"I know you saw the fresco. Two seriously pissed off creatures, the Hellhound and the Beast, fighting over a pile of dead bodies. I don't want to be one of the bodies, it's that simple."
Theo to Scott and Stiles about what he wants[src]

Theo Raeken is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the first episode of the fifth season. He is portrayed by guest cast member Cody Christian.


Early Life

One night during the coldest time of the year, when Theo was nine, Theo's sister got lost in the Beacon Hills Preserve. She fell off the bridge into the freezing water. She shiveringly called out to Theo who came upon her. Theo just looked on at his sister apathetically. Soon she died from exposure. Theo had killed his sister in order for the Dread Doctors to transplant his sister's heart into Theo himself so he could become a genetic chimera for the Dread Doctors' experiments. The cold from the river kept the heart viable for the procedure. Soon Theo became the Doctors' closest success to a Chimera, though they ultimately failed.[1][2]

Beacon Hills

Kira and Scott are trying to battle the new creature who claims to be a devoted fan. He's trying to take Scott out and appears to be strong enough to. He doesn't just want to be a Alpha he wants more. Theo comes in to rescue Scott momentarily before he is tossed aside. Scott is almost choked out by the creature but flexes his true power and takes him out with ease. He gives the creature an opportunity to run or be broken and he takes off. Scott recognizes the new wolf as Theo, an old friend of his. Scott asks him what he's doing here and Theo says he's moving back to Beacon Hills to be with his family and to become a member of Scott's pack.[3]

While searching for clues on Theo, Stiles finds out that he had a speeding ticket. In biology, Theo interups Scott by making himself known. There's going to be a huge test in the class the next day, to weed out those who don't belong. Theo starts telling Scott and Stiles the story of how he became a wolf. Theo guilt trips Scott about lone wolves not making it and being the same kid from before. Stiles and Liam start to stalk him when he wanders into the woods at night. Theo is really sad and throwing flowers in the river in order to honor his sister who died. Theo's already noticed them and confronts them. Stiles gives him the little evidence he has and definitely let's Theo know he doesn't trust him. Theo tells them he knows he was meant to be in this pack. Later, a black wolf appears in the parking lot behind Mason and Liam. It starts to chase them into the school until Liam growls at it. Back at the bridge, the wolf transforms back into a human and reveals itself to be Theo. Back at Theo's house, he's interrogating his "parents." They aren't his real parents and Stiles evidence was real.[4]

Theo watches Scott and his friends at the crime scene where Tracy murdered her father. At school, Theo listens in to Scott and Liam's convosation when Liam tells Scott that Tracy is in History class. Later, Theo finds Scott, lying on the floor in the animal clinic, paralyzed and offers to help him without being a member of the pack. Scott is still a bit reluctant but doesn't have a choice.[5]

Scott, Stiles, and Theo run into the sheriff station. They see blood on the floor. Stiles finds Kira and Lydia in the office, with Lydia bleeding badly. Theo pushes past him and uses his belt as a tourniquet on Lydia. Ms. Martin sees Lydia and runs to her side. Theo and Lydia both tell Stiles that it's going to be fine, and she tells Stiles to go save Tracy. At the hospital, Melissa comes out to tell Stiles, Scott, Kira, Theo, and Liam that Theo's tourniquet probably saved Lydia's life. Stiles doesn't say anything to Theo, but he acknowledges the good Theo has done for them. In AP Bio, Mrs. Finch asks them what could account for the 0.1% difference in DNA between humans. She calls on Theo. Kira asks a question about multiple species in the same DNA. It's called a chimera. Later, at the Doctor's lair, "You're lucky they're allowing me to talk to you," Theo says, as he walks into the lab. Theo explains that the Doctors believe in numbers and results and they will quickly decide if Donovan is going to die. Theo has Donovan's aptitude test from when he applied to be a deputy. The multiphasic personality inventory assesses abnormal behavior. Theo seems pretty comfortable with this terminology, suggesting he knows far more about it than a normal teenager would. Donovan scored high on the psychopathic deviate scale. The point is the conclusion at the end: not suitable for law enforcement. Theo tosses the file away and says that it sucks that Donovan will never get to be a cop like his dad. Theo tries to sell Donovan on the transformation they've done to him. "You've got something else now. Power. Real power. Strength, speed, heightened senses." Theo knows that Donovan wants to go after Stilinski, but he has a better idea, a way to hurt him more than just physical pain. He sends Donovan after Stiles.[6]

