Wendigos are a shapeshifter species featured on Teen Wolf. They first appear in the third episode of the fourth season. They are cannibalistic shapeshifters. They feed on human flesh and blood in order to survive.

Physical Appearance

Wendigos appear human when in human form but when they shift, Wendigos have double rows of fangs on the top and bottom gums, their voice becomes shriekingly high, they make a growling/hissing sound, and their eyes glow a simmering, opaque white. When in human form, there is no indicator that they are a Wendigo, as they do not posses the supernatural healing factor so they could easily pass a human.

Becoming a Wendigo

In theory, wendigos are only born so you can't become a Wendigo unless you born that way. However, there is a myth that states that if someone eats human flesh, they will be condemned to do so for the remainder of their life, therefore, becoming a Wendigo. This myth has not been proven.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Wendigos can shift like a werewolf, but unlike a werewolf, they do not grow hair on their face, but their eyes change color and they get two rows of fangs in their mouth.
  • Enhanced Strength: Wendigos have enhanced strength, like werewolves. Sean was able to hold back an Alpha Werewolf will little effort, however, when we encountered another Wendigo, a human was able to restrain it quite easily.


  • Mortality: As Wendigos don't posses an advanced healing factor, they can be easily killed, like a human.
  • Hunger: Wendigos need to eat human flesh and blood to survive. If a Wendigo does not eat for a period of time, it can become unstable and reckless, like a werewolf would be on a full moon.

Known Wendigos