Stiles are worried about Scott and Kira as well as her fate as to whether or not she's a senior. Malia asks him if that's not what happens but Stiles said it only happens because you let it happen. Stiles doesn't want to lose all his friends and Malia knows it. Malia senses someone coming and it happens to be Liam who tells them that Scott's in trouble. Stiles, Scott, Kira and Malia find out that she is a senior and they all attend the "Senior Scribe." Lydia, then greets them. Later, the gang marks the school bookcase with their initials with the rest of the seniors.[3]

At his house, Stiles, suspicious of Theo, starts telling his father his theories. His father doesn't believe him and tells him to go to school. Stiles notices something different about his father. The end up doing a back-up check on Theo, only to find a speeding ticket. At school, Malia points out that Stiles has many more tickets than that and his father got him out of it. She asks him why he's so suspicious and he responds that he remembers Theo but that the person that came back is not Theo. In the locker room, Theo starts telling Scott and Stiles the story of how he became a wolf. He says he was skating in a neighbors empty pool. It got late and he fell but the board didn't fall with him. From their the wolf charged at him. Stiles wants to know why he didn't become part of that wolf's pack. Apparently, the wolf was Aiden's alpha, the one he and his brother, Ethan, killed. Theo guilt trips Scott about lone wolves not making it and being the same kid from before. Scott tells Stiles that they're giving Theo the benefit of the doubt. Stiles swears he's right, and so far the track record is 100 percent when Stiles thinks someone is evil, they usually are. Stiles has broken into the office to steal Theo's transcripts and finds out that he's father's signatures are different. Still no one thinks he should be raising the alarm. Stiles storms out and Liam seems to be the only one willing to help. Stiles and Liam's stalking is finally proving fruitful when Theo wanders into the woods at night. Liam relies that he was meant to meet Mason, Stiles tries to persuade him to tell Mason. Liam and Stiles find out that Theo is really sad and throwing flowers in the river in order to honor his sister who died. Stiles realizes they have to leave but Theo's already noticed them and confronts them. Stiles gives him the little evidence he has and definitely let's Theo know he doesn't trust him. Theo tells them he knows he was meant to be in this pack. Stiles is back at his theory board. His dad tells him that he can't think someone's guilty based on gut feelings. He needs proof first. Stiles points out that the different thing is that his father isn't wearing his wedding band. Sheriff reminds Stiles that a guilty party will always do something wrong.[4]

The Sheriff is getting ready to go on a date and while Scott is very supportive Stiles is reluctant until he finds out who the mystery woman is. A prisoner starts mouthing off to the Sheriff. Stiles gives a little smartass comment towards the prisoner who failed a test to become a deputy, hence his distaste for the Sheriff. On the road, Stiles continues to have car troubles and tells Scott that he's sensing anxiety. Scott asks him if he's okay and Stiles shows him a photo of what the Desert Wolf is capable of. Scott is asked to assist them in finding Donovan but Stiles might already have a clue. The pack gets together and it looks like Liam's friend is in on the plan to find Tracy too. Stiles asks what they do when they catch her and Malia immediately says put her down. However, Scott urges them to concentrate on finding Tracy first. Stiles shows Malia the photo of what her mother did and she finds out that he mother is a killer. Later, Stiles has to tell his father that they have Tracy in their possession until they figure out the next step. At the animal clinic, the gang are surrounded by mountain ash where the supernatural entities are trapped inside. He and Dr. Deaton are the only people that are able to cross. Deaton finds something interesting moving around under Tracy's skin. Upon hearing what happened to the driver Stiles thinks he knows who Tracy is. Tracy's back opens up and out pops a tail. She isn't a werewolf, she's a Kanima. They are all paralyzed by the fact that they've all been hit by the tail of the Kanima. Deaton tells Scott an Malia that if they focus on healing they will be able to heal faster that him and Stiles. They lay helplessly while Tracy the Kanima is on the loose. Stiles tries to joke about moving while Malia makes progress and is the first one to move.[5]