In the boys locker room, Scott shows Theo the copy of the book. Theo tells him that he's never even heard of a kanima until a few days ago. He asks if Scott wants him to read it. "Not yet. I'm only on chapter one." Theo asks him if they do this a lot. "Do what?" "Get involved." "Yeah. I guess." Theo asks him about the author. As he flips through the pages, Scott tells him that they tried but it's a dead end. Then Theo shows Scott something on the last page. Later, Theo bursts into the Dread Doctors' lab and tells them that the book worked and the pack is going to see Valack tonight. "To Eichen..." the Doctors say. Back at the school, Malia is studying in the library. Theo comes to sit with her, claiming that he has to study too. She doesn't stop him from sitting with her and keeps giving him looks and trying not to smile. Malia gets up to leave, and Theo offers to give her a ride. She says she'll take the bus, but the last one left an hour ago. Then she says she'll walk. Theo tempts her with driving lessons. He tosses her his keys, and she catches them and smiles. Malie and Theo are in Theo's truck. Malia is driving just as Lydia instructed. "We can go a little faster. If you want," Theo says. Malia replies that she's doing the speed limit. He informs her that no one does the speed limit. He then touches her hand and moves it down on the wheel to a more natural grip. His touch lingers. As she's driving, Malia gets flashes of the day of her crash. She starts to speed. It freaks Theo out. Eventually she slams on the brakes with both feet and then gets out of the car. Theo pulls Malia out of the way of an oncoming car. "It was her. She was there," Malia says. "The Desert Wolf."[7]

At school, Scott tells Theo to keep an eye out for people acting a little off. Scott has his copy of the book, too. Theo reminds him that Tracy went on a killing spree after reading it. "You think it' sa bad idea?" "I think Malia almost getting run down by a car could've been bad." He figures that's why they haven't finished reading it yet. Scott tells him that they're going to, but Theo counters that he came looking for a pack, not to watch one fall apart. "That book's all we've got," Scott says. Theo offers to read it, too. Later, They're all at Scott's house with copies. Lydia complains that her mom's book club usually has more wine. "Well, they also probably didn't read books that cause violent hallucinations," Stiles replies. They've asked Malia to watch over them while they read so there will be someone to stop them should they do something dangerous like she did when she almost got run over on traffic. Lydia says she should have her mother read it, so she'll remember her encounter with Tracy. "If it works," Stiles warns. "It has to," she replies. Lydia then explains that she thinks she saw the Doctors during her surgery back in Condition Terminal and when she looks at the cover of the book it feels like a memory wanting to resurface. She wants to know what happened to her. They all take a copy and start reading. Scott finally asks if anyone is feeling anything. "Tired," says Kira. "Hungry," Lydia replies. Theo chastises them all with, "I think he meant the book." In the kitchen, Malia pours Stiles some coffee and notices him rubbing at the wound on his shoulder. She can smell the blood. Theo listens in on their conversation. Stiles claims that the hood of the Jeep fell on him while he was fixing it. To change the subject, he asks her about her recovered memory. "Did it play like a movie in your head or what it like being completely in it again?" "In it." "Was it just the crash? Nothing else?" Malia lies and doesn't tell Stiles about seeing the Desert Wolf. She sees Theo listening, and he now knows that he carries one of her secrets. Not long after, everyone has fallen asleep but Theo. Theo goes up to Scott's room and looks over Kira speaking in Japanese. "Watashi wa shi no shisha da." He takes out his phone and records her. In AP Biology, Lydia and Theo see Sydney pull out a clump of hair. Lydia wonders if she's a chimera. Mrs. Finch is telling them about how the African Cane Toad was introduced to Australia to get rid of the grey-backed beetle. This worked, but the toad then kept eating other things too. And everything that tried to eat the toad, from crocodiles to household pets, died from the poison they secreted. It's an example of an invasive species. "Once an invasive species is introduced, everything changes." Sydney leaves class, putting her drop form on the desk as she goes. Mrs. Finch tells Sydney "wise choice". Lydia goes to follow her, but Mrs. Finch tells her that it's for the best. Lydia goes anyway. Scott and Theo go out off class to see what Lydia is doing. They find her in a trance. Scott and Theo are there when Lydia comes out of the vision. She tells them that she didn't remember anything about the Dread Doctors or her surgery. It was a memory about her grandmother at Eichen House. Natalie comes rushing in then to check if she's okay. Lydia tells her that she just fainted. Theo is in the gym at school working out. He hears Malia coming and smiles to himself as he takes his top off. She tries not to notice. Malia asks him why he hasn't said anything about her Desert Wolf memory. "I didn't think you wanted me to." She doesn't. She asks if he wants to know why, but he doesn't. He sits down on the butterfly machine and starts doing lifts. Malia grabs the bars to stop him. "You think you're doing me a favor? Like I'm going to owe you now?" "I don't need any favors." "Then what do you want?" "I want in the pack." Malia points out that that isn't up to her. Theo tells her that he's okay with whatever she's planning. Malia lets go of the bars and leaves. Later, Scott is sitting in the boys locker room, looking at his inhaler. Theo asks him if he'll be okay. Scott says yes. It was a psychosomatic thing because of the memory that came back to him. Scott asks Theo if he wanted to talk about something. Theo demures, but then tells Scott he recorded Kira's Japanese mutterings. Theo translated it roughly to "I am the messenger of death." By Scott's look, Theo asks if it gets worse than just her saying this. Scott admits that Kira's aura looks like it's taking over. "Something's happening. And to be honest, I doni't know if I can trust her anymore." The lights flicker again, and they both hear sounds in the basement. Scott, Malia, and Theo arrive at the hospital. Scott tells them to go find Stiles and Lydia. On the roof, the Chimera attacks Stiles, but Stiles fends him off. Theo arrives and takes on the chimera. Theo continues to fight the chimera, Josh Diaz. He gets the guy by the throat, and then kills him. Stiles watches. "Stiles. You can't say anything. Please, don't say anything." "Why not?" "Because I never said anything about Donovan." And then Stiles realizes he's being blackmailed.[8]