Scott, Stiles, and Theo run into the sheriff station. They see blood on the floor. Stiles finds Kira and Lydia in the office, with Lydia bleeding badly. Theo pushes past him and uses his belt as a tourniquet on Lydia. Ms. Martin comes back up from the basement nearly in tears. She sees Lydia and runs to her side. Stiles has been staring at Lydia this whole time. It takes Scott a few tries to get his attention. Theo and Lydia both tell Stiles that it's going to be fine, and she tells Stiles to go save Tracy. Stiles helps his dad follow Scott and Deaton down to the basement. They find Malia standing over Tracy's body. "It wasn't me," she says. Malia explains that there were three people in masks. She insists to Stiles that she didn't kill Tracy, and he tries to calm her down. Deaton points out that Tracy isn't changing back to human and suggests that he take her. Sheriff disagrees and says that she is not moving. Stiles agrees with Deaton. "There is a line that we have to draw," the Sheriff stammers. Stiles points out that they've already crossed that line multiple times. Deaton pleads with the Sheriff to let him help. He caves, and Scott picks Tracy up. At the hospital, Melissa comes out to tell Stiles, Scott, Kira, Theo, and Liam that Theo's tourniquet probably saved Lydia's life. Stiles doesn't say anything to Theo, but he acknowledges the good Theo has done for them. Malia insists that it wasn't just Tracy, there were guys in masks. Stiles and Scott look torn between being worried and not believing her. Stiles and Malia go back to Stiles's room, where he adds notes to his crime board: Masked Killers and Tracy Stewart. Malia looks at the other question Stiles has written there: Who is the Desert Wolf? She gets up and erases it. Scott and Kira are in the library, and Stiles and Malia join them. Stiles wasn't able to get in to see Lydia because she's in the ICU and only family is allowed. They did, however, come back with the bestiary. Kira asks if there's anything about a half-werewolf, half-kanima. "Chimera," Scott says. He tells them that Liam found two burial sites, so there's more than one. Kira opens the book to the page on wendigos. Later, Stiles is asleep on a pile of books. Malia is still awake, playing with her pen. Malia sets the pen down and informs Stiles that she's leaving. He mumbles something back. She tells him to wake up and go home and that she'll meet him there in a bit. Again, he mumbles. Its night and Stiles is finally trying to leave the school library, but the Jeep's engine is smoking. He has a wrench and duct tape, and tries to fix it. While he's working on it, Donovan comes up behind him. Donovan has a lamprey mouth in the palm of his hand and attaches it to Stiles's shoulder. Stiles screams.[6]