The transformer on top of the hospital is still exploding as Stiles stares at Theo. Theo says that he knows what happened to Donovan. Stiles grabs him and shoves him up against the fencing around the transformer. Theo reverses their positions and tells Stiles that he was there. He was at the library because Malia said she'd left Stiles at the library. Theo says that when he got there, he heard the scaffolding come down and saw the body. They release one another, and Theo explains that he watched Stiles come out of the library and saw the police arrive. Theo doesn't know who took Donovan any more than Stiles does. "I only saw what you saw, and I didn't say anything because you didn't." They both turn to the sound of sirens drawing closer. "That's not an ambulance, is it," Theo says. Theo thinks they should leave, but Stiles points to Josh Diaz, the boy Theo just killed. "We can't just leave him." Theo suggests they take the body and use it as bait for whoever is stealing the body. Stiles is stuck on the fact that Theo killed the chimera. "In self-defense. He was going to kill you and me." If they don't hurry up and leave, they're going to have to either tell the truth or come up with a really convincing story. Stiles looks at Josh and his very obvious fangs and claws. Theo tells Stiles that it's his choice what they do. "I'm not going to ask you to lie to your dad." "Don't worry, I've had plenty of practice," Stiles replies. They grab Josh and get out of there. Stiles and Theo deliver Josh's body to the Animal Clinic, where Scott is waiting. Scott identifies the body and says he was a junior. Scott asks them which one killed Josh. "The one with the cane?" Theo lies and says yes. Stiles changes the subject to ask what they're going to do with the body. If they just set the alarm and leave, he'll disappear just like Tracy. He thinks someone has to stay with the body. Theo volunteers. "It's not like I had a big Saturday night planned." Theo has been standing in the same spot in the Animal Clinic since the previous night. He hears the chittering of the Doctors and goes out to see The Surgeon. "Checking up on me? Can't tell me you don't want to know who's taking the bodies." "Inconsequential," The Surgeon replies. Theo realizes that the Dread Doctors already know who is taking the failed science experiments and gets mad. "Did you forget that you're supposed to be keeping me in the loop on everything?" "Inconsequential," the Doctor says again. "Not to me!" Theo turns to look toward the sound of a car pulling up, and The Surgeon vanishes. Stiles comes in and explains that whoever is stealing the bodies probably isn't going to do it while one of them is standing there watching. Stiles sets up his phone with the camera rolling. Out in the Jeep, his puts a Samsung Gear S over the rearview mirror, which shows the feed from the camera inside. "What happens now?" Theo asks. "We wait." "You want to take shifts watching?" "No, no. I want to spend some quality time with you," Stiles replies. Theo is fine with that. Still sitting in the Jeep, Theo asks Stiles if he's wondering why he hasn't said anything to Scott about Donovan. "Maybe." "You think I've got some kind of ulterior motive." "More than likely." "Would you believe me if I said all I want... All I've ever wanted is for you guys to trust me?" "Nope." Stiles doesn't look at Theo an continues to stare at the watch screen. Theo tries a different tactic. He tells Stiles that he reminds him of his sister. Stiles gets a strange disbelieving look on his face and turns away. Theo says his sister was smarter than everyone too. "But she always looked out for me. The same way you look out for Scott." Stiles doesn't say anything, so Theo keeps going. "You know I was the one that found her body. She'd fallen into a creek, broken her leg. They told us she would have been okay if it wasn't one of the coldest nights of the year. If it wasn't for the hypothermia. And when I found her all I could think was that I should've known. That I should've been looking out for her." Stiles finally asks him why he's telling him this. Theo says that even if Stiles doesn't like him or trust him, he's going to be looking out for him. Theo tells Stiles that he saw Donovan's wendigo teeth and pretends not to know anything about them. Stiles gives in and provides him with the short version of the wendigo myth. Theo thinks is a pretty judgmental myth. What if eating human flesh was the only way to survive? Like the Donner party. Stiles points out that the Donner party didn't live in Beacon Hills. Theo asks Stiles what the punishment is for killing a chimera. "You get to spend five hours in the car with Theo Raeken." Theo laughs. Stiles tells him that he knows what his punishment is. He's going to lose Scott. Theo argues with Stiles that if Scott gave up on him over a piece of trash like Donovan then he wouldn't be a True Alpha. "Maybe that's the definition of one, someone who doesn't put up with murder." Theo tells Stiles that he needs to look up justifiable homicide. Stiles takes offense because his dad's the Sheriff so he's familiar with the term. Theo says, "A werewolf's eyes are supposed to change color when you take an innocent life." HE shows Stiles his golden eyes. "Do these look blue to you?" Stiles suggests that maybe Theo just doesn't feel all that bad about it. "You can't say that one life is objectively less innocent than another. What if they turn blue cause you feel guilty?" Theo asks if that means it's up to interpretation. He offers his interpretation of what happened between Stiles and Donovan. "Not guilty." Theo asks him if he felt bad about it right at the moment it happened. "What were you thinking the moment you knew he was dead and there was no saving him?" Stiles doesn't look like he wants to answer but he does. "One word. Good." Theo smiles a little, then sniffs the air. He can smell something burning. Suddenly a flaming fist comes through the window, hitting Theo in the face. Stiles gets sprayed with blood. Then the attacker flips the Jeep. Stiles falls partly out of the window as Parrish walks passed him. Fire erupts around the vehicle. After Parrish is gone, Theo sprays a fire extinguisher around Stiles and pulls him from the Jeep. Theo reports that the body is gone.[1]

After Kira goes missing, Scott, Theo and Stiles listen to the police scanner for news. Scott and Theo hear the call on the radio and Stiles recognizes the code as a homicide with Kira being the suspect. Later, Lydia and Theo are trying to keep Corey put and Theo has to lie to him to try to keep him there. Theo asks him to tell them what he saw when Scott was in his brain. He recounts what Scott saw and Theo is insistent that there must be more. Corey remembers that there was a basement in the house with a broken stone wall. Somehow Theo finds Liam and Hayden after Corey's directions and when he grabs the fence holding them in he is shocked. Liam asks Theo if he's okay and he says yeah he's fine. Theo makes breaking the doors look a little too easy. Theo is driving them home and has a menacing look in the rear view mirror. When they get home, Scott and Malia arrive and Theo gets a warm reception from everyone as the entire pack keeps watch over Liam and Hayden. Scott seems to be a little skeptical about it all.[9]

Scott hasn't heard from Kira and he seems more nervous than he's ever been before. The story was being told to Theo. Scott asks him if he really wants to be a part of the pack and Theo says he's there for him. Scott just tells him that everything is going to get worse. The Dread Doctors are operating on another chimera when Theo tells them he needs more time. They tell him that Hayden is a failure but Theo says he needs Hayden alive. The Dread Doctors seem to be going back on their promise to Theo. He says they promised him a pack and when he raises his voice the Dread Doctors just turn as if whatever they say goes and walks away from him. Stiles runs into Theo and Theo is trying to convince Stiles that Scott won't blame them for defending themselves. Later at school, Theo leans over to tell Scott about Stiles when they hear sirens. Corey is being rushed out of school bleeding mercury everywhere. Scott is sacred and Theo is trying to snap him out of it. Theo is driving Scott to the hospital and Scott asks him what he was trying to tell him in class. Scott insists that everyone needs to start talking again and finally gets Theo to open up. Theo tells him to open the glove compartment and finds a wrench that belonged to Stiles. Theo said Stiles dropped it at the school when he killed Donovan and Scott is dumbfounded. Theo says Donovan went after Stiles and when he saw what Stiles was doing he couldn't stop it. He lies about the details saying that Stiles kept hitting Donovan and crushed his skull. Theo is making Stiles out to be the bad guy and something inside of Scott seems to believe what Theo is saying. Theo makes it pretty believable and encourages Scott to talk to Stiles. At the hospital Theo and Scott arrive and notice carnage all over. Corey has been wreaking havoc all over. Theo and Scott are searching all over for Corey when the Dread Doctors arrive. Back at the school the Sheriff meets with Theo who asks him if he's going to need a lawyer. Theo tells the Sheriff that Donovan was a wendigo who was chasing Stiles down. Theo tells a story making himself look like the hero. He tells the story as if he was Stiles and reveals that Donovan was staked and when he got back everything was gone. Theo is revealing his true lying side. Later, Theo helps Scott against the Dread Doctors. Theo tells the Dread Doctor he needs more time during their fight and they finally back off. When it's all over, Scott asks where Hayden is. She is with Liam and she says she thinks she's okay. Liam tells Scott what happened and they think something may be going on internally. He instructs them to meet him at the clinic and Theo tells Liam to keep her awake. When they get there, Liam asks Scott to turn her but Scott refuses.[10]

Creating His Own Pack

A pissed off Liam doesn't understand why Scott won't bite Hayden to save her. Scott says that it's possible that it will kill her and Liam insists that there has to be something they can do. Scott says there is something else they can do and Theo reminds them that they have to move fast. Scott and Theo are waiting patiently outside and Theo tells him they need to prepare Liam and the rest of his pack for the worst. Theo offers to talk to all of them and get them back on Scott's side, mostly Stiles. Later, Theo comes up behind Lydia in the school library and scares her. She says someone is going to die there and Theo says he can't allow her to tell anyone. He says he wants all of them and when she asks why he tells her he will give her some time to think about it and hits her in the face. Not long after, Theo follows Malia into a coyote den where he turnes into one, showing her that he is part werecoyote. Theo stands naked in front of Malia as Hayden has to be rushed to the hospital. Theo tells Malia he wants to help her, help all of them because Scott won't. He says Hayden is still a chimera and there are still two more dangerous ones unaccounted for. He tries to convince her that the chimeras need them. Scott is looking for Lydia and when he calls her phone he notices it's sitting on a library shelf. He follows a trail of sand and when he turns he sees Theo touching mountain ash. Theo was the first chimera but he wasn't perfect. Scott tries to attack Theo but he steps back behind the ash and Scott hits the deck hard. Theo tells Scott he has no friends to call and that he will have to wait to see what happens next. When Scott asks what's next, Theo replies, "the super moon." Later that night, Stiles is frantically trying to tell Theo they have to follow Parrish and find Scott. Theo tells him that Scott doesn't want to talk to him but he thinks the Sheriff does. Stiles asks Theo where his father is and Theo just tells him that he covered for him. He tells Stiles that he came for the pack but it doesn't include Scott. Stiles is so angry when Theo tells him he has more blood on his hands than anyone, Stiles replies, "I'm about to get more." Theo says he will tell him where his dad is, however, he has to promise not to tell Scott. Stiles is attacking Theo who is really playing mind games with Stiles. He says he might hate him now but he will understand that he can't help both his father and Scott. Theo tells him he still has time. Back at the School, Scott is nearly beaten to death but Liam stops and rushes to a dying Hayden's side. Theo walks in, pushes Mason aside and kills Scott. At the Dread Doctors lab, Lydia awakes and Theo enters her mind angrily in search of Parrish. He sees what he needs to then makes his way over to a tank holding a creature. Theo brings Lydia to the Nemeton and tells her to watch after he injects her and the dead chimeras with a serum hat brings them all back to life. It looks like Theo has his pack but it's in the form of failed chimeras. He tells them he is there alpha and they all belong to him. Lydia watches the whole thing go down helplessly.[11]

Theo meets Stiles with a smirk on his face. Stiles tells Theo that he killed his best friend and wants to know why he poisoned his dad. Scott happens to be listening on. Theo tells him he knows what the Dread Doctors created and he knows what Parrish is. Scott listens on as Theo says that Lydia was collateral damage. Stiles attacks Theo and asks him what is going on with his dad. Theo pushes him back to the step and he passes out. Theo and Hayden are retracing the tracks of the teen who is half jaguar and half berserker. Hayden says she thinks he is dying and Theo realizes that the Dread Doctors are going to find the teen and probably already have. Theo traces on further and realizes he could have used the chimera. He looks up and sees the sign of an alpha from Scott's pack.[2]

At the hospital, Theo and Tracy are finishing off her father. He offers to help but she declines. Theo meets with Josh, another one of his chimeras. He tells him that he needs to feel something better and charges him up using jumper cables. Liam watches on and Theo sees him. Liam leaves and Theo laughs in enjoyment after watching his chimera react to the shock. Later, Hayden approaches Theo at the station and tells him that what she saw was exactly what she say in the painting. He tells her not to worry and that what she saw won't kill them unless they stick together. Theo asks her if she wants to tell him anything else and she says no. As she tries to walk away he grabs her and tells her that she can't hide anything from him. Theo is in the hallway and tells Corey he doesn't have to be nice anymore. Corey says he doesn't want to hurt Mason or Liam and Theo says they won't. In fact, he says they are going to protect them. Theo then lightly threatens Corey and tells him he needs to go with him unless he wants to die again. In the tunnels, Scott and Stiles battle Tracy and Josh. Theo steps with Corey and another member of his chimera pack. Theo tells them that they are now on the same side. He says in the day they will go to school like normal kids but at night they will be fighting for their lives. [12]

Theo and Tracey are chasing the Beast of Gevaudan and they track him to the lockers where they find the same message; Damnatio Memoriae. They are sceptical about who the beast is underneath and Theo tells Tracey that it killed close to 500 people. Theo and Tracey are stopped by the Dread Doctors who knock Tracey out. He tells them that his pack isn't enough because his eyes haven't changed. Just then, the beast begins making it's way towards them with the head of a victim in it's hands. It lets out a roar and both it and the Dread Doctors disappear. The next morning, Theo talks with Hayden while Liam watches, jealously. In class, the teacher notices that Scott, Stiles and Lydia are missing. Theo tells her that Lydia won't be in for awhile due to medical issues. Malia is actually in Beacon Hills and walks past the classroom where Theo notices her. Later that night, Malia is looking in the animal clinic for a file when Theo interrupts her. He tells her that Malia probably won't find who she is looking for. He tells her he wonders what Scott is going to do when he finds out it's her fault. Malia opens up a can of whoop ass on Theo and hurts him pretty bad but he isn't phased and she doesn't try to kill him. Theo tells Malia he can help find Deaton and the Desert Wolf through the Dread Doctors. He knows how they found everyone.[13]

Theo is meeting with Malia and tells her that he is going to help but he needs to inject her with wolfsbane so that she can't see where he takes her. Malia trusts Theo and steps forward. He tells her to move closer and closer and when she does, he injects her. Malia wakes up on an operating table in restraints. She asks what Theo is doing and he tells her that it won't be easy to find the Desert Wolf and the restraints are to keep her and him safe. Theo wants to give Malia the vibrations the Dread Doctors used to find the Desert Wolf. Theo tells her to concentrate on exactly who she wants to find and a memory that triggers a possible location. He puts the goggles on her and he tells her to open her eyes as she screams in pain. She sees Dr. Deaton telling the Desert Wolf that it has to be the full moon and reveals that her mother is in Beacon Hills. At the animal clinic, Malia and Braeden are with Theo and Braeden wants nothing more than to kill Theo for what he did to Scott. Braeden tells both Malia and Theo that something happened to the Desert Wolf and her powers aren't all there but she is still a great shot with a gun. Malia, Theo and Braeden are preparing themselves for battle with the Desert Wolf but Braeden isn't sure about the plan. Malia bypasses her words and moves in anyway. Malia, Braeden and Theo move gingerly through the building when Malia notices that something is wrong. They find Deaton tied to a chair but all of a sudden, Theo attacks Braeden. He takes the fun from her and shoots Malia. He tells her that she picked up his signal and that he didn't want to turn her in but he didn't have a choice. He receives a bottle filled with an element that reacts to his eyes and tells Malia she should have listened to Braeden. The Desert Wolf smiles in delight as Theo walks away. Later, Theo meets up with his Chimeras who managed to take down Deucalion. Theo wants to steal the power of the beast and he wants Deucalion to show him how. Deucalion asks for the eyes of Scott in return.[14]

Scott and Stiles go to Theo at school. Theo first offers to help the team but proves that there is another reason behind why he wants to help Lydia escape. Scott and Stiles pick up on the idea that Lydia could be a bigger part of the entire battle that is brewing. Later, they run into Theo in the library and he offers them his help. He says that he and his team can make it through the mountain ash but Scott can't. He says he can help them or they can see who gets to her first. Scott says that Theo probably thinks what everyone is thinking, that Lydia has a bigger role in all of this. Theo and his crew look to have entered Eichen House minus Hayden. Theo and his crew cause some more damage and Theo tells the orderly they are there for Lydia Martin. Theo and a couple of his chimeras attack Dr. Valack and he makes his way over to Lydia. He instructs the chimeras to pick her up and get her out. Theo says he is looking for a hellhound and just then Parrish is shown in flames, anger and melting the cage down. Parrish is a hellhound.[2][15]


Season Five


Character Notes

  • Theo is the third known werewolf to have the ability to fully transform into a wolf and the first outside of the Hale Family.
  • Theo is a very talented liar. [10]
  • He is the first ever Chimera created by the Dread Doctors. [11]

Behind the Scenes