Stiles and Donovan are fighting. Stiles manages to headbutt Donovan, knocking him loose. He grabs the wrench and beats him across the face with it. Stiles runs into the school. He decides against running up to the second floor and heads back outside again. Stiles crosses the campus to the library and has to use his keycard to get in. Stiles hides among the stacks. Donovan comes in and finds Stiles's phone on the floor. It's buzzing. "You dropped your phone. It's Malia. Should I text her back?" he asks, and pockets the phone. Donovan launches into his villain's monologue. "You don't really know who I am, do you Stiles?" He asks him if he's heard about his father who used to be Sheriff Stilinkski's partner. A bullet shattered Donovan's father's T9 vertebra. "You know what that means? It means everything below his waist is useless. And not just his legs." Donovan suggests that the Sheriff told Stiles some of it but he didn't say that he was sitting in the car calling for backup while Donovan's dad went in alone. Stiles gets angrier as he listens, but he stays quiet. "Did he tell you that he was too scared? Too much of a frightened little bitch to go in after him? Or do scared little bitches not tell their little bitch sons about their failures?" Stiles watches Donovan walk up the stairs to the upper floor, then he waits, listening for footsteps that suddenly stop falling. Donovan attacks through a bookcase, pulling Stiles back through it. Stiles drops the wrench, and Donovan throws him up against the scaffolding. Stiles elbows Donovan in the face, knocking him down, and then scurries up the scaffold. Donovan grabs hold of him. "Don't worry Stiles, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to eat your legs," he says, and his eyes glow white. Stiles sees a pin in the scaffolding above him and struggles until he can reach it. He pulls the pin and pipes and construction materials fall. When the sound settles, Stiles looks down to see Donovan impaled on a pole. Donovan is still alive, though. Stiles puts his hands on the pole as if he's going to pull it out, but Donovan growls at him, and Stiles stops and watches him die. Silver fluid pours out into Donovan's wounds. From the library phone, Stiles dials 911, but he can't bring himself to say anything. The police will send a unit to investigate a 911 call either way, which is what he wants. Stiles starts to run away, but when he opens the door, he realizes that the cops will need a way to get in. He uses a book to prop the door, then hears his phone ring in Donovan's pocket. He carefully picks it from his pocket and then runs. Stiles fixes his Jeep but he doesn't pull out of the parking lot. Instead he breathes like he's having a panic attack, until he hears the approaching sirens. Then he moves the Jeep slightly further away so he can watch. An officer heads into the library, and Stiles is overwrought with worry and anxiety. It's clear he has no idea how to feel. He turns on his police scanner. "Dispatch, I'm 1097, and there's no one here. It's a 653." "Roger that. Prank call." Stiles can't believe what he's hearing. After the officer leaves, he goes back into the library. Donovan and the drop cloth that was on the floor under him are gone. Still upset, Stiles goes to his room and writes "Donovan Not Dead" on the case board. He lists walked out as an option. Then he writes Donovan Dead and underlines it, clearly upset with this option. Underneath he fills in, "someone took the body." About to cry, Stiles grabs the eraser and starts to remove the info about Donovan from his board. As he breaks down, he throws the eraser and then notices the pain in his shoulder from where Donovan's hand maw bit him. His phone rings, and he jumps in surprise. "Hey, Scott," he says. "Stiles. Someone's taking the bodies." Stiles is stunned silent. Scott tells him that they're at the Animal Clinic and Tracy's body is gone. The lock was broken from the outside, and Lucas's body is missing from the morgue. In Stiles's room, Stiles informs Lydia that he's going with them to Eichen House. She thought he was sick, which is why he stayed home from school. He admits to being slightly under the weather, and she says he dosen't have to come. "Malia's not going either." "Malia's not going because she knows that place is nightmare asylum of insanity and death. Okay? Let's go." As Stiles puts his hoodie on, he winces. Lydia notices and asks about it. Stiles tries to lie to her, but she knows something is wrong and blocks his path. Stiles insists that she is not going without him. "Scott and Kira are going to be there." "Okay. I'm not letting you go to a place where one of the orderlies almost killed you." "He almost killed you too!" "And we're both still alive! See? Teamwork." Stiles rushes out of the room before she can come up with another argument. That night they all go to Eichen House. Lydia keeps buzzing to try to get in. Scott goes to talk to Stiles. "Are you gonna be okay in there?" "Yeah, why?" "You seem a little off." "I think we're all a little off." "Maybe some of us more than others," Scott says and turns to look at Kira. Stiles asks what happened. "Well when the other chimera, Lucas, when he came after us, I heard Kira say something in Japanese." "That doesn't sound too bad." "She doesn't know any Japanese." "Still not terrible." "I also think I might have stopped her from killing Lucas." Stiles takes that into consideration. "Wasn't he trying to kill you, though? I mean that just sounds like self-defense." Stiles rubs at the wound Donovan gave him on his shoulder. Scott says it was more than that. She nearly took off his head. "Maybe she had no choice," Stiles responds, clearly now thinking about his own situation. "There's gotta be a point where self-defense is justified. Tracy killed her own father. And Lucas would've killed you." Scott tells him, "They're not the bad guys. They're the victims. We shouldn't be killing the people we're trying to save." Eichen House finally opens up, and they all head inside. Schrader tells them all to empty their pockets. They comply. He asks Kira to remove her belt. "I kind of need the belt. I mean, it's crucial to the outfit." "Please remove belt, which patients will attempt to take from you and use to strangle either themselves or others." Kira removes her belt while Schrader leers at Lydia. Stiles notices that among the things he put in the box is the pin from the scaffolding that he pulled. Dr. Fenris takes them downstairs and says he's only doing this as a favor to Deaton. Stiles asks about the etiquette for talking to Valack. Fenris suggests not making eye contact with anyone or anything while they're in the basement. In the hallway in Eichen, Scott and Kira come to a stop while Lydia and Stiles continue on. There's a mountain ash barrier that they can't cross. Fenris opens the door and tells Lydia and Stiles that Valack's cell is the last one at the end of the hall. Scott offers reassurances while they head off. Stiles and Lydia peer at the captives. A woman without a mouth. A slaugh. And then Valack. Valack asks them what they just saw in the previous cell. "The slaugh. The myth is that they can take on the appearance of the lost souls that have become inextricably bound to it. Happened to see any lost souls, Mr. Stilinski?" "Yeah, everyone down here," Stiles responds. Valack tells him not to give up on them yet. "We're all works in progress." It's something Peter says. Lydia recognizes it and asks him where he heard it. "Wise words from a former cell mate." Valack asks if they brought the book, and Stiles shows him the copy. Lydia realizes there is no T.R. McCammon. Valack wrote the book. It's a tool designed to open their eyes. Lydia asks Valack why he used a psuedonym. He claims he had a professional reputation once and didn't want to ruin it by putting his name on a second rate piece of trash. "Then why write the book in the first place?" Stiles asks. Valack explains taht he wrote it because no one believed him, no one listened. He knows the Doctors are in Beacon Hills. "What are they?" Lydia asks. "Not entirely human. At least not anymore. They were scientists once. Scientists who worshipped the supernatural. Teska said, 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.' They found their secrets in electromagnetic forces. Ways to prolong their lives. Give them power. And most importantly, making you forget you ever saw them." Lydia asks what they want. Valack tells her it's a good question, because everyone wants something. Stiles realizes it's the start of his request and asks Valack what his price is. He wants a recording of Lydia's scream. Stiles takes the recorder away from Lydia and declares that Valack is not getting his recording. Lydia doesn't agree and wants to do the trade. While they're talking, Valack asks them how many have died so far. He asks if they want to know how many died the first time the Doctors came to Beacon Hills, or how many will die if they succeed. "This did happen before," Lydia says. "And now they're back. All because a few teenagers who never even considered the consequences decided to reignite a supernatural force they barely understand." Lydia realizes he's talking about the nemeton and the sacrifices. Stiles asks how he even knows about that, and Valack replies that he knows because he saw it. He removes the band from his head, and Lydia looks into his third eye. In the hallway, Kira's powers start to go haywire. Valack sees the lights flicker and asks who they came with. When they don't answer, he knows they brought a kitsune. Valack orders them to hit record and give him a scream, because it costs them nothing. Stiles replies that it's important to him so he's not getting it for free. Lydia asks what the book does. He explains that reading the book opens their minds to the memories that the Doctors repressed. The book was meant to trigger peoples' memories. And then those people would find their way to him. Lydia recalls having flashes of the doctors while she was on the operating table. "If you've seen them, if they've done something to you, then the book will help you remember. Now give me what I want!" Lydia holds out her hand for the recorder. Lydia asks Valack what the Doctors are trying to do. He just tells them all to read the book, anyone who has come in contact with them should read it. Stiles rushes to get out of there. Stiles and Lydia are hiding in the basement. "I think we're okay," Lydia says. "No, it's not okay. All this, it's on us. Everything that's happened. Everything that's gonna happen. It's our fault." Lydia corrects him. "It's our responsibility."[7]

Malia and Stiles are with the Sheriff in his office updating the case board. The Sheriff crosses out Tracy's photo. "Chimeras." "Two dead chimeras," Stiles says. "And eight new ones," Malia adds. That's ten in all, but the Sheriff thinks it's probably 11, and he adds Donovan's photo to the wall. The Sheriff confirmed with his tech guys that the camera and the lock on the cell could have malfunctioned because of something electromagnetic--which he now knows the Doctors can manipulate because that's how they got into Eichen House. Stiles can't look at the photo of Donovan. Malia agrees that Donovan must a chimera too. The Sheriff wants to know if he's a failure like Lucas and Tracy. Stiles turns away and stands in the corner, upset and guilty. Malia goes to put a red cross on Donovan, but the Sheriff stops her. "Not until I've seen a body." He then turns and sees Stiles, rubbing his hands together. "You're uncharacteristicaly quiet." Stiles covers for his guilt quickly by bringing up the fact that all the victims are teenagers. "So shouldn't we be trying to figure out why these teenagers?" He suggests that if the Doctors are making such particular effort, like breaking someone out of jail, it must be because they have something in common, which makes their selection non-random. They're all at Scott's house with copies. Lydia complains that her mom's book club usually has more wine. "Well, they also probably didn't read books that cause violent hallucinations," Stiles replies. They've asked Malia to watch over them while they read so there will be someone to stop them should they do something dangerous like she did when she almost got run over on traffic. Lydia says she should have her mother read it, so she'll remember her encounter with Tracy. "If it works," Stiles warns. "It has to," she replies. Lydia then explains that she thinks she saw the Doctors during her surgery and when she looks at the cover of the book it feels like a memory wanting to resurface. She wants to know what happened to her. They all take a copy and start reading. In the kitchen, Malia pours Stiles some coffee and notices him rubbing at the wound on his shoulder. She can smell the blood. Theo listens in on their conversation. Stiles claims that the hood of the Jeep fell on him while he was fixing it. To change the subject, he asks her about her recovered memory. "Did it play like a movie in your head or what it like being completely in it again?" "In it." "Was it just the crash? Nothing else?" Malia lies and doesn't tell Stiles about seeing the Desert Wolf. She sees Theo listening, and he now knows that he carries one of her secrets. The next morning at school, Scott thinks maybe they need some sort of trigger for their suppressed memories to surface. But since they don't know which memories, they can't tell what the triggers would be. Stiles, Scott, and Kira warn each other to be on the lookout. The lights in the school flicker, but Kira claims it isn't her. Lydia and Stiles go to the hospital because Lydia is determined to find the repressed memory she's looking for. The one she had wasn't the right one. Lydia's now thinking that hte vision she had during her surgery wasn't because of the Doctors but because of her banshee powers. "It's not my memory, Stiles. It's someone else's." Stiles and Lydia head into the operating room. Stiles tries to turn the lights, but they aren't working. Lydia tells him to ask someone. Stiles thought her powers were more of an auditory thing. "I still want to see what I'm hearing." Melissa tells Stiles that the floor has been having maintenance issues for the last hour so there's only back-up lighting. Stiles gets in the elevator and sees a woman's reflection behind him. He starts following her and realizes that it's his mother. He goes to the roof and experiences a memory from when he was young that he forgot. Stiles falls down and is attacked by a chimera. The Chimera attacks Stiles, but Stiles fends him off. Theo arrives and takes on the chimera for real. Theo continues to fight the chimera, Josh Diaz. He gets the guy by the throat, and then kills him. Stiles watches. "Stiles. You can't say anything. Please, don't say anything." "Why not?" "Because I never said anything about Donovan." And then Stiles realizes he's being blackmailed.[1]

The transformer on top of the hospital is still exploding as Stiles stares at Theo. Theo says that he knows what happened to Donovan. Stiles grabs him and shoves him up against the fencing around the transformer. Theo reverses their positions and tells Stiles that he was there. He was at the library because Malia said she'd left Stiles at the library. Theo says that when he got there, he heard the scaffolding come down and saw the body. They release one another, and Theo explains that he watched Stiles come out of the library and saw the police arrive. Theo doesn't know who took Donovan any more than Stiles does. "I only saw what you saw, and I didn't say anything because you didn't." They both turn to the sound of sirens drawing closer. "That's not an ambulance, is it," Theo says. Theo thinks they should leave, but Stiles points to Josh Diaz, the boy Theo just killed. "We can't just leave him." Theo suggests they take the body and use it as bait for whoever is stealing the body. Stiles is stuck on the fact that Theo killed the chimera. "In self-defense. He was going to kill you and me." If they don't hurry up and leave, they're going to have to either tell the truth or come up with a really convincing story. Stiles looks at Josh and his very obvious fangs and claws. Theo tells Stiles that it's his choice what they do. "I'm not going to ask you to lie to your dad." "Don't worry, I've had plenty of practice," Stiles replies. They grab Josh and get out of there. Stiles and Theo deliver Josh's body to the Animal Clinic, where Scott is waiting. Scott identifies the body and says he was a junior. Scott asks them which one killed Josh. "The one with the cane?" Theo lies and says yes. Stiles changes the subject to ask what they're going to do with the body. If they just set the alarm and leave, he'll disappear just like Tracy. He thinks someone has to stay with the body. Theo volunteers. "It's not like I had a big Saturday night planned." While they're talking, Scott gets a text message. It's Liam telling him that Hayden is another chimera. Liam took Hayden to Scott's house, and she's now shut herself in the bathroom. "Hayden, it's Scott. I know that you're scared, but we want to help," Scott says through the door. Scott turns to Liam and asks him what happened. Hayden's heart is beating really fast. Liam isn't sure. In the time it took him to send Scott a text, Hayden locked herself inside. They're sure she's a chimera because the Doctors told her her condition improves. "Okay, that's unsettling," Stiles says. He gives it a try. "Hayden. This is Stiles. Your sister works for my dad down at the station. Look, just open the door okay? You can trust us." Scott goes back to trying. He tells her that they want to explain the truth face to face. But either she unlocks the door or they're going to break it open. "It's okay if you don't want to talk or you're not ready to believe us. But I just... I gotta know that you're okay in there." Hayden opens the door. When it swings open fully, her eyes are glowing, and she has fangs and claws. "I believe you," she says. Stiles spreads Danny's telluric currents map on the table in the library. Scott figures that the Dread Doctors didn't go into Eichen House because of the telluric currents, so maybe they can use them to protect Hayden. The strongest convergence besides Eichen House is the school. "You want to hide her in the high school? For how long?" Stiles asks. "If we have to, all night," Scott replies. Liam convinced Hayden not to say anything to Deputy Clark, who is working a double shift. Notably, Clark is working on Josh Diaz's missing person's case. Stiles points out that the school is just a school, not a fortress. Apparently they have all forgotten that the school is on top of the Hale Vault, which IS a fortress. Scott explains that Lydia has an idea about how they can protect themselves. "Remember how Valack quoted Tesla?" "Frequency and vibration." "She thinks that he wasn't saying that just to sound smart. She thinks maybe it was a clue." "To do what?" "Disrupt their frequency." Stiles arrives back at the animal clinic and explains to Theo that whoever is stealing the bodies probably isn't going to do it while one of them is standing there watching. Stiles sets up his phone with the camera rolling. Out in the Jeep, his puts a Samsung Gear S over the rearview mirror, which shows the feed from the camera inside. "What happens now?" Theo asks. "We wait." "You want to take shifts watching?" "No, no. I want to spend some quality time with you," Stiles replies. Theo is fine with that. Still sitting in the Jeep, Theo asks Stiles if he's wondering why he hasn't said anything to Scott about Donovan. "Maybe." "You think I've got some kind of ulterior motive." "More than likely." "Would you believe me if I said all I want... All I've ever wanted is for you guys to trust me?" "Nope." Stiles doesn't look at Theo an continues to stare at the watch screen. Theo tries a different tactic. He tells Stiles that he reminds him of his sister. Stiles gets a strange disbelieving look on his face and turns away. Theo says his sister was smarter than everyone too. "But she always looked out for me. The same way you look out for Scott." Stiles doesn't say anything, so Theo keeps going. "You know I was the one that found her body. She'd fallen into a creek, broken her leg. They told us she would have been okay if it wasn't one of the coldest nights of the year. If it wasn't for the hypothermia. And when I found her all I could think was that I should've known. That I should've been looking out for her." Stiles finally asks him why he's telling him this. Theo says that even if Stiles doesn't like him or trust him, he's going to be looking out for him. Theo tells Stiles that he saw Donovan's wendigo teeth and pretends not to know anything about them. Stiles gives in and provides him with the short version of the wendigo myth. Theo thinks is a pretty judgmental myth. What if eating human flesh was the only way to survive? Like the Donner party. Stiles points out that the Donner party didn't live in Beacon Hills. Theo asks Stiles what the punishment is for killing a chimera. "You get to spend five hours in the car with Theo Raeken." Theo laughs. Stiles tells him that he knows what his punishment is. He's going to lose Scott. Theo argues with Stiles that if Scott gave up on him over a piece of trash like Donovan then he wouldn't be a True Alpha. "Maybe that's the definition of one, someone who doesn't put up with murder." Theo tells Stiles that he needs to look up justifiable homicide. Stiles takes offense because his dad's the Sheriff so he's familiar with the term. Theo says, "A werewolf's eyes are supposed to change color when you take an innocent life." HE shows Stiles his golden eyes. "Do these look blue to you?" Stiles suggests that maybe Theo just doesn't feel all that bad about it. "You can't say that one life is objectively less innocent than another. What if they turn blue cause you feel guilty?" Theo asks if that means it's up to interpretation. He offers his interpretation of what happened between Stiles and Donovan. "Not guilty." Theo asks him if he felt bad about it right at the moment it happened. "What were you thinking the moment you knew he was dead and there was no saving him?" Stiles doesn't look like he wants to answer but he does. "One word. Good." Theo smiles a little, then sniffs the air. He can smell something burning. Suddenly a flaming fist comes through the window, hitting Theo in the face. Stiles gets sprayed with blood. Then the attacker flips the Jeep. Stiles falls partly out of the window as Parrish walks passed him. Fire erupts around the vehicle. Parrish grabs Josh's body and leaves. Theo sprays a fire extinguisher around Stiles and pulls him from the Jeep. Theo reports that the body is gone.[8]

After Kira goes missing, Stiles and his friends keep a look out on the police scanner for any news. Scott and Theo hear the call on the radio and Stiles recognizes the code as a homicide with Kira being the suspect. Stiles tells Scott that he needs to talk to his dad before he goes after Liam with Scott. Scott decides to go with Malia instead and the rest of the group notice that Scott isn't quite himself. Later, Stiles is on the phone trying to figure out how the explosion happens when his dad interrupts him and tells him to go home. They talk about the keycards to enter the library and the Sheriff realizes that Stiles might be guilty after he admits to losing his. At the station, Stiles finds his dad to tell him that the chimera body is gone. Later, at his house, Stiles reveals that he knows who is taking the bodies and gives Lydia Parrish's badge. She knows where he is taking the bodies.[9]

Lydia and Stiles are looking for the dead bodies and the Nemeton which doesn't seem to be where they last found it. Stiles and Lydia think it's almost like the Nemeton doesn't want to be found. Stiles says if the Nemeton is covered in bodies, she is supposed to be able to find them. Stiles almost tells Lydia that he killed Donovan but instead he says one of the bodies could be a clue. Lydia races off to find Parrish to question him about the bodies. After, Stiles runs into Theo and Theo is trying to convince Stiles that Scott won't blame them for defending themselves. Suddenly Stiles turns around a sees a vision of him as a dead body with mercury coming out of his mouth. At school, the school bell rings and Malia is walking down the hall in an emotional state. Stiles stops her and asks her what's going on. She says she hates this, she can't lose like this and she's not like Scott. Malia doesn't want to see anymore failures. Stiles is trying to reach Lydia to tell her that dead chimeras are all around but she isn't picking up. Stiles meets Scott at the clinic and tells him that he was having trouble with the jeep. Scott doesn't say anything, instead, he holds up the wrench that Theo used to incriminate him with. Scott asks Stiles why he didn't tell him and Stiles says he was going to. Stiles said he couldn't and Scott says "you killed Donovan?" Stiles says that Donovan was going to kill his dad and that everyone can't be like Scott. Stiles says not everyone can be flawless. Stiles says he's human and he didn't have a choice. Stiles asks him if he believes him and Scott says he wants to. Stiles begs him to say he believes him but Scott bypasses it by saying they can't kill people they are trying to save. Stiles asks him one more time to say he believes it and Scott just says the same thing. Stiles begs him to tell him how he can fix it, Scott tells him not to worry about Malia or Lydia they'll find them and that maybe Stiles should talk to the Sheriff. He leaves his best friend out in the rain to tend to Hayden.[10]

Stiles is driving off to the station when his car begins smoking so bad he exits coughing. He grabs his tool set and sees the missing wrench as a reminder of what he did. He grabs the wrench walks away from the jeep and throws it at the window before taking a seat on the road. The next day Stiles' jeep is towed away and Malia is there to pick him up. She asks him if they can fix it and he says there is not enough duct tape in the world to fix it. When she asks how come he let it get so bad, he tells her there have been a few distractions. Malia tells him she noticed all of them and Stiles asks to go to the station to see his dad. Before Malia drops Stiles off she asks him if he is going to tell his dad about Donovan. He is surprised that she knew but she said it never mattered to her that's why she never said anything. Stiles says it matters to him and after a brief pause he leaves Malia who has a terrified look on her face. At the station, Parrish has escaped his holding cell and is walking out in a trance. Stiles has to tell the deputies not to shoot and follows him out. Parrish enters a parking lot and Stiles is still following closely. Parrish opens up a cooler where a dead chimera has been placed. Stiles goes to Theo where he is frantically trying to tell him that they have to follow Parrish and find Scott. Theo tells him that Scott doesn't want to talk to him but he thinks the Sheriff does. Stiles asks Theo where his father is and Theo just tells him that he covered for him. He tells Stiles that he came for the pack but it doesn't include Scott. Stiles is so angry when Theo tells him he has more blood on his hands than anyone, Stiles replies, "I'm about to get more." Theo says he will tell him where his dad is, however, he has to promise not to tell Scott. Stiles is attacking Theo who is really playing mind games with Stiles. He says he might hate him now but he will understand that he can't help both his father and Scott. Theo tells him he still has time. Stiles chooses his father instead of Scott.[11]

The sheriff is being rushed into the emergency room and all he can do is ask for Stiles who is busy getting the insurance information set. Stiles is nervously waiting to hear about his dad and seems extremely distraught. Scott's mom tells Stiles that his father is going to be just fine and he is crying tears of joy. Stiles is freaking out over his dad because no one can give him an answer to what is happening. In the corner of his eye, Stiles sees Scott and he breaks through the door and attacks Scott. He asks him where he was and has to be pulled off of Scott. Scott tells him that his dad isn't the only one that got hurt. Lydia is being watched over by her mom when Stiles walks through the door. She doesn't want to see him or listen to him when he tells her he may know who hurt Lydia. She pushes Stiles out of the room. Stiles, Parrish, Scott and his mom are trying to figure out why Theo is targeting Lydia and the sheriff. Stiles tells them he is going to go meet him alone and that he doesn't need to look. Theo meets Stiles with a smirk on his face. Stiles tells Theo that he killed his best friend and wants to know why he poisoned his dad. Scott happens to be listening on. Theo tells him he knows what the Dread Doctors created and he knows what Parrish is. Stiles attacks Theo and asks him what is going on with his dad. Theo pushes him back to the step and he passes out. The voice of his dad wakes him up and Scott is there to help him up. The two realize that the sheriff wasn't attacked by Theo, he was attacked by another chimera. Stiles is ready to leave and denies Scott's help. Stiles tells Scott that he doesn't know the whole story but Scott says all that matters is his dad and that together they have survived worst. Stiles says they aren't looking for a missing chimera, they are looking for a missing teenager. Stiles and Scott find an article of clothing that will lead them to the missing teen and Malia joins them in the search. In a tunnel, Malia grabs the teen and holds him down but he begs her to let him go. He tells her that "they" are coming and by they he means the Dread Doctors. The teen tries to run and Stiles stops him and questions him about the attack on his dad. Scott tells Stiles to take the boy with him and figure out a way to help his dad. Malia and Scott are about to come under attack by the Dread Doctors when Chris Argent returns. He saves them with a few shots towards the Dread Doctors. Stiles and the teen reach a point where they can't go further. However, the teen uses his chimera powers and is able to break through the gate to help them escape. Scott, Malia and Chris walk into the hospital to greet his mom. The sheriff is alive and wakes his son up to tell him it's okay and he still has him.[12]


Season Two

Season Five


Character Notes

  • Stiles' first name is currently unknown.

Production Notes

  • Stiles was unconscious for most of the episode "Lunar Ellipse" in order for him to finish filming The Maze Runner.

Behind the Scenes

  • When Dylan O'Brien auditioned he brought a blank piece of paper and a link to two of his YouTube videos.
  • Dylan O'Brien originally went in to the auditions to read for the role of Scott but felt a better connection to the role of Stiles